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Unmasking Yuri Kuznetsov 04/15/2021 (Thu) 14:09:56 ID: 6f79da No.100799
There's too much to cover, and it's still being documented as there is a Russian language barrier, but I will try my best: https://archive.is/S94a6 < best source to continue https://archive.is/4uRu6 His ISP: https://archive.is/gQymH https://archive.is/fwdj1 tl;dr he is basically the Alt-Chan-Federation if it existed in Russia, that wanted to expand other imageboards so long as they are popular. He's Toad McKinley Watkins with crippling autism. Not even Luke Delf/dolphinpedo has anything as near as this guy. waiting on heyuri 2016 collage that documented more stuff
I'm being told he may have also been responsible for the gurochan administration pillaging/purchase: https://archive.is/wqWAU https://archive.is/fz685
Forgot to mention, a fellow anon was threaten to be sued if was published, so I hope the lawsuit is real.
so he is "kuz" right?
>>100802 Yes, the same kuz @ rizon. OP just hit the namefield instead of the subject like a klutz.
Damn he looks likes hes got some issues
>His mother was a chinese immigrant, and father, an alcoholic who worked on a large community farm So his mother was a chink and his father was a russian Гунт? So basically he is Russian Zach?
>Such as evading taxes, being lax with CP, and piracy >Most glaringly, Kuznetsov didnt censor political discussion! He would be an okay dude if he just fucking banned the fucking cp but as usual he probably pulled a kikewheels and said that ">we needed cp to compete goy."
>>100813 Isn't it interesting that in both cases the "CP" wasn't even the reason why those sites were killed in the end? You think maybe your outrage over pedos having boards to drool over kids in swimsuits is misplaced and if you really wanted censorship based on risk assessment that boards like /pol/ would come first?
isnt it weird how every single person you dont like is suddenly a pedophile? also, about that paper, [citations needed].
>>100848 >>100849 Isn't it interesting how (you) always pop up to defend pedophilia?
>>100882 >doesn't give proof >expects anons to believe his bullshit lol
>>100882 If there was ever anything else here worth debating I would pop up to talk about that as well but unfortunately I'm not educated enough on ecelebs to argue over which one has the smallest dick or any of the other gay shit you people spend all day talking about.
Open file (20.45 KB 407x454 98192855.jpg)
>>100799 I'd cum on that tummy
>>100909 of course you would spic faggot fuentes. god damn republicans and democrats really are the same when it comes to their insufferable faggotry.
>>101658 kami has an 8inch cock
>>100801 source?
>>109605 based red guards make mentally ill pedos cry

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