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Open file (348.95 KB 649x462 ClipboardImage.png)
Chris Chan Thread:JULAY.WORLD EDITION Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 00:22:57 ID: 9e34de No.10276
So many potentially lulz-worthy things are either being held off or averted. So disappointing, especially Sockness getting essentially rejected by Chris. When will something good happen?
Open file (346.95 KB 688x1942 ClipboardImage.png)
Look at the tweet Chris made about telling Jacob to go home.

Nowhere does it say anything close to 'I never want to see you again', it instead expresses sadness, regret, and he seems disappointed in him for something he can't tangibly explain.

I personally think it's someone else behind the scenes talking him out of this using his autistic fantasy escape world.

Whether it's Barb, Kim, Marvin/Canine, Captain, etcetcetc isn't known but the way Chris handled this doesn't seem like Chris.

Chris' autism didn't leave him with a lot of empathy. Look at how Chris reacted in the past to things like his supposed online girlfriend who committed suicide compared to how he reacted to the end of his relationship with JQ and now Jacob.

He's genuinely all up in his feels and he doesn't even know why.

Someone talked Chris out of it which honestly I think is pretty shitty. This is basically Chris' last shot at not spending the rest of his life alone and dying homeless or in a group home. Is Jacob a degenerate weirdo? Yes. But so is Chris. They say Jacob will end up murdering Chris and his mom but Jacob is in his thirties with no history of violence.

Someone doesn't want Chris to find love and move to SF to grow old as a fun loving queer lady in a city where he'll be right at home.

This is literally the best possible scenario for Chris' future and also the most hilarious. Why people wouldn't want Chris/Jacob cocks recorded live from the fag capitol of the country is beyond me.

And if the white knights are right and Jacob snaps and pulls a murder-suicide who truly gives a shit? It's a fitting end in fact of course.
I agree that the most likely explanation is that some whiteknights put a stop to it at the last minute, or something similar. I wish people would stop trying to tard-wrangle Chris and just let him be retarded. Since the Chris threads here have been a bit slow in getting going again I’ve been checking up on Foxdick for the latest news and its clear that their emotionally invested in him. Honestly any other position than seeing Chris as a sort of Internet jester is pretty gay in fact of course.

I feel this will only get worse after Barb dies, these people will rush to help him.
I'm 95% sure that the Barb death Saga will be the final saga of chris imo. This is where he won't have any emotional anchor for him nearby and he will flip his shit when the debt collectors will come for their shekels along with the qhite knights and trolls setting their sights on 14 Branchland court.
I doubt someone as obviously retarded as Chris will get in any real trouble. He'll be put on a payment plan plus welfare and his house will devolve into a filthy hoarder hovel while he makes more and more videos.
The Chris saga is seriously grinding to a halt as of late.

This merge shit is boring as fuck honestly and the funniest/most interesting thing to happen in a while (Sockness) is being shitted up by the CWC Defense Force. There is a chance that Chris will disappear into obscurity but this all depends on how involved the Autismo Illuminati will be with the rest of his life.

I believe that if he were allowed to live life as he pleased unhindered by his “internet friends” he would end up living with Sockness sooner or later.

And imagine it. Chris and Sockness sharing a welfare hovel in San Francisco. Chris living somewhere where he isn’t a complete freak everywhere he goes. He would probably be happy living in squalor.
the adoption saga
Luckily we might get some potential Sockness IRL with BABScon, the next of which is in April 2020 in of all places San Francisco. Chris clearly wants to raise money for it and there’s no way Sock wouldn’t go if Chris was there. I hope it pans out, because I want this to happen. The merge is getting really boring, as is this magi-chan shit where Chris just Tweets endless textwalls. Meeting up with and potentially being accomodated by Sockness and his homosexual sugar daddy could be top tier cocks
Open file (869.33 KB 1176x966 ClipboardImage.png)
Interesting. I didn't realize BABScon was in SF.

Even if Chris goes there will probably be a Kiwi in attendance meant to wrangle him in and keep him out of trouble.

Speaking of Sockness, stumbled across this photo of Sockness in an article from 2012; look at how bad this dude has aged in seven years. Could it be AIDS?

The fuck is BABScon?

>there will probably be a Kiwi in attendance meant to wrangle him in and keep him out of trouble
Why do they hate fun?
It’s the second largest brony convention and its held in SF, where Jacob lives.
Brony conventions are still a thing?
>another pervert convention
Honestly it's my fault for not just assuming that's what it was. Hopefully something good will happen this time.

Animal rapists need somewhere to meet after all.
Open file (483.82 KB 409x614 ClipboardImage.png)
>Speaking of Sockness, stumbled across this photo of Sockness in an article from 2012; look at how bad this dude has aged in seven years
Holy shit, nice find. I wonder what the fuck happened to him. He still looks faggy there but I wouldn't look twice if I saw a dude like that in public. I hope we can learn more about his backstory one day.
Apparently. Chris just went to Bronycon last month too.
Open file (492.69 KB 666x810 ClipboardImage.png)
Jacob needs his own thread in fact of course.
Open file (98.32 KB 641x667 ClipboardImage.png)
New Chris tweet, he's starting to sweat about that MLP finale next week.

In other news, do any comic/drawfags know anything about that Ben Saint artist who is riding Chris' dick for internet clout?
Imagine caring that much about a cartoon for little girls.
Open file (176.32 KB 1024x868 worst_pony_angry.png)
>get temp. job a few years ago to break NEET cycle
>most co-workers are normalfags
>one guy seems different
>realize over the course of several months that he's an avid user of the internet but probably never made it past reddit
>end up playing some video games with him at work and hanging out on breaks sometimes
>one day he comes in out of uniform in a downyfag t-shirt
I think the other co-workers assumed I was a downyfag too. I didn't want to cause trouble so I never said anything but when I saw that t-shirt I wanted to choke him. It was my first time seeing a downyfag IRL and knowing what they'd done to ruin every community I'd used over the years I nearly took it all out on him.

He would attempt to invite me to hang out with him at his house and tried to be-friend me on social media/steam. I kept explaining that I didn't use these things but he wouldn't listen. I eventually just stopped showing up to work so I could avoid him. Even IRL downyfags insist on being included in any julay they aren't wanted including your social life. This faggot actually convinced the temp. company to give out my personal phone number after I stopped showing up to work. He tried calling for months until he gave up. I ended up ditching that phone number just to be sure he couldn't bother me in the future. Thankfully, he never showed up at my house in person even though I was sure he'd managed to get the address.

downyfags are absolute cancer. This is too long already but observing them IRL is a sight to behold. If you think they're bad online you haven't seen anything.
You mean this faggot?


He's just some fag who has a podcast and comic who inserted Chris' downy OC into his comic. Chris ate the shit up and Ben subtly trolled Chris by in the end killing Nightstar. Chris accused him of commiting genocide by killing him off and demanded that Ben pay him $300 for giving him internet clout.
Open file (63.26 KB 635x348 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (49.77 KB 479x543 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (59.53 KB 479x543 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (56.18 KB 479x543 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (38.87 KB 479x543 ClipboardImage.png)
Chris is apparently pretty upset that someone is making money off his donut steele's so he's trying to extort money from him like the autistic mafia. Ben was funny for a minute but he's getting really gay with it and turning into Idea Guy 2.0

>The Endless War is at an end
Also, what the fuck is this slime he's talking about?
Open file (484.49 KB 661x872 ClipboardImage.png)
As said earlier, some ween faggot comic nerd is inserting Chris' OC in his comic for exposure and it's past the point of being funny. Which only took about 2 minutes.

His original shtick was something along the lines of he traveled to C-197 and the Arizona in that dimension was covered by slime. Chris bought this shit up and Ben Saint julayed it for everything and pulled a 9/11 on New Milwaukee and is supposedly making plans to pull the very original idea of a CWCville holocaust next.
Open file (223.64 KB 240x437 joker death.png)
JULAY though your duck is aching
JULAY even though it's breaking
Where there is sanic, on the net, you'll get by
Open file (50.51 KB 524x584 official woman card.jpg)
Has Chris-chan endorsed one of the Democrats yet?
No joke, he thinks Lisa Simpson is going to be President in 2020 bickers of a joke from the Simpsons.
Has anyone ever tried convincing him into going to a gynecologist?
Open file (134.15 KB 600x314 stern cruise.jpg)
Sorry I asked.
She is gonna be a president in an alt dimension which will now definitely merge with ours. Also Trump will die and will be replaced with a good one from the alt dimension.
Did any tranny sue gynecologist for refusing to check their asshole? It could really happen.
oh no, will CWC join the cripplekike team?
>tfw we will live to see hotwheels riding on Chris's shoulders.
Closest i've heard of is Jessica Yaniv who sued a bunch of massage parlors that didn't want to wax "her" balls. Lots of people have done summaries of it if you want to check it out.
(((Yaniv))) got the decision of the court that his attempts to sue were ill-willed and not based on a legitimate complain. I know he has to pay about 2k$ each oy gevalt for every home-ran beauty salons he tried to intimidate through SJW politics. At least 3 of the 5(?) women were to be compensated by Yaniv.

His M.O. was to first try to get them to wax his balls knowing full well they were uncomfortable with it. Then, he would make a complaint to the Human Rights tribunal in Canada and then would try to get the salon owners to pay him a certain amount of money to take the complaint/lawsuit down.

Just an absolute scumbag. Also, how the fuck did the cops never brought charges on Yaniv for possession of an illegal weapon (taser)? Or the predatorial behavior he had with underage women with his creepy voice recordings of him mimicking Elmo?
>animal rapists
Go back to nu/pol/ you boomer.

Imagine actually thinking liking a pastel horse cartoon "ruins" communities. You're literally more of a lolcow than any average horsefucker.
Good, maybe we can have some actual lulz
Open file (180.67 KB 788x1088 EJiOAarX0AAa3dw.jpeg)
Open file (209.15 KB 788x1088 EJiOAaxWkAAG_hC.jpeg)
CWC rages after MLP G5 introduction, challenges Hasbro to a card battle.
I like how executives smile when they see these abominations
It's too bad he won't do anything more then bitch and moan on twitter when his animal fucker cartoon doesn't go the way he wants it. It'd be funny to see him actually try and do something for a change.
Open file (39.73 KB 342x473 RobertchuBackHome.jpg)
Chris will turn her into a Rosechu soon.
Speaking of Chris, take a wild guess who this fucker is:

>she is once again giving me Grief
>We need some more money, please, help. And I do not want to hear “Get A Job” or some shit like that.
His mother's basically braindead and dying and his worry is about being told to get a job.
Is he fucking her?
He has incest fantasies so I wouldn’t be surprised
I'd be more surprised if he wasn't.
>>19024 Probably
>>19024 Judging by Chris' sexual deviancy over the years I want to say yes, probably. However hes always been stupid enough to leak that kind of private embarrassing information so who can say for sure?
Chris Chan made a break for it today
>>19024 This post aged well.

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