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Open file (500.70 KB 1023x1212 fringewizard7.png)
Whatever happened to Smiley? Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 23:47:48 ID: 185723 No.10379
Latest heard of on mewch/fringe/, the last incarnation of his wizardry board, he was posting from a fast food diner after spending 10 days in the mental ward. Supposedly homeless and has not been heard of since. Considering his previous activities online, he would have to be either locked up or dead to be kept away from imageboards.
Do anyone know anything about his whereabouts?
Either sitting at home doing some retarded ritual, dead or locked up for some reason. Dude is really retarded. Whenever someone (even from fringe boards) would call him out to be retarded he'd just continue with more retardation.
He was on 4chon r9k not too long ago. Apparently he's homeless and tried to build a tribe or something after he was institutionalised.
I believe /fringe/ had a bunker set up, or a different base from before moving to 8ch.
Anyone know where they are now?
There was fringebay and a /fringe/ board on meguca.
Xchan.wtf has a /fringe/ board but a lot of the time that site seems to be down.

Oddly everything from mewch/fringe/ has been completely wiped, including archives of threads. Mostly the same deal for meguca.
Open file (53.28 KB 334x90 1464324573459.png)
Pretty sure he DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING and quit the internet.
so where do i talk about magic and shit?
>talk about magic
ur doing it wrong
Man, I don't have nearly enough smileberg cocks.
Open file (302.72 KB 1365x347 blog.png)
Here is his current blog post

Here is his steam:

Here is his youtube:

Here is his email:
Open file (54.15 KB 500x559 8765456789.jpg)
Reading this was a hell of a journey.
Open file (55.03 KB 1445x1080 7658-12711-19936.png)
Open file (137.81 KB 960x960 18267-8610-10843.jpg)
Open file (108.88 KB 2000x1500 32271-8526-2537.png)
Open file (136.57 KB 640x480 8437-24530-27825.mp4)
Open file (4.60 MB 1280x720 11692-31011-10265.mp4)
Open file (419.77 KB 640x480 32544-20598-31871.mp4)
>>24750 this was meant to have words Smileberg might be dead. His 4chon thread is devoid of updates.
>>36070 r.i.p autismancer
>>18779 I've been looking for the fringe bunker. I think meguca was supposed to be the main bunker, but 8ch/fringe/ was so slow before it got shut down that I think nobody really thought about it. A few of the /fringe/fags said that they go on Lainchan, but it was never really a "bunker". It's pretty sad about the lost archives. There were some hilarious threads on /fringe/.
>>36070 That's what he wants us to think while he shivers on the ground.
>>36116 fringechan was the best
>>36126 There really needs to be a concerted effort to find the lost sheep of /fringe/. All the other big boards have been somewhat salvaged, but /fringe/ got hit HARD and nobody is talking about it.
>>36070 his steam says he is online rn. What ever happened to STI?
Open file (951.24 KB 1944x2592 1618639013973.jpg)
Smiley today lol
Open file (158.79 KB 760x1281 eh-boy-e60e59d22934c7.jpg)
>>100971 JC in heavens... This well tuned perfectly shaped body... The look of this face, so sexy, so intellectual... That look of a lost generation. So saddening all this will go to waste - not. kek

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