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chris chan thread Toad 06/30/2021 (Wed) 00:04:58 ID: 7ddbe7 No.107824
this is a chris chan thread
The absolute state of chris, jewsh now keeping him locked away, making coins out of him and further validating what the idea goys did to him and making him worse, maybe when barb finally dies chris will wake up to reality, but I doubt it.
He might be a motherfucker, but at least his Love Quest is finally over.
so i heard there's a video?
shitty thread, go talk about it on foxdickfarms or reddit
>>111717 This, but unironically. The absolute state of Robi /cow/ that's why p p p and Toad McKinley disavow this place
>>111762 imagine caring about what a fat canadian jewish dyke and zlebs have to say
Open file (142.25 KB 760x1481 1.jpg)
Open file (85.11 KB 531x1024 2.jpg)
Open file (80.83 KB 532x1024 3.jpg)
Open file (73.37 KB 529x1024 4.jpg)
Open file (78.83 KB 482x848 5.jpg)
Has this board really died so hard that CWC can actually rape his mother and nobody talks about it here?
Uhhhhhhhh....... This guy needs some Professional Help.
>>111869 Anons just spoke about in the cyclical since it also had something to do with Гунт and Toad McKinley.
Does anyone have that mugshot-looking photo of CWC that looks recent? I can't sort through 500 pages of foxdicks.
Open file (489.73 KB 809x2184 1.png)
They were using condom. That means no Crystal Chandler gets born (probably).
>>107824 Imagine if the feds get involved, namely if they investigated Chris Chan's mailbox, financials, and if anything who Chris and his group of trolls are
>>111961 thats alot of new manpower for feds, we will probably see tranny spree shooters and alog mass killers down the line for the next 10 years.
anyone wishing for anything else other than a homeless saga is not a true alog
>>111989 Chris is already homeless atm, jail arc soon for raping and stealing from barb.
>chris admits to fucking his mom >chris tried to steal from his mom God he is so fucked.
Open file (3.45 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.png)
They got him.
Open file (62.48 KB 640x747 chris chann.jpg)
Open file (75.34 KB 1024x576 nick bate.jpg)
>>112296 hope he dies a gruesome death in prison
>>112372 >>112373 He won't be in prison for long. Tard card will get him in mental ward or even free him.
>>112296 >he brings up sonichu, mlp and the merge while he's being arrested for raping his mom >the Гунт takes the side of a mentally ill man in a dress who raped and stole from his mother to own null I keep seeing people say that Chris raping Barb was something people joked about but never thought would actually happen. But I can't image there aren't other people beside me that thought it was something that could realistically happen. He's always been crappy fucker who's obsessed with sex and had a very bizarre relationship with Barb. He's said he's fantasized about it and when he was pretending to be Magichan he called her a "waifu." The signs were all really obvious. On the bright side of all this is after the last few seasons being boring and predictable as fuck, the final season looks to be really fucking entertaining.
Open file (258.21 KB 1157x1034 1488chrischan.jpg)
Open file (189.69 KB 1071x1015 WASTED.png)
Open file (24.80 KB 480x600 download.png)
>>112472 Looks like he still has no idea what is going on.
gentlemen. we have now entered the saga to end all sagas. we have entered the MOTHERFUCKER SAGA
>>112532 >now lol where have you been >gentlemen >we Z-zachy-chan? Is it true about you and Robyn?
>>112472 >incest >no mention of rape Please tell me this doesn't mean Barb consented. bickers that's somehow even more disgusting. >>112495 Has he ever?
Open file (37.02 KB 300x225 chris chan and megan.jpg)
>>112459 >implying he will survive prison
>>112638 Unless he officially changes his sex and goes to a woman's jail. Then the saga has a new chapter.
Not cool, at-all. What a fucking sick bastard. Deserves jailtime 🤣🤣😂😂
Open file (226.81 KB 405x834 chrisfag.jpg)
>>112664 he's female on his driving license, but I doubt he gets put into genpop
>>112641 plot armor is a bitch also be weary of incoming dimensional shifts!
Pretty sure mother fucked him as a child as well, and that's just a payback
20 year old (or less) phoneposting memers suddenly caring about cwc are more disgusting than Chris.
lol a-logs are really obsessed with black prison dicking. Chris is gonna get laid in prison and have more action than all of kf, cwckiforums, reddit and every lynxchan spinoff combined... which is not saying much, but point is he's still gonna get pussy.
>>112900 no, 20 year old or less phoneposting memers who are still defending chris, feeling sorry for him and "using his proper pronouns" are the most disgusting check out the thread on isaToad McKinley on foxdicks, she is pretty much a female zoomer chris chan, or at least as retarded as him. she was also the one who convinced him to spill the beans on the whole incest thing to begin with, and it was done for some other le ebin troll she had planned(but was too stupid to properly follow thru on) >>112903 chris is likely already losing his mind, as he doesn't have his playstation, twitter or legos. if he will get laid, it will be rape, and it will likely only be to break him/domination purposes. considering his hygiene, I think I am more amused by the scene of him sharing the showers with other inmates more than him being raped, or him refusing to shower due to autism and getting his ass beat for stinking up the cellblock in the process
>>113008 >it will likely only be to break him/domination purposes Yeah the only "sex" Chris is getting in prison is some giant bulldyke fisting his ass to assert dominance. But then again Chris has said he'd be willing to let his sweetheart put things in his ass, so maybe he'll be into La'qeefa taking the role of the man.
Open file (51.38 KB 837x422 0.jpg)
Open file (26.57 KB 856x173 1.jpg)
Open file (47.87 KB 829x364 2.jpg)
Chris was at the court. He was constantly interrupting and demanding to get his toys from home like if that should be his biggest concern. Also IT'S MAAM spergout. He will stay in jail until trial scheduled for 16. september. https://archive.is/L6Hlb
>>113130 >insane man in a dress commits a sex crime >appointed Charlottesville attorney David (((Heilberg))) to represent Chandler Well oy-fucking-vey.
Open file (169.25 KB 608x275 chris the gangster.png)
Which gang is he gonna join?
KF is curently down due the recent Chris Chan Drama. This may be the most mainstream media attention Chris has ever gotten, what a shit-show.
>>107824 Just finished catching up to all this Chris cocks, after a 3 year hiatus, what a wild fucking ride.
>>113489 He is going to fucking die.
foxdickfarms trannies and low tier ecelebs are still seething and coping about based Isabella https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVNpA5z8rTo
>>113489 I'm kinda hoping he'll try to join all of them by pretending to be different sonichus.
Open file (378.48 KB 510x1185 Zap to the extreme..png)
Open file (31.46 KB 695x760 R.jpg)
does anyone know how can I get into foxdickfarms? I would really like to be part of foxdickfarms maybe somebody can help
>>114758 Be a tranny eceleb or soyboy skinny fat paypiggie
this fat G​AMERGATE broke out lol

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