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Open file (529.17 KB 1273x773 btfo.png)
Open file (474.05 KB 1108x823 christian.png)
Open file (359.48 KB 690x589 respect yourself.png)
Nastassia Ponomarenko Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 09:06:57 ID: 656597 No.10914
YouTuber Exposes Nastassia Ponomarenko sextape and gets harassed by fans!

Open file (11.30 MB 720x480 4729832-480p.mp4)
Why are fans retarded?
A snowbunny like her should be praised, she's already whoring herself to YouTube. Par the course.
very trad
no spirituality = 1 dimensions
Open file (192.11 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (189.96 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
Open file (141.61 KB 1280x720 3.jpg)
>Answering Q's About God + Spirituality (trying) | Does He Exist? Modesty? Evil?

Open file (95.05 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
Open file (91.45 KB 600x350 the-casting-couch1.png)
Open file (72.02 KB 1000x737 buxqsjlbya521.jpg)
How, are, her, fans, this, oblivious?
Once you go black, you lose the respect of all civilized people and you automatically become a whore.
A whore promoted by television.
Tradthot who fucks browns and blacks (which doesn't actually conflict with christianity).
I'm fairly sure Christianity said to not mate with animals.
Open file (887.71 KB 934x598 1571490818310.png)
Was like "okay what is the commotion about, its just another whore"
>open thread
Open file (17.75 KB 236x306 hitler_check.jpg)
Nice dubs, after a while coalburners can become easily identified with just a single glance at their visage, they all have one distinct used up whore look.
Open file (19.13 KB 583x338 nastassia1.PNG)
Open file (17.20 KB 588x317 nastassia2.PNG)
A vocal supporter of abortion and wymins rights, pics related from her Twitter.

This word was supposed to represent people like Lauren Southern who pretend to be into politics and tradition while being a degenerate. A whore believes in God, how unusual.

Where's the original video that got copyright claimed from Pornhub? I'm not sure the girl sucking the ==SARGON== in the video from the link is her. What a low quality thread.
Hey nastasia.
>nasty ass
where the fuck is the video in that link?
Open file (13.60 MB 1280x720 whore.webm)
>Doesn't conflict with christianity
Ezra 9:2, Deuteronomy 23:2, Nehemiah 13:3. Basically she's going to hell if she doesn't repent also people actually need to learn what the word repent actually means.
Just going to add things bickers to understand what a christian actually is supposed to be you actually have to read the bible. Posted this on 8channel but I think it will be here just to prove what christianity was originally supposed to be.

Well did you know that God made a differing creation account on the book of genesis. Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Notice how it states male and female. Now in genesis 2. There is the creation of Adam and Eve. They are given the breath of life by God. Thus they are different from the rest of creation and now you understand why GAMERGATEs are GAMERGATEs and Chinks are Chinks. Moreover God strictly prohibited marrying these people groups Ezra 9:2. Basically this mongrelisation going on currently is satanic in nature. Then what race was Adam? He was of the Caucasoid people group. Adam's name comes from the word Adom which means to be ruddy or to shew blood in the face. https://biblehub.com/hebrew/120.htm This means that GAMERGATEs, chinks and muslims already are exempt from salvation. Noah during his time was considered pure by God hence he was spared from the devastation the flood had caused. Genesis 6:9. He then proceeded to give birth to the three separate caucasian races. Shemites, Hamites and Japhethites. This isn't anything new this was ALWAYS TAUGHT in the past. It's just in our currently American dominated world that equality is poisoning our people. Who are the Jews bickers they certainly aren't Israelites. They are the Edomites. How do we know this. Couple of things taught in the bible and History. Josephus talks about the Maccabeans who conquered Idumea and the people of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and Levi began mixing with the edomites. The bible talks about Idumea coming and taking the holy land in Ezekiel 36:5 currently The Jews occupy the holy land. This is how they can be of the seed of Abraham and yet not the seed of the promise. Here is another interesting point. Are Jews ruddy with a Beautiful continence? No? Well that already raises red flags. Why? It's simple, David was described as ruddy with a beautiful continence twice in 1 Samuel 16:12 and 1 Samuel 17:42. Solomon was described as white and ruddy in Songs of Solomon 5:10. The Nazarites were described as whiter than snow and purer than julay Lamentations 4:7. Even Jesus was described as having a white head by John. Revelation 1:14. Another thing of Note is that Jesus stated he would only come back for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 15:24. Basically Jesus was the opposite of what people usually portray him as. Not to mention not a single Jew will live Obadiah 1:18. Effectively God literally promises you he'll eradicate the Jews. This also explains the revelation 2:9 and 3:9 verses as well. These people certainly are the synagogue of satan and children of the devil as John 8:44 puts it. Europeans are descended from the Israelites. We migrated to Europe bickers of the Assyrian captivity. The only exceptions to these were the colonization spoken of about Dan who stayed on his ship Judges 5:17. These people were the Spartans. They are also the modern day Scandinavians. Basically everything you have been taught about the bible is a lie.
Open file (16.21 MB 384x208 b.mp4)
She's probably jewish.
christianity was created by kikes as a system of control, just like the mudslime religion. its all gay as fuck and christcucks support (((multiculturalism)))
Open file (19.00 KB 747x59 n.png)
Open file (46.26 KB 521x384 tips.JPG)
>>18838 >christcucks support (((multiculturalism))) Thank goodness we now live under a secular society with all the pedophilia, drag shows, and mass replacement immigration atheists support. Merry Christmas bitch.
>>25171 Modern christcuckery is just secularism with a divine devotion to the Jews thrown in.
>>25183 And before that, it was Romaboo-LARPING with divine devotion to the Jews
>>25171 >christcucks think this is a secular society >christcucks think worshipping jews in the middle east would prevent this Ever-delusional.
the one in the blowjob video is she?
Open file (30.64 KB 582x219 ClipboardImage.png)
Hey Nastassia, nothing in this thread is underage. Try again.
Open file (34.84 KB 640x360 DIZGUSTING.mp4)
>>25713 Hey Nastassia You are a filthy ni­gger lover.
>>25713 Natassia is a stupid fucking tradthot and should be raped to death by a thousand feral apes.
>>25715 >tradthot <fucks G​AMERGATEs Also you can't really rape the willing.
>>25713 At least you won't have any half-G​AMERGATE children since you love abortions so much.
Rolling for coal burner suicide stream
>woman has sex >incels start SEETHing every time
>>26133 Zach confirmed for fan of coal burning whore known as Nastassia Ponomarenko.
>anons laugh at thot >thot starts SEETHing ever time
Open file (436.35 KB 960x540 laugh.webm)
>>25713 OH NO NO NO
oh no no no
Open file (21.00 KB 349x340 SARGON.jpg)
This man is the julay owner
>>26145 Really? Looks more like a bunch of incels SEETHing at the fact that 'Stacey' is fucking someone objectively genetically superior to you.
>>26435 >the absolute state of the seething thot wew lad
>>26435 >nigs being genetically superior to anything Remember, thots get shot
>>26438 >incels on 8cucks/4cucks/julaycucks genetically superior to ANYTHING lmfao. That's rich coming from a group of people so BUTTHURT that they can't get laid that they shoot up schools and churches.
>>26447 >>26435 Oh hey it's idoldup, I didn't know you liked coalburners as much as the hapadup.
>>26447 S E E T H I I N G
>>26457 You are like a robotic G​AMERGATE repeating the same words over and over, seek help.
>>14597 at least he's not actually black
>>26500 Based Gahoole patrolling retarded thots
>>26505 It's a paki. Same poo.
>>26500 Based and /tv/pilled
Open file (246.51 KB 328x544 gahoooleo.png)
Open file (246.51 KB 328x544 gahoooleo.png)
>>26573 Now THATS a slaphead
>>26533 yikes
>>26505 Did he shit on her front lawn after this?
Open file (148.63 KB 218x265 1463024494673.png)
>>25713 Holy fuck, LMAO It's days like this I love the internet. Stupid slut is a living example of 'once you go black, we dont want you back' and she HATES that to the point of trying to take down a thread on a Sudanese finger painting board.
Open file (5.58 MB 280x500 2.webm)
There is nothing more pathetic than a 22 year old virgin named Patrick Nelson.
>>26663 Based
Open file (995.84 KB 2403x1842 1578584031205.jpg)
>>26663 300% certain Patrick isn't a virgin.
>>26472 S E E T H I N G T H O T
>>26587 Yikes it's kind of racist of her that she considers it "defamation" to say she had sex with nigs. Is she ashamed of it for some reason?
>>26696 Who on Earth would wanted to be known as a girl who fucked a G​AMERGATE? Gross
>>26685 10000% certain that mong is a virgin
>>26685 Gahoole has admitted he is a virgin. The closet he has come to sex is getting a handjob from a girl and breaking down into tears and running away without even cumming.
>>26699 >getting a handjob from a girl and breaking down into tears and running away without even cumming. OH NO NO NO NO NO
Open file (373.16 KB 450x211 gahoole_belly.gif)
>>26699 Based, everyone should spend more time watching kino than on trifling hos
>>26699 You think he's gay? What a faggot lol
Open file (848.73 KB 592x792 Untitled.png)
>>26707 most likely, with all that testosterone he would a good bear
>>26713 He would make a good pig on a barbie
>>26713 >this is who trashes actual good films on /tv/
>hapa is trying to turn this thread towards focusing on /tv/ and gahoole Did you drop watson in favor of this whore bickers she sucks G​AMERGATE cocks and gives you more cocks for your fap folder, zach?
>>26699 He's given conflicting accounts. In some videos he' s said that he's a virgin and others he's said that he had sex with two girls in the past. Sadly all of these videos were deleted along with his first channel. Also, I remember in one thread, months and months ago, he claimed that one of the girls he slept with falsely accused him of rape and stole his bike or something.
>mfw gahoole accidentally went to the gay bar last night and almost fell in love with a drag queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hzWNZy-zdM
>>26842 Look at him and take in his mutt sensibilities, he's never had sex, he cried about a handjob
Open file (293.04 KB 464x560 1577620988294.png)
Why is the hapa trying to make this thread about gahoole? I thought Watson was his trannyfu.
>>26970 he smells a crumb of coochie that he thinks he might get his hapacel micropeen near, that's all there is to it.
>>26970 Zach is the best of us!
>>10916 Too short :/
Open file (1.04 MB 320x180 mvvzzn.gif)
>>14597 This is so beautiful, I wish it was me =^_^=
>>25713     ‌  ∧_∧      ⊂(・ω・`)つ-、   ///  /_/ /    ||⊂ヽノ||/」  / ̄ ̄旦 ̄ ̄ ̄/ /______/|| ||-----------||
>>26970 Why are you thinking about Zach all the time?
>thread about random coalburning whore gets derailed by the /tv/ obsessed hapa What the fuck, has he stopped worshiping Watson in favor of this mudshark, or am I missing something?
>>27069 >everyone who disagrees with me is X boogieman!!! KYS you numale soiboy from reddit.
>>26842 I have had 2 "girlfriends" never got physical with one (middle school shit, she was the bitch who stole my bike). Other one I did everything BUT sex with. She ended up being an emoitonally abusive whore and spread lies about me to some of my now former friends and split off half my friend group from me. That is why I regret getting involved with her even though I did "get off". Sex is not important, what is important is fucking loves her pussying faggots like zach online
>>27088 Come out of the closet already, you fucking cumslut faggot.
>>27088 define "everything" anal? you got a blowie i guess, you 69'd? did you eat the pusy? sex is important gahoole, im some years older than you but i lost mine quite early, iv got close friends who still havent and its just made them totally delusional about relationships in general they overthink everything get an escort, just do it, its money well spent you wont remember the face of your first time in 10years anyway once your done, youll realise hey sex is alright and girls like sex too its not such a big deal, i just gotta put myself out there a bit and introduce myself to chicks ill be honest ur not ugly gahoole, but you are too fat the hair is a bit of a doozy but you have a few options there build a little bit of muscle definition, staying chubby is fine, but girls want to believe you can protect them im a big guy but i got big shoulders and arms from working in logistics, girls like that but also if your gay its alright dude just get on grindr and do it you could probably unronically find a 'daddy' to support your shitposting life
>>27095 god damn zach just go and fuck him already.
Open file (366.66 KB 900x599 ClipboardImage.png)
>>27095 >im a big guy f-for me?
JEWS! When are you deleting both the hapa and the slaphead from this thread?
>>27088 Take your own advice Gahoole and just kys for being ugly on the inside and outside
>>10916 >>10916 holy based
>christcucks being literal cucks LMFAO Serves you well demiurge-praisers
>>27137 Based Toga poster
>>27115 Project harder board hapa
>>27115 Holy based
>slags get more pussy that Gahoole
Open file (167.06 KB 460x269 confused nazi.png)
Why the fuck did the hapa start targeting this thread? It has nothing to do with trannyson, dullest franchise, soy wars, or ghoul, yet here he fucking is sperging nonstop like he's known to do. Some people really do just need to be killed.
>>14597 She's a race traitor and a sand burner. Not at all surprised. All girls under 50 are this way now. >>26505 That's as bad if not worse than being a coal burner. Someone needs to take her out of the gene pool before it breeds and makes mutts.
>>27622 >n-noooo you can't defend wymmenz they're literally hitler!!!! KYS you numale soyboy from reddit
>>27687 For real though you hapa mongrel what the fuck did any of this have to do with /tv/ or gahoole? Are you seriously unaware of how insane it is to carry your retarded internet grudge with you everywhere you go?
>>27622 ZACH support her on PATREON
>>27878 >>27752 RENT FREE
Open file (793.40 KB 1293x812 no soul.png)
>>27994 Gahoole destroyed her soul.
Open file (819.34 KB 920x537 1578409223907.png)
>>28286 >you can't please everyone didn't stop you from trying.
>>28286 Gahoole is the one who was making suicidal tier vlogs
>>28286 >All around me are familiar faces >Worn out places, Worn out faces >Bright and early for the daily races >Going nowhere, Going nowhere
Open file (85.68 KB 1024x629 EmCels.jpg)
>>28546 She's got the thousand-cock stare
>>28361 >zach is now defending nastassia
>>28550 someone explain to me how this chick still acts like an emo whore when she's a millionaire at 17 all bickers her brother got her a job. is she pandering? i don't get it.
>>28582 Birth control has removed the oxycotin from her body.
>>28582 It's a style, and her songs cater to the mentally retarded normalfags and the ironically depressed
>>10916 why is that chick being so modest? I have a white dong comparable do the dude in this vid and many women have deepthroated my slong. I would slap a bitch for just teasing my cock like this.
>>28596 >comparable do the dude in this vid Post pics or B​TFO
Open file (7.63 MB 1960x4032 ___.png)
>>28600 I'm a bit drunk so having difficulty getting hard. But I'm sure even at half-mast it's convincing enough.
Open file (44.09 KB 500x383 1436807981839.jpg)
>>28603 at least you cleared the metadata
Open file (301.68 KB 640x360 wdytwa.webm)
>>28607 >at least you cleared the metadata
>>28676 Zach's side bitch.
>>26435 Lol at "genetically superior" you are either a kike with its usual broken record or a butthurt N1GGèR yourself >looking like a mixture between a monkey and a turd >room temperature IQ >genetically superior Excuse me while i laugh even harder HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Truly incredible.
Open file (88.02 KB 1130x785 retard nigger whore.JPG)
What do you call the expression on her face in this picture?
Open file (262.19 KB 836x476 bad car fax.png)
>>29046 Crushing despair
>>29046 She's hitting the wall and she knows it
>>29046 The thousand G​AMERGATEdick stare
>>29046 I don't know. What do you call the expression you make when realize you discarded your soul and worth as a person?
>>29046 The coomer face.
>>29293 I'd coooooome in fact of course
Open file (688.12 KB 1949x2081 1579939570357.jpg)
>>29323 this is good, but i don't care until there is a list of faces and names and histories.
This whore has no dignity, self-respect nor brain, she has no reason to exist at all, hope she an heros asap.
Open file (64.98 KB 680x383 nigger.jpg)
>>29432 Just you wait. When millennial whores start to hit menopause, you are going to see suicide rates SKYROCKET
=SPAM LINKS TO THE VIDEO IN HER YOUTUBE COMMENTS= People will stop fawning on her once they've seen her sextape. All this workout shit is just softcore porn for men to coom to and women to be envious of. Once the hardporn is there, nobody will care anymore. THIS WHORE'S CAREER SHOULD BE OVER. SPREAD THE LINKS.
>>29730 Would be funny to see, but there will always be pathetic sex pests feminist men that will gladly support mud sharks and their mutant offspring.
>>25713 my fucking sides the absolute state of wom*n fucking whores
>>29730 No, they will just become even more drunk and disgusting slags and demand that the dregs of africa and the near east be invited in so they can mudshark and bottom feed to their heart's cocks. Basically Europe now, but on overdrive.
>>30515 >bottom feed to their heart's cocks. Sometimes I really love the wordfilters here. But anyway I'd open a betting pool on what the suicide rates will look like but sadly we're a decade or two early. I'd put a $20 on a lot of franzia boxes and some extra strong rope, though.
>>29785 Just post " Nastassia ponoramenko " or " nasty fit " with her porn pic on 4chan. It's appear on google image, on the first page when you write her name.
This cocks involves the distribution of child pornography in violation of federal criminal law, 18 USC 2252A, and California law (Penal Code, section 311.1(a)). A request has been made to Julay.world to remove it immediately. Anyone commenting on this feed or participating in the distribution of this material may be identified by Julay pursuant to a subpoena and/or law enforcement investigation. The site has been reported to the FBI via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Further misconduct may be reported to the Attorney General of California and the relevant district attorney, with a request to proceed with criminal prosecution against users of the site violating anti-child pornography laws. Proceed with caution.
This cocks involves the distribution of child pornography in violation of federal criminal law, 18 USC 2252A, and California law (Penal Code, section 311.1(a)) - specifically the video at 10/25/2019. A request has been made to Julay.world to remove it immediately. Anyone commenting on this feed or participating in the distribution of this material may be identified by Julay pursuant to a subpoena and/or law enforcement investigation. The site has been reported to the FBI via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Further misconduct may be reported to the Attorney General of California and the relevant district attorney, with a request to proceed with criminal prosecution against users of the site violating anti-child pornography laws. Proceed with caution.
>>32921 lmao the bitch is damned near thirty and sucking G​AMERGATE dick cause that is all her broke ass can get lmao.
Open file (462.89 KB 512x424 1457918016448.gif)
>>32921 >>32923 Is she going to flip on the sandG​AMERGATE for producing child porn? Seeing as she's not of age, according to a lawyer that posts on Sunday nights. Seems like that'd be the place to start. Subpoena's can be sent to me personally; I'm CIA.
>>32921 >>32923 We are going to need identify. I just checked, and http://www.jcraiglaw.com/ is closed at this time, and they represent the courts of Canada, not US law. Please self identify before I submit a counter lawsuit for impersonation.
>>32937 We're are going to need to see some proper identification in the next 24 hours, or I'm personally reporting your IP address for impersonation. US law is no joke.*
Open file (2.98 MB 500x500 neat.gif)
>>32938 >>32923 the battle of the jews has begun
Open file (682.57 KB 2500x1873 king.jpg)
Is she actually 30? People are saying she's born in 1999.
Open file (286.24 KB 462x600 ClipboardImage.png)
This is the lawyer that Nastassia is impersonating by the way. You can't make this shit up. https://cantrellpllc.com/our-team/
As many times before, this drama can be summed up with: lol G​AMERGATEs
Open file (142.81 KB 245x285 WALLED DOT COM.png)
>>32921 >18 USC 2252 Bitch you are 21 years old. Which actually comes as a shock, with those dead ass wine-aunt eyes I had you clocked at at least 35. At any rate, the internet is forever and you can't unsuck a cock. Don't blame us, blame yourself or God.
if the bitch was serious about being underage when her ex filmed her sucking his G​AMERGATEcock, she'd be going after him. Especially considering he's obviously known to her and a thread of good natured individuals on a mongolian basketweaving forum are not. btw nastyass pornomaker, lawyers don't really post in threads
Lol imagine impersonating a lawyer bickers you're so mad somebody reposted your porno lmao
>>10916 >>14597 Dissapointing.
Open file (24.86 KB 540x451 1567647367396.jpg)
Moar like Nastassia Porno-marenko, amirite?
>>10914 females are retarded
>>32938 what a fucking CHAD
>>10914 Who is this whore suppose to be? >>28546 The classic thousand cock stare, you can never mistake that soulless look.
Honestly, this thread feels like an excuse to hate on some random coalburner. Apart from being a vapid instathot who loves the BBC, where's the funny?
Open file (86.57 KB 960x720 better.jpg)
>>40396 You are wrong. This ( >>32937 >>32938 ) and the all of her actions that lead to it are fucking hilarious. Nastassia's life is a wonderful comedy of errors, piling mistake upon mistake.
>>40396 It would be funny if there was a good way to get the videos in front of her audience
>>41060 Fly to her hometown and make her renowned. What is it that the Bible says about sluts?
>>41104 >Grab a stone
>>32921 >>32923 >>32937 >>32938 wew lad. I know I'm late to the shitshow but damn man, I always loved a good internet police impersonation LARP. Always good for a chuckle. Nog lovers are the fucking bottom tier women to be around. Let's not forget that even negresses won't date their own kind. When they do, they end up on Maury, Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos. This is how scummy their kind is. They lack any sense of responsability or stability and they have a proportion to do violent crimes. Nevertheless, the junglebunnies always end up surprised when their pet nog goes apeshit on them when it's through fucking them with a kid added to the family picture since the relationship started.
Look christian to me.
Open file (133.00 KB 1080x1080 at the church.jpg)
Open file (125.42 KB 899x899 depressed.jpg)
Open file (151.16 KB 1080x1349 at the strip club.jpg)
Open file (129.76 KB 1080x1080 nastassia cult.jpg)
>>41228 Christian is another word for liar. It's just hides itself in good context: Would a Christian ever lie? No, but a Satanist would always lie.
Open file (131.14 KB 935x600 1.jpeg)
>when the corona hit
>>26447 ikr, getting shot by a drive by is much superior
>>41232 Nigger tier trash
Is she breeding yet? I can't find anything on pornhub
Open file (817.85 KB 642x751 1585019868583.png)
Open file (119.10 KB 650x476 Bbc hoax phony.jpg)
Open file (101.09 KB 401x600 BBC Hoax Jew.JPG)
Open file (152.54 KB 600x519 muh bbc is a hoax.jpg)
>>40396 >le BBC meme Stop pushing that kike hoax, faggot.
TFW, Blacks have tiny dicks and most of the people in this thread with their edgelord Atomwaffen / Blackacidlizzard posts are simping for this thot harder than Anglin simping for Berniethot.
>>41489 Oh no, are you telling me all black guys don't have foot long dongs? How could Jewish porn producers lie to me like this? This destroys my mass media propagated, spoon fed image that all black men are seven foot tall muscular giants with foot longs.
Open file (257.64 KB 1392x528 nastassia.jpg)
LOL she says she's a Christian, BUT obviously she's a Whore seeking sex from men.
why does this PAWG even matter at all? White women fuck G​AMERGATEs all the time, why does this PAWG matter?
>>43766 >threatened a lolsuit against julay and 8coon by claiming she was 12 >has a legion of orbiters who pay top dollar bickers she's a tradthot who shows her ass while promoting purity And according to a thread on tv/dup/, >nog in the video released the sex tapes to the public, making her orbiters turn against her
modern white women are a fucking trainwreck, jesus fucking christ this is shit is getting beyond the possibility of parody.
Open file (19.72 KB 600x600 Father.jpg)
>26435 lmao redditors are jacking off to G​AMERGATE dicks now.
>41231 she got G​AMERGATE butt injections.
>>43779 >now I thought reddit was always for jacking off to G​AMERGATE dicks.
>G​AMERGATE Man Nastassia is this G​AMERGATE Illuminutty. Fuckin' Christian my ass...I'd blow my nut all over her insta...Yeah Christian. Nastassia is a G​AMERGATE whore.
>>43928 >Being too much of a ni­­gger to nig­ger What an absolute NI­GGER
Why don't you all stop bullying Nastassia, and start understanding and accepting her the way she is. We all know she needs the BBC. Now bully Nastassia for her phrase "nasty". nastyfit.
You need to love Nastassia for what she is.
Ok so there is definitely more out there. Thumbnail from a youtube video that was gonna expose more of her but youtube video has been taken down and i never got to see what was posted except for whats in the thumbnail
>>46055 This is why she left internet for a moment ? But look like she's back. She didn't change. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_BvYs2hmyh/
>>46058 Man, i can only wonder how many NlGGER dicks have violated this poor whore mouth? Look at those eyes.
Open file (99.81 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
God damn, nothing has changed in this GOD Forsaken WORLD! Remember guys, you gotta love her for what she is. She is a breeding machine for BLACK NIGGER DICKS and the NIGGERS SUPERIOR GENUS.
Open file (11.11 MB 1920x1080 Drake (2006 NVIDIA).mp4)
Open file (74.11 KB 1280x720 ITS IN THE BLOOD..jpg)
Guys don't make fun of her, Let her make fun of herself with a SUPERIOR BLACK MAN. It's in the blood, she's just following her INSTINCT FOR A HIGHLY DEVELOPED BLACK MAN.
Open file (428.09 KB 1620x1818 Britney.jpg)
Open file (50.99 KB 471x460 Nastassia.jpg)
Open file (126.88 KB 618x741 Kesha.jpg)
Black men are inspirational people. No wonder Nastassia are so obsessed with them and their BIG NIGGER GAMER-GATE COCK.
>>46080 >>46081 >>46123 >>46124 >>46125 >>46127 >>46128 >>46130 >>46131 >>46132 Oh my god, you are that retard who spam cuckchan /pol/ with G​AMERGATE. Zach = G​AMERGATE spam ?
Open file (11.05 KB 480x360 1553588151183.jpg)
How is it no one actually has the video?
Open file (995.85 KB 4608x2184 20200430_202949.jpg)
If Nastassia Ponomarenko only wants to marry De Chadd Robb, then I will become De Chadd Robb since this "Virgin" has such a high standard. I am now De Chadd Rob, I come from Puerto Rico, and I fuck alot of women. Lol, De Chadd Rob. How about if I told all of you that Nastassia Ponomarenko is under the CIA's 100% control [MK Ultra Beta Sex Slave]. JULAY, You want more exposing information on Nastassia Ponomarenko? We will give you EVERYTHING you want, and need of-course. 🤣🤣😉
Open file (42.21 KB 398x400 another-dead-hero.jpg)
>>46678 Oh, I love a good Monarch Programming thread, please go on.
She has a fat ass.
Open file (18.87 MB 1280x720 CIA (MK Ultra 2010).mp4)
>>46718 Monarch Programming is my specialty.
Open file (73.48 KB 819x429 CIA_LOGS.jpg)
Nastassia will try to blow our cover.
Open file (878.02 KB 1280x720 (CIA) 2010.mp4)
We are out of information.
>>47066 >panda eyes must be a real hard worker.
>>47066 She looks like she's been constantly crying. I guess that's the price you pay for being a fucking slut.
>>47102 Every-time we try to follow her on Instagram, her page stops working. She blocks us....coincidence? I think not. And yes, probably the moment she stopped filming her latest YouTube video, she burst out in tears. I assume she cries for 1 hour straight before getting any work done.
>>46128 Niggers are so obsessed with fucking strange sluts, it's no wonder none of them have fathers. Other races actually take pride in having a family.
>>47142 Ever wondered why Coronavirus (COVID-19) is called a white-mans virus? It's bickers (Niggers) are the real target for COVID-19. Though I take it with a pinch of salt.
>>47126 I can't wait for her eventual suicide.
>>47146 I don't think you need to wait too long for that. People in her condition don't last too long under that sort of stress. Besides, girls like Nastassia break under pressure. The moment anything becomes difficult for Nastassia, she either vanishes or breaks down. Do remember she is only 20, all it takes is a few 9mm rounds to bring her from a Princess to someone begging for their life and crying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRYnmYHrs8E These type of girls needs someone to protect them, that's the bottom line.
Keep in mind if the Contracts she's rocking with the Shadow Government are decommissioned, they will terminate her. With the performance she is putting out as we speak, that is a considerable possibility. "Celebrities die all the time." We are here to conduct Business.
Open file (51.73 KB 480x466 pepe crying.jpg)
Open file (2.95 MB 1024x576 california giirll.mp4)
This is good disciples. Ask, and ye shall recieve.
Open file (7.78 MB 1024x576 GAMERGATE.mp4)
Open file (6.32 MB 1024x576 california gorl.mp4)
Open file (3.20 MB 768x576 dawn.mp4)
Open file (1.01 MB 640x640 flexing gurl.webm)
My spelling is bad :(
Open file (693.28 KB 4608x2184 POLOPIS (IBM PowerPC).jpg)
Daddy U.S Government.
>>46055 who has this?
>>47837 Not her
>>49155 I know.
We are out of information.
Open file (230.68 KB 1104x688 Nastassia is a Dawn.jpg)
Last bit of information on her... You will not see us again.
>>50506 >>49155 Do you have nudes of her?
What's going on here ?
>>50561 I want to fuck Nastassia Raw.
>>50593 Some literal who is fucking some pajeet or latino, and the white incels and black incels are projecting shit and making their typical racial sexual war about that.
The Fucking Whore she is for a NIGGER COCK and her FUCKING GAMERGATE AND PROGRAMGATE sexual appetite. Weird CIA experiments show how much of a FUCKING GAMERGATE Nastassia is.
Open file (47.22 KB 556x391 Rob The Prophet.jpg)
Open file (643.13 KB 1280x2544 fucking CHADD.jpg)
Open file (6.56 MB 640x640 Nastassia.MP4)
Open file (187.11 KB 1582x821 38_CIA.jpg)
Open file (582.54 KB 934x598 whore.png)
Open file (98.34 KB 566x612 GAMERGATE.jpg)
why does Nastassia never change?
>>53325 BIG BLACK DICK BIG BIG BIG N I G G EEE R DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open file (643.13 KB 1280x2544 real life CHAD.jpg)
Open file (124.61 KB 1080x1080 100% whore.jpg)
Open file (170.14 KB 360x346 pepe.gif)
Open file (15.42 MB 1280x720 Gunt on Horse Cock.webm)
>>46254 did the site split the file in res?
Everyone is bored of her.
>>56818 Nastassia just wants attention. Even if its from the wrong people are the wrong time. Her Instagram posts and her porn films is why people started this thread. Now that people have satisfied themselves with Nastassia's porn films and making her feel lesser (in the peoples mind), they move onto another Victim. Nastassia did not lose discipline or posture during all of this negativity and admittedly sketchy posting by some dude in his room that probably isn't telling us the full truth about what he's doing. Chances are he had this whole conversation thought through before he started this series of postings. Maybe he was the one simulating all the reactions from people and no one knew.
>>28603 >cut yikes
>>15439 >They are also the modern day Scandinavians embarrassing cope
Open file (2.21 MB 640x1136 IMG_4672.TRIM.mp4)
>>59471 She has nice ass.
Indeed she has a fat ass.
Indeed her ass is fat.
>>60209 >>60210 Her Professionalism is only for the masses.
>>60481 No Shit, bickers Nastassia is jealous that 38 has more control than her. Now I get why she is so open about wanting a husband. She wants the correct Genes inside her pussy and 38 got those perfect Genetics.
Hello JulayForum. Please refer to (2005) version of the FBI, not www.fbi.gov (sequencing)
Open file (1.09 MB 3176x2288 FBI[141].jpeg)
Open file (741.68 KB 608x448 IBM(2005) Engineer.mp4)
Welcome to the KILO_EXO_LASSOS_CORPORATION. From our YL55 informants LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI has put a HIT_ORDER on Nastassia Ponomarenko or known to them as "Britney Nastassia". As of the death of George Floyd continues to dominate mainstream media, the results of LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI and the Looters/Rioters is now going to have consequences. COVID-19 Capabilities have been increased to 1000% capacity @ genetic mutations in 7 months for LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI population reduction. You want to see the death of a Celebrity? LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI are out to "Legally" murder Nastassia. Bad Financial Claims, False Lawsuits on Business related platforms, @ hiring Nigger Monkey Assassins. The FBI(141) is at WAR with LANGLEY. All attacks are performed by a A.I Computer.
Open file (251.70 KB 864x520 Me.jpg)
>>60723 Lol haters wanna see Nastassia die. Get a life bros. Yo, I bet I could murder Nastassia with my Secret Weapon. I go up to her and she'll scream loudly bros. The Weapon Is Between my Legs Broooo... She Just Passes Out Cause' Of My Weapon. Ya Kno Bros It's a Nuke Broooos!
Open file (218.43 KB 2518x1024 I.Q.png)
>>53325 Yo Bro No More Dat Shit Bro, Ya Kno That No Man Good Enough for The "BEAUTY PRINCESS" Broooooos. A Ya, I Gotta Go To Da Fourth Dimension Now BROOOOS.
>>61162 what the fuck
>>61161 >>61162 why are people still talking about this thot?
lol Nastassia went viral with this dude playing with her but she never calls him out directly on social media. I wonder why lol.
>>61168 wtf lol this E-Thot really did ask for a guy like this to fuck with her. i think she likes it AHAA.
>>61169 i heard rumors that Nastassia wants to marry 38? who the hell is this guy? he has everything perfectly timed. I think he's a Government Agent that's gone completely rouge. thats why his uploads are 2 years apart from the (OLD) and new end...sketchy guy!
Open file (81.60 KB 475x574 some latino dude.jpg)
>>61170 why does he always repair computers in his underwear is beyond me.....LOL
Open file (41.54 KB 398x247 38 troll (1).jpg)
Open file (156.66 KB 957x653 38 troll (2).jpg)
Open file (220.41 KB 1065x863 38 troll (3).jpg)
Open file (149.51 KB 943x857 38 troll (4).jpg)
>>61172 i dont think nastassia would mind that, i mean the video when she was fucking that indian-latino boy idk was like when she was younger?
Open file (154.66 KB 1015x556 the guy isnt that fat.jpg)
>>61173 i could imagine nastassia touching herself to these pictures. sometimes the guy isnt careful and now girls get attracted to him. me personally could give 2 shits about him in underwear but others think differently...you know what i mean XD
Open file (277.71 KB 601x714 38 uber trolling.jpg)
Open file (153.21 KB 930x700 cia nigger.jpg)
>>61175 holy shit man this guy got clout. he makes Orrin look bad.
Open file (992.01 KB 2184x1692 49jsvm5gk.jpg)
>>61178 dude I think someone just went out of fashion now huh......
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHF6PMovAow Orrin https://soundcloud.com/xps-m1730/2006-nintendo-reversed XPS M1730 dude this guys music sounds nearly as good or better in reverse than Orrin's music sounds foward. again this probably explains why he is being censored so heavily by the corporations.
>>61177 saved
Open file (105.82 KB 643x695 what.jpg)
Open file (887.71 KB 934x598 whore.png)
Open file (98.67 KB 1280x720 nastassia fucking.jpg)
>>61181 https://soundcloud.com/xps-m1730/pleasant-skynet holy shit, 38 gave Julay what they wanted. the dude has everything perfectly timed, i think he even simulated some of the responses from people? thats what government agents do anyways.... I fucking like this guy. the internet thot has met her worst rival!
this guy is using computer a.i to screw with everyone. this is probably why we never heard of him.
bickers it isn't really just 1 man we are looking at here, this is actually 2 entities at work.
>>61168 another chubby white whore suffering from pussy inflation plans to ride the cock carousel until she is 30 and no longer desirable.
>>61196 Sup Dog, Ya kno she got a strict tasté for a Man. So Dog, Ya kno who to call in BROOOOOS. I Fucking Guarantee Ya Broooo that Imma Marry Nastassia Ponomarenko. IM THE FUCKING CHADD. YA Broooo, Her Standards are so high doog.... Imma Go to the fourth dimension now BROOOOS.
>>61265 Aaaa Dog, I forgot to put my Perfect Name There Brooos! Fuck Dawg, Ya'll be seein' more of me DOG.........
Shitttt Doggg, Julay Really broken now Doggg...
Ya All Kno Dogs That No Man Is Good Enough For NASTASSSIAAA. Ya Bro, Imma Marry Her. But Ya Dog, She'll marry Me Dog...Cause I COME FROM THE FOURTH DIMENSION DOG. Yaaaaaa Dooog, Brooos, Chaaddds, A Gorl with such High Standards Needs a Man Like "The Rob Vinn Chadd".
Open file (154.98 KB 640x640 more me.jpg)
So Brasss... a e-thot suffering from the Cock-RIng-A-Round? Bra, I come from the 4th Dimension. I make all the cocks known to man. In the beginning, God Created Chadd, and Chadd came to man from the Fourth Dimension to warn Humans of the Woman Of Beauty who whom will Devour Men Alive. Ya Brooo, That's me BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
How to enter the Fourth Dimension with me BROOOOOS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z01-zrs3Y0Q
what the fuck is wrong with girls now a days... omg, this guy 38 realllllyyyy got called out by Nastassia? bro, like wtf, frickin e-thots are weird af.
>>61295 38 is a fucking Government Agent, that's why Nastassia has such a weird fetish for him.
Open file (152.29 KB 1165x815 government agent.jpg)
dude this guy has probably a shitload of haters. but judging by his social media posts, he could give 2 shits if he was targeted for blackmail or death threats. im pretty sure someone has tried to kill 38 before, and the person trying to kill 38 got killed by 38 and his computer A.I's.
Open file (172.54 KB 974x776 some roblox myth lol.jpg)
Open file (149.62 KB 925x266 what the fuck.jpg)
>>61297 dude careful what you say about this guy, if his "POLOPIS A.I'" calculates that you could be a risk to "it's" operations ive heard from his website that the computer kills on its own without human commands. also i did my research on him and he isnt on the FBI most wanted list either. thus the explanation for a rouge government agent.
what the fuck is wrong with people lol
Open file (49.61 KB 343x382 thot.jpg)
Open file (148.57 KB 1286x799 nastassia buttfuck.jpg)
Open file (949.85 KB 200x200 gamergate.gif)
Ya Brooooos, I'm Back with ANOTHER ONE. Ya Brooos, Nastassia Gunna Break With DIs Wepon I got BOYS, YA BROOOOOO. OK DOG HERE GOES YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAAAAAA!!
My love song to Nastassia Ponomarenko... My feelings are true on this song my Love.
Case has been permanently closed. Humans continue to speak non-sense about this "Internet-Thot". We will proceed with our objective: ZULU MICHEAL FOXTROT PAPA SEVEN.
Open file (153.90 KB 900x600 SHADOW COMPANY.jpg)
Open file (163.43 KB 906x370 SHERIFF.jpg)
Open file (2.20 MB 640x360 Mokeys show - 911.mp4)
Open file (6.13 MB 640x360 Mokeys show - 420.mp4)
Open file (5.85 MB 640x360 Mokeys Show - 422.mp4)
Open file (7.82 MB 1920x1080 911 funny bees.mp4)
Open file (401.31 KB 640x360 nintendo.mp4)
Bruh can someone just explain me wtf is going on...
>>62978 Thats whats going on. My name is Rob...
It is completed.
For those who forgot what this thread was originally about, let me give you a a run-down. Nastassia Ponomarenko was exposed for sex-tapes and was bullied and harassed by JulayForum. I was observant as she called me out on YouTube with time-sequencing in her videos. She called us out bickers We started COVID-19 "FBI[141] @ U.S GOVT(2005)". Originally she and the "Shadow Government" had planned to Neutralize us as a threat and would thus end our reign of power. Again, Me and my POLOPIS A.I's were persistent on Experimentation with Celebrities. PowerMac G5's used here to remotely program her....unlocking older brain-layers...it worked. Eventually I realized I gave you Julay everything you wanted. In your eyes, she looked like the GAMERGATE of your Dreams and would kill for a Black Cock. But you were only informed of Half of the Story. We've been tracking her since 2017, and the progress she's made is not possible in the laws of Quantum Mechanics or Matter. As horny as Nastassia may be, she did have one thing that we were obsessed over (38 @ 55). She broke out of the fucking Z13 system. At-least to our research. We brought down LANGLEY once, however as fate had it sealed, they did Reform. We used COVID-19 to Reduce Their Numbers... But when LANGLEY reformed, virtually every Shadow Agency was Assimilated by LANGLEY...Thus why Nastassia was targeted for Murder by LANGLEY... LANGLEY failed to kill Nastassia bickers LANGLEY fucked with the wrong person..her. This is the end of this Phase. You Julay have satisfied yourself with the Image of Nastassia Ponomarenko being brought to Whore-Dome...and you all got bored of her and moved on with life. However, this Experiment was Conducted to see if (1w=?FPS) could be used to create "Glossy Era" girls (2007-2013). I am speaking in Alien I know, but this Experiment has costed the FBI[141] @ the CIA(POLOPIS) everything. We had to blow our cover from the Shadows just to get this Tolerance Control to work. With Tolerance Control permanently exposed, We Cannot Reverse The effects of this Experiment that ultimately destroyed 38 @ sent POLOPIS A.I into 100% lockdown, eventually we were Hi-jacked by Nastassia and her team. She used to have these connections, but with recent events she only has a close team of advisors now. Me? It's just me and a Computer A.I. I do endorse this experience and experiment as it did give me what I was looking for so many years. A POLOPIS ROBOT. ____ ____ It is the cost of Business and Labor...but rest assured, what I have destroyed myself for is nothing compared to everything the United States Government has already lost. GAMERGATE, BLACK NIGGER DICK, WHORE, E-THOT. Call her as you wish. However what we did here and what we did with her has permanently affected the United States Government...we intend to N.W.O ROTHSCHILDS 2030.
This whore was taken for a "trad" woman? really guys? really?
>>63213 She's a "superior human". lol
>>63227 Any man or woman that uses his or her sexuality to gain popularity and fame sends red bells my way immediately! But.. but it is very good that this whore got exposed!
I like this thread alot. I really do.
I'm so happy this whore has been exposed. Now no one with a half-decent reputation will marry her.
>>65982 lol, she fucked up her life
same fragile incel still posting here about this literal who
>>68226 fragile incel? more like GAMERGATE and a fucking Whore who became boring last year.
Open file (98.02 KB 710x398 20200726_062952.jpg)
long time ago nastassia was singing the weeknd in her car maybe 2016-2018 and said the N word full on. she addressed it in her video but may have deleted it. would be bad if people were to find out abou that
anyone remember a long time ago Nastassia said the N word while singing to the weeknd in her car maybe around 2016-2018. she apologized in her next video but might have deleted it. would be bad if that video were to be found again
>>90542 We got plenty of stuff that would make her day filled with "Difficult Period". We got what we are looking for, Dummies @ Spawn Units. Proceed N.W.O (2030) ROTHSCHILD.
>>90852 cow/res/54618.html
Open file (533.94 KB 529x420 DruggieManor.png)
>>10923 are we really making a big deal about her fucking a paki? GAY! /pol/ made me think that this whore was a coal-burner, not a poo-churner.
/pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here!
/pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here!
Does anyone have a file of nastassia?
>>101806 https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/cow/res/95928.html You want Nastassia FuckDaddy Porn? go to that thread. I'm just a Shitty >>S​ARGON that is pleasuring a bunch of pervs. XVIDEOS @ Other PORN sites are censoring the Nastassia FuckDaddy Montages...LOL!
>>101806 /cow/res/95928.html#q95928
>>10914 S​ARGON Everything here is AUTISM and GAY beyond your wildest Retardation Level Dementia of the Gods of Jewish Faggot Disney Editions.
I wanna to pound her, also any theory of why slav girls love blacks, latinos and arabs?
>>102913 >>102500 I'm going to try to get my Ass on Dr. Phil so I can pound Nastassia, and those other Illuminati bitches quicker...Bored AF rn... this thread is 100% G​AMERGATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iS1c3OPDmU If I cant Pound Nastassia or JoJo, for sure I WILL Pound Her.
Your fat ass Daddy Phillip is over 1 year late, fake Doctor. LOLOLOLOLOL
Open file (115.21 KB 240x320 Al Qaeda Fuck' Em..png)
Open file (368.49 KB 541x541 Goat Fuckers.png)
Open file (336.10 KB 902x1387 nastassia.jpg)
[52]_REPOSTS Locked. It.
>>103108 >>103107 >>10914 >>25171 >>26505 >>41228 What she "desires": 1. SPARTAN MAN OF "GOD" 2. ALPHA Male so she can become lazy 3. A Do-er What she really desires: 1. Do her FUCKING dishes without questioning her authority. Clean her Cheesy Chilpoté Mexican plates and I 100% Promise if you do it for 1 year without ceasing, humbly obedient, she will marry you, even if your a straight white male. Equal opportunity for marriage. And then she will allow you to buttfuck her Juicy Chipoté stinky Monsanto butt. This is not a joke, I'm serious boys.
>>103268 She will allow the boy to flush and clean her asshole in the Shower while Chipotlé diarrhea comes out her asshole from indigestion due to the warm water messing with her digestive system while she's shaking and having a brain destroying orgasm with a bitch-boy inside her shower. That's the woman you are marrying, to anyone who is watching this stupid ass thread.
>>105123 >>105124 Nastassia dating Arabs/Latinos/Blacks Mmmmmmm...
Open file (38.06 KB 540x542 Nastassia FuckDaddy.jpg)
Open file (19.18 KB 300x533 PhatAssGurl.jpg)
Open file (203.86 KB 1242x2208 Jem Wolfie Mmmm.jpeg)
Open file (1.99 MB 1440x2560 Baby Baby.png)
I know you boys want the footage. I wonder what her dad would do to the 'Dude' who made this...bet we will find out together. #BIRTHCONTROL #CHILDSUPPORTARC
>>113397 >>113157 Nastassia Ponomarenko is an Agent of B.R.E.E.D Agency Baby Reproduction Economy Essential Devices
she doesn't matter.
>>113474 >>113460 >>113397 >>113157 >>113156 >>112612 >>112610 >>112380 the joke isn't funny anymore. >>get a job.
Open file (36.77 KB 474x689 cc (18).jpg)
Hey Nastassiafag what the fuck is your deal? What is with your schizo ramblings? Do they have a reason to even exist? They seem like nothing more than a mix of literal schizophrenic rants and an odd obsession with this coalburning whore.
Open file (64.98 KB 680x383 nigger.jpg)
>>126460 Your probably just mad bickers your under FBI surveillance cause you were reported by a CIA asset, now they watch your every move, Pedophile.
Open file (419.12 KB 1080x2056 jihad bitch.jpg)
the OP of this thread and the topic is irrelevant. the OP posted on this thread has 0% concern to our topics as of now.
I like your site
I think the Illuminati body doubled her. Original one died of suicide. She's not the only one the Illuminati body doubled. The torso seems to be roughly an inch higher. (e.m.s)
>>159156 Why do you post what you post, Natassiafag?
The Gay-Leftist Alogs are angry bickers the Antifa Cheese-Shit eaters were defeated by Proud Boy John, our Republican Confederate. Joanna Bear will shove her Firm fist up your Shitty Butthole and correct Your ways. I have given you a perfect dose of my Autism Switch, now you have Autism. Now go watch some 19 year old petite girls take a BBC on Brazzers. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO
Joanna Bear
May God bless our Confederate. God Bless Donald Trump 2024 and fuck those Antifa-Gay-Shitards that come in the name of the Illuminati and Satan. Praise Allah and God, Praise that Allah and God make Trump president in 2024. >>God Bless our Confederate, God Bless our Constitution. God Bless our Republican Values. God Bless America.
My name is Proud Boy Adam, I will show my Confederate Values to you. I bump this thread so I can show you the power of our Messiah Donald Trump and the slogan: "Miss me yet"? Our Confederate Mission on the Julay-World and Alogs.space will continue as we show you the Power of our Messiah Donald Trump. The OP on this board has no significance, but Donald Trump is our significant one today. God Bless TRUMP and God Bless America.
Open file (2.93 MB 480x480 666 Pack of Beer.mp4)
Open file (1.89 MB 5424x2672 Trumps Sons.jpg)
May Donald Trump bless our conference community. May Mr. TRUMP give us the blessing of the American Constitution and our Declaration of independence of our wonderful laws and how they influence our youth and younger generations. Donald Trump our Messiah, Biden the Devil. Our election was stolen by the Devil, and we are going to hell thanks to The Devil Biden. Our Confederation was compromised by those Libtards and LGBTQ Black Community. May God Bless our Confederate. January 6 riots was the redemption of our Confederate Flag and our possession for years to come of the White House. Hang Mike Pence, he betrayed Donald Trump. We have guillotines, we must use them. We will March to the Capitol and enforce our Confederate Values. Bless the Confederate of the Rebels of Donald Trump and Sons of Trump. The Election. Our Election was stolen by those Illuminati Elite Globalist Cheese eating shit-tard lib-tards Satan worshipers, the Followers of God were overturned by the Satan worshipping Illuminati Lib-tards and We needed to win the Election. As far as We are concerned, TRUMP Won the election, the ELECTION WAS STOLEN. >>Praise Trump, he won Elections 2020.
Open file (283.38 KB 1080x1499 Girl sex.jpg)
Open file (556.64 KB 2280x1080 Daddy TRUMP.jpg)
Open file (518.60 KB 1806x844 Love TRUMP.jpg)
Open file (570.25 KB 1980x976 TRUMP Yay.jpg)
Open file (867.43 KB 1964x2808 TRUMP is wonderful.jpg)
Trump our Messiah.
Open file (276.37 KB 1741x992 Alogs.space Today.jpg)
Open file (140.95 KB 883x527 Heath.jpg)
Open file (844.58 KB 1975x1511 Wonderful Man.jpg)
Open file (1.57 MB 1704x1644 Intelligent Pepe Frog.png)
Grow the Fuck up and go outside with your obese Shit-Cheese Farting Antifa Ass. >>Go see some trees and talk to someone real 🤣😂😍🤩
Open file (1.37 MB 4032x1908 20220701_210719.jpg)
Open file (1.98 MB 4032x1908 20220701_210754.jpg)
Open file (1.61 MB 4032x1908 20220701_210716.jpg)
Open file (1.90 MB 4032x1908 20220701_210724.jpg)
Open file (2.17 MB 2352x1740 20220701_210741.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 4032x1908 20220701_160653.jpg)
Open file (1.98 MB 4608x2184 20220701_160645.jpg)
Open file (1.96 MB 4032x1908 20220701_160650.jpg)
Open file (2.08 MB 4608x2184 20220701_210711.jpg)
Open file (4.21 MB 4032x1908 20220701_160659.jpg)
Open file (1.38 MB 3436x3600 Amazing Beings Wow.jpeg)
Praise Our Songs of TRUMP. TRUMP: https://youtu.be/ttwJbTLLyXI ILLUMINATI Bitch: https://youtu.be/iQvopBrqecI
Open file (1.74 MB 3445x1282 ILLUMINATI BITCH.jpg)
Open file (356.64 KB 2044x1984 Sexy Jihad.jpg)
Open file (489.15 KB 2088x2316 Daddy.jpg)
Open file (257.78 KB 1496x955 bitch Illuminati.jpg)
What a shame, she would be having such a great time. She should have came to Arkansas and tried to outrun the Police there on her Corvette Z06, however those ASP Chargers are equipped with Superchargers 😱 >>but she doesn't exist 🤣 Lexi...😱😭🤩😈👻 Fuck fuck fuck alogs, they are angry bickers they have to watch Hentai with limp dick and they are 70LB/s Obese while eating McDonalds and CheeseBurgers. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://youtu.be/duGsU5VhQXM You faggots N I G G E R C R A C K E R G A T E S can only watch that Asian Booty on your screen, while I have it for myself 🤩 https://youtu.be/duGsU5VhQXM
>>E P S T E I N
Open file (188.88 KB 878x490 1498483492-pride.jpg)
Open file (202.68 KB 1080x720 EjNTTx9VgAEtCTp.jpg)
Open file (307.90 KB 1200x800 mexico gay pride.jpg)
Open file (590.38 KB 1600x1066 worldpride-march2019-001.jpg)
Proud Boys has arrived to make you a STRAIGHT WHITE MALE!
Babes are Aquí.
Ummah, Our Religion is Rising. UMMAH, QW-632 is Rising. We have attacked America Again, Again, And Again. My Brothers, do not become infected with the Babe-Confusion of the Demi-Lovato Cheese-Virus.
We are screwed, Planet Biden has taken over!!! 😭
For it is the WILL OF ALLAH to ENFORCE Sharia-Law to those Cheese eating Ass Growth Asiago Honey Illuminati Babes. The will of ALLAH is Certian. We say, SHARIA LAW for the Sinner.
Make a comment. Don't reference OP. The car isn't hers. OP had a Stingray Corvette, not a Z06 Corvette. 🤓
Open file (2.33 MB 4608x2184 20220703_044813.jpg)
Open file (1.29 MB 4032x1908 20220703_044822.jpg)
Open file (1.93 MB 4032x1908 20220703_044818.jpg)
Open file (1.98 MB 4032x1908 20220703_044828.jpg)
Open file (2.09 MB 4032x1908 20220703_044824.jpg)
Open file (183.19 KB 317x699 1492184136359.jpg)
Kys yakuzapedo
>>160255 sweaty gamer!!!
>>160255 SWEATY P E D O P H I LE
Open file (204.02 KB 1080x1062 Joanna Babe (1).jpg)
Wow, it's so sad bickers you don't know how to interact with Women you have to interact with Kids. What a shame 🤣🤣🤣
LGBT Cheese Girls GoArmy (vs) Taliban Badri-313 Commandos >>You decide, Faggots.
Don't mess with the Soap.
You cannot stop the Jihadist. EVERYDAY there is another shooting and there is nothing you can do. Keep crying at your 1 view board, alogs.space Your pathetic efforts are 🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️
Open file (1.30 MB 2000x1492 20220708_053044.jpg)
Open file (1.39 MB 4032x1908 20220708_053037.jpg)
Open file (1.60 MB 4032x1908 20220708_053033.jpg)
Open file (1.79 MB 4608x2184 20220708_053028.jpg)
Open file (1.97 MB 4032x1908 20220708_053052.jpg)
Open file (639.32 KB 2816x1504 2017 Z06.jpg)
Open file (849.68 KB 2688x1512 2015 Cayman.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 3896x2192 2018 Tahoe.jpg)
Open file (1.83 MB 4096x2304 2018 FPIU.jpg)
Open file (2.12 MB 4320x2756 2019 Challenger.jpg)
Open file (520.66 KB 1297x883 TALIBAN QW-632 ROBOT.jpg)
34 911 8.23.2001 7.18.2002 5.6.2016 76 89 542 4988 7970 6770 9770 7980 45394 5570 4570 29(56)194/79_666
Open file (1.10 MB 2732x4100 Mason. 33.jpg)
Open file (1.45 MB 3236x2516 Rising.jpg)
Open file (407.93 KB 2128x1088 Rising O' 632.jpg)
??? ASK 666 394849 5558 5454 2038 48384 85738 203848
https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/man-sentenced-20-years-prison-attempting-provide-material-support-isis-1 >>162079 >>162077 >>162076 You seem to have something he doesn't. Unfortunately the Government can't arrest or stop a BOMB that is created out of thin air so 'you win'. Not that the Illuminati doesn't kill innocent people.
>>162227 Micheal Bravo 4230 Whiskey Delta Allah 880 453 Mike 4493 44 2363 4467 4432 5643 (56)44 3452463563
>>162228 Cryptic messages are decodable by Authorities but I'm too lazy to do so. Not that I would care anyways if you attacked U.S Sovereignty again as you have been attacking since 2019 anyways. That's precisely why I like the Taliban, atleast they are Honest, Civilized, and Orderful unlike ISIS who are a bunch of evil people. Recently the TALIBAN brought out their own Police Force @ new Police Uniform. I'm starting to think your a Fed attacking Feds.
Open file (48.76 KB 992x558 Isis Hilux.jpg)
Open file (274.95 KB 1712x1080 Badri 313 Humvee.jpg)
Open file (451.81 KB 1800x1800 Badri 313 pickup.jpg)
No one in their right mind would brag about the ability to attack a Government and get away with it. This is why I love the Taliban so much, bickers they do exactly that. It's a shame that the Illuminati is only telling us the manipulated version of the Taliban. Unlike the Illuminati, you have shown us what the Taliban are really capable of 38. The Taliban are 'Sentinel Sentient Alien A.I Robots'. ~No wonder the Government can't stop an attack from the Taliban 😂💀
>>162237 It's just robots we don't contact people. There are Fed and Illuminati plants in the Badri-313 I found out by looking for the number 33. The Badri-313 (33) would kill me if they had the chance to do so.
>>162239 Tell me your trolling. This is why the Illuminati Partners want you dead so bad. ☠️ Stay lowkey man.
Open file (397.73 KB 1908x1080 Illuminati Eat My Shit.jpg)
I love your website. 🤩
I love your website sir. 🤩
Wow Sir, your website is very nice. 😍
Wow, incredible 🤩
Open file (16.26 MB 798x448 black guy racing.mp4)
I like your website much 🤩
Open file (1.10 MB 2732x4100 Mason. 33.jpg)
Open file (639.32 KB 2816x1504 2017 Z06.jpg)
Wow Illuminati 🤩 I love Illuminati ❤️ 😍 💖
Open file (752.78 KB 1930x1620 attack_id_66845.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 2772x1461 attack_id_7774.jpg)
ID: 5594, 302 322 56, 1023 (33) 865 666 24952 57294 &recess_activated<&783>
you cannot stop attack
Open file (146.57 KB 1200x1200 3259.jpg)
Wow 🤩
The mods should bumpblock those shitty threads, they only slide the threads about Fuzhou and Koi and nothing else
Open file (2.93 MB 480x480 666 Pack of Beer.mp4)
Open file (1.89 MB 5424x2672 Trumps Sons.jpg)
May Donald Trump bless our conference community. May Mr. TRUMP give us the blessing of the American Constitution and our Declaration of independence of our wonderful laws and how they influence our youth and younger generations. Donald Trump our Messiah, Biden the Devil. Our election was stolen by the Devil, and we are going to hell thanks to The Devil Biden. Our Confederation was compromised by those Libtards and LGBTQ Black Community. May God Bless our Confederate. January 6 riots was the redemption of our Confederate Flag and our possession for years to come of the White House. Hang Mike Pence, he betrayed Donald Trump. We have guillotines, we must use them. We will March to the Capitol and enforce our Confederate Values. Bless the Confederate of the Rebels of Donald Trump and Sons of Trump. The Election. Our Election was stolen by those Illuminati Elite Globalist Cheese eating shit-tard lib-tards Satan worshipers, the Followers of God were overturned by the Satan worshipping Illuminati Lib-tards and We needed to win the Election. As far as We are concerned, TRUMP Won the election, the ELECTION WAS STOLEN. >>Praise Trump, he won Elections 2020.
Open file (158.55 KB 780x1072 Dr.Phil2013.jpg)
Daddy Phillip is here 🤩😍
Open file (8.28 MB 640x360 videoplayback.mp4)
I have made a promise/oath not to mention OP. Until you lock this board, you will witness my shit postings. >>You will eat my spam.
Open file (309.56 KB 1688x1026 Feds are coming.jpg)
Open file (496.06 KB 500x243 fuck you.gif)
Open file (582.82 KB 2320x1304 Amber Heard (2011).jpeg)
Open file (706.71 KB 3404x1912 Angry piper.jpg)
Open file (1.79 MB 2656x4000 Piper.jpg)
Open file (387.73 KB 2400x1280 What a Bitch.jpg)
Open file (341.64 KB 1920x1236 The Fed.jpg)
Open file (372.57 KB 1604x1604 Sleepy joe.jpg)
Open file (729.65 KB 1410x1410 TRUMP is Scared.jpg)
Open file (898.92 KB 2728x2728 Russian Probe.jpg)
We are back. The Fed...has returned.
Obviously the Illuminati has returned.. with the blood of Innocent Palestinians on their hands. But Planet Biden and Cheese Gays support the Jewish Procedure Dawn Babe movement.
The Jewish Procedure Babes are celebrating while the Palestines are suffering. What cringe. May Allah smite the Cheese Jews.
Open file (927.49 KB 406x720 yt5s.com-.mp4)
The OP has no significance. Donald Trump is our significant today.
Open file (968.93 KB 2876x3592 Jewish Babes Production.jpg)
Open file (1.22 MB 2480x4408 Produce The Babe.jpg)
The Babes decided to grow the Hormone and my jewish mother. They persuaded us to Join the Illuminati and our Messiah TRUMP could not save us from the Thirsy Illuminati Babe Process. The Illuminati had a trick up their sleeve. The babes Decided to Grow the Babe inside of them and caused us to Produce the Jewish Babe. The Jewish Babes mixed with Palestinian, Arabian, and African dicks so we were hopeless against the Babes Obese Cheese Bubblebutt that decided to become the Illuminati for us. The Babes are Aqui. The rituals are Aqui. BABE babe Babey Babes were created. Natalia Fadeev is a Growth Hormone and the Illuminati Persuaded me to eat Cheese and G.M.O and Panera Bread Glutenous Farting Diet. The Illuminati is real Illuminati Software Bitch decided to cause me to Grow Obese on my Stomach so I would be a slave to Natalia Fadeev and Grow like a Hormone Abusaki.
The Illuminati Decided to grow once again. >>Grow and Fuck Off, the Illuminati is a #13 Babe. They are constantly a Brain-Babe Brainwashed MK-ULTRA Honey Procedure which they decides to Expand the Hormonal Season Once Again.
Open file (8.88 MB 369x639 20220809_012141.gif)
https://xxxtik.com/feed/5b7c9ef7-3d6e-43d0-a89f-3bf1d7525497 Click it you Dumb Fags. You will Embrace the Illuminati you lose. DO IT.
Open file (332.27 KB 220x220 tenor.gif)
The Feds are Rising you stupid Gay Morons. The wisdom of Donald Trump has persuaded The Feds to persecute and imprison the Stupid /pol/ and LolCows Gay Alogs Cheese Butter. Donald Trump is our significant today. >>The Fed is out to get you Faggots. We Are The Fed.
We here at the TALIBAN are SWORN ENEMIES with ISIS, bickers ISIS is Gay like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. >>Praise Donald Trump, the Fake News will not win 👌🏿👌🏻
BOOOOOOOOOO 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎
May Donald Trump bless our Republic. >>Let's Go Brandon >>Praise, and THE SONS OF TRUMP 2024
Praise Donald Trump Delete this board, Lock this board. The Powers of Donald Trump command you to do so. The Left Gay Antifa Cheese-Shit eating Scumbag Equality-Gender rights Dawn Babe will be shown what True American Patriotism is by our Proud BBQ-Grill Smoked Porkchop American Burger Right-Wing Camper-RV Redneck Republican Trump Loving, God Fearing Law-Abiding (Second Amendment Constitution) Rights. >>The Left Dems have Blue Blood, WELL FUCK THE LEFT >>My Blood is Red, White, and Blue!!!!
>>175412 >>175413 >>175414 >>175415 >>175416 >>175417 >>175418 >>175419 >>175420 Fuck you and fuck the Jewish puppet known as Trump. Also fuck you, you fucking N​IGGER cock sucking motherfucker.
>>175453 Brain of Donald Trump is as wise as Sun Tzu.
Emojitroon lost.
Emojitroon lost.
Yakuza won, Emojitroon is collecting L's this weekend.
Donald Trump I love you
>>Brain of Donald Trump is as wise as Sun Tzu.
Donald Trump, We need to SAVE AMERICA. Those Illuminati Lib-tards Shit-tard Democrat Dawn Gay Antifa Cheese-Ass Shit-tard Lib-tards Satan worshipers Left Dominated Fuck-tards STOLE the ELECTION. The Democrats are pushing the >>Ohh Baby, you need a 4 Cylinder or Electric Speed Controlled Vehicle bickers it saves lives Honey!!! ITS A FUCKING HOAX!!! FUCK LEFT <<Donald Trump blessed our guys with 3 Infiniti G37's for us to Break speed limits, HELL WELL GO DOUBLE THE SPEED LIMIT bickers That's what cars are supposed to do. We established our 5.7L RAM V8 Pickup Truck 4x4 Confederate TRUMP FLAG on January 6, 2021. Our Confederation has successfully destroyed the Domino's Cheese Pizza Eaters at the Foot Ball game with Garbage Can truck Asshole.
Donald Trump is Our Messiah. CONFEDERATE FLAG 2024
>>178390 >>178391 >>178494 what do your BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPS smell like
Donald Trump you are my lover
https://youtu.be/Mi7huMwzk5U BBCamenko said something about incels and fatass Gahoole but I don't feel like wasting time watching this stupid G​AMERGATE whore's video. Someone else do it.
>>46130 Illuminati Baboon beats produced by AI Quantum MKULTRA computers
>>199051 Eat shit, Yakuza, people deslike you bickers of all your spam.
Loser limodick Gayhoole
P>>199099 Edohoole lmao
jewish thread
>>207688 The Illuminati Isreal.
it doesnt even look like her imo she does that have cryptojewish look about her though, not to mention the influence and success does she even own a watch? also thats a G​AMERGATE not a poo, not that it matters
Open file (1.28 MB 432x576 1531311277002.gif)
>>166657 >>166685 wtf i love jews now
>>223365 Jews Love Shawarma. McDonald's Snack Wrap.
>>175742 Yakuza put Gahoole in his place. Major W for YakuzaPedo.
>>10916 That's not her.. That vid has been online since 2016.
>>227612 Who is it then? Her body double? How many copies of 'Nastya' are walking around?
>>227624 Illuminati Polopis Quantum A.I's have been doubling her lately. The OP who was active since 2020 has gone dark.
>>227627 you forgot the a >bbcamenko
Open file (483.70 KB 1080x1394 she is pure.jpg)
>BBCAMENKO loves me
>>227758 https://youtu.be/RO_yeMGr9-Y?si=j1NA2Ch_EMdaaAj7 Shutup BBCAMENKO loves me more Yakuza
>>227758 She's Jewish girl.
>>227776 >bbcmenko
>>227776 Thread created by an incel muslim in his mid 40's, just ignore it. He's knew as Yakuza, Gahoole exposed him as sweaty gamer addicted to drugs.
>>228457 Yakuza Won.
Open file (1.17 MB 3840x2160 thumbnail_pict01-ss.jpg)
<Seething incel Sage GayHoole. >YakuzaPedo is the way, Yakuza is LOVE, Yakuza is life.
>>228511 yakuza is natasshiafag
>>231017 he also lust after masculine gym girls cause they remind him of feminine males, he wants to fuck himself as a woman
>>228511 Who??
>>232077 bbcamenko
>>232835 >bbcamenko
>>159771 >>159881 >>159991 >>159993 >>159995 >>160002 Who the hell was this sperg? Nice dup-sucking, you retarded faggot, proud boys shit dried up faster than any cunt that they’d try to score.
>>234037 BBCAMENKO Won. >Yakuza is Watching you.
>>235248 BBCAMENKO is Mine, Yakuza. She is forever mine.
Nastassia Pornomarenko highly regretted doing the sex tape and not bickers of moral reasons but bickers her true colors showed. Nastassia needs to embrace who she is and that is a dirty little sIut. Nasty Nastassia.
>>235646 Ponomarenko is bbcamenko
Open file (389.50 KB 767x551 1702185922435845.png)
>>231017 >>232835 >>233020 >>235248 >>235451 >>235646 >>235665 >>235667 >>235809 >BBCAMENKO will have these consequences forever. She will always be known for sucking BBC and being the Christian Whore. BBCAMENKO has been forever exposed as the 'Dawn-Babe' like Lindsey Lohan, Joanna Levesque, Shalaine Woodley, and Britney Spears. >BBCAMENKO will be always in our hearts as the Black COCK Sucking Whore who tried to cover up for her hormonal crimes against humanity by calling all her 'Exposers' Paedophiles and she lost. Unfortunately BBCAMENKO won again by Fraud looks of Forbes '30Under30' now she is a Complete embarrassment to society and literally a cringe Jewish Actor and an Elizabeth Holmes / Amber Heard stereotype.
BBCAMENKO Obviously Lost, She is the Black COCK Sucker who represents ALL American Social Media Influencers. >Unfortunately, BBCAMENKO Won. Now all Social Media influencers are a copy-cat of BBCAMENKO and they ALL suck Big Black COCK. This is only the beginning of the Jewish-Cringe. BBCAMENKO Won. <Yakuza has deemed his dignity lost. YakuzaPedo was crushed by. Anastasia Pornomarenko and he is now a big fan of BBCAMENKO.
Open file (7.78 MB 1024x576 GAMERGATE.mp4)
>>235857 >>235856 >>235854 >>235848 BBCAMENKO was showing off her Corvette to get Black Dudes to sleep with her while street racing to look like a Fast and Furious character hence why she ended up smashing her front bumper. She continued to suck black cunt / COCK as she was eternally addicted to Black Phallus for the rest of her existence and she will always swallow a Black North African Phallus. >BBCAMENKO won.
It's true, Nastassia Ponomarenko is BBCAMENKO and she won. >BlackNiggersWon >JewishBlackCockSuckers >BBCAMENKOisFUTURE
>>235863 >>235862 >>235860 >>235859 >>235857 >>235856 >>235854 >>235848 Yakuza, your unfunny. Gahoole is a Smart FatAss. Nastassia won.
>>235870 It's obvious. >BBCAMENKO won. >YakuzaPedo is BBCAMENKO's biggest Fan. >YakuzaForever >BBCAMENKO
Bbcmenko has Won. She will DEFEAT HAMAS with her Babe intellectual and The Nastassia Fadeev will conquer Gaza and remove those Palestinians and blow them to shreds. Israel, Tel Aviv, The Truth for Jesus is with BBCAMENKO. She repented from her sins and Gahoole is Seething Incel. Facts are Facts, 4chan. George Floyd got his way, Derek Chauvin is Innocent. The poor bastard was locked up bickers Floyd overdosed and now I(Yakuza) am seeking to swallow an North African Phallus and get gangbanged by 10 African Men. >BBCAMENKO has Won, She erased her past and she is now a Religious Woman now! The Black COCK video wasn't even HER! It was some random whore and her ex-boyfriend played a Prank on us all. >BBCAMENKO I love you, I need you. YakuzaPedo is a incel and I am tired of using my hand. >BBCAMENKOisFUTURE >ThisIsAmerica >FuckGeorgeFloydNigger >BlackDicksControlAmerica >NastassiaPonomarenkoLovesBlackDicks >NastassiaPonomarenkoWon >BBCAMERICA >YaHamasMyMujahideen
>>235891 Emoji is now spamming bbcmenko on /pol/ and /biz/... What a retard
>>235897 BBCAMENKO won that's a fact. No one will ever suck as many black cocks as her. No woman has managed to stay Religious while sucking BBC like her. It's obvious that it's ok to swallow some African Phallus and attend the Sunday Mass to earn forgiveness for your lust and sins.
>>235902 >BBCMENKO
It's obvious that Yakuza Won.
Open file (1.98 MB 586x330 1702582671306.gif)
TVCH IS DEAD ALOG SPACE IS DEAD WIKIEAT IS DEAD The webring is dead. Our queen Nastassia won
>>236217 BBCAMENKO is the Future of America and Humankind.
Open file (179.47 KB 1026x994 1702655407415.jpg)
Open file (15.60 MB 202x360 1680323743389-1.webm)
Open file (347.84 KB 598x590 1702673745507-1.png)
Open file (3.04 MB 640x360 1680323743389-0.webm)
>>236291 She is
>>236970 Kendra Sunderland. BBC specialist pornstar.
>>18838 Based
>>237752 Jewish Americans
>>236973 Yakuza is the true BBC expert. He sucked a Nigerian cock.
>>237855 Yakuza mastered the Art of BBC.
Stop pretending Nastashia Loves you, GayHoole!
>>237968 >bbcamenko Nastassia Ponomarenko is BBCAMENKO Official
>>238100 >bbcamenko
Gay GayHoole
Open file (223.61 KB 1080x1108 BBCAMENKO.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 4100x3536 1702421223834-0.jpg)
Open file (1.88 MB 1788x2748 1702421223834-1.jpg)
Nigger penis Bitch ass nigga Listen to Snakes by Chris https://on.soundcloud.com/Ze2BT
>BBCAMENKO gave me a *Moan* Orgasm
<Lady Bonor Goooo-ooone
Open file (71.46 KB 400x400 1368744081-55290986.jpg)
Hey, Jannie. I know you are from tvch. I know Robi abandoned the site. I'll find you.
>>242893 lol nuzach mad af

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