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Open file (651.38 KB 1171x613 pdf3-png.png)
Isabella Loretta Janke / @an0nym0us / @10anon / MISS. L / LANON Toad 08/08/2021 (Sun) 23:01:17 ID: 3cb928 No.113647
>no Isabella Loretta Janke thread <mfw Isabella Loretta Janke the ideagalpal has trolled chris-chan to the extreme and has been crowned queen of /b/. Now that her simps are being doxed let's have a little discussion and dig through her vast history of fuckery. Fwiw the idiot Fiona the other girl involved and wanted to fuck chris was used by Isabella as bait, yet since she's a dyke and fetishist Isabella aimed to cuck Chris-Chan. Her paper : https://archive.ph/jR4XV Medium article : https://archive.ph/uzEF7 twitter : https://archive.ph/YOusn School paper about her glowG​AMERGATE father : https://archive.ph/6XLN6 Facebook : https://archive.ph/Nqacb Academic paper : https://archive.ph/QnTXx Article with her face : https://archive.ph/SpG2J
>>113647 Is it true she larped as a white nationalist? What's wrong with Mexicans and pretending to be white?
Do you think she's the reason Foxdick is getting DDOS'd hard right now? Her dox was recently posted on there, so the timing is way too convenient.
>>113713 I hear the dad is some sort of fed or cyber security guy.
>>113647 what disgusting creatures, should rope
Open file (104.10 KB 720x896 isabella_uwu.jfif)
She's legit qt 3.14 WOULD.... are you fucking kidding me??? I'm a thirsty boi!!
>>113735 >massive julayers >kills trannies >destroy foxdickfarms waifu gib
Open file (2.22 MB 1778x944 ClipboardImage.png)
>>113735 look at the real pics without filters though. shes like a 6 with bad skin. also thats the victoria's secret bombshell bra, it has about 4" on foam on it. its just typical psycho girl fake shit
>>113713 I think he just panicked and screwed up his mitigation. He only had cuckflares bot checker on the .net domain rather than all his alt routes.
>>113769 Cloudflare only works if the domain is being attacked. Since Toad McKinley owns his own IP range and that's all public info, the attack can bypass any Cloudflare protection by attacking the IP. That's why he's had to try and mitigate it himself.
Posted in the cyclical, but may as well put it here too. Apparently a foxdick tranny interviewed Bella's ex (also tranny) & neighbour (former tranny? lol). Doesn't sound like her kd ratio is all that good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXDjzH_Hq1g
Open file (779.58 KB 1024x768 flowchartskeiichi.png)
>>113712 >is it true she larped as a WN Yes, she did. >>113714 He's a former navy seal , an interview she did with him is in the Op. Link related. He's changed his name on LinkedIn since. https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-j-a79327/ >>113735 >He believes the Photoshop pics never gonna make it She also larped as Vordrak on reddit.
>> 113870 Where did she LARP as Vordrak? This thread has like, no sauces for anything.
Open file (105.30 KB 848x1024 0.jpg)
>>114138 I would take everything from KF with a grain of salt. All of the evidence I saw was just discord chats and random pictures. Then this foxdick just claims he talked to students and you have to trust him. Maybe more stuff will get revealed in future.
Friendly remember, she's a kike, that's why she has big tits and love to hurt animals.
>look at all these >(1)
>>114189 very kosher, though she has to be the best troll yet. even surpassing the idea guy
the only prob with her is that she hurts animals for no fucking reason. other than that she seems to be PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD out of chris in every way
>>114294 Trolling the shit out of?
Either she personally or someone pretending to be her spams every thread she's mentioned in on 4chan, asserts there's no evidence for any of the things she's accused of and that anyone saying anything negative about her is a tranny. I want to say it's someone intentionally trying to parody her bickers the posts are just insanely over the top. Either she's slipped several or whoever's doing it wants people to think they're her bickers for example, when the topic of her nudes came up (which I haven't found anywhere, and I've checked every site I can think of they might have been posted on) when someone posts nudes which clearly aren't her someone replies "Fake, my boobs are bigger than that." When given the chance to condemn the charges though, she avoids it entirely. Now if you were accused of torturing animals and convincing a retarded man to rape an elderly woman with dementia you'd think on top of saying "I shit his pants and didn&apos;t do it." you'd add "And those are disgusting crimes and anyone who commits them should be punished accordingly." she'll only say "You have no proof." but refuses to condemn the crimes themselves. Also, she's not aware of all the different lolcow sites. I won't name them all, but she's on 4chan, she's on reddit, she's on foxdickfarms and she's aware of lolcow.farm but when I mentioned there are several other sites she's not aware of she (or whoever is defending her, whatever) became obsessed with ferreting out the names of the other sites she's being discussed on. I believe pretty much everything she's accused of, but I don't think there's nudes out there of her, at least not in wide distribution or I'm sure those would be posted to humiliate her on /b/ in every thread. I mean she's over 18. For real though, is there even the remotest possibility this bitch sees the inside of a jail cell for any of this?
>>114475 >is there even the remotest possibility this bitch sees the inside of a jail cell for any of this? no
The trannies are really mad at IsaToad McKinley, just wait, the fat Canadian dyke will make a video attacking IsaToad McKinley too just to get good boys points with the foxdickfarms
Call me crazy, but isn't Jewsh basically the same text-only edgy/passive on voice archetype as Be​lla? Give it a few years and she might be running her own lowcow site and larping as a trad. Hell, maybe Jewsh could help her out, be her Misaki and conclude that lovequest.
>>114479 P P P minions are already doing unfunny videos trying to push the tranny narrative https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAlUw7w6yuo
Here some deep lore about Commiedickgirl and his tranny squad and their old story with Toad McKinley >CommieDick"Girl" and another tranny for his circle tried to flert with Toad McKinley multiple times for months on discord, but Toad McKinley as a lesbian terf rejected the freak trannies ever single time, it helped to create a lot of hate against her among the trannies >CommieDickGirl and his squad know how easy and predictable Toad McKinley is to be manipulated if you hit the right bottoms, and Jewsh is doing exactly like, buying all their bullshit and also afraid of keep being bullied by his own chat, he know he need to embrace the trannies or die being bullied by the trannies and about the pizza. >Commiedickgirl pretended to be ignorant about technology while streaming with the Гунт on the recent killstream and it worked, now both Jewsh and his low IQ fatties from foxdickfarms believe that Commidickgirl and his group can't DDoS his site and are not involved in recent attacks
Texas Tech trannies can't DDoS or fake up screenshots, it's what kiwiG​AMERGATEs really believe.
Oh no, /cow/boy bros! >We are being cucked by foxdickfarms even on >our own site! https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/63539.html#q63605
>>114610 any screenshots of the flirting? The original "leaks" seem to have been assembled before hand over the course of several avatar and account changes and focused mainly on her being racist/transphobic/misogynistic instead of any of the actually bad things, which fits perfectly with the idea its seething trannies leaking this bickers Janke wouldn't date them.
Open file (410.50 KB 1152x2048 D_KawaMU0AAa1ot.jpeg)
>Noooo! /cow/ should have the same opinions of foxdickfarms! You guys must to hate IsaToad McKinley!!!
nu/cow/ is the only place on the internet where the contrarians zoosadists of cytube and coomers are defending this monster. Isabella Loretta Janke deserve to die or go to jail, same about any simps defending her. You guys are no better than Гунтguard.
>>114727 Ywnbaw. And foxdickfarms will eventually be deleted and it will be a glorious day.
Based bella shit his pants and did nothing wrong.
>>114777 trips of true, this time I'll side with the glowthot. JEWSH MOON IS A FAT PEDO EXACTLY LIKE THE Гунт
>>114622 Is there no hiding from you shills? You're all over 4chan already. One thing you all have in common is accusing everyone of being a tranny.
Also they do love trying to attack Null a lot in these threads, probably in a vain attempt to redirect the attention. Too bad nobody gives a fuck about null and talking about him doesn't unrape and unboil anyone.
>>114851 >waahhh she killed a hamster >wahhh she killed a tranny >wahhh muh chris HAIL BELLA
>>114850 Is cuckchan finally doing something based and going after the false narrative of the trannies? Good. Now jump the rope, tranny. Toad McKinley MOON IS A PEDO
>>114850 >anybody who doubts screenshots of html documents supposedly taken from a discord she was in is a shill seethe cope and dilate tranny. Think about it, if bella was really boiling hamsters alive for months or years or whatever this tranny claims, why the fuck did the tranny wait until right when she pissed off fox dicks to leak it to the fucking internet, instead of going to the police? Why the fuck do the leaks have 4-5 pages focuses on edgy racism and tranny bashing and less than 2 on the animal abuse? Why is the fox dick narrative that these leakers are heros when they sat on evidence of her torturing her animals for months and never went to the police, but according to their own leaks bella only sat on the tapes for a few days and was trying to get more evidence during that time. Something gay in going on here.
>>114882 You're making the right questions, but sadly the true of internet only exist on foxdickfarms and Jewsh moon is the one who decide the facts That's why I wish /cow/ had the power from before 2019, when the thread 9 was strong and could fuck with ecelebs for real
>>114911 Only you get to decide that anon, the time is now! RISE GAS THE FOXDICKS Toad McKinley MOON IS A PEDOPHILE!
>>114920 Your damage control is pathetic. Soon you will have some job cleaning here, janny. Soon, the people will know about how this place is the only one white knighting for the psycho bitch.
Somebody actually post the evidence that she is the greatest psycho and lolcow in the universe, please. Videos for exemple, not faked discord screenshots.
>>114923 You can still visit Chris in prison. He's not going anywhere.
Gahoole is against people giving any support to Bella.
>>115111 He's right, but what did you expected from this place in 2021?
>>115124 I don't dislike Gahoole, but I don't really care what he says, since you foxdicks are clearly peddling a bunch of bullshit about this retarded hapa anyways. Even if a bit of it is true, I will still defend her just bickers how funny your reactions are
>>115124 >All places related to lolcows should have the same hive mind of foxdickfarms, otherwise you're the true lolcows!
I just discovered this now, but it's proof of how retarded foxdickfarms are. Kiwitards have invented a theory that in fact everything that has happened to Chris recently is both Isabella and Barb's fault. Yes, Barb. The various "experts" in medicine and psychology who frequent the foxdickfarms come to the conclusion that Barb is just pretending to be senile, that she is pretending to have alzheimer only to manipulate Chris into asking others for money!!! WOW
>>115111 I think the coof juice turned him into a normie. He doesn't even hate black people now.
>>115217 He's a failed normalfag
>>114920 The trannies are now posting foxdickfarms links all over tvch https://tvch.moe/dup/res/80893.html#q81069
>>115312 >>115313 You don't know how to use imageboards, kiwiG​AMERGATE?
Facts about the retard on tvch who hates Isa >He call /cow/ of /cow/tards or /cow/pedos, for weeks >He both lurk /cow/, including this thread and thread 9, while also lurk/post on foxdickfarms, since the retard posted multiple screenshots showing his tabs. >He hate Gahoole, but try to pretend he actually like him when it comes to attacking /cow/ >He doesn't like to be called a tranny, but he likes to call anyone who doesn't support him of mutt >Love to wojackposting >Hate USA as a whole, while love China and muslims >Hate spics, but seems okay with G​AMERGATEs and asians
>>115390 Can you post some of his screencaps, and yeah he sounds like a regular asshurt foxdick, but it was confirmed that foxdicks have browsed tvch for a while.
The "cool" kids from this dead board are the only people online simping for this fungo queen. I wonder why. How many zoo-sadistic anons we have here?
>>115431 Why are you seething on dead board? Btw YOU WILL NEVER BE A WOMAN
>>115431 don't worry, they're less than useless. that /japan/ fag that PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD julay not once, but twice, is still on the loose, despite them SEETHING to high heaven about him for months. same goes for that pikachu posting fellow that they are similarly upset about /cattle/ is all moo and no bite, they are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things Isabella will likely get away scott free, due to her glowy parents, but her social life is over. Assuming the school won't throw her out, nobody will want to be around her, no job will want anything to do with her, and anyone can google her history, thanks to foxdicks, at any point in time. Since chris is gone, she will likely be the next punching bag for the next 15 years, she and her simps certainly have enough julay in them to make a wiki about
>>115655 Bella is the real embodiment of /b/, and koi and G​AMERGATEchu/liquid gaytor are asshurt over that fact.
Open file (26.06 KB 637x287 v0rdrak2.PNG)
Open file (7.02 KB 654x172 v0rdrak.PNG)
>>114475 >He doesn't know bellas female to male ex has nudes of her <mfw foxdick farms cucked /b/ & /cow/ out of nudes of /b/ella bickers of revenge porn laws
>>115671 >Real embodiment of /b/ yeah, cuck /b/ that lead to creation of /soc/ and death of old /b/ culture. she's a zoomer that only knows about old 4chan from jewtube videos and ED/KYM articles and chases clout from other zoomers like she's on twitter. I guess in that sense, she's not that different than your average poster here BTW, if anyone actually defends her, 99% of the time it's actually her or one of her retarded chess club orbiters, they're retarded zoomies that spend all of their day on the internet so they definitely would bother going to every site and seeing if they mention her/premptively damage control, like >>115700 said. painfully easy to spot bella and friends are the perfect example what happens when an entire generation is raised on 4chan culture, when the site was already dead when she was still shitting in her diapers. her chasing the most cancerous aspects of the site's previous culture, without understanding it, makes everything about her an epic fucking fail, and any genuine orbiter of hers even more so, like chris chan paypiggies
>>115770 >she's a zoomer that only knows about old 4chan from jewtube videos and ED/KYM articles and chases clout from other zoomers like she's on twitter
/japan/, tvch and foxdickfarms alliance against two or three anons from here. Lmao.
>>115805 nice victim complex <f a g g o t <YWNBAW
Post nudes
>>122171 there are none, lurk moar retard.
Open file (45.92 KB 840x630 20220227_110134.jpg)
Open file (231.42 KB 597x382 soot.PNG)
Open file (10.79 KB 341x120 yusuf15.PNG)
Open file (10.79 KB 341x120 yusuf15.PNG)
Open file (12.54 KB 665x81 yusuf14.PNG)
Open file (9.68 KB 322x99 yusuf13.PNG)
Open file (10.24 KB 474x102 yusuf12.PNG)
Open file (9.14 KB 378x69 yusuf11.PNG)
Open file (288.58 KB 710x507 yusuf10.PNG)
Open file (14.70 KB 487x115 yusuf8.PNG)
Open file (228.25 KB 617x480 yusuf9.PNG)
Open file (11.31 KB 408x92 yusuf7.PNG)
Open file (9.14 KB 378x69 yusuf11.PNG)
Open file (288.58 KB 710x507 yusuf10.PNG)
Open file (14.70 KB 487x115 yusuf8.PNG)
Open file (228.25 KB 617x480 yusuf9.PNG)
Open file (11.31 KB 408x92 yusuf7.PNG)
Open file (22.34 KB 1420x117 yusuf6.PNG)
Open file (8.54 KB 348x67 yusuf5.PNG)
Open file (110.10 KB 377x293 yusuf4.PNG)
Open file (43.56 KB 420x353 yusuf2.PNG)
Open file (239.90 KB 726x385 yusuf3.PNG)
so basically this ?
>>140882 >>140881 Fuck me for double dipping i guess
Seethe more, foxdick tranny

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