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Open file (105.98 KB 640x840 cant_use_a_computer.jpg)
Restream/Guntstream/B-movies Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 05:15:19 ID: 674e5c No.135
Since 8ch is down and access to /bmovie/ went with it I'm opening a thread to keep anons up to date on restream happenings. Was late tonight but streams should continue at the usual time with movies afterwards until Robi returns. I'll try to post here if I can't make it for whatever reason. I'll also be posting archives here. Will update thread when I catch up haven't uploaded any in the last four days.

Feel free to suggest any movies you'd like to see for pre/post streams.
>Hentai stream

>Gummystream/Venti joined Restream chat


Will post more soon. Here are some "classics" to tide you over.

>Andy in Richmond IRL stream

>Andy/jcaesar187 IRL stream in Richmond (day Stream.me died)

>Stream jcaesar187 where admitted to deleting CP

>jcaesar187 returns to youtube/First stream on Spicology101 channel

>First restream/first ban from Stream.me/jcaesar187 deplatforms anon

I'll add more later as I find/upload them. Robi feel free to clear all archives on the server pretty sure I downloaded them all.
Seems I've lost the Venti chat logs. I know an anon around here has them in pdf. If you're lurking please post them.
You mean this one right, not the one where you compiled every post her ID's had ever made?
would upload it directly but no pdfs allowed yet
>8-09-19 (Boulderstream)

That's the one, thanks anon.
Open file (93.74 KB 514x510 1565661319559.gif)

For any anons that want to muddle through this there is a good clip where jcaesar187 admits to re-enabling stickers so people can say banned stuff in his chat. Also an alog calls in and get instabanned because jcaesar187 recognized his voice and claims he's an orbiter of known pedophile Corey Barnhill.
Open file (31.00 KB 317x414 bwdyh8.jpg)
There is also some raging about CRP that might be clip worthy.
>mumkey drama yaniv and some other shit
Uploading yesterday's stream to mega next, not entirely sure if I might have missed the opportunity to download the wednesdays show though, gonna have to check the archive.
Mumkey's ex comes on and jcaesar187 tries to bait CRP into giving him cocks
Alright, final upload for the day, pretty sure we're all caught up now.
>jcaesar187 reads the news and still manages to go over time somehow
The GamerGate 2.0 stream with Zoe's ex boyfriend. This one is too hot for dlive and jcaesar187 is too afraid to leave up an unedited archive due to multiple uses of the word Nigger, advocating for mass shootings and blatant antisemitism. An alog called in and made a fool of himself. Archived for your clipping pleasure.
Slowly catching up on the backlog.
>Funimation Rocked, Cuck Ray Gun Backs #KickVic, Jack Dorsey Hacked, + More
>Metokur Leaves YouTube, Allsup Banned, + Memphis Monday
September 5
>Vice 8chan Doc Cringe, Contrapoints Flees Twitter, Onision a Pedo?, BPS Live, + More
Gunstream plays shit

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