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Open file (72.98 KB 1024x683 1646959262963.jpg)
Open file (359.37 KB 1128x777 1646957191624.png)
Kelly Wang/Mayli Thread Brian Holloman 03/11/2022 (Fri) 01:03:55 ID: bdce6c No.140503
>be hapa daughter of Jew Goldman Sachs VP. >get arrested for distributing weed during freshman year >muh daddy gives you a punishment >fuckyoudad.jpg >be a pornwhore for $1500 just to spite muh daddy >facialabuse >muh daddy gets wind of her porn escapades >buys the videos out of shame and DMCAs every single copy on the internet. >gets a thread on foxdickfarms bickers of this. >be associated with the likes of Killstream Гунт and Sonichu sperg. >open up YouTube channel >leave comments open How does spite and cum taste like Mayli?
Open file (97.83 KB 670x573 here to coom.jpg)
>not posting the coomer material the fuck is the matter with you? https://spankbang.com/4wjpv/video/who+is+this
>>140513 Not even worth the watch. Even weakloads would say that it's shit.
>>140530 it's a chink so he'd simp for her in a heartbeat just to the thought of releasing his sad drops on her feet
Open file (133.64 KB 1181x823 Untitled.jpg)
Open file (110.70 KB 786x916 159941633444.jpg)
Open file (221.53 KB 800x1200 kelly_(2).jpg)
Open file (67.94 KB 1157x833 Untitled.png)
Dumping all of this shit here. Good job Mayli, you're not as bad as jcaesar187 but you're almost there.
Open file (59.40 KB 500x568 hits pipe.jpg)
I remember yakuza would always talk about the dumb slut.
Hmmm...what could the comments be all abput?
Open file (655.95 KB 1151x615 see_orgre.png)
Whoa, real life Zachy Chan.
>>140690 Real life Zachy-chan? Is Zachy-chan just a larp?
>>140554 >200 dollars LMFAO
Sad situation. The chinese and the jews have generally been kind to me on a personal level and screwed me on an institutional level. I know several charming, loving chinese/jewish american guys that honestly wouldn't mind her. Post in this thread if you're interested kelly. We all want love at the end of the day.
Open file (1.20 MB 1142x1280 1647280506280.png)
>>152556 Idubbbz looking mf.
>>141667 I've read somewhere that number is a lie, 200 was just the fee if a girl decided to quit in the middle of a scene
>>152556 How could you watch your woman perform that kind of degrading porn and then kiss her?
>>183492 Just look at his face. He is either a retard who isn't capable of well thought out life decisions, or a pervert who went after her precisely bickers he knew what she did and wanted her to do it to him too. But still, the fact that she accepted him in what appears to be a normal relationship means he was most likely born into a rich, well connected family, or he somehow lucked out and got a bullshit but very well paid job, or both. This exact kind of pairing is now massively encouraged by the media bickers no matter how you slice it the woman will be the one wearing the pants in the relationship. In fact, if you go to certain corners of the internet you can find entire communities of non-white women who specifically chase after these rich soyboy types and discuss how to best fleece you through divorce settlements etc.
>>152556 The only way I would wife that up would be if she would put out for me like her porno movies fairly regularly. Otherwise she can take her born again christian bullshit right out to the street.
>>183381 >charging someone for refusing sex How the fuck is that legal? Isn't that rape?
>>152556 Sometimes I forget how evil this world really is.
>>184279 > you can find entire communities of non-white women who specifically chase after these rich soyboy types Post the links then
>>188205 some legal work around bullshit prob
>>152556 Why is it ALWAYS that phenotype of male that are so okay with shit like this?

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