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Open file (2.29 MB 4096x2530 cow_centre.jpg)
Archiving 8/cow/ Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 06:30:00 ID: 3ab41d No.150
Gentlemen, I think it's important that we consider archiving as many threads from 8/cow/ as possible in case archive.fo/is gets bullied into removing their archives of 8chan threads. I'll be backing up what I can but it'd be helpful if some other anons could help with this. It would really be a shame to lose all those threads and be forced to rely on foxdick to retrieve the information contained within them. I'm not even sure foxdick has most of the information considering how much Jewsh suppresses the content over there to protect his beloved cows.

Also need to probably make sure to backup all archives of the Rational skeptics thread to preserve them.

Some links to help you get started in case you want to help out in the effort.

>Archive of catalog, helpful for finding links to individual threads that might be archived

>Link to all archives of the Cyclical thread

>tor node to access 8chan/cow over tor to pull any content that isn't in archives already

Please try to save all information as html instead of just taking screencaps. If screencaps are needed they can be made from the html/page backups. Try to make sure you get all the images with the html page itself to preserve OC for future generations.

When I wake up I'll get started backing up as much as I can myself. If 8ch remains offline much longer I'll also start making threads for things that weren't part of the cyclical thread.
Open file (937.12 KB 500x357 does_it_compute.gif)
Don't see any harm in sharing this here since I don't think many outsiders are lurking right now. You can access 8/cow/ in read-only mode over clearnet using the server IP address.

Should be quicker to archive content than tor.
Here is the IBS RPG for anyone that might want a copy.

Open file (272.76 KB 911x592 Davina thread.png)
Open file (52.20 KB 995x272 Trout thread.png)
I personally made sure that many of our classic threads were archived on both archive.is and web.archive.org. All of those should be recoverable via the links I left on 8chan /cow/'s rules page:
Looks like the native archives are still up too:
Archive: https://pastebin.com/MnvsSAT1
Catalog: https://pastebin.com/MYs9TQ03
That should be the most recent archive for each thread (from the 8ch domain), and if it isn't already archived it's queued to be thought the IP route.
The annoying thing is that those queued tasks may be dropped by archiveis and just give a
>Not Found (yet?)
message after timing out.
Get a life nerd
>>458 she cute now
Who cares about the majority of those threads? Only IBS one matters and those are already archived in multiple ways.
>>81889 kys newfag
>>82478 Ok, Gaytor.
It's done?
>>81889 I'm new. What's an IBS?
>>134292 lurk for 5 years faggot
Reminder that Jersh is also a lolcow https://archive.ph/vtlJQ#selection-4691.8-4703.146
>>150 btw, it is a damn shame no one archived the slums of elwood thread on cow, bickers we lost a whole lot of autism bickers of that especially the book written by Travis 2017. Here's a shitty raped 8kun link bickers TheGatorGamer Watkins is the biggest faggot on earth. https://8kun.top/cow/res/592588.html#901140
>>154516 Jooshie woochie coochie moonie bean >>154880 https://archive.ph/Q1gCq I did take the tame to make an 8kun archive though, better than nothing.
does anyone has the archives of the last time that TRSPERG posted? or when godwinson rant about how shit Ashton lost in the debate against Jewsh
>>157681 TRSperg last posted when gaytor got doxxxed in February.

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