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Open file (133.42 KB 1024x821 1390261186550.jpg)
Channel Autism Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 21:46:51 ID: ea2451 No.16071
What happened to the alumni?

Also a reminder that Latza is now more successful than any of them.
Open file (83.83 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
From my understanding JesuOtaku went tranny, Spoony became depressed to the point where all he does is sperg out on Twitter about how Blumpf is keeping him down, Obscurus Lupa became pissed off and bitter, and Brad Jones ended up being one of the last people siding with Doug Walker. Lindsey Ellis is one of the few successful ones in that she's unfortunately still around making documentaries now and working for PBS.
>Also a reminder that Latza is now more successful than any of them.
What's he up to now?
Calling Lindsay successful is a stretch. She's known for making a documentary about abortions and no one pays any attention to her. She's the fluffer at a porno shoot at best.

Jew Wario died then it was revealed he was molesting and raping various women and teenage girls. But it didn't come out until after he died.
She's successful in that she's held things together enough to have not gone full JUST mode yet.
When you celebrate having an abortion and record it you went full JUST mode. Killing your unborn child is an impressive fuck up.
>Spoony is still alive
Wonder where he gets money to eat and everything else, last time i checked his patreon was his only income an that was sitting at 50 bucks a month
This is all very old news, I was asking more about circa this year maybe.
>What's he up to now?
He's actually employed, working for Yidsney.
Joe and Lindsay are doing way better than Latza.

Lindsay is pretty damn successful, considering where most of CA ended up. She gets hundreds of thousands of views, she's won awards for writing, she's been on PBS, well funded Patreon, promoted by Youtube etc. She's also linked in with those Breadtube weirdos (Contrapoints, Hbomberguy). Most of her audience don't know about Nostalgia Chick and basically no-one but dedicated CA scholars know about The A Word.

Spoony leeches off April and what trickles down from Patreon. Presumably his parents too.

Marzgurl is running an insane smear campaign against voice actor Vic Mignona, Kyle went full antifa and Luke now goes by Kinley. Also Doug put out a review of The Trial that was widely considered to be one of his worst and also had a confusing 3DCG furry segment.
Oh and Spoony got into a car accident that he was at fault for but I don't remember what the consequences of that were.
She looks terrible in that 2nd pic. Very masculine and even octoroony.
>Joe and Lindsay are doing way better than Latza.
Not really, they are ecelebs. Latza has an actual job and at disney too.

Also are you Ellis's paypig or something?
who's the semen demon in the purple hair on the right
Open file (50.83 KB 600x800 ut.jpg)
If you look at Lindsay's Patreon, she currently has 7,105 patrons. Her tiers are $2 and $10. Let's be cynical and say everyone is in the $2 tier.

7105 x $2 = $14,210

Now let's take Patreon's cut of 5%.

$14,210 x 0.95 = $13,499.50

Over a year that's:

$13,499.50 x 12 = $161,994 a year before taxes.

And what if we are optimistic and say everyone is in the $10 bracket?

$161,994 x 5 = $809,970 a year before taxes.

Whatever way you slice it, she's making six figures doing next to nothing, and that's not even factoring in ad revenue. Personally I think it's undeserved but there's no way Latza is doing better than her, it just doesn't make sense.
There are minecraft youtubers who do 5 times that number, piggy.
Nobody cares how much you pay your eceleb waifu, she doesn't have a job and will suck dicks when the etrain inevitably leaves, like all ecelebs.

Latza on the other hand has a real job. That's the only measure of success.
Open file (357.94 KB 972x640 This needs to stop.png)
how the fuck can there be so many pay pigs in the world
How much of that is real and how much of it is fake accounts? A lot of patreons don't actually pay and cards get declined. A lot of them are the SJW circle jerk who all sponsor each other and ultimately lose money.
Double dubs confirm, and past experience proves that any eceleb claiming to make six figures off of piggytron is a lying faggot. As mentioned, fake accounts exist, people who just want to strip-mine the place for yiff.party once and then leave, and then the sjw circle-jerk when an increasingly diminishing amount of money is being passed around to create the facade of big money and thus success. Secondly, one has to consider the types of lifestyles these fucks have; needlessly expensive clothing, food, entertainment devices, and so forth eat up any kind of real revenue they may be generating. This is why movieblob was ridiculed for being a poorfag who insists on living in an expensive city like boston and thus gave himself beetus off of shitty poorfag food bickers he had to look like he had made it and become someone via his living conditions.
I've never given her a cent, i'm just pointing out that she and AngryJoe managed to break into the mainstream while people like Linkara, Kyle, Lupa etc. are considered relics. I understand why you would want to believe Latza is the happiest and most successful but life is rarely fair and most of CA will never get the outcomes they deserve, good or bad.

In the case of Lindsay and the Breadtube gang - rich millenial liberals with more money than sense. They will happily chuck money at anything they see as "fighting the good fight".
Nice rebuttals to the points I and 235a3f made faggot, you really showed us some mathematical wizardry there.
>I've never given her a cent
So you're a white knight who shills for free, got it.
>writing articles for dying websites, aborting your own child for less than fifteen minutes of attention, and being a makeup-less clown on youtube is breaking into the mainstream
See pic related, it's (you).
Find where I said she was a good person or makes good cocks, you won't bickers I made no such judgements, I literally just made estimates of her income based on her Patreon. My simple point was that some of Channel Awesome managed to completely divorce themselves from it and become their own thing, no need to seethe about it.
You shouldn't have mathed on him, it makes him look dumb!!
Open file (1.03 MB 991x1426 cuckchan go back.png)
Open file (140.58 KB 500x432 276.png)
Open file (69.51 KB 469x703 EI4mpX4XsAEnaKi.jpg)
That's where /tech/ migrated to.
fuck off faggot /tech/ migrated here, go shill your snitching honeypot somewhere else.
Open file (90.31 KB 816x501 EIwf91kU4AEE7xE~3.jpeg)
>tech/ migrated here,
Nope, that's postmortem/tech/.
/os/ also migrated @endchan, and /hydrus/
>go shill your snitching honeypot somewhere else.
I'm correcting you, post InfinityNext goon. In fact, endchan was one of the first centralized IBs to use I2P, Yggdrasil, & lokinet, and implemented thread IP flushing:
Your revisionist history doesn't work here.
>go shill your snitching honeypot somewhere else
Hasn't endchan managed to delete its entire database multiple times now? Aren't they the board with a /pol/ that bans you if you don't agree with the BOs politics?
Open file (97.08 KB 600x793 2538e488b613c73c.jpg)
I'm not shilling, I'm correcting an obvious goon.
InfinityNow differs a lot from Lynxchan's main branch.
Id:ec556e isn't even making sense if there's anonymity venues to post under.

He thinks bickers Odili wanted to make a joint venture originally, that he can even snitch anything at all.
Remember, it was NanoFREECH that coopted ACF for himself:
Endchan separated the database from the nginx front-end as a safety mechanism: if feds compromise the HTTPd server, they can't compromise the database, and vice versa. They even separated duties: Balrog owns & operates the database, Odili the frontend, and never ever Snakedude costs. IIRC one time there was a database compromise, but thus deleted and a new one was made.
I don't browse /pol/, so you'll need to ask them who owns and operates that board. All I recall reading the /operate/ board is that the BO was also a Jim BO and nobody liked him. Dunno what happened after.
Now I understand why goons are anti endchan
Seems that Qows aren't yielding much milk to be begging to bareback Jim's cage.
I wonder what GitGud is going to do next.
Open file (146.48 KB 633x731 Qommercials.png)
Open file (130.03 KB 618x743 Neon Revolt winning.png)
Open file (95.29 KB 1080x1239 EJFQw7LXUAAQiTC.jpeg)
Holy shit, "George", how much is Ron paying you to register domains on his behalf?
refer to >>17497
>douge's review appears in the recommended videos
>he's still doing reviews

Imagine calling yourself nostalgia critic jr...
>What happened to the alumni?
If they're not sucking GAMERGATE AIDS dicks for nickles then they're overpaid and under qualified for whatever they're doing.

Don't forget rent. If it's california, she's probably spending most to all of it on whatever shitty studio apartment she's renting (Mind you, this isn't also factoring in cleaning services and Internet).

And she's double fucked if it's San Francisco, triple fucked if it's the Bay Area, bickers one guy I know confirmed that the cheapest you could go for a studio was 20,000 dollarydoos.
Open file (18.33 KB 612x199 Spoony.PNG)
>Spoony leeches off April
Not anymore!
>wants to be alone
>keeps using social media sites
Okay then.
so she finally left this loser?
Open file (22.00 KB 587x175 ClipboardImage.png)
Feel bad for me twitter
anyone got enough pics and copypasta to make a new threead about him?
Open file (813.33 KB 752x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
The holidays are hitting Noah hard.
Open file (551.36 KB 1114x792 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (42.83 KB 602x309 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (39.04 KB 591x386 ClipboardImage.png)
Foreclosure imminent.
dupweebs flhp
>is triggered by christmas shit
I wonder what would happen if someone that lives near him just decided to decorate his house with Christmas decorations one night. Would he completely lose his mind and trash his house that the bank is about to take from him? I'm not advocating anyone do something naughty and try this, I'm just wondering out loud.
>>16568 Imagine being a paypig.
Open file (39.76 KB 590x423 ClipboardImage.png)
Not channel autism related but Movieblob is also an autistic manchild who reviews movies and I don't want to start a whole thread just for him.
>>24716 /cow/ already knows about him, newfag.
>>24731 >/cow/ >single entity Go back to foxdick.
>>24735 >get called out >muh foxdick /cow/ is just banned foxdicks and 4channers who talk about mister metokur and bloodsports, this confirms you are new here. now get the fuck out and lurk for at least 2 more years
>>24735 >single entity *chuckles* Collectivists stay back!
>>24731 I know, I said i'm posting that here bickers he's basically the same shit and doesn't warrant an entire new thread. Learn to read sweaty
Open file (147.57 KB 602x453 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (43.67 KB 606x499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (30.97 KB 611x299 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (29.00 KB 599x281 ClipboardImage.png)
all around me are familiar faces
>>25065 Those are from the parody account. His real account has the names switched around.
I've accidentally stumbled on Cuck in the Shadows and hey, he's doing pretty good for himself. I guess he was able to bury his embarrassing Channel Autism past and get it on with the new kids.
>>45098 >that obvious clickbait spam catering to retards and kids nobody should be able to make a living doing that shit
>>45101 The jewtube music review scene is not that big I guess.
>Douge is still making videos who's even watching him at this point
>>45434 it's funny bickers he really wanted to quit being the critic, badly. he only came back fro his "retirement" bickers he supposedly had a big enough fanbase that the demand was worth the effort. now, it seems those spergs dried up, or their brains rotted away, as I would think they would either become trannies, or become involved "politically", rather than focus on listening to the funny man talk about bad movies, that's how it usually goes doug should have just quit and let the internet forget about him, at least he would have a shred of dignity left. now, he's just the angry videogame nerd, without the charisma, the fanbase, or the cult following
>>45437 >it's funny bickers he really wanted to quit being the critic He wanted to "quit" so he could do his cringy unfunny "comedy show" but it flopped harder than an Emma Watson flick so he went back doing movie reviews, this time with cringy unfunny skits with a G​AMERGATE inserted every 5 seconds. All that was like 7 years ago of course and I literally have no idea who the fuck watches his boomer humor that aged like goat julay in 2020.
>>45437 He should have gone with his gut and quit. The Wall critic video had the entire internet laughing at him.
>>45506 >The Wall critic video the what?
>>45570 They "reviewed" Pink Floyd's The Wall in the form of a parody concept album and it's as cringy as it sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg4EZW3_XuA
>>45572 Good god. But I suppose that par for the course with all the cringe singing musical reviews.
>>45572 jesus, he should have just followed shad's advice
Open file (41.82 KB 548x640 u srs?.jpg)
>>45572 Hey, it's not nice to spit on anything David Gilmour related.
Open file (237.22 KB 496x600 8b4.gif)
How is /ourguy/ doing these days? Is he still married to that moridly obese sheboon?
Open file (1.79 KB 142x140 lol.png)
>>45658 >How is /ourguy/ doing these days? Not very good.
Open file (135.24 KB 1200x675 DOfREbNVQAAvCGB.jpg)
>>45659 What went wrong? He had it all! He was on top of the world fourth wall.
>>45660 The wall was a wall made of flesh.
Open file (22.34 KB 480x270 1587066662266.jpg)
>>16219 JesuOtaku was engaged to Nash. Got him to take a mortgage out on a house in his name only then cucked him for some guy that writes for an anime fan site so she could get a job there too, metoo'd him, then went tranny.
>>45671 she metoo'd the anime guy, NOT Nash just to be clear.
Is there some eceleb who reviewed their cringy anniversary movies?
I don't know a single one of them and so happy about it. Hopefully they all die a painful early death
>>45694 >happy of being a newfag
>>45694 So, the IBS cuckime faggots don't even know who doug walker is? Gonna be honest, that explains a lot. What would be the average age of posters there, then, less than 13?
Open file (2.52 MB 2000x2046 ClipboardImage.png)
>all the channel awesome fags turned their back on him >now they're making amateurish youtube reviews while he's doing professional work on actual tv shows and movies https://vimeo.com/386597258
>>45755 Based Latza, a hero ecelebs don't deserve.
>>45658 Is he the one that loves tranny cock or is that another one of these faggots I'm thinking of?
>>45811 that's the one and only nasty cockslut yes
>>45572 >>45600 I'm not gonna watch it but what's the deal with it? How's it any different from his regular cringe inducing reviews?
Tell me Spoopy offd himself
>>16219 I can't wait till Spoony finally snaps and goes on a shooting spree
>>16562 She became the ultimate SJW
Open file (234.59 KB 872x563 66.jpg)
>>46954 Hit or miss?
>>47004 From waifu to piefu
Open file (26.80 KB 259x223 t4.jpg)
>>47012 women age like sour mіlk
>>47298 It is pleasant for the soul to watch such a leftard trainwreck's life deteriorating like that. It really brings joy to life.
>>47334 Literally all he does in his life is whine on twitter every day. I don't know anyone more pathetic.
>>47391 The whole bunch of those retards are like this. You bet that those who aren't on twatter are whining somewhere else. Some even come here to pretend to be random anons and start white knighting themselves.
>>47458 Spoopy is exceptional, all the others may occasionally tweet about Dup but he quite literally lives on twitter and whines about he should be pitied. I'm so glad that chick left him, he doesn't deserve anything good in his life.
>>47471 It's disgusting to watch him writhe around in self pity like this. No wonder his gf left him, imagine living with this emotional leech.
>>47471 >>47481 The whore wasn't anything good either. Damaged goods at best. She will end up the same, or even worse than him, eventually. As for his self-pitty, that is always the end result of e-celebs/lowcows. Anyone that lives to amass an audience is already someone who is insecure and a overall failure, who can only feel a little less shitty by having strangers praising them for any unimportant thing. As soon as this (always false) sense of belonging falls, they spiral down to self destruction. And there is no way out of it. That is why it is so joyful and pleasant to watch them self destructing. They are genetic wastes that were always useless, but found an audience that enabled them to pretend to be useful, making them become smug and arrogant about everyone else. Them, the illusion inevitably ended. Their despair in face of reality is a sight that brings pure happiness to the soul.
>>47486 That's especially interesting with first gen ecelebs like channel autismos over here. They all actually thought they were big deal - they were going to conventions, having panels, even sadder autismos would ask them for autographs, draw them flattering artworks, send them stuff, even cosplay them jfc. They actually deluded themselves into thinking they were famous and important and not just a bunch of cringy internet spergs. Is there anything more delusional than thinking that your embarrassing skits you put in your shitty basement reviews are good enough to be taken to the next level with a solo """"movie"""" about you? Anyone remembers how Spoony thought he had a chance of being on Mythbusters?
>>47504 There an old saying about "never believe your own lies". Insecure types don't learn that, until it is too late. They truly believe in their own lies, given time and enough ass-kissing from other insecure types (their "fanbase"). A simple thing that could help someone avoid that is simply look out for WHO is praising you. If the ones praising you are awkward, anti-social, insecure and ugly freaks, that is a big enough red flag for you to know that you are doing everything wrong. Great people, real people, get praised by other great and real people. Not by a bunch of freaks with mental and social problems, that can only congregate in confined hugboxes called "conventions", literally being put in containment places, away from better people. If any of those on channel autism had a little bit of self-awareness, they would stop doing whatever they did as soon as they saw the very first bunch of "fans" that they had. Always move away from losers, from the awkward, from the clumsy and from the unsocial. Being praised by them is a badge of shame. Not of accomplishment. Even worse: believing in that their praise ir worth anything poisons your mind, to the point that you become a Spoony, or a Nostalgia Critic, or any else of those demented freaks. That goes double for women. Being awkward is forever a shitty thing. They must aim to move away from their own awkwardness completely. Not embrace it. But again, they are the types who believe their own lies. They tell themselves that they are "doing great", simply bickers someone else said it. Ignoring that those who said it are a bunch of freaks who should be avoided at all costs.
Open file (663.71 KB 850x1819 s.jpg)
>>47597 I'm surprised that this didn't happen yet in real life. A functional person, as soon as seeing those freaks complimenting one's "work" would know that it was time to stop it and move away from it, for attracting such a group of rejects. Joining them, or worse, believing that their adoration is something desirable, is done only by those that are as deranged and awkward as them. At least narcissists care only about themselves, ignoring everyone else. But those freaks from Channel Autism carve ANY kind of attention, from anyone, anywere, for being such social rejects and freaks. and they only receive said attention from those who are the same as them or worse.
>>47298 Can't wait for him to go on an Elliott Rodgers style killing spree when he finally snaps
>>47004 Definitely miss
>>53362 Even hapa rodgers had enough balls to stop playing WoW and have a massive sperg-shooting in public. Spoony is going to probably die of starvation, out in the cold, when they take his home away from him, using the last of his energy to send out another angsty tweet. If he wasn't such a drama queen, I would almost feel sorry for him, he did used to make some good videos(relative to the time, at least)
>>53441 Never feel sorry for the weak.
>>53362 All of this boils down to one simple fact: those on the channel autism never grew creating anything. They were always only talking about other people's creations. Then, they got praise from bored lowlives for talking about the media that they consumed at the time. Then the CA freaks started believing in their own lies: they always lied to peopel saying that they are "cocks creators". But this term is a marketing buzz, and nothing else. Nobody "creates" cocks by talking about someone else's creations. Or by using a corporate product (playing video games, reviewing products, etc). cocks "creators" never really crete anything. They just talk about things that others have created. They, at most, just utilize other people's creations (products and services), without ever creating anything themselves. Once they tried to truly create anything, they failed. As they never developed skills for creating something for real, they stumbled upon the hardships of creation. Then, the facade fell. They started to notice how they were all incompetent at creating. They were nothing but critics. Endless talking about other people's creations, but nothing created by themselves to show. Their first attempts at creating all failed bickers of the lack of skills to do so. All that time wasted talking about others' creations lead to them becoming unable to create anything. When they realized all that, you can see that it was the exact point where all of them started spiraling into depression, schizophrenia, literal insanity and so on. That is what happens with anyone who does learn valuable and useful skills. They become an empty shell, devoid of any purpose and devoid of any useful legacy.
tranny group
>>47486 >>47534 >>47686 >>54033 you're as autistic as CA tho
>>16464 t. tranny
>>54836 Nah. I just see things for what they are.
>>54893 and being autistic
>>55197 Won't change the fact that they all are exactly as I described them.
>>55457 won't change the fact that you're just as autistic
>>55559 U mad bickers i exposed them for what they are?
>>55657 sure thing, autismo
>>55673 Stay mad. Those losers won't stop being losers.
>>56172 and you won't stop being as autistic
spoopy died
>>56287 >shilling for internet nobodies Still losers. Autism involved or not. Losers for life. Nobodies for life. >>59528 Proof or it didn't happen.
>>59723 Autistic losers just like you.
>>59908 Losers for life can't beat the superior autists. Losers for life never created anything. Losers for life only talked about other people's creations. Now, losers for life are comiting suicide, losing money, losing their homes, being depressed, and everybody is laughing at them. Indeed, losers for life. And there is nothing that you can do about it, loser for life.
>>60342 you're autismo for life
Open file (464.00 KB 876x624 1.png)
Open file (380.56 KB 1146x366 2.png)
What is it with Lindsay and niggеrs? Does she want to get blacked that much?
>>60909 WHITE
>>61278 GUILT
>>60795 >she rebranded Nostalgia Chick into Nostalgia Woman
Why Douge still doing NC is so cringe while James still doing AVGN seems less cringe?
>>66344 >vintage >chez What a pretentious liberal arts twat
Open file (144.77 KB 684x352 yty.png)
>>69424 Never forget.
Was Ashens part of the site?
>>70797 I think so.
>>70797 I'm not sure about Ashens, but I do know Guru Larry was part of TGWTG for a bit
what is new?
>>107436 Nostalgia Chick got shoah'd from twitter.
>>107646 >leftyshits turning on one another bickers of trivial things kek, always funny
>>107652 Notice her league of psychopath bitches have her back >We all hate twitter despite posting on a daily basis. It's like a drunkard who hates drugs but gets funneled like a fucking bottomless pit while her fans applaud for every time she chokes on her barf.
>>108576 Did all Channel Autism alumni turn into socjus fags?
>>108610 Most of them were always esjaydoubluus anon.
>>108616 you don't think it be like it is, but it do
It's funny how modern ecelebs rediscover CA members interdependent from their CA roots, not knowing anything about it.
Has Spoopy finally sudoku'd?
>>108847 Nah but he's been dead inside for a long time.
>>108848 What does he do now that he can't tweet about Dup all day long?
>douge still does his shtick yikes
Spoopy is literally decaying away.
>>110906 Good on him. >>127494 >before reviewing FF games <somewhat normal looking guy >after reviewing FF games <looking like a GDQ extra Reviewing JRPGs, NOT EVEN ONCE
Open file (190.51 KB 1280x720 doctor, i have 1488.jpg)
>>127511 >before reviewing FF games He has a Final Fantasy X-2 poster behind him in the first pic. It's way after reviewing JRPGs. He looks like that on pic 2 bickers he stopped. JRPGs is what keeps your sanity intact.
>>127515 he didn't stop, the X-2 review is forever in the review queue :^)
>>127516 That queue is left in the house that he lost. Can't review games living in a homeless shelter.
that good picture of spoony is actually after he moved into his new place there's actually three arches to the spoon bickers he dunked on final fantasy three times and in his later review he cross dresses in so
>>127522 you mean his old place now
>>127523 indeed
Is Latza still winning?
Open file (223.40 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
Imagine looking like this and still doing the same shit you were doing over 10 years ago with zero success or career opportunity.
>>186899 why is he so BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALD
>>69331 James still doing AVGN is still cringe since he stopped being good long time ago. There is a reason Jontron decided to focus at quality over quantity. And I'm glad he didn't stayed at Game Grumps for long.
>>186899 Imagine seething so hard at a guy making the kinoest of kinos
>>211581 >seething >kino go back to cuckchan
Open file (7.83 KB 285x177 images (1) (20).jpeg)
>>211599 Cuck channers in the sektur? Where? Those weaklings forget the old ways.
>>211604 Is that picture for ants Sauron or Melkor?
any new developments?
>>170667 Last time I checked, the real "winners" just happen to be same guys who knew how to draw: >Andrew Dickman It seems he accomplished the wetdream of any terminal online manchild: HIRED by the cartoon industry and left his socials >ChadRocco Rocco got a bad case of autogynephilia and now larps as a big busted DiC princess peach: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=SPcGwqloXTg And yet opting to have another alternative persona (TubbyToon) drawing fat art from shitty cartoons, in which he's got this obsession with Gwen from Ben 10. But at least he can flex his fame to Andrew Dobson: >Goes full aurtistic drawing little girls as 600lbs contenders >Shits on the GOP while praising shitty liberal shows <Backed by his manchildren audience from both Channel Autism and bbw-chan <Despite not improving since the early 2010's https://twitter.com/tubbitoons https://www.deviantart.com/tubbytoon
>>211850 Melkor, the shield is what gives it away.

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