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Open file (625.79 KB 415x386 xm0ogiw0.bmp)
/vg/ autism & doxing extravaganza Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 21:38:49 No.16242
hot shit mate
Wow, he's really freaking out.
Does he really think people will believe he's a concerned citizen?
What happened to your thread cucks? Only a matter of time before the whole general is done for.
>going to a site that hides behind (((cuckflare)))
Why does any one care if a bunch of tripfags dox each other?
Geez, cuckchanners really deserve that title for what i am seeing there.
bickers they're newfags trying to act like they think oldfags acted

it's a big fucking game of pretend and make believe
there are too many fucking word filters on this board
There are too few, if you ask me.
No wonder he got doxed.
I'll just have to say 'beacuase' instead
What's the issue?
Nog info so far

Wii U - AKenerly
3DS - 2535-4898-2743
PS3 - Lucina_FE
PS4 - VentusZD


@VentusK95 (san Francisco)
@blessed2FM (Massachusetts)

YouTube channels:


Other forums:



(account suspended)

Reddit thread calling him a cheater:


Ragequit video (around 0:54)

Face: https://files.catbox.moe/vlihhv.jpg

Age: 16 (allegedly)
Gender: Female (tranny)
Race: black
Hand: black
Why are you inviting 4cuck cancer?

(old email)

Trying to find out which college he attended.
Thanks to your shitty YouTube channel, I think I have an idea of where you attended college.

I'll find out where you live. It's only a matter of time you dumb monkey
>no julay
Shit thread
Open file (643.20 KB 2220x1080 SCREENSHOTS_7567.jpg)
Full name soon(?)
someone give me a rundown of what this dumb GAMERGATE did to deserve a doxxxing, aside from being a cuckchanner
He used to live in central Texas according to some 2011 posts. I still need more info
Looking at different colleges campus right now.
No more julay, only shitty PA requests now.
Open file (307.49 KB 900x600 chimp.jpg)
Found another photo of his real face
It appears that the monkey is now trying to derail the /vg/ thread by posting stuff here: https://www.deviantart.com/reesytaters/gallery
Another account? Maybe not. Its hard to tell bickers all monkeys look the same.
Someone made a few twitter accounts named Animal Watcher and it's now replying to every @blessed2FM post with monkey pics. https://twitter.com/animalwatcher4
I assume this is the infamous final fantasy XV fanboy? Quite a few of his posts got deleted (again, thank god) in the current /vg/ FF thread.
>the infamous final fantasy XV fanboy
tell me more
Open file (35.49 KB 903x202 xv btfo 1.PNG)
Open file (75.12 KB 1095x462 xv btfo 2.PNG)
Fanboy who is so fanboyish he got banned everywhere, like gamefaqs, 4chan countless times, neofag, resetera, and even the official forums for the game. Even other fans hate him.

Has shat on/created a game vs. game war with Witcher 3, kingdom hearts series, Xenoblade series, Devil May Cry, and numerous others.

Has a certain posting style that's easy to discern after having to put up with him.
>Likes to deflect, accuse others of samefagging while samefagging himself, refers to his own posts A LOT
>calls others names: has lots of boogeymen like kagari, neithof, romanangelo(?), kh-kun, lightningfag, badonkadonk, nathan, et al. Likes to pretend to have the high ground by sock puppeting as another anon as well.
>Likes to spam the same images over and over again.

(using multiple archives in case one is down).

One thread seemingly got him banned multiple times.
Again, with fireden and /vg/'s old archive down it's best to stick with mutliples, but they all work and have the same catalogued data. Though these new ones don't go all that far back. Imagine the above, except stretched all the way back to 2013.
Open file (2.60 MB 1923x2868 xv-kun.jpg)
This one pic matches what someone else posted earlier.
so he's a GAMERGATE?
I think he just doxed his trip
Does /b/ still raid people? I want to flood the GAMERGATE's twitter account with monkey pictures
Open file (378.86 KB 1280x961 1574798382902.jpg)
This was posted on /tg/ and any one mocking how ugly she is gets banned. Likely to be one of the tranny mod's family members.
Nigger is losing his mind right now bickers of the new ReMind modes
>the imperium would consider trannies as servants of chaos and throw them all into ovens
Open file (32.03 KB 400x400 IMG_20191205_161102.jpg)
The GAMERGATE throw a tantrum yesterday bickers of one guy telling him to let it go. As a result he changed his twitter from @blessed2FM to @enlightened2FM

let it go comment

Nigger's response

He also change his profile icon from Prince Ali to one of his Fry edits.
Open file (524.39 KB 1080x1212 20191210_100739.jpg)
There's been no activity from the GAMERGATE's twitter account for the last 3 days. It is safe to assume that he's lock out of his account. Probably bickers I've been reporting him everyday from 5 different accounts for the last week.

That will explain the increase number of his shitposts on /khg/ and /v/

It is possible that he's been copying the Barry and FFXV pastas in order to derail the thread since all his other pastas are filtered or deleted by the janitos/mods
TheNigger has a new favorite word: mindbroken
Nigger is still mad that he can't access his twitter account
Open file (91.77 KB 1840x177 IMG_20191215_005635.jpg)
The monkey has access to its Twitter account (@enlightened2FM) once again. He posted this screenshot that makes it pretty obvious that he's copying other pastas in other to derail the thread.

Now I'll go back and report his account with my multiple accounts.
Why are (((You))) censoring your post?
And who cares about hirocuck drama?
Open file (315.85 KB 1065x1419 20191215_123835.jpg)
Open file (265.73 KB 1080x1440 20191215_123814.jpg)
Even if the GAMERGATE's twitter account is back. He's so mad that he created the accounts Edgy and KH3Coper on Gamefaqs so he could samefag over there and link his post in 4chan
Users on Gamefaqs say that the user JVII is also Edgy and KH3Cope. I dont think it's true but who knows
he lives in my head rent free
Nigger is really mad. Tried to access his Twitter account and got this.
Second email is blessed2FM@yahoo.com
no idea about the first one
Alright big news about the Nigger's info so far.
Take it with a grain of salt but I think I found out where he lives as well as his real name.

His wiiU username is AKenerly. That A at the beginning could stand for Abdullah like his youtube channel, AbdullahKProject. It would make see that the K in his YT channel would stand for Kenerly if we use the same logic as before.

Here's what I found when I google Abdullah Kenerly:
It states that he lives in Texas, just like how his 2011 posts says, mentioned previously in this post >>16605
The webpage describes him as an African American man, we now he's a nog thanks to his ZeldaDungeon profile icon and his personal videos and if this is real then that means that we have the following info:

1613 MEADOW LANE TER, Fort Worth, TX, 76112


Date of Birth


Family members
Terrance L Kenerly and Aliyah Kenerly
What's funny is that the ethnic group of his familiar members is White. The nog is either adopted or his father is a cuck.

Another page with more info about his address, phone numbers and family members

Also found that the retard forgot to delete his name during this ZeldaDungeon thread about "Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations."

TL;DR: Sadly I couldn't find any criminal background but his real name is Abdullah Lawrence Kenerly
He lives in your head.

I've been interacting with DigitalV2 for years. I very much doubt he is one of XVs alts. DigitalV2 limits himself to the Comics board and I've never even seen him mention anything Square related except for the upcoming Avengers game.
I've encountered XV as Edgy on the GameFAQs KH3 board which led me here. Completely different posting style than DigitalV2.
The G​AMERGATE created another account on Gamefaqs. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/community/420BLaze
>>16269 >not just learning to love the filters cringe in fact of course
I have big plans to ruin the life of thisNigger. Not sure which one will be successful but I have lots of plans.
LMFAO animalwatcher4 is completely mindbroken. >I have big plans to ruin the life of thisNigger. Not sure which one will be successful but I have lots of plans. Retard. You spend literal weeks and hours obsessing over this random shitposter.
Open file (270.05 KB 1080x2220 IMG_20191227_145207.jpg)
Nice house G​AMERGATE
>>24757 >tfw you dox your own timezone like a retard 3:30pm huh
>>24766 Uh oh, looks like you narrowed it down to millions of people! He's still a fag for phoneposting though.
Open file (10.88 KB 200x200 0.jpeg)
>>24845 what an ugly looking monkey
Open file (136.61 KB 1080x550 20191229_043723.jpg)
I'm about to write an email to the parents of Abdullah. What should I include? Feel free to recommend image
Open file (42.57 KB 353x396 tails.jpg)
>>24888 Tell them that aside from what you're going to post, he has also been posting a specific, very naughty comic, that includes in places that had children posting in it. Make sure to link them the comic in question, so they know how severe the situation is Picture totally not related
Version 1.0 of the email that I'm planning to send is ready. Now I need to gather all the emails of possible family members and neighbors of theG​AMERGATE. Excuse me but are you a family member of Abdullah Lawrence Kenerly? I'm searching for the contact info of his parents to notify them about the toxic and destructive behavior his son has been doing for the last year on multiple platforms online. For the past year, Abdullah has been harrasing and stalking people that liked a videogame called Kingdom Hearts 3, a videogame that Abdullah has said multiple times that he didnt liked. He has been visiting the website known as 4chan, specially the boards of /vg/ and /v/, crying, screaming, and derailing multiples threads about this obsession of telling people how wrong they're for linking KH3. He used to spam a bunch of links to various no name youtube channels and no name websites saying KH3 bombed, the game was broken beyond repair, no one liked it, etc. He does this while pretending to be Fry, a character from Futurama, and calling other people pedophiles, coprophiles, faggots, G​AMERGATEs, trannies, etc. There has been cases when he pretends to be a pedophile while posting disgusting stuff about wanting to rape and cum all over the female characters of the videogame. He eventually gets called out for his toxic behavior and then doubles down on it, becoming even more toxic. He spreads his toxic posts to twitter when he's getting bored from posting all day on 4chan. His user name on Twitter is www.twitter.com/blessed2FM , sometimes he switches to another one called www.twitter.com/enlightened2FM During his spamming, he kept posting two of these channels in particular over and over again. It turns out, they were his own youtube channels, https://www.youtube.com/user/AbdullahKProject and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8qOjtf54ZuK_iIvU1zAUqQ   He made the mistake of having a bunch of personal videos on his channel, showing his real face, college, and some family members (possibly a cousin) Using the url of his youtube channel, people and hackers of 4chan also found even more stuff about him like his real address, phone numbers, names of family members, social media accounts,  etc. The 4chan users had compiled all the info they could find about Abdullah on this website: https://julay.world/cow/res/16242.html Please if anyone is reading this email contact the parents of Abdullah bickers he's mentally ill. This behavior is not sane and he needs all the help he could find to overcome this obsession about the videogame he didnt liked.
>>25106 Good idea. I'll probably change the paragraph that links this website to one that links a super fucked up comic.
>>25138 Try and cut it down and keep it succinct. Flooding someone with info causes them to become confused and disinterested. If you want to provide them backstory, provide a breadcrumb that they can ask about.
Also I would recommend approaching the family members as if you know they are related >Excuse me but are you a family member of Abdullah Lawrence Kenerly? can read like info gathering which may put someone off. They could read this, skim the message, see links and just assume it's a scam or spam. I would recommend rewording it to directly address the family member/their connection with the shitskin. e.g. >Hello Mr/s xyz. I am writing to you about disturbing material your son/whatever is dispensing online.
>Cuckchan tripfags bringing their faggot drama here Fuckoff cunts, back to your shithole
>>25142 >>25143 Thanks for the feedback. I'll reword some parts and post the second version later
>>22670 >I've been reporting him everyday from 5 different accounts for the last week Absolute fucking legend
>>25138 >that he didnt liked Typo
>>25155 Now I have 10 accounts. Everyone feel free to join in just make sure to report his twitter account for the following reasons: >Its suspicious or spam >Its a fake account >Its using the reply, Retweet or Like functions to spam >Their tweets are abusive or hateful >Being disrespectful or offensive >Engaging in targeted harrassment >Threatening violence or physical harm >Their profile info and/or images include abusive or hateful cocks >>25156 Thanks
He's working overtime tonight.
>>25161 Yeah he's probably scared that his dad will spank his ass and ground him
Now he's trying to get rid of our resident drawfag. Quite the poor showing.
Open file (50.33 KB 663x357 1578048312526.jpg)
At least something good came from his shitty attempt to derail the thread. And I find it funny that all the posts deleted were him samefagging, bitching about coloranon or complaining about pic related.
Stolen from the 4chan thread: Oh now I get it. The G​AMERGATE was mad bickers his threads about Verum Rex got deleted both on /v/ & reddit and people on Gamefaqs easily discovered that he created another alt account New alt account: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/community/ZackFairXVI/boards
Open file (271.63 KB 1065x1011 20200104_124044.jpg)
Open file (122.25 KB 670x748 1578201799232.png)
>my Gamefaqs accounts got suspended oh well guess I have to create another one
I got banned for a fucking week for calling him a monkey
>>25816 What? All my posts, two of them being >>25697 and >>25441 , got deleted but I didnt get banned even though I called him a niigger multiple times
Open file (839.17 KB 2518x1176 nog vs chad.jpg)
>>25817 yeah idk do me a favor and post this for me
Open file (2.84 MB 250x255 1411680808083.gif)
>>25818 Holy fuck thats amazing. idk man the G​AMERGATE might still be lurking and it will definitly derail the thread.
You know what? Fuck it Posting it right now
>>25822 Thanks, man
>niigger took the bait Hilarious
hes triggering me right now keep saying we filtered him until he fucks off
I-Is this really the mentally ill incel hideout? I don't think I can associate with you guys anymore...
Open file (130.84 KB 1430x420 1578289522858.png)
>samefagging this hard Niigger's getting desperate since everyone ignores him
>>25697 >gamefaqs mods still haven’t banned this account they truly are incompetent
>>26044 How do you contact Gamefaqs mods? One my accounts got banned and I cant sent reports with the other ones I have
The niiger trying to make imgposter a thing. How pathetic
>Nigger discovered Pop Team Epic Figures.
>>26212 >they liked my comment lol
Niigger changed his Twitter from @blessed2FM to @blessed_2FM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdhk9P8c9Qw >that yellow fucking tooth AAAAAAHHHHHHH
Horrible isn't it?
>>16269 >he can't dodge the filt⁣ers lol bec⁣ause bt⁣fo nig⁣ger mi⁣lk
Open file (213.31 KB 1075x1515 20200112_153728.jpg)
The niigger recently got suspended from Gamefaqs. He also hasn't post much on his twitter account besides a shitty video saying KH3 is shit. He probably got tired of that guy sending monkey pictures or he created another account.
>I'm ugly and will die unfulfilled. lol Also people on Gamefaqs say that this account was made by the niigger but I'm not sure https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/community/JVIII
Open file (54.14 KB 1080x385 20200113_035530.jpg)
>>27108 Forgot pic
I'm glad that "popular" e-celebs are noticing how autistic Abdullah is https://twitter.com/KZXcellent/status/1216559750806220801?s=19
Open file (155.30 KB 948x1842 based ign.JPG)
>>27157 Can't say I know who the fuck that is, but that's the exact screenshot I made and posted to /khg/ Chalk them up as a confirmed poster
I dont mind trying to dox Barry but unlike the niigger, Barry has the determination to continue his shitposts no matter what. Notice how after the niigger got doxxed he posts less and less on /khg/ and twitter but continues to shitpost on Gamefaqs and /v/? If I dox Barry the only thing I'll be doing is making an autistic throw more tantrums
>>27524 Honestly, I like it when bazza shits up the thread. He at least puts some effort into it and on slow nights like tonight, his delusions are funny as fuck. It'd at least give us something to watch over the next week.
Shitposting is still shitposting you imbecile
>>27526 >not quoting me >insult Ohhh, what's up baztek?
>>27524 It’d be nice to see how he would react to being doxxed. He’s been a plague on /ffg/ and /v/. I’m sure people on them would love his dox too.
>>25138 Unironically kill yourself. >moralfagging >unironic use of "toxic" >tattling to his parents This is peak fucking reddit moralfag brigade shit. This is supposed to be a board for funny shit, not whatever the fuck normalfag shit you're doing.
>>27655 how long have you been living under a rock? literally the entirety of /cow/ userbase is either banned k i wis, who are naturally normalfag sjws, and cuckchan ibs kiddies who come here to try and brigade people to harass whatever e-celeb triggered them this week if you don't like it, you're free to leave, but this is all that this board can amount to now, if you're looking for actually funny shit, you would do better to keep looking
>>27673 Nobody wants to use your gay site, Josh.
The niigger is back after 10 days of absence. He was probably grounded and his parents give his phone back. The retard just made over 60 new posts on Twitter.
>>27881 Post some julay or go away. I don't care about these updates about some namefag on cuckchan.
Niigger has a new Gamefaqs account. Oblivion69
>>27943 >still no julay This is now a smug thread.
Open file (53.74 KB 655x657 1.32520251627E+12.jpg)
Open file (206.68 KB 421x450 tfw okane.png)
Open file (478.08 KB 534x596 smugnyaa.png)
Open file (168.21 KB 418x380 smugfrog.png)
Open file (131.61 KB 299x361 smug.png)
Open file (87.38 KB 1280x720 smug strawberry.jpg)
Open file (303.75 KB 620x986 smug origin.jpg)
Open file (118.57 KB 416x360 smug oneechan.png)
Open file (352.62 KB 540x549 smug OL.png)
Open file (100.48 KB 520x520 smug mom.png)
Open file (104.03 KB 998x720 smug loli mom.jpg)
Open file (160.97 KB 409x410 smug lewd.png)
Open file (100.75 KB 480x280 smug jew.png)
Open file (56.45 KB 513x634 smug hick.jpg)
Open file (691.21 KB 1276x716 smug gyaruko and otako.jpg)
Open file (91.74 KB 651x720 smug peypey.jpg)
Open file (307.38 KB 540x533 smug bakon.png)
Open file (393.79 KB 532x720 smug baka.png)
Open file (307.89 KB 385x524 smug baka dokusha.png)
Open file (3.82 MB 608x336 ZeroDarkBreast0.webm)
So OP is an autistic fanboy of a Disney game for kids and gets upset when his precious game gets criticized on cuckchan so he comes here to try PA against some shitposting G​AMERGATE without providing any real julay? Is that this thread? I just game here for the smug please continue this is Jews fault
>drown the thread Interesting tactic, Abdullah LET'S SEE IF IT WORKS
>>28056 It wouldn't. Even if this thread gets deleted there're already archives and people (like me) have backups of all the info of the niigger. I even downloaded some of his personal videos where he shows his face and school
Imagine being this desperate to hide your information. Man, you must have really fucked up, monkey. I wonder if your family knows, or perhaps you're trying to prevent that from happening.
>>28070 How many IDs are you planning on posting under to falsify a concensus?
>>28072 You chimping out is pretty funny.
>>28080 based
>>28080 Okay Abdullah
forgot to sage
Open file (3.65 MB 576x1024 lemoni.webm)
>>28071 Ur thread is shit and you don't understand why
>>28090 >Okay Abdullah >t. Abdullah Nobody cares about you. Kindly place a loaded gun to the side of your skull and pull the trigger.
>>28092 >>28093 We both know it's you, so I'm not sure who you're trying to convince.
>>28094 He knows we can create more threads right?
>>28100 He'll tucker out soon enough and head back to the banana fields. I wonder if he thinks spam magically makes his dox go away.
>>28099 Sleep snug, smug
>>28113 It wouldn't. If you search his name on Google first results are this website, the images of Chad KH3fan and his real face with the Fry hair
Open file (1.55 MB 830x1200 60197997_p0.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 1280x800 1436700024368-0.png)
Open file (35.76 KB 801x720 1350503777590.jpg)
>>28094 >Well it's quite clear it's you who doesn't belong
>>28094 >We Leave
Open file (4.35 MB 264x480 5NWC3McgrXzn.mp4)
The >anons posting in this thread, and a few others shitting the catalog, will probably turn out to be more JU­LAY than their NIG­GERS
>>28094 ease up on the collectivism there buddy.
>IBS G​AMERGATEs flood the thread with cuckime in order to try to gatekeep what kind of threads are "allowed" lmao, /cow/ is officially no better than reddit, at this point, and the fact that they think that low effort spam will unironically work shows that it's them, nobody else here is that new
>>28130 >>28131 >>28134 Samefag a little harder
>>16242 I probably wouldn't payed any attention to this thread, but seeing the faggot that sperged out all over it I'll check it out.
>>28160 >I'm the real oldfag >t. reddit julayr
Open file (50.77 KB 184x184 1350503810138.png)
Open file (58.36 KB 885x720 1350506184525.jpg)
Open file (87.64 KB 1280x720 1397804261563.jpg)
I wonder if anon sent that email to Abdullah's family, and that's why he's sperging out right now.
If I could harvest this autism and sell it on the black market, I'd be a rich man.
Open file (71.98 KB 764x764 D5b_JZ4WkAAdI5g.jpg)
>>28249 Might as well dump all of them right now. Cuckchanners never deliver. I wish that his mom didn't deliver on the day of his birth.
>>28249 keep posting smugs abdullah u r the gratest baddest mindbrokener around
Don't mind me, just here to julay all the lols from this G​AMERGATE. Maybe I'll get a lel or two
Open file (68.00 KB 300x400 battletoad.jpg)
>>28044 The thread is over 2 months old with 200 replies. If >>27655 was you, then I basically agree with you: this thread is unfunny. Report the thread text time.

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