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JamusActimus AKA JamalActimel, JuanActimel and JeanActimel kiwifarms scrote 12/07/2022 (Wed) 08:49:09 ID: fe1ad0 No.182835
Full Doxx of JamusActimus AKA JamalActimel, JuanActimel and JeanActimel https://foxdickfarms.net/members/jamusactimus.55335/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/JeanActimel Forum: https://avenoel.org/profil/JeanActimel (strong evidences here) Ask fm : https://ask.fm/JeanActimel Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/alain.sourate.1 Twitter: https://tw.tinf.io/ToutsaufSJW Facebook alt https://www.facebook.com/jean.actimel Twitter alt: https://tw.tinf.io/jean_actimel Pokemon shit: https://www.smogon.com/forums/search/5488585/ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000669326 Jvc: https://www.jeuxvideo.com/profil/jeanactimel?mode=infos JamusActimus could change into any name fitting the J...A... pattern, so this is the best doxx he can get. His allies include NerdShamer, Adamska, Battlecruiser3000ad, SeaVulture and AngryTreeRat. StreetGangsta and Analog Devolved have been kicked out by the aftermath of the suicide of Byuu/Near and the efforts of Keffals respectively.
Open file (70.38 KB 1496x302 1602367043121.png)
What did the mods mean by this? Might be this guy's alt or something. I'm the final defense against all of you godless faggots and all your sinful faggotry. Especially @NerdShamer, he's a most shameful faggot.
this dude keeps fucking emailing me saying his tiger parents have him locked in the basement bickers of this thread Another foxdickfarms success story. Then who are the heroes? Bryan's parents? Then I wonder how his parents found his thread. So you mean to tell me that his parents use Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu and other search engines to look up their son's name? If you are reading this, Bryan, jangan risau lah! Semuanya akan baik-baik saja! You didn't see anything. This area is being irradiated by SEA monkeys. Move along, citizen. foxdickfarms's search engine results used to be better. Now you can't even find the site googling foxdickfarms Parents probably dug up the thread before Offals's tantrum resulted in the farms getting delisted from Google. Either that, or a bystander/ween told them what Bryan was doing, possibly linking to this thread directly. NerdShamer​ International GlowG​AMERGATE Commander Messages3,458Reaction score16,771Points225 Joined Aug 22, 2018 Last seen 1 minute ago · Searching https://foxdickfarms.net/members/nerdshamer.26970/follow Trying to doxx me? :) Trust me it's a lost cause. You should be doxxing Alain Ali Actimel so he doesn't denounce the re-brown coalition :) Or to doxx his more private infos before I do so myself :) Donald J. Trump will smite JustARandommer terribly. Donald J. Trump to smite Randall Fragg. Donald J. Trump to betray Assdiamond69 AKA StreetGangsta. Assdiamond69 and StreetGangsta are one and the same.
NYPA faggot this belongs in the foxdick thread you unfunny tourist. Go back to where you belong.
>>182839 NEVER! I am just like Jennifer Pan and Byuu/Near
Yeah, a real tank. I remember all of those T-62s in the Gulf War, with their turrets popping off and flying into the air from the kinetic impact of a nice sabot round. Silence, infidel! The T-62 is the pinnacle of Soviet technology! Why do you think that the KGB gave so many to our comrades? I guess I'll have to make a rescue team to try and get @SIGSEGV out of that Russian prison. All he had to do was not piss off TheGatorGamer when he left the city with the kittens I handraised. Oh, please. The only reason why the book burnings never made the news is bickers I used my FBI connections to suppress every bit of evidence about it. FROM Assdiamond69 in honor of Agent StreetGangsta knocked out by Byuu/Near's death. btw Baba Vanga is a phony, I had numerous Red-Brown experts from the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact verify that it is western disinformation spread by the United States. The true future is that commies and nazis will unite to burn the Mortal Engines quartet series of books once and for all. The 2018 Mortal Engines movie is the true telling of the Mortal Engines story and it was confirmed by Philip Reeve himself, the Gestapo, the KGB and the Stasi (who are sources of correct information). Bruh... Bryan is literally cheering after brutally killing one of our agents. What a sick fuck. Also bruh moment again... you ask the Trump supporters to destroy us, and then 3 paragraphs later you compare us to Trump supporters. What the fuck is this supposed to even mean? Are you having a bad case of cognitive dissonance? Finally, Bryan I feel like you are projecting real hard, since I think YOU should get over the fact that there will be no Mortal Engines TV series. Bruh I'm not a tranny and my rap name ain't "Feminem" either, so why am I a "good-natured daughter"???? #AnalogDevolved2020 #RedBrown2020 -Assdiamond69
JuanActimel to activate Ali JeanActimel. As soon as he heard one of his parents scream “MEDS ARE MY MAKER!", Bryan the autist knew that he was doomed. He ran randomly in a panic, typing his frenzied thoughts wildly onto Twitter. Somehow the glowG​AMERGATEs had surrounded them! Bryan’s parents ran shrieking into the depths of the abandoned alley, the grunting, devoted glowG​AMERGATEs in swift pursuit. Soon, Bryan was alone. The scrawny Malaysian autist collapsed against a wall, panting raggedly. His laptop had nearly overheated, and his cell phone was on the verge of dying. No use even if they worked, for the glowG​AMERGATEs had already unplugged every router on the island. By now, his whole family was surely medicated. Lost in his thoughts, Bryan D. See did not hear the glowG​AMERGATE creeping up on him. Stunned by a blow to the head, Bryan was thrown violently to the floor. The glowG​AMERGATE grunted in amusement, bending down and examining his body. Dazed, Bryan turned his head to look up at his enemy. The glowG​AMERGATE agent was huge, well muscled and even intelligent for his species. Right now, the glowG​AMERGATE's vibrant brown skin was flashing an vibrant shade of emerald in excitement. Bryan whimpered as he realized what was about to happen. Summoning up his powers as an Autist, Bryan bellowed in the Tard Rage and began to flail about under the glowG​AMERGATE. The glowG​AMERGATE, simply grunting, knocked him down to his knees and started riding the panicked lunatic like a rodeo bull. Already weakened, Bryan simply did not have the strength to dislodge the much heavier glowG​AMERGATE. All that thrashing around served to amuse the glowG​AMERGATE further. His name was Gamma, and the futility of the puny Malaysian flopped around between his muscular thighs was reminding him of his mission. Gamma had meant to save the Malaysian from the fate of his fellow countrymen, but his mind was changed after realizing the stupidity of this situation. He couldn't wait any longer, whipping out his own plasma gun, Gurk seared off the back of the Malaysian's clothes, leaving his shining buttocks bare to the glowG​AMERGATE's judgemental gaze. Bryan moaned in fear, his virgin asscheeks clapping firmly together to deny the glowG​AMERGATE entrance. Gamma simply laughed, ripping open his crude G​AMERGATEish trenchcoat to reveal a glowing syringe, nearly 12 inches long. In one fell motion, the glowG​AMERGATE jabbed the needle into Bryan's left buttock. Much to Gamma’s frustration, his needle was simply too small to fit inside Bryan's flabby ass. He grunted furiously, screaming “TAKE YOUR MEEEEEEEEEEDEEDS!" in his deep G​AMERGATEish voice as he battered his patient's head against a dumpster. Suddenly the Malaysian’s ass gave way, and the serrated head of Gamma’s needle popped through into the forbidden halls of his veins. Gamma’s pleased snort was drowned out by Bryan’s scream of agony. The glowG​AMERGATE began to pump away in earnest, his bulging muscular hands and fingers slamming brutally against his syringe. Poor Bryan was swiftly going into shock from the pain. His mind growing dim, he screamed " MEDS ARE MY MAKER!" MEDS ARE MY MAKER!", over and over as the glowG​AMERGATE unloaded vial after vial of classified drugs into his bruised insides. The glowG​AMERGATE’s serrated needle. had caused a large degree of internal damage, and Bryan was close to passing out from blood loss and fear. If his family didn’t find him soon, Bryan knew that he would soon be vaccinated into a Trump supporter. His poor laptop burst into flames as he tried to type out an final call for help on Gab, but it was too late. Gamma roared out as he pushed the needle into the screaming autist one final time, his beautiful green syringe pumping load after load of mind-altering drugs into Bryan’s circulatory system. The glowG​AMERGATE pulled out as Bryan’s mind slowly relaxed, releasing Gamma’s needle with a string of blood. Gamma swiftly opened his rusted toolbox to retrievr a Band-Aid and used it to hastily cover his handiwork. He then wiped the serrated needle of his syringe with his handkerchief and gently placed them within his toolbox and closed it without making a sound as a demented grin emerged on his face. Without a moment's notice, he picked up his plasma gun and violently incinerated his toolbox. "Lev noh turace!" he moaned. With a satisfied grunt, Gamma walked slowly away from the Malaysian and climbed back into his radioactive barrel with the rest of his platoon. Bryan’s corpse lay cooling on the floor of the alley, the charred remnants of his clothes stained dark with the foul fluids of both the glowG​AMERGATE and himself. And he wondered, "Was it worth it? Are meds my maker? Will I die by kittens?" MEDS GIVEN. NerdShamer is doxed. foxdickfarmsnerdshamer@yahoo.com
> NYPA faggot this belongs in the foxdick thread you unfunny tourist. Go back to where you belong. Bryan is feeling the wrath of the Red-Brown alliance. With his computer confiscated in the name of Donald Trump he has been unable to sperg relentlessly on the internet. In a great victory for socialism Bryan's mother has caught wind of his war with the heroes of our red-brown coalition and has censored him for us. Bryan has been unable to desecrate our beloved Wikipedia page or defame the perfect 2018 Mortal Engines movie. Bryan's mother no longer wants him to study for his masters and doesn't want him exposing our brave agents. He will be unable to dox any of us by posting our names and pictures online. This is cause for much laughter and celebration. He should have worn the hat with a propeller on top lined with tinfoil! Launch all of our kittens and commence the "cure" the COVID-19 program on Bryan's computer. Bryan has lost and suffered a humiliating defeat in his battle against foxdick farms.
Not this bullshit again. Someone said something mean to Blaine the tranny and is getting ranted about? Where is the "full dox?" Just lists to socials? Does anyone here even care about Indonesian schizo Bryan (not Dunn)?
>>182845 I like jamacus and was just about to tell him about this thread actually. Dude hasn't been actually mean to me and has some bants, this dox looks shitty and shoddy and I dunno if it's him. So in all honesty this is the kinda shit I condemn not approve.
Another fucking fagget doxed lol
>>182977 Sources tell me this is a fail dox. Better luck next time kid, just kidding Bryan go fuck yourself and don't blame others for your shitty threads next time.

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