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Open file (101.08 KB 500x500 EDENFACE.jpeg)
EDEN LEAKS Unironic Ralphamale 01/08/2023 (Sun) 07:35:50 ID: ab8beb No.186357
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the greatest leak in the history of the webring: THE EDEN ALTMEYER LEAK. Eden Altmeyer (you know him as Eden, and he goes by the name Gourmet on Matrix in 8moe /v/'s secret server) is an absolute scourge of the webring. Currently he is working under Mark on 8moe to mod cake/v/ and is guilty of pretty much nonstop spamming and fucking with the webring, primarily sleepychan. Today is the day it comes to an end. I will start with a dox that connects Gourmet (Matrix name, good friend of Mark, ringleader of a secret cabal on 8moe) with his old, similar alias of Gourmet Newell. From there, we will find that he has been using his real name (Eden) on the webring. With his piss poor opsec, we will achieve a full dox. The next leaks I plan to share are Eden Altmeyer's involvement in a secret 8moe cabal along others who plague the webring. Please enjoy this leak at the expense of the 8moe G​AMERGATEs which will provide a unique inner look at how Eden functions in secret.
Open file (56.10 KB 652x483 1.png)
Open file (62.76 KB 729x483 2.png)
Open file (21.10 KB 729x124 3.png)
Open file (55.79 KB 655x493 4.png)
We will start off with gourmet accusing others of secretly trying to stir drama, despite the fact that this is what he constantly does to sleepychan (especially /v/) on a daily basis.
A gaslighting techinque gourmet has used is pretending to be solomon, a guy who hosts game nights. Here is a screencap of him pretending to be solomon. Notice he uses the name GourmetNewell!
Open file (155.02 KB 928x559 Thread 2 8moe.png)
Open file (167.09 KB 1272x347 Thread 2 ZZZ.png)
Here is Gourmet (he goes by Alpharius as proven in image four of post >>186359 above) copying a thread from sleepychan to 8moe to stir up drama! He virtue signals about this despite the fact he is the one doing it! Notice the "edited by Alpharius" in the copied post.
Open file (51.55 KB 770x488 1.png)
Open file (70.83 KB 751x485 2.png)
Open file (47.08 KB 627x454 3.png)
Open file (51.73 KB 677x456 4.png)
Open file (57.31 KB 606x487 5.png)
Here they all are starting drama about /digi/ bickers /digi/ left for sleepychan. Eden seems to have a grudge!
Open file (264.10 KB 1920x1080 0 Felbot's screencap 2.png)
Open file (47.49 KB 753x432 1.png)
For my second to last post, here is Gourmet trying to convince Felbot (another moderator for 8moe /v/) that the true culprit of crossposting on 8moe is actually zzzchan users! He is gaslighting the entire community into believing that 8moe /v/ is under attack by zzzchan. In reality, it is him doing it as a petty grudge bickers nobody likes /geimu/. For my second to last post, I am posting Eden's dox in plain text so that it is archived by search engines! Eden Altmeyer 309 W Touhy Ave Apt 1W Park Ridge, IL 60068-4204 EAltmeyer@linkstechnology.com
For my last post, I will provide the thread with text links to all of the archives presented in image four of the OP. After I spend some time organizing the matrix leaks, I will dump the entirety of the leaks, in full, to this thread. Archive of face and employment: https://web.archive.org/web/20220122054951/https://www.linkstechnology.com/about/staff https://archive.ph/HZtfr https://archive.ph/gbcBn https://archive.is/pynor https://web.archive.org/web/20230108012503/https://www.credly.com/users/eden-altmeyet/badges His home: https://archive.ph/OCNrm https://archive.ph/oyf91 https://web.archive.org/web/20230108033345/https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/309-W-Touhy-Ave-1W-Park-Ridge-IL-60068/2087854079_zpid/ Black Lives Splatter: https://archive.ph/bfR2U https://web.archive.org/web/20211024091822/https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=ocpDCAYDSJW https://archive.ph/tzbbZ https://web.archive.org/web/20230108012005/https://gab.com/BlackLivesSplatter https://web.archive.org/web/20210624233858/https://badgoy.net/ Complaints of Eden on a forum: https://archive.ph/G3VAM https://web.archive.org/web/20230108052810/https://wonderland.tf/threads/a-user-name-gourmet-newell-and-another-named-procyon.14950/ https://archive.ph/yxG8N https://web.archive.org/web/20230108070725/https://wonderland.tf/threads/racism-bigotry-on-class-wars.14637/ Eden's education: https://web.archive.org/web/20221127145530/https://elgin.edu/news-events/ecc-in-the-news/2018/ecc-students-recognized-on-fall-2017-deans-list.php https://archive.is/NSudl https://archive.is/lZAvS Eden's amazon: https://archive.vn/CDwrW https://archive.vn/rNsV7 https://archive.vn/oUF2c https://archive.is/vJJ81 https://archive.is/Ig6cA Eden's reddit: https://web.archive.org/web/20230108052852/https://www.reddit.com/user/gourmetnewell/ https://archive.ph/4jcUo Eden's twitch: https://archive.ph/M9Eod https://web.archive.org/web/20230108053323/https://www.twitch.tv/gourmetnewell Eden's twitter: https://web.archive.org/web/20230108053058/https://twitter.com/gourmetnewell https://archive.ph/fjvGW Eden's youtube: https://archive.vn/h8TMt https://archive.vn/5is6H https://archive.vn/KIct5 https://archive.vn/EAIdy https://web.archive.org/web/20230108053857/https://www.youtube.com/@gourmetnewell7351 Eden's steam: https://archive.vn/UV3hQ https://archive.is/xDsr5 https://archive.vn/AugsR https://archive.vn/sypMc https://archive.vn/drKsq https://archive.vn/JB0xc https://archive.vn/ikyYr https://archive.vn/PHJkD https://archive.vn/dCtX7 Eden's deviant art: https://archive.vn/T0Ra2 Eden's watch 8ch.moe: https://archive.vn/FxkfB Eden's klei forums account: https://archive.ph/9tiPH https://web.archive.org/web/20230108013918/https://forums.kleientertainment.com/profile/255606-gourmet-newell/ Eden's xenogamers: https://archive.ph/oxxku https://web.archive.org/web/20230108013624/https://xenogamers.com/profile/39568-gourmetnewell/ Lol what?: https://archive.is/QN3t6
Who? I don't care.
Hey OP, where is the funny?
>fucking with the webring, primarily sleepychan. >we will >[ID switching] Sturgeon, you can just say you don't like white people doing white things. Play stupid games.
>>186429 t. Eden
>>186453 No you're not doing that tranny nonsense here, I come here to get away from people doing t. shit and acting gay, answer my god damn question where is the fucking funny?
>>186454 reddit/blacked.gov mod being exposed as a shitheel are you satisfied Eden?
>>186456 I'm not Eden and that's what I gathered from the summary but why is a reddit mod of note here? rDrama would eat this shit up since they concern themselves with reddit cows but it's not really the typical audience for it here. >We know reddit mods are huge degenerative wastes so it lacks any impact and comes across as a dime a dozen. Most of what you posted in the OP and summary also comes across as inside baseball and when you combine it with the assumption everyone is someone you know it comes across as schizophrenic. Spoon feeding is usually discouraged but I can tell there was a bit of work put in here but just no catering to the audience you're presenting it to.
>>186456 >Moliberry troon
Open file (411.91 KB 1272x1308 Better thread proof.png)
Here is better proof that Eden is the one copying the threads and stirring the drama! Full Matrix dump coming after!
Open file (52.61 KB 548x426 000.png)
Open file (51.55 KB 770x488 001.png)
Open file (70.83 KB 751x485 002.png)
Open file (47.08 KB 627x454 003.png)
Open file (51.73 KB 677x456 004.png)
Open file (57.31 KB 606x487 005.png)
Open file (70.43 KB 755x484 006.png)
Open file (77.90 KB 736x497 007.png)
Open file (32.03 KB 360x450 009.png)
Open file (56.30 KB 736x435 008.png)
Open file (19.55 KB 457x267 010.png)
Open file (26.78 KB 424x288 011.png)
Open file (37.48 KB 418x431 012.png)
Open file (27.42 KB 545x280 013.png)
Open file (49.60 KB 628x525 014.png)
Open file (54.15 KB 762x476 015.png)
Open file (56.10 KB 652x483 016.png)
Open file (62.76 KB 729x483 017.png)
Open file (21.10 KB 729x124 018.png)
Open file (55.79 KB 655x493 019.png)
Open file (70.65 KB 796x529 020.png)
Open file (61.28 KB 768x498 021.png)
Open file (55.63 KB 671x494 022.png)
Open file (270.47 KB 1920x1080 023.png)
Open file (264.10 KB 1920x1080 024.png)
Open file (47.49 KB 753x432 025.png)
Open file (71.05 KB 716x590 026.png)
Open file (54.65 KB 538x577 027.png)
Open file (60.52 KB 608x578 028.png)
Open file (60.01 KB 530x531 029.png)
Open file (54.60 KB 531x491 030.png)
Open file (64.00 KB 754x577 031.png)
Open file (71.18 KB 711x559 032.png)
Open file (47.21 KB 597x503 033.png)
Open file (90.48 KB 751x531 034.png)
Open file (64.83 KB 712x512 035.png)
Open file (45.72 KB 584x393 036.png)
Open file (77.48 KB 731x529 037.png)
Open file (66.87 KB 739x581 038.png)
Open file (65.56 KB 775x513 039.png)
Open file (67.55 KB 583x580 040.png)
Open file (273.61 KB 1920x1080 041.png)
Open file (286.99 KB 1920x1080 042.png)
Open file (23.60 KB 614x253 043.png)
The End! I think you are all a bunch of very dumb schizos who are so inept that you couldn't even successfully dox your own self, and you don't really deserve a thread this high quality if I am being honest, but at least you guys aren't a bunch of pussies who will delete the information I have provided for you, and I can respect that! Goodbye /cow/!!!
>>186530 I hope Robbi deleted this shit thread.
>>186454 t. Eden
Prolikewoah BO and 8G​AMERGATE mod
>>186521 >Niggerpill/Luciano >Eden thread Was Mark Mann too unspicy that you created a newer bogeyman to blame for your massive ego?
Open file (922.30 KB 640x360 laughing-smile.mp4)
>>186525 >>186530 Nice tabs and cope bleached lolicoomer gachaddict larper Felbot.
eden is such a cute.... built for pegging...
>>186357 >guy who made super Гунт 64 romhack turned out to be a pedo >black lives splatter guy turned out to be a massive sperg and a ni/gg/er is everyone making le funny memey games doomed to be the biggest autists on the internet?
>>186733 Who the fuck else would take the time and make those, c'mon now, no need to be silly.
>>186734 I don't remember any drama coming from moon.wad or any of the ED games. What's with this new generation of estrogen fueled retards and their drama? Also LOL at everything listed here, this pretty much confirms everything that was already known about 8chan.gov Good job OP
>>186734 >>186648 t. Moliberry kike
I believe I won the Election.
Open file (750.19 KB 312x338 mark_laugh.gif)
>>186559 Same guy that was fired from tvch? He was buddy buddy with koi until their mutual attention seeking conflicted with each other or something? Unless your name is Mark Mann and werk for your output, it's the end result for anyone that tries to be Mr. based /v/ hero.
Open file (68.75 KB 750x957 crying chud.jpg)
Open file (63.15 KB 695x594 1672976292811.png)
Is Vampyr stil a mod at that place? The guy is unironically the worst janny I have ever encountered on any imageboard.
Why should I care?
Open file (81.24 KB 301x304 Niggerchu.png)
>>186753 BASED Moliberry shit his pants and did nothing wrong, BASED Moliberry is an oldfag and a chad, unlike the /cattle/ that posts there This message of TRUTH has been brought to you by N​IGGERchu
>>187317 I'm 12 years old and what is this?
Open file (331.70 KB 409x592 cat2.png)
>>186357 He's cute. I'll make his bussy leak if you get what I mean (anal sex).
>>187317 Kill yourself, troon.
Open file (1.32 MB 1024x576 nuzach's nightmare.mp4)
>>186453 >>186456 Holy fuck, this is literally Nuzach.
>>190788 Shut the fuck up kikelover
>>190788 >fatassch.moe Moliberry tranny, go home
>>191126 >>191593 >the sweaty gamer spic is kvetching you're such a lolcow.
Rand: You're a sweaty gamer Mansu: So are you -30 seconds later- Mansu: no wait I'm not a pedo
> pedo
Eden has desperately been trying to scrub his dox from the internet, less than a month ago he reported a paste of his dox but that won't fucking work, Eden. Every time you delete it, it will be reposted another ten.
>>243518 How do you know this?
>he wasn't a woman after all ayy lmao
Looks like a random, very boring techie to me.
>>187152 second. Looks like underage are trying to 1up their mods from all of those garbage imageboards with many sikrit chats attached to them.
Open file (106.50 KB 644x952 1432120232491.png)
You forgot to mention the 8moe flew out of the webring with looping for resurrecting /hebe/ of all things.
>>245257 >defending 8pedos kys and leave.

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