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Emptyhero Unironic Ralphamale 01/10/2023 (Tue) 19:17:21 ID: 679e29 No.186664
>Gets banned from YouTube for filing fradulent counter claims bickers he's scared of Manly tears/Britbong >Now stuck streaming to 19 people on a dead channel >Paying people money to shout him out Not like this bros.. LMAO
Open file (44.62 KB 680x419 nemesis.jpg)
>>186664 do you think EmptyQueero is my jewish mothering Fuzhou's buttery my jewish motherers for sustenance in these trying times?
Manletears is a sperg, but Michael is a sore loser and a fag too.
truth be told, dude has done more to fuck with cows than most. post seems a bit like manlytears faggotry.
>>222878 britbong hates this place, he would never created this thread
Empty started to go downhill ever since he let Fuzhou on his streams.
Kys op, empty is funny and a blessing.
>>186664 >ecelebs cringe
>>227437 Welcome to nu/cow/, a site without soul.

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