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Open file (68.35 KB 720x537 a-log with turkey.jpg)
Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto JEWS 11/28/2019 (Thu) 01:22:43 ID: e041d0 No.20078
Thanksgiving. A time for togetherness. A time for family. A time for eating. It is a time when families come together and have a feast, all the while being thankful for what life has brought onto them and for the years to come. Such a feast is happening today.

We start at the home of Anthony LoGatto, who is currently indulged in a Thanksgiving dinner alongside his lover and secretary Callie Briggs and three other people. All three are female mice of varying age. The one at the head of the table has glasses, short, shoulder length hair, and wears a purple turtleneck blouse and pants; the other has long black hair, medium body size, black sleeveless blouse and gray pants; the final guest has long brown hair in a downytail, regular body size, a New York Mets sports jacket and jeans. They are Margo, Angela and Elena, his mother and sisters, respectively. They've come over to visit Anthony for Thanksgiving dinner.

“So guys,” begins A-Log. “How have you been doing lately?”

“Well, I've been doing well as a paralegal. I've been helping others on a recent case,” said Angela, as she eats the turkey.

“I've been doing well in the art realm as well as being a court stenographer,” says Elena. “You couldn't believe how many cases I've been in from time to time.”

“Agreed,” said his mother. “And I supposed you have done well with your comedy career?” she asked her son. “I recall your father wasn't very pleased with your choice.”

“Pfft, please!” he said as he eats, being careful not to talk with his mouth full, “I'm sure the ol' man is delusional as always.”

“Not to mention bitter,” Elena says.

“Can we at least skip talking about dad for once?” says Angela. “Besides, the food's getting cold.”

And with that, Anthony and the others resume eating.

“Miss Briggs,” says Margo, “I'm still fortunate that you're keeping my son under control?”

“Don't worry, Margo,” Callie says with reassurance. “I've known Anthony since high school, and I'm sure he's doing well under my watch.”

“Despite hanging out with Enchantra, which started this whole mess,” she said under her breath, making sure the rest of the family, including Callie, heard her remark. She is worried about her son's actions since Enchantra came into his life, but she still has some comfort knowing that she hasn't done any harm to her son, and Anthony has never done likewise to another woman.

“So how are you doing in Manhattan, Callie?” says Elena, with a hint of inquisition. “I'm sure your company is doing fine.”

Callie, with baited breath, says, “It's been difficult since the economy has been going up a roller coaster these days.”

“I know how you mean,” said Angela. “A few months ago, I've seen several people getting laid off from the law firm bickers of budget cuts.”

“I've been trying to get at least another stable job since I got laid off from the driving school down the road,” says Margo, with regret.

“Well,” says Anthony, her son, “At least we can not blame this on just Obama. Mom, you know how much Bush did for eight years, right?

“Yes. We got out of the bushes, but we still can't get out.” she said with a chuckle.

“You're just glad Dad isn't here right now,” Elena said. “You two would blow the roof off.”

Immediately, everyone shares a laugh over the only political difference amongst family; but he isn't here at this moment. As they laugh, Anthony then takes a look into his watch and sees what time it is.

“Oh crap,” he said. “I really hate to skip a meal with you guys, but I gotta get going!”

“Go?” asked Angela. “Go where?”

“Oh,” he said as he walks away from the table and grabs his jacket. “To the city. I have a little Thanksgiving tradition of my own.” He walks back and kisses Callie on the cheek and says, “I'll be back home tomorrow. Keep an eye on the house for me.”

“I will,” she says. “If there's any leftovers, we'll save them for you.”

He nods and waves to his family as he exits the house and drives off. Soon afterward, Margo asks, “It's a little strange for him to go to Manhattan at this time of day.
“How do you mean?” Callie asks.

“Well,” she says, adjusting her glasses a bit, “The parade has been over since noon, and there isn't anything else to do in the city tonight.”
A turkey reacts to A-Log's desire to fuck it.

“Unless he's going to a soup kitchen to help out,” says Elena.

“Well,” Callie says, “He doesn't usually do that unless it's around Christmas time. He did say he's going to do a Thanksgiving tradition of his own.”

“What type of Thanksgiving tradition makes him go into the city?” asks Angela.

We then cut to an hour or so later, as A-Log exits the subway and takes a walk in the city as the night falls. From what he sees, he can tell that Manhattan is still reeling over the Thanksgiving Day Parade that made its way through the city. He passes by many of the citizens, as well as many families overjoyed that the holidays are soon arriving. He walks a long distance before entering a bar. He looks up to see that the name of the bar is “Down the Ale” and then enters the bar.

As he enters the bar, he sees several people partying after their Thanksgiving away. As he scopes around he notices several beautiful women surrounding the place. From human to anthros, as well as few pokemorphs, the beauty is everywhere. He also notices a lot of turkey girls cavorting throughout the bar. As you can tell, this is his own personal Thanksgiving tradition; after spending the day eating a dead turkey, he spends the rest of Thanksgiving night eating out a live one. He continues to scope around the bar until he sets his sights on a particular turkey babe sitting at the bar. This turkey has brown feathers, a nice set of curves on her body, especially her onion shaped booty, 44K sized breasts, finely tuned beak, three feathers on her head representing her hair, red waddle below the bill, and is wearing a black cocktail dress which does well to show off her many curves. “Target acquired!” he thinks to himself as he checks her out from afar. “Now let me get some of this bird before the night is done!”

He walks over to the bar and sits on the stool next to her's. He then strikes up a conversation with her. “Hey there!” he says. The turkey girl notices him and takes a look at his body structure. “Same to you, darling!” she says with a soothing and sexy accent. “Do you come here often?”

“Only on certain occasions,” he says. “Do you?”

“Well, I'm a little new here,” she says. “I've been here a couple of months at that law firm, and I really want to unwind after Thanksgiving.”

“Big family?” he asks.

“Yes,” she says. “This is the first Thanksgiving where they visited me for a change. Keeps a single girl like me some company this time of year.”

“I see,” he says. “I almost forgot; name's Anthony, but everyone calls me A-Log.”

“Charmed,” says the big turkey girl. “My name's Tammy, Tammy Gobbleberg!” She takes another sip from her glass and says, “It's nice to meet people in a place like this.”

“Agreed,” he says. “But it's nice to see someone as beautiful as you.”

She blushes and says, “I bet you say that to most of the other turkey girls you meet!”

“All a part of the charm, Miss Gobbleberg!”

“Please,” she says with a soft and alluring voice as she places one leg coyly on top of the other, “Call me Tammy!”

As she continues sipping her drink, A-Log cannot help but check out her curves. Her breasts softly heave and wobble from her tight dress, and her smooth legs also capture his eye.

Tammy notices this and says, “You're checking me out, aren't you?”

“Oh?” he says, snapping out of his trance. “You can tell?”

“Look at me, sweetie,” she says with pride, “I've got a body that has a lot more to love, and I've been turning heads with a body like this!” She then leans forward to show off her cleavage to tease him and says, “I bet you want to play with my girls, don't you?”

Nodding, he says, “Definitely!”

“How's about we continue our conversation in a more...” she trails off as she places her hand on his thigh, “Private area?”
Knowing that he has this turkey girl all set for a night of passion, he says, “I know a hotel nearby. Let's go!”

Tammy places her money and tip down on the bar for the drink and grabs her purse as she and A-Log walk out of the bar. As they walk out of the bar, he can feel aroused as he walks by her, feeling her body sway as she walks alongside him; her breasts bouncing up and down as she walks, as well as her round and brown turkey booty. “This is going to be a fun night with this chick! She's already better than Teri, that turkey girl I fucked last year!”

Moments later, we see them check into a fancy hotel in the city. A-Log and Tammy make it to the hotel clerk who immediately recognizes him. “Spending another Thanksgiving night here, Mr. LoGatto?”

“Yep!” he says proudly. “Got myself another turkey girl this time. And she's eager to get going!”

The clerk notices Tammy and says to A-Log, aside, “She's got a little more meat than the last few girls from your previous visits.”

“Don't worry,” he says reassuringly, “Tammy's got everything you want in a turkey girl; especially a little more meat in her bones!”

“I see what you mean,” as the hotel clerk notices her 44K size breasts. “The usual room?”

“Of course!” says A-Log.

The clerk then gives the key to A-Log and lets him and Tammy go into the elevator. Tammy does have a little suspicion on how A-Log knows the hotel clerk and the other times he was there on Thanksgiving. But she doesn't want to ruin the night for themselves.

As they make their way up in the elevator, Anthony and Tammy make out to pass the time. As they kiss each other in mad passion, A-Log takes the time to guide one of his hands behind her and gropes her ass as they make out. He starts rubbing her ass with his hand, feeling how round and big it is as her tail feathers react with arousal.

She releases herself from the lip lock to say, “Can't wait to give me a try, huh baby?”

“With a fine turkey girl like you, I can't hold it for long!” he says and they continue making out in the elevator. This lasts until it hits the 20th floor, for which they stop as the doors open. They exit the elevator and they make their way towards their room for the evening.

As A-Log unlocks the door and opens the door, Tammy is amazed to see the décor. It is a lover's paradise with silk sheets, a big bed for two, champagne, and various other items strewn about. “How did you get digs like this?” she exclaims.

“There's a lot of things I've done with my jobs as comedian and DJ that have helped me pay for this stuff,” he says as he walks in. “What do you think?”

“You've got a lot of taste,” says Tammy. “I'm guessing that you have a lot of experience with girls of my type?” she says as she places her hands on her hips.

“Well,” he says, “It's a little tradition of mine I do for Thanksgiving. So far, I've been doing this since I was 21!”

“And you look for a girl like me for some fun?” she says.

“Yep!” he says. “How else am I going to spend Thanksgiving night?”

Tammy then goes into thought about A-Log's tradition of fucking turkey women every Thanksgiving. She does know of the irony of him eating a dead turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and then go out to “eat” a live turkey girl later that night. She then becomes intrigued and asks, with a seductive tone, “So, am I like the other turkey girls you've fucked so far?”

“One way to find out...” he says as he starts to kiss her passionately once more. Tammy kisses back by having her tongue connect with his, in a French kiss. As they make out, she guides her hand down to wrestle and grabs a hold of his erect cock, touching it as it pitches a tent inside his jeans.

She breaks the kiss and says, “I see that you have a monster down there! I didn't expect a fox like you to be this huge.”

“Why don't you take these slacks off and find out?” he says. “You know what they say about curiosity!”
Open file (98.28 KB 521x753 large six-inch penis.jpg)
Intrigued by his words, Tammy kneels down on her knees and unzips his pants. She licks her lips as she readies herself for what will spring up. She then pulls them down to reveal the erection emanating from his boxers. His boxers are then pulled down to reveal his large six-inch penis bobbing up and down in front of her surprised face.

“Jesus Christ!” she exclaimed. “You're this big?”

“Still the average size, but compared to others, it's bigger,” he says. “What are you going to do about it?”

Tammy cannot find the words to describe what she saw. His penis is standing erect in front of her face; pointing at her as the one to give it pleasure. Without a second thought, Tammy engulfs his penis into her mouth and starts to suck him off, thus bringing them into a blowjob. A-Log takes a sharp moan as he feels her warm mouth bathing his dick with her saliva; her tongue coiling around the shaft in hunger.

“I can see that you haven't had a good dick in a while,” he says, enjoying the sounds of her sucking his cock.
What a slut.

For a brief moment, she releases the cock from her mouth, jerks it with her hand to keep it erect and says, “Not since my last office party back around Christmas last year!”

Surprised, he then says, “I'm surprised that your office would allow such activity. Isn't that sexual harassment?”

“I know,” she says. “But it does help that a girl like me can get some stress relief during the holidays. I'm considering you an early treat for me!” she says erotically as she continues to suck him off, her head bobbing back and forth, her bill getting all of his penis in the process.

“Oh shit, Tammy!” he says. “I can see why you're popular at your law firm! You're very good when it comes to diction and oral presentation!”

Tammy contains a giggle at his humor as she continues the blowjob. As she sucks him off, she places one of her hands in between her legs and feels her pussy getting wet with anticipation. She fingers herself feverishly as she thinks to herself on how he'll fit inside her plump pussy.

“Tammy, baby,” he says as his cock continues to get sucked on. “I love how you give head, but I want to return the favor!”

She releases his hardened cock out of her mouth and says, “Oh? How so?”

“First off,” he says, “I want to fuck those plump turkey breasts of yours!”

“You want to see my girls, do you?” she says with a teasing tone, placing a finger on the middle of her top. He nods and says, “Of course! Out all the turkey girls I saw at the bar tonight, you outdid them when it comes to tits!”

“Glad to hear that!” she says erotically. “But I do need you to do at least one thing...”

“What's that?” he says with a quizzical tone.

“Take a seat on the bed,” she says with much eroticism. “Let me do all the work!”

A-Log complies and he sits on the edge of the bed, shaking off his pants from his ankles and taking his shirt off in the process. Tammy proceeds to take down her top to free her 44K sized knockers. Her breasts are big and soft, brown with her feathers as does her nipples. She comes over to his erect dick and teases him a bit by slapping his dick onto her breast. After this bit of teasing, she places them in between her cleavage and gives them a tight squeeze, letting him release a gasp of air in delight.

“Ready, baby?” she says erotically.

“I've been waiting to fuck these tits all night,” he says. “Do it!”

On cue, Tammy uses her hands to push her huge bosoms up and down with his dick stuck in between them like a heavenly bond. Her soft breasts caress his hardened cock as she feels how warm his dick is in this mammarial vice grip. A-Log takes a deep breath as his foxdick is massaged by her butterball sized breasts. He is amazed on how good she is when it comes to tit-fucking.

“Damn Tammy,” he says as he catches his breath throughout this joyous torture. “Your tits feel so soft...!”
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She gives him a seductive smile and says, “That's bickers they're real!” She winks at him and continues to have his dick penetrate her boobs. She also intensifies the situation by licking the head of his erect cock, letting her saliva coat it as her breasts comfort his cock like a meatier security blanket. A-Log arches back as he continues to enjoy Tammy's tit-fucking.

“I'm sure I've got those other turkey girls beat with these tits!” she thinks to herself. “I bet he's met at least one turkey that had some silicone implants from his little yearly tradition! But at least I know mine is all natural, and fit for this boy's tastes!”

She continues to squeeze his dick from in between her engorged melons, when she feels it writhing around, signaling that he is ready to pop at any moment.

“Oh shit, Tammy!” he says while gripping the sheets with his hands. “Those tits are so good, I'm about to cum!”

“Aww, too early?” she says with a teasing tone. “I sure hope you'll have enough stamina for some more?” She winks at him and presses her tits tighter against his cock. With just one more hard squeeze lets him release several ropes of cum onto her awaiting face and bill. When the cum subsides, she cleans his dick with her mouth, leaving his cock still erect in the process.

Catching his breath, he then says, “Sorry for popping too early. It's a rare occurrence nowadays.”

“Don't worry about it, baby,” Tammy says as she licks the cum off the edge of her bill. “As far as I'm concerned, you have a lot left in the tank,” she says, gesturing to his still erect manhood. “Why don't you return the favor?”

“How do you mean?” he asked.

“Anthony, baby, do you really need to ask?” she said teasingly as she unzips her cocktail dress and letting it fall on to the floor. “Why not eat this turkey girl out?”

A-Log thought of her words for a moment, but it didn't take too long for him to get what she's saying. “Good idea! But let me have a taste of some other parts as well!”

She giggles softly and says, “If you wanted some more of my breasts, you're welcome to have another taste!” She then lays down besides him as she awaits for him to pleasure her. As she lays down, A-Log then gets on top of her and starts to suckle her swollen nipples. His tongue hungrily circles around her nipples and suckles on them as he fondles her large bosoms. After doing that, he slides himself downward to her wet pussy and proceeds to lap up her juices as he eats her out. Tammy gasps sharply as she feels his tongue going in and out of her pussy. She cradles her boobs together as she allows him to dig in further into her pussy.

“Lick that pussy, baby!” she says erotically. “Eat this juicy turkey out!”

A-Log willfully carries onward and sticks his tongue even further inward. He is enjoying the fact that he is eating her out, but he decides to take this into overdrive. As he moves his tongue up to lick her clitoris, he inserts two of his fingers inside her snatch and moves them in and out. Tammy opens her eyes wide as she feels his index and middle finger move in and out of her pussy like a piston. She tries to refrain from yelling her lungs out, so as not to disturb the other guests in the hotel. But she soon realizes as she feels his fingers going in faster and faster, she can't hold it any longer.


A-Log obliges as he fastens the pace his fingers and tongue, as Tammy is on the throes of an upcoming orgasm. After severing licks and finger thrusts, Tammy lets out a powerful moan of delight as she has her first orgasm of the night. She arches her back as she holds on to the back of his head until her orgasm subsides.

“Well...?” she says as she catches her breath. “How do I taste?”

“You taste wonderful, Tammy!” he says, wiping off the womanly cum off his muzzle. “Has anyone ever given you that strong of an orgasm like that?”
“Very few,” she says. “Most guys wouldn't taste my pussy for that long. I'm just glad you're patient enough to work me out!”

“With a pussy like that,” he says, “Who could resist?”

“I know, right?” she says.

“Anything else you want me to do?” he asks as he gazes at her naked body.

“Now that we have a taste of each other,” she says seductively, “Why not go all the way?”

“You mean...?”

She nods and says, “Of course. But first...” she trails off as she eyes his erect cock once again, “I want another taste of that fat dick before you fuck me!”

“Really?” says A-Log with surprise on his tone. “I'm surprised you haven't been addicted to A-Log Jr. as of yet!”

“Don't be silly, baby!” she says. “At least I won't get killed for giving a BJ to a lover!”

Before A-Log continues, Tammy sits herself up and bends over to suck off A-Log's tool once again. She knows that she wants to coat it with enough saliva so it will be slick enough to enter her pussy afterward. Not only that, she wants it remain hard for the rest of the night. A-Log can't help but moan as Tammy continues to suck his cock. After several seconds, she gives it one last long lick with her tongue, and releases his cock from her mouth.

“Now...” she says erotically. “I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck this hot body of mine!”

“That's all I want to hear!” says A-Log. “But...”

“But what?” she says.

“Why don't you lay on your side?” he says. “I've been thinking of trying this position since I first saw you.”

Tammy does as she's told and lays on her side. She then asks, “What do you have in mind?”

“I'm going to give a variation of spooning a try,” he says.

Curious, she asks, “But shouldn't you be lying besides me?”

“I know,” he says. “But I would love to see that body jiggle as I fuck you! Wouldn't you agree?”

“I do,” she says.

A-Log then proceeds to insert his erect penis into her awaiting vagina. As he slowly inserts it in, Tammy lets out a slow moan of satisfaction as she feels every inch of his dick; her pussy tightening up as he enters her moistened valley.

“Ready, Tammy?” he asks.

“Yeah...!” says Tammy. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck this turkey hard!”

A-Log starts to thrust himself into her pussy as he places his hands onto her plump ass cheek. As he gets a steady rhythm, he starts to go faster with every thrust from his pelvis; putting his back into it as he fucks this curvy turkey babe. With every thrust he's giving to her, he can feel her pussy tightening up to his cock.

“Please don't cum too early, Tammy,” he says in thought. “There's so much more positions I want to fuck you in before Thanksgiving is over!”

With his hips making contact with her's, he can also feel her ass jiggle every time his penis makes contact with her pussy. As he fucks her, he reminds himself of the first turkey girl he fucked: Trisha. He met Trisha in the city when he was 21, and he remembers how good she felt. Her breasts weren't as big as Tammy's, but he remembers how firm and round her ass was when he made love to her. Hard to believe that Trisha got married two years after he fucked her, but he knows that a girl like her is being treated well by her hubby. He wonders the same for Tammy in regards to her future after tonight.

“You like that ass, don't you?” Tammy says erotically, snapping A-Log out of his thoughts.

“Damn right I do!” he says as he keeps fucking her. “If only I could see more that tail feather of yours!”

Smiling to him, she says, “Ask and you shall receive!”

Before he says anything, she moves off her side, thus letting his dick go free. She then goes on all fours and presents her big ass towards him, her tail feathers swaying with delight. “What's wrong?” she says teasingly. “Haven't seen a set of tail feathers this good before?”

“On a girl like you?” he says, “Hardly. But they wouldn't be the only part of you that needs some shaking!”
Before Tammy can say anything else, A-Log shoves his cock into her pussy; this time in the doggy-style position. A-Log places his hands on Tammy's hips and gets a grip on her round ass as she pounds his pud into her pussy in a quick pace; her ass jiggling with each time her ass makes contact with his hips.

A-Log still can't get his memories of Trisha out of his mind as he continues to fuck Tammy doggy-style. Both turkey girls have a nice ass-- plenty of meat where it counts. But they still have some subtle difference; mostly in breast size and weight. But the past was the past; he's fucking a fine turkey girl tonight.

He then lets go of her hips, and lets her move her hips onto his, letting his penis probe her repeatedly. Once more, her ass jiggles each time she makes contact with his hips. She breathes in and out as she continues to be fucked by A-Log, enjoying his erect cock in the process.

“That's right, Tammy...” says A-Log. “That's how you defend yourself; work that turkey ass!”
I will gobble. FOR YOU.

“Like this, baby?” she asks erotically as she continues to thrust herself on his cock.

“Yeah... like that!” he says, “Just like that...!”

“I bet you're gonna make me cum again if I keep this up?” she asks.

“Even so,” he says. “But I still want to keep fucking you until you make me cum as well!”

She smiles back as she continues to thrust herself onto his hips. He then thrusts himself back to drive himself into her, trying to make her cum a bit faster, still letting her enjoy herself at the same time. Suddenly, he smacks her ass with his hands, thus letting out a surprised moan from Tammy.

“Enjoying that ass, baby?” she asks erotically.

“Damn right I am!” says A-Log as he keeps fucking her. “Never have I fucked a turkey with an ass as great as yours!”

“Oh?” she says teasingly. “And I suppose my ass is better than the other turkey girls you've fucked in the previous years?”

“Yeah... one in particular!” he says as he keeps drilling her.

She smiles at him and says, “Bet she never had a bod like mine, didn't she?”

“No ma'am!” he says. “For one, your tits are bigger than her's!” As her pussy tightens around his cock, he says, “Just thinking about the two of you is enough to make me cum again!”

“Uh uh uh!” she says teasingly. “First you've got to make me cum again! You'll end it when you want to!”

Like an obedient dog, A-Log does as he's told and continues to fuck her doggy-style. Tammy can feel her orgasm coming again, as she grips the bedsheets in anticipation. After a few more thrusts, she lets out a long moan as she cums on A-Log's shaft, draping it with her womanly cum in the process. After a few moments, A-Log takes himself out of Tammy and lays on the bed besides her.

“Enjoy that doggy-style, Tammy?” asks A-Log.

Tammy catches her breath and says, “Anthony, nobody has ever fucked me that hard before! I'm surprised you're an ass man as well as a breast man!”

“I like whatever pleases me,” says A-Log. “Any other position you want to do now?”

“Well...” she says as her mind thinks on what else to do. She then says, “Why not a 69? I suck you, you suck me?”

“As long as I can have a nice grab of that ass of yours, it's worth it!” he says with pride.

A-Log moves upward on the bed and places his head on one of the pillows. Tammy then joins him as she places herself on top of him, placing her pussy onto A-Log's face. Once more, she is face to face with his erect cock. To her, this is the best dick she has tasted for a while. Before she decides to dig in, she turns her head towards him and says, “Ready?”

“Dig in, baby!” he says, as he immediately starts to lick her pussy again.
Tammy moans as she gyrates her hips on his face, getting the full length of his muzzle inside her pussy. She can feel his tongue dig deeper than he did a few minutes ago. But she knows that she can't be the only one receiving pleasure; she leans downward to suck his dick once more. Her head bobs up and down as she fills her bill with his cock; fully enjoying his erect penis as it throbs in her gullet. Her tongue reconnects with every inch of his cock, coating it with her saliva once more.

As she continues sucking his cock, A-Log feasts on her pussy; paying close attention to her clitoris as well. As he does this, his hands are placed on her firm and round ass. His hands caress her big buttocks as her tail feathers sway back and forth, as if she's fanning him. As he continues eating her out, he can't help but slap her ass cheeks with much joy, thus letting Tammy releasing some muffled moans of satisfaction.

“Damn,” she says to herself in thought, “He's really enjoying my ass! Looks like he's not only a breast man after all! But I still have to remind him to play with my tits before the night's over!” She then feels his hand swatting her ass again, and thinks to herself, “But still, no other man has ever paid attention down there before. I suck and they fuck; why can't they pleasure me like that once in a while?”

Momentarily, she releases his cock from her mouth and asks him, “Enjoying that ass, A-Log?”

As he's eating her out, he says, “It's the greatest ass I've ever held!” and continues to eat her out.

Grinning to him, she then asks, “Did any other turkey girl have a fine ass as well?”

He stops for a moment, unsure of what to say. He says, “I'm not sure if it's the right time to discuss this!”

“Hey, you were honest about me not being the only turkey girl you fucked on Thanksgiving,” Tammy retorted, “So the least you can do is tell me about your first one?”

“I don't know...” A-Log teased a bit. “I need a little incentive in order for me to comply!”

“Oh?” she says. “In that case...” she then moves herself off of his mouth and proceeds to straddle herself on his stomach, facing away from him. She then inches herself towards his erect cock and, after lifting herself up so her pussy lips can meet the cock head, slowly inserts herself back onto his dick; a moan coming out from her lips. After a moment to cool herself, she turns her head to glance at him and says, “Why don't I get the truth out of you?”

Before he can say anything else, she moves her hips up and down, taking every inch of his erect cock once more. As she gyrates her hips onto his pelvis, A-Log cannot help but gaze at her ass jiggling once more; she really wants to know the first turkey girl A-Log fucked, doesn't she? A-Log then places his hands on her ass cheeks and gives them a good slap, as well as thrusting upward into her pussy. Each thrust from below, as as her ass being felt up, gives out a few moans from her.

As she's getting stuffed, Tammy glances towards A-Log and says, “So? Ready to tell me who your first turkey girl was?”

Having no choice, A-Log decides to spill the beans. “Ok Tammy, you win! Her name was Trisha; Trisha Turksworth!”

“Oh?” Tammy says, intrigued. “What was she like?”

“She was pretty sexy bird,” says A-Log, “But not as hot as you. A friend invited me over to the city during Thanksgiving a few years back and told me about a few turkey girls he knew.”

“It wasn't prostitution or anything, right?”

“Of course not; it was a party he was throwing after his family left!” he said. “Anyway, he introduced me to Trisha and we hit it off pretty well. She was a stockbroker who wanted to unwind after the holiday.”

“A stockbroker?” Tammy said.

“Yeah, she really knows how the money flows,” says A-Log. “Her breasts weren't as big as yours, but she had a nice big ass. Her ass was a handful as I fucked her brains out. But still, she had a great time with me. Still a shame that she got married two years later.”
“Are you still in contact with her?” Tammy asks.

“Yeah,” he says. “But she won't have sex with me, since she doesn't want to break it off with her husband yet.”

“Although,” Tammy says erotically, stopping herself from being fucked for a moment, “You did say she had a great ass, right?”

“Of course!”

“Did she ever take it up the ass with you?”

“No,” he says. “She wasn't a big fan of anal.”

Smiling to him, she moves herself off his dick and says, “In that case... why don't you shove it up mine?” Like clockwork, she inserts his erect cock into her awaiting asshole, much to A-Log's surprise, as she places herself back on her knees, her hands holding on to his shins, and moves herself back and forth onto his dick once more.

A-Log is still surprised to see that out of all the turkey girls he fucked, he gets one that is a total anal freak. He's not complaining, since he does enjoy a woman that can take it up the ass like the rest of them. “God damn!” he thinks to himself as his dick is being sucked into her tight asshole. “I thought her pussy was tight, but her ass is even tighter!”

Once more, he grabs a handful of her ass and repeatedly spanks her, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout Tammy's body. She bites her lower lip as she continues to take all of his length she continues to get reamed up the egg-hole. She can feel another climax coming, but decides to fight it, knowing she doesn't want to cum too soon.

“Oh shit, Tammy...” says A-Log. “Your ass is definitely better than Trisha's! She would never let me fuck her up the ass! And she was a tight ass thanks to her job!”

“My job isn't as easy as her's!” says Tammy, as she continues to get fucked from below. “But I know my ass can take just about anything!”

Smiling, he then says, “You don't say? Why don't you turn yourself around? I want to see those big titties of yours as I fuck that fine ass of yours!”

“Still love my tits, don't you?” Tammy says. A-Log nods. “Your wish is my command, baby!” She then turns herself around to turn this into the cowgirl position, as the anal sex is still going on. Her knees rest on the bed once more and she places her hands on his shoulders to support herself. As they're in the anal cowgirl position, she moves her ass back and forth to get all of his penis in her tight ass once more.

A-Log smiles as he sees her large K-cup breasts bounce in front of him, so he decides to lean upward and starts sucking on each respective tit once again. Having both her ass fucked and tits sucked forces her to moan even louder than before. Tammy is definitely enjoying being fucked by a guy like A-Log-- kind, gentle, nice, but has a bit of a wild side when it comes to sex. The only one to come to mind for her is a nerdy looking errand boy from her job, but she knows that he's too shy to ask her out. Maybe the office Christmas party will loosen him up, but she puts that thought on the back burner for later.

He also takes the time to shake his head in between her large bosom for a little motorboating action. Tammy can't help but smile at this hungry little boob nut, as she knows how her assets have helped her, as well her knowledge of law. She leans downward, her breasts nearly smother him in the process, as she feels her ass tightening around his cock. She thrusts herself a few more times until another orgasm hits her with full force. As she breathes lowly to herself, A-Log pulls himself out of her ass; his penis still erect. As she catches her breath, A-Log asks, “Did you enjoy me tossing your salad, Tammy?”

With a few gasps, she answers, “Fuck yeah, baby! I haven't had a man fuck me down there in awhile!”

“Fellow employee?”

“How did you know?”

“Just a shot in the dark!” he says. “Any other position you want to try?”

“Well, you're my lover for this Thanksgiving night,” she says with a sexy smile. “Why not give me a suggestion?”

Giving it some thought, he glances towards the window, showing the city outside. He then conjures up what to do and says, “Tammy! I want you to go towards that window over ther
“Oh, a little daring, aren't we?” says Tammy. “I suppose you really want the city to see how lucky you are!”

“Don't worry,” he says. “It's a big enough city as it is. There's way too many distractions for the eye; what makes you think New York City's a popular tourist stop?”

“But won't the police spot us?” she asks.

“Of course not,” he says. “I'm really close with one of the cops. She won't mind.”

Smiling to herself, Tammy rises out of the bed and walks over to the window. As she gets close, the lights of the city, such as that of the Times Square area, gives her an aura of sensuality as the line flows around her body; the yellow lights give her brown feathers a lovely glow from the night sky. As she bends over, placing her arms folded on the windowsill, she eagerly awaits for Anthony to fuck her from behind.

A-Log smiles at this gorgeous site as he rises from the bed himself. He walks over to an eagerly waiting Tammy, as she shakes her tail feathers in anticipation. He then gets behind her and teases her a bit by holding his erect cock, and slapping it on her ass cheek. “Ready, baby?” he asks, teasing Tammy in the process.

“Fuck yeah!” Tammy says erotically. “Fuck this turkey raw!”

Smiling at the double meaning, A-Log inserts his cock into her vagina once more, releasing another satisfying moan from his plump lover. He starts off slow, but quickens his pace as Tammy's moans drive him further and further into her tight pussy. The glow of the city lights basks them into an aura of eroticism as they fuck by the window; nary a bystander has noticed the act being played out above the city streets. Not even tenants of the nearby apartments seem to notice, since they're mostly busy either preparing for the next big holiday or sorting out the leftovers from their Thanksgiving dinner.

“Enjoying the show, Tammy?” says A-Log as continues to plow her senseless.

“I'm enjoying every single inch of your cock, baby!” Tammy screamed aloud. “I want to be fucked by this dick forever!”

“You love this cock, don't you?” he asks.

“I can't live without it, Anthony!” she screamed. “I wish it wouldn't be just on Thanksgiving night!”

“Play your cards right,” he says, “And you and I will be fucking a lot more than once a year!” To emphasize his point, he gives her booty a large smack, thus letting out another moan from his plus-sized turkey girl. “Gobble for me baby! Gobble as loud you can!”

Tammy starts to gobble out in ecstasy as she continues to get fucked from behind. Her ass continues to back up to his hips as she lets every single inch of his erect cock enter her tight pussy; the pussy in question is squeezing his penis like a vice, like she doesn't want to let it get away. Her large breasts also sway to the rhythm, as well as becoming pressed onto the window as the lovemaking continues to intensify.

“Who's my turkey girl?” says A-Log.

“I'm... your turkey girl...!” Tammy says in between gasping every few seconds.

“Who's my turkey girl!”

“I AM!!!!”

As she says this, her ass continues to jiggle every time her ass makes contact with his hips. As they continue the standing doggy, A-Log can feel his dick writhe around her pussy. He can tell that he's about to cum any second. And he's not the only one.

“Oh, I'm such a nasty turkey girl!” Tammy screams erotically. “I want you to shoot that cum all over my big, plump, turkey breasts!!!”

“I might just do that, Tammy...!” he says as he gets ready to pop.
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After several more thrusts, A-Log pulls off and furiously strokes himself off. Tammy turns herself around and kneels in front of him, holding her large tits as he gets ready to burst. Seconds later, A-Log shoots out several loads of cum all over her butterball sized breasts; several dollops of the white stuff land in between her cleavage, as well as her cheeks and chin. She is surprised that he can shoot that large of a load onto anyone. After several seconds, he finishes discharging his cum onto her bountiful bosom. Tammy licks the cum off her boobs, enjoying the warm taste that has come from her foxy lover.

“How did I do, A-Log?” Tammy asks.

“You were wonderful, Tammy!” he says, as he then kisses her on the lips. “I can tell you and I will have some more fun in the months ahead.”

“Fuck yeah!” she says. “Besides, I'm sure you've got a lot more women you need to introduce me to. I want to know how they love that cock of yours so much!”

He chuckles and says, “You really are that inquisitive, aren't you?”

“Well,” she says, “Before I went into law, I dabbled in psychology for a few spells. I really want to be a little more well-rounded.”

“Speaking of well-rounded,” he says, eying her tits and ass once more, “I really love to see more of that well-rounded body!”

“Maybe tomorrow,” she says. “But I need a little shut-eye. Need some rest before I get back home. Don't want my family to be suspicious after my visit.”

“Agreed,” he says as he and Tammy get into the bed and drape the covers above them.

“Out of curiosity,” says Tammy. “What about your other lovers? Aren't they a little worried about you?”

“Don't worry,” he says with reassurance. “They have plans of their own, and I'll be with them when I return.” He then reaches over the lamp and shuts it off. He kisses her and says, “Good night, Tammy.”

“Night, Anthony!” she says, as she and A-Log drift off into sleep after fucking the night away.

Meanwhile, back in Staten Island, we see a line at around 4 in the morning in front of Toys R' Us. We see two familiar figures in the line of people waiting for the deals; Mary Kay Foxman, the curvy vixen who is wearing a red winter coat and black pants to fight off the cold; and Blondi Bee, who is wearing a black and yellow snow jacket and cap that covers her beehive hairdo.

“Remind me again on why that husband of yours put you on Black Friday duty this year?” Blondi says with annoyance as she struggles to fight the cold.

“I just got the short straw of it all,” says Mary Kay, blowing into her hand and rubbing her hands to stay warm. “Besides, he did so last year, so it's my turn!”

“I just don't get it,” Blondi says in disgust. “Why is it so important for everyone to spend an entire night in front of a store just to get some deals the day after Thanksgiving?”

“They are some good deals,” Mary Kay says in recollection. “I remember getting a few deals on a few presents my daughters wanted last year.”

“Yeah, and I have to get some for my nephew at least,” says Blondi. “Cute kid, but I swear he can't wait for me to get it in December. I mean, how desperate do you have to be in order to do this?”

Mary Kay then taps the shoulder of another person in front of her and asks, “Excuse me? How long have you been on this line for?”

The male sea lion turns his head to her and says, “I've been here since September!”

Surprised, as well as shocked, at his answer, Mary Kay and Blondi look behind them at the long line, and then in front of them. Finally, in confusion, Blondi asks, “How do you survive and go to work?”

“I take my precautions!” he says as he holds out a jar that has some yellow liquid in it. Mary Kay and Blondi look at each other in disgust, as Blondi says, “Damn! Black Friday attracts the most desperate people!”

“I can see what P.T. Barnum said about how suckers were born every minute!” Mary Kay says, as she tries to keep her breakfast from escaping her esophagus.

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This story is like my gravy boat.

It gave me a really wet bird this Thanksgiving.
mate jews what
I'm giggling like a retard at this
Who cares, pin your own thread.
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A surprising amount of newfags
I think this is the first post-Bloodsports Thanksgiving. That's really really sad.
>muh a-log
no better than k1wi farms lmao
It's that time of year again! Cuckchan's /r9k/ have threads up begging each other to buy them anime trinkets and dragon dildos. Last year some /cow/boys destroyed it by "grinching" lists.

>How to grinch
>Go to wishlist
>Select "purchased this item else where" under each item
>Click okay to each one

This year they made a google document with all the links for easy grinching!


Remember to post your virgin with rage tears.
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