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Open file (83.38 KB 1280x960 ibhkFki.jpeg)
Minichan and the autistic hyper-savant^-syme named Autphag Unironic Ralphamale 04/04/2023 (Tue) 10:26:20 ID: 3a604e No.201020
It seems the deal to strike a non-attention agreement with the retardationally-oriented invalid-invitation poof-'n'-gummery was a hoax so I've dutifully decided to re-place it back here; Autphag believes he has IQs multiples beyond the Guassian spectrum's complete range bickers the North Koreans drummed the idea into his head during the 2000s. He then became a pathetic emulant of National Socialist thought with an intellectually desultory Slavic pseudo-persuasion during the 2010s. He, then, rediscovered Songun socialism upon winning a gender dysphoria diagnosis after losing it to aggressive, invisible and failed media trolls after in 2023 a 2021, mostly pseudo-Scottish English/Xiatyl-S.-Amerind heritage campaign was legally quashed for being an economically parasitic burden on the economy, similar to the one in the mid-2010s, the early-2010s, and the late-2000s. The sex-change of the Robertsonian Feudal-Conservative Bakhsh was so heavily criticized she had to fuck off to the Xiatic pseudo-Orient, for crying out loud; the thricedvth in a decadanal space. He believes he is a mathematician again. There's a tradition of y= concantenation being either a rote-symal activity or not and well, even Robb claims to exceed it :/
He's been in the streets even of some English counties when his benefits were temporarily upped screaming greviously for "'t'ss'oh'n'kk'eu'n'eu'bb'eu'roh!!!!!"
https://minichan.net/topic/110053 Only a moderately below average "merited artiste", as well.
He can speak fluent Korean unlike most of the annoying 4kids-tier autistic spasmodism quango group he's associated with; yet, they seem to get the majority of the treatment (just a point I've brought up before in my experience with the guy) to protect their beourgeois-reputation only, single-item pseudo-performance scores. I mean, honestly, half of them are spastics from bird street who either just get a badly hashed pseudo-pictorial word test or they otherwise have far too much upper-GCSE math tutorialization; all to project on him a "lumpenproletarian from a shitty central Scottish bum-fuck of a distressed industrial town" image a corrupt Chemistry prisonal pseudo-teacher from a gay's Xiatyl-nationalism film franchise about drug trafficking wanted, who is by the way a charged criminal embezzler of finances.
Lastly I should include in what I can even roughly remember otherwise; yes, I'm a resident of the place and further sadly it abhorred me as someone whom in my capacity I never quite that directly worked with him: - He's been arrested thrice, and imprisoned four times (one might've been an extension; the last incident he certainly pressed for it before a naive tranny psychiatrist started pining for the even more naive belief he had a fucking future bickers she's a CeX worker from the late 1990s, when the country's economy, at the state of collapse ours' is at now, was, on the measures AUTPHAG likes, larger). - He's been in the capital city of Scotland at one point freezing for over 30 weeks; he had spent many weeks hostelling in toilet cubicles of further education colleges and Universities just to clandestinely read the DSM to find new sub-groups to hate and to destroy his Final Retrospection's critiquability by people who ought to have, in his words, "the perfectly invertible pseudo-intellectualism of character requisitve the correct proportion of dissympathetically-invitable physical injury". He's spent most nights on the beg. In the past 3 years, he's become BRILLIANT at it; he was raking in hundreds on the "I was once a distingushed,noble intellectual and writer T_T" in a Korean accent. - His mother was brutally murdered when a paedophilic Anglophile was in charge of clan-reducing her codeine to destabilize her panic control so that she could no longer restrain physically the grandeur of a pain-malignering Dravinid and (as the genetics test showed he was, uniformly to all members; not just some) un-related step-sister, in recent re-investigations re-opened on the matter by his faux-transsexual (POin fact of course) "'sister'". - He doesn't speak to anyone, doesn't speak English the majority of the time, doesn't care for anyone anymore, made several public declarations to the re-engagement on dis-voew of Final Retrospections to murder all Celtic and Xiatic trans-sexuals, and has repeatedly whined on the street for songunblog's attention whilst making okay-ish Korean language commemoration cards for the forcibly anonymous entity that he can no longer recognize by reason of justified-duly science; his mothers' irrelevance.
https://www.scribd.com/doc/291281387/Final-Retrospections His main Magnum Philosophicus until he lost the PhD rights in some S.-Xiatyl countries which is now just a semi-worthless whining and bitching document about how to far over-fluently feign a writing style. He's been begging on Minichan for Matt Miller's 1970s hypothesis on Beer or something (the guy pretends to be a 1990s literary laureate; lol; his fraudulencies are littered with riddle) for the pre-BSc. fold for Chemistry at the Louiseaniean 300-degree whatever the fuck that's called.
Now, he might accidentally pass 000 Algebra as a general accredition; lol: He otherwise is completely out-leagued by, well, being a tired physical cripple, and not being connected to anyone important, permanently being on a highly constrict contract for quasi-wranglation welfare, &c.
Open file (29.51 KB 600x451 05d.jpg)
This? Right here? This is schizophrenia.
>>201134 You bastard!
>>201025 He betrayed his mother, how utterly pathetic. We knew he' end up a whimpering cumdumpster whining in a failed attempt at Korean.
>>201150 I only say this as a hobby anthropologist and enthusiast linguist; I detest the guy... He writes better in the language - just as a note of my superficial tonal understanding which he has started using my power-word to troll certain ethnic groups about recent to quite a few brawls, actually - than the composers of Spinning Wheel Taryeong's feudal entourage, quite literally. Even for small things he gives up completing. I don't know the guy, chavs just keep stealing his work and then, after very mildly merit-glassfallowing it, calling it a "poof's words of 6 pseudo-Standard-Grades" (even in my opinion the only ones he actually has are English and maybe Computer Studies, y'know for the game he used to spam in 2012) in an attempt even to re-incarnatively troll him by chance (he himself is a work time-traveller; he's banned from high-percentile job markets by time-lavertiation and a cringy offense-countercounsel wanting to enforce a secondary high-school cognitive abilities test's verbal significances; he is a 70-95 bi-furcate first attempt, and later a 92-112 one or something) and pseudo-estate reservoir over-building in part, part of the genius of 5 cities outside his home one in the region technically bordering the sea above his). Although now deleted, he had successfully translated it according to one of the notable Indian users rote-bi-pseudolanguaged in the ballad for curry-curry cultural purposes, Triptych. Not only that, unlike her he can actively sing it, and do so in all eraic dialects. There's no need to go on the classic "bickers I'm an over-graded Teuton, I can conflate wit d'cras". In his view of the world, in your defense, he's about as thick. If you pummel something to the tone of the old iron and steel ballads is probably what you've been keyboard primed to do in Shakefag sonnet, I'd've gathered. He'd spent hours in prison doing that to recall the old Taepodong-missile outer-structure (most of the composition of his far under-marked upper-GCSE portion of math there, compared his lower-one far vastly up-marked to make up for it beyond its 200% grade barriers) as specified in the lyrics of the song "We jubilate upjoyously over the launch of our indigenous friendshiplike sattelite".
...sorry, of Minichan, I mean.
In less important updates: If he's experiencing similar unique-IP traffic issues to oneself, he will have joined a silent lambe of users now confined to an indemnent pert of implicit account bans from a UID-configuration disabling at a chan he often frequents. It should be noted the government have been randomly killing channers (the 35th such wave in a decade) and using their seized personal-identificatory quasi-credentials to pseudo-post-"cophagate", I guess, posts in embalmae. Pseudo-exposures come to no annoyance to deal with, I do self-enlight. He has been losing quite a lot of random work. Gypsies now charged with cleaning his flat will sell the things for anything and even pass it in local council "dd'all" courts to, se, it is the work of much inferior metiso mules. He even does it himself in the form of accepting donations and he's even whined in a more anxious sort of rage that he doesn't care; the health service have actually concertedly abandoned him by reclassifying him a sub-red-class neo-Cohen-spectrum hyper-agender neurological-Sovietism-disorder hand-book. lol It has a lot of synonyms for black-spectrum psychopath/pseudopath, though. He's cut off with the 'tard wranglers somewhat limitedly as the main one helping him in prison is something of a no-surprise/some-surprise. I won't say whom it is except to note: They tend to change massively when leaving the care of autistics for lower class variations thereof with much worse backgrounds but better average cognitive abilities (he still, but only marginally and at something of a sluge, exceeds them); and well, he keeps begging for people to place him into kerfunke in public so that he can return to the pseudo-hitlerschool or whatever these retardationally-challenged fuckknuckles dare to call their Borstel. He now knows how to manufacture omega-receptor activating excipients from random OTC chemicals again and has been trying his hardest and his most demotivatedly failing to write his craft; largely, his disengendering his been his newly grown dispassion the English language. Half his math screeds are Kim Jong-il slogans; he mentions on Minichan having met, which some people have witnessed and seems somewhat semi-repetitively reliable given when everyone else has him on a legal anti-leash that the Koreans start sympathetically following him everywhere, Kim Ok-chu, in Edinburgh when visiting to harangue Yugoslav diplomats in an Edinburgh mason-lodge-cum-bar.
Lastly; even his script rights are now on a "first gy'; first nick". Some yob was waving around his codeine phosphate prescription recently; personally faux-behalf granted it; and was boasting about a pre-instruction to render his impressions of non-malignant behaviour dissympathetically unconvincable.
Sorry for quintrupling but I'm making up for a large withdrawal of quite a few websites which have implemented this/similar policies: Now that this is true >He now knows how to manufacture omega-receptor activating excipients from random OTC chemicals again He probably doesn't even care! *knee-slaps exacerbatedly* /_/.
I've been having problems with such a prolifically over-posting faggot; no, quite the opposite, but then, I'm not part of anything too administratively epicentral the elite moderation structures of the web-site or anything. I miss him, but I hallucinate the faggot every night after becoming severely mentally disturbed. I refuse to disclose my location. Autphag has in my opinion a very, very low intelligence level which is actually beneath the Guassian curve itself and far substantially pre-profound the very necessitative functions for the brain's metabolic life on the left hemisphere for his brain bickers his genes, which I am convinced there is an authentic, just from his appearance, semi-orientid basis for, will have wanted, in under-medication for glandular issues, to get rid of itself in the preservation of resources first; as a consequence, he's left with one hemisphere of the brain, a right-hemisphere; he's probably neuro-linguistically an SV*'*OVO-ps.-ADVJvx functional as a result on the high sentence end (as there's still a lot you can do when your only linguistic functions are a hippocampus to search words, unprimarily, and a linguistic anterior cortex to grammaticize words, probably to the exclusion of even having them). Chinks with such underfeeding usually have this at a scale of four, rounded, times the size and as a result have micro-processors for language about quinteoquinteoquinteo-power-power as well bandwidthed as a fulll ranged Broche-Wernicke complex of a White or even a Jewish rote-dictionary over-learner; this, further, even accomodates for some additional space on the hippocampic rote store of words. We should note, similar changes happen to beoirgois White, Jew, etc., brains when they either age or precociously habbit to hide anxiety and incompetence. Not too mention he is vastly height stunted due to the period in Scottish economic history when they started imposing a double whammy of the Canadian transsexualist-imposed resource-cucking movement and the embargo of itself by former Soviet blog nations for, as it so happens, racially offended notions of characterology related to the semi-negroidism of the style of Scottish productional motivation; that they require the time-compression equivalet with British music editing and broadcasting regional editing equivalent of DAYS of rythmic stimulation compressed hours was very, very concerning to Central Asian beuraucrats. I'd caught, as someone living in a Germanic European country, some of these re-workings of the Ballad of the Kumseung Flower as a kid on tapes. As a race mix (this is more my mother's work), he would've only needed hours himself and was probably being fed so little that he had the energy for minutes; people on my current end of work (an aid-commissioner) remember the childhood Autphag for being somewhat excessively hyper-creative and semi-calculic for his crippled height and semi-crippled (in a period when we were tasked with genociding much of the sub-115 Scots' population; as a 100-115 semi-chink he was protected) intellectual state. When the political-economy was then reliberalized in 1995 under neo-Majorism, we were plugged by heavy incentive to reduce his intellectual statistics to anything beneath retardation, frankly on a regardless imperative: he was -- for both portrayedly-relevant purposes and as the pragmatically-charged mannered course -- as retarded as the then-versioned Beyond Reasoning anecdote of the IQ-40s Calculus man, no questions asked; "rain and man, rain and man," as a lyrical slogan doted at the time. It was relayed to me that insurance brokers eventually exploited this in a loop of damages back-claims; he was about clever enough, in actuality, to rough-grossly use money as other kids in the estate, he just wasn't allowed much, although neither little when it was to troll or annoy his sensitivities, rearing from the ages of 4 - 7 (less so for the lattermost year mentioned; the Canadians re-launch the transsexualist supremacy movement as an autistic-rights re-recognition and rescue in a massive phallange).
By the way, we share a collective network; we aren't the same poster.
I leave these IQ statistics with yourselves reminding whom it isn't that the poster should be confused with just bickers the British honestly suck at deconcantenating network nodes: Amerindians (post diet performance IQ): 111 Amerindians (no diet performance IQ): 81 Irriqois Whites N.D.: 79 Irriqois Whites post-diet: 113 Riqois Whites N.D. (they tend to be drug addicts or drinkers from child-hood which is different to an adult addiction and is in turn similar to an adulthood addiction carried over-constantly; jcaesar187ol is sometimes excess-neuropseudopreservative; caution): 130 Riqois Whites post-diet: 117 Korean-Europid 1/8th dilution creois-courte (meaning; whether acknowledgement-denied or not, they've been fondled): ~103.5. [sub]simplex Raven; full performance and whole-scale scores uniformly borderline-retardationally average trailing[/sub] I'm assuming it works like other boards, forgive formatting mismarcation.
>>201472 The hell is this bint doing with my UID? What-ever of paranoia and or, neither-nor, pseudo-paranoia it does provoke with the administrative staff, I'm unobliged to think that the native Irriqois communities don't, illegitimately, exceed him (which is to say much to iniquity to those blinding over double-negatry they do) thanks to their variously manifold successful scam.
ive missed you.
He was in fact un-diagnosed, I was able to elicit from a few under-paid and vastly under-qualified "psychiatry" (try, A-Level, and in one case, AS3-Access-level, option denial-cases unaware they were even supposed to be applying to a fucking UNIVERSITY bickers of a language-barrierial issue) students, of autism for a while (Reactivity Disorder; Reactivity Attachmental-Affectational Non-Retardeotypeoform Disorder Savantis sub-type IQ-115+ until his IQ was re-ranked about seventy-fucking-six for a stupid US Irriqois chauvaignist initiative to re-shift the curve; No-Personality Disorder in upgrade from Personality Disorder Borderaes, an old Scots' term for "Borderline", apparently; Schizotypephrenia, which is actually the schizm of schizophrenia above schizophrenia, by some 2-one-quarter varsens); only for it to be spitefully imposed upon himself again (autism; psychopathy; No-Personality Disorder, Borderline Type; hypo-maligneris sui generis authentis quasi-somatoform) bickers of an imperative to preserve the "'purity' of empathy within the compassion towards autism" as is a usual half-decadanal pattern which has been up-campaign speeded by some quarterization upon this decadanal principle. The guy is a psychopath. He worships songun in public whenever the fuck he has a chance to rant privately before a fucking CCTV syme. He cherishes the era of the final speed recrease in retreat from the shortages of the Arduous March era of 2002 which had been completed as of the full realization of the 2007 plan bickers it's the onlytime in Korea's economic history it has been wealthy enough to make Gillon wealthier, slightly, than most of the neighbourhood laggards, enough to become most if not all of the savantine types his natural abilities would've far from provided alone (he has it revised in a NEW but privately seized manifesto that he actually had a 142 IQ in his primary alma mater in Edinburgh for autistic spackers withb various ancedotes about his early near-algebraic mathematical abikities for unobvious extensions of long multiplication in Primary 3 or 4; he barely had a 100+ IQ, he was just very geometric). Now he builds having a 200; 400; 800; and 1,200 IQs on respectively relevant post-Guass distributions based on his abilities respective what little of the later primary and lower-secondary Korean prison punitive language punishment curricula he has to syme on the matter. Actually compared to the mid-2010s, he's fluently fucking schizophrenic. He speaks slightly better in it than he ever fucking did in English, even compared then. His income is spent entirely on alcohol. Better still, people like it of him bickers it his only behavioural control mechanism for both motivation as well as demotivation and he is as a result a relatively over-undisorderly drunkard. His favourites; Irriqois-raciological old-TaHM-font symes, sometimes the "'prison' Corinthan". He can be seen getting indid corner burgers, rambling on the air-recharge dais about the economy. He considers it his family's post-demisal right. He considers that alcohol is the only thing that metabolically works on semi-Slavonic races to ancutally (as in, pre-adrenally) transcede what calcium never blocks in lumpenproletarians on GABA receptors; going on lenghtily winding lectures in private-public, like, schizotypal disused Ceet-cam "'public'", about the interactivity index =/='(delta)-ABA3^-. He had writen 15 lines of chain to give to his psychiatrist just to get a tiny pithe of valium until it was nicked. Now there's some promise in what some speculate to be microlithiumchainicized-tegratol, by the structure (it contains no actual lithium it just works very similarly to it by not containing C-H chains to a very "direct" or categorical degree). Some past versions of himself have been seen walking around in times climes bickers of his penchant for parentally-inconsiderate abuse of DHL chronapathic-courtesy-car credit. He would even make delusional demands (especially, and I mean this in the word demand more akin to melt-down, if there was perceived alcohol deficiency involved) and up-front money to his parents whist they were stil, alive to fetch akward and retardedly flavoured foods or anything on the spectrum of faux- to nearest-Korean ramaen (deliberate L. pluralization). Times' climes? I myself get confused bickers it has, in itself, BEEN a long time; we're quarter-way the 2020s already is what people frequently forget.
I'd been given some courtesy of private Autphag calls to semi-emergency emotional aid lines; the average length of an Autphag in-kind request is anywhere between 17 minutes and about 1 hour and 45 minutes. He's a complete narcissist; he has no intelligence or restraint when it comes to his class-level or the full capacity of the economy to service his needs, he's actually vastly under-mathematricized and g-curriculumized to get most of his privileges which is why the rest of what I do have to announce comes to some releif: - The guy has been further commaltuatorily blockaded from 2/3 £120 weekly to less than 2/9ths this in the average of what it is his money even potentiates of much of his direct calorific spending, in need of further and further quantites of slightly cheaper drinking options, but honestly, bickers of his beleif in the chemical integrity and near pharmaceutical-grade qualities of garage semi-uncheaps, he refuses to give up his routine. - He has been seen occasionally in public shouting in semi-lengthy Korean slogans and running up and down the "ultpat", as it is called in Scots' non-idiomatic semi-slagraphicaeodialectaem, of the back his lawn. - He's moved lawn. It even looks luxurious. This is the appearance of the region from a topograph: https://www.bing.com/maps?q=245+Sutherland+Way&FORM=HDRSC6&cp=55.903016%7E-3.540145&lvl=16.6&dir=76.9&style=g&pi=18 The road is full of spies and employees of the post-breakdown result the sperg handflappative quango. A child-care organization living entirely off the proceeds the film series' Train-spotting for which its flows exclusively fund the employees of stolen proceeds faux-marionneticistically to even completeness the obletion of much objective record (and this is the element saddeningly relevatorily that of "news" to any part) past non-narrativstically clarified information about up-bringing. The authorities have clamped down on even sympathetic views of his intelligence, intimidated him repeatedly to secure silence (a number of boasts in the success of intimidation by the post-pseudo-trans-acissexual members of his old English class), and hadn't bothered but to give him a "precise pre-seminally out-draggative rape" physio-dynamique of interrogation process the deletion and clearance records to IQ-xianthulate a disgustingly looking metizo syme from the Down's syndromic habiatia his neighbourhood of former note. He is spied on whatever legal excess of 24 hours a day is actuaky by old IRA chemistry techniques at the Bachelor of levels can be achieved to slow down the workings thereof partic(l)ularily, frequently findable a de-syme (flatter than 180*-hide, door de-parallelization, everything) position(s)' sets (he's not qute a Kyle C; he's certainly a Kyle SES league *sigh* B in his inhibition, sadly).
His former class-mates speak of successfully denying their torture of his mother in various prison-employmental capacities bickers of the break-down of the state. It's doubtful he maintains his secondary school record owing such callousness. It's thanks to the Teuton psychopath of Curious George's carrying phone company HONOUR, who is actually an old frequentier the Hailes' estate. They've been aggrandizing one of the clanally pre-approved animators, Primrose, to more Africanically freutteur with the interests the Mokran organization's S. mongoloid sub-divisions in export.
Open file (845.64 KB 1108x3180 ad1.jpg)
I've run back to this terminal albeit sluggishly to place an ad he wanted dumped here. Although he's been seized many works, he has new ideas in dietary sacrifice and precise limits of non-lethality doses of certain commoner tropicae. Although I'm not him (this is from a disk and did have slight down-grade; forgive oneself), I don't want to read crypto-special-remediatorialists from the BBC's rambling symes about how their health professionry wasn't merely the aforestated relationship's order in aboutedness, either; I'm further frank in saying I'm ready to injure the pseudo-chink doctor who frequently mocks his portage on-air, for instance.
I was asked to dump this preview of one of the faggot's up-coming works: https://ufile.io/1r3d8m94
Okay, he asks you ignore him. He saw a black Hamiltonian-raced Dravinid walking down the street. Inoffensive in itself, it had embelmed a number of easy-heuristics (in the individual's own admission) to just "le' so'gu' ha'p'e'" so to speak in the most aggressively disorganized manner possible bickers nobody will even lend attribance him, instead even feigning the importance to misattrire that their indignation should be anything more unrestrainable than an autistically Down's syndromic squealish crowe, considering what the person's White-equivalent family are, want, and have manifested to the indivinacy design "science". Besides, it's the least un-destructive you could be (that's not a sardonism; it's being asked to serve a further destructive and wreckless end especially against civicism-totalitarianism/centralism organizers) lest the real Kim incarnate (anyone, given excess slave populations unreflective censally) "'should'" ought never rest.
Further it's clear his "credentials" if you like within the NHS are being Katryneo-Xianthulanaiariacally auto-used to an extent that makes only worth the message "let Somalians run *their own* pharmacies" actually an almost accidentally hilarious reality if they start placing prescription print on M D like they had during the 1990s. It deservingly shards glass on the "y'd'ge'it".
>>201020 He has new e-mail credentials, see mailto within.
literal one man thread
>>222779 he wouldn't be if faggots like yourself had remotely the IQ to realize how meta-unironizingly aggressive his own native state of Scotland is about projecting their down's syndrome in various form of "leaked" (as if they were cladest to deserve writing them in the first place) "psych" reports etc. One down's syndromac was even scripted to greet someone he knew was a stranger in order to "greet" him into it no doubt on the more aggressive auspices of his belligerenter care-wrangler(s). He's been given the upper-hand by scum in society to permit the down-hand by pseudo-elite. It's pretty disgusting given about 5 years' ago Scotland did recognize his intellectual elitism in the form of granting him a PhD. Now, every processional more, from declining his only-ever card application to getting Down's syndromes to perform the insulting-to-Jucheists "greet of an 'equal'", probably causing the cunt to bite his hand in traumatic stress all over the place (he was vaguely -- and honestly, fairly un-vaguely -- mis-spedded), re-enacting the Down-syndromists' (the full understanding of the Celt race of these things is that they bind all such services together), abuses (negrally handed "kind"-gestures (Ghaelic underclass accent that one if you really [i]don't[/i] want); whatever, he's kindant to it in a very keenly perceptive way) of himself.
That's since been withdrawn, for the record; his doctorate. It hasn't been foreignly withdrawn to the extent the institution in question had 1 more year to survive before Argentinian gangsters raided the place...
https://tvch.moe/lit/res/5327.html On some recomendation, he has pathoged his way to a foreign /lit/ board.
>>222953 stopped reading at the first line
>>222957 There really was only one line to that. If you needed extra cocks, Autphag was sure to remediate you.
By the way, it is a myth that Christian's transition means he has died; the theoretical approach in Britain is that we can revive exo-factorally even if we must autistics in order to besmirch them deeper retardation and troll them impurTheGatorGamerially so why we don't bother with Christian is actually tyhe trolling admistration's gripe, not the world's; the American pseudo-conscientousness', not the general consensus.
Having been abused by the whole of Jeremy Kyle's camera team inside a prison; or at least, Gillam's shift thereof; I doubt little that I have some insight into a Brexit-era fuckenses (my neologization the term "consensus") on the thing. We can abuse everyone, we can make lolcows of everyone; it is all a songun era approach would've been appropriate for.
>>223660 He would certainly be less of one of any of you faggots had the heirarchical power to persuade R04r here to switch off the un-unique user ban thereby evitiating the need for this disgustingly grotesque User Activity list as to falsely imply, although placing OP topmost (as suspected or not), that any inactivity was at all choiceful, let alone a product more so of several Scottish Police confiscations of laptop equipment for retarded Gypsy DJs to racially DNA-infect, drool over, for the Mael to place misspellings and misgrammar in edits, and infest, whilst falsely returning a siblingal product in order not even to sate the notion of simple DESTRUCTION of the fucking thing for his SCQF4-9 intellect, that bleing, my brother had possessed the laptop they had "'returned'". An SCQF 3.5-5-12^---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- intellect like mine needn't be insulted repeatedly by a police tendency to go on the old Aspergerocentric psych details to find inspirations for TROLLAN': https://minichan.net/topic/113430 I'm hoping to have a blog soon regardless of wqhat Travis does to 1. further drop @OP's arse and 2. Final Retrospections' continued legal doctoral eligibility in foreign climes.
That might be Ok-Chu's original summation of my verbal IQ. I can't remember. It might be insufficient of about half a line.
To expand on that story: I'd woken up of a mixed nightmare/hallucination in which my brother dared to challenge my intellect in his most lengthy and verbose insult even out of the 2017 issuing. He insisted he was my transsexual superior; conspicuously this time, no. He denied that. But he sperged and sperged about reincarnation before sperging about the conspicuosity of not being a brambler to detail inherencies, or something.
ok idk who did that but thanks
>>224554 im glad youre ok.
>>224559 Well, I'm not. I'm poorer than ever, and too poor to get drunk regularly. I require to drink to even feign confidence to use library computers. All my equipment is gone, and although I haven't checked my e-mail for favourers, my only confidante might be gone. Travis I've worked particularly aggressively to get back on side but in the friendliest way possible; I bought my entire week's benefits' in drink to decretinize the fucker on certain apprehensions about what it is I consider his role to be and so on. I hate adulating him bickers he even owes up to his 92 IQ score; I love to adulate him bickers I believe in a sort of "Nazi secret files" fashion he may have a verbal IQ closer to about... at a stone's throw of his READING level... as the Texans say, "a hunnr'ah-thirty, a hunnr'ah-fordee".
Welcome home, Autphag.
>>224816 please to meet you sorry for the roar at you when you visited old Purple Hills as your race call my state
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