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Open file (54.85 KB 800x600 1523514064595.jpg)
Open file (189.65 KB 401x456 1560141354595.png)
Open file (56.01 KB 660x831 1559969904963.jpg)
Nein Chan Moot BlackJackArmy exposed! real name is Eric Hoover Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 22:18:11 ID: 577963 No.21679
Eric Hoover, aka BlackJack/showme, is the owner of Nein Chan, he has always shilled his honeypot board all over places such as Voat and 4chan, and some people have started calling him out on this, and today, many discovered datas about him will be leaked!
Open file (56.36 KB 969x484 1558919095978.jpg)
Open file (342.04 KB 913x457 1558919095978.png)
Open file (24.89 KB 512x470 1559088912290.jpg)
Open file (168.03 KB 497x457 1559088912290.png)
ties with several glow sites
Open file (1.86 MB 1904x8192 1559114592151.png)
Open file (38.79 KB 105x455 1559114613180.png)
Open file (161.96 KB 1836x914 1559966837717.jpg)
Open file (65.02 KB 263x456 1559114631255.png)
being exposed on 4chan
the early days of his shit board

links showing his ties, how he was exposed by other anons, where he shilled, and what he shilled for
Open file (46.54 KB 910x596 NeinChat8.PNG)
Open file (66.04 KB 1048x537 NeinChat9.PNG)
Open file (107.31 KB 1347x534 NeinChat1.PNG)
Open file (59.18 KB 807x539 NeinChat2.PNG)
Open file (67.41 KB 941x457 NeinChat3.PNG)
Open file (65.55 KB 1311x604 NeinChat13.PNG)
Open file (106.20 KB 1062x607 NeinChat14.PNG)
Open file (69.97 KB 925x613 NeinChat15.PNG)
Open file (97.47 KB 1319x616 NeinChat16.PNG)
Open file (75.03 KB 1322x578 NeinChat17.PNG)
Open file (90.09 KB 814x475 NeinChat23.PNG)
Open file (112.17 KB 917x604 NeinChat19.PNG)
Open file (132.25 KB 1317x613 NeinChat20.PNG)
Open file (90.62 KB 739x610 NeinChat21.PNG)
Open file (51.39 KB 729x569 NeinChat22.PNG)
all screenshots of this thread show how he was exposed even on 4chan
Open file (44.02 KB 257x457 1522755041003.png)
Open file (42.49 KB 257x457 1521606304046.png)
Open file (264.00 KB 811x456 1547682617212.png)
Open file (41.21 KB 257x457 1525546250205.png)
Open file (36.82 KB 257x457 1533626306424.png)
Open file (81.60 KB 865x754 1559112734541.jpg)
Open file (132.52 KB 884x456 1559112288303.png)
Open file (59.00 KB 645x761 1559109093382.jpg)
Open file (105.84 KB 386x456 1559109093382.png)
Open file (25.08 KB 870x277 1559112131441.jpg)
Open file (91.44 KB 1919x562 1559970210940.jpg)
Open file (34.47 KB 852x290 Ehoover.png)
Open file (147.68 KB 750x1334 1559965065279.png)
how he shilled his messed up chat
Open file (144.59 KB 810x457 1568615826359.png)
lame board on Nein that was suspicious
Open file (154.35 KB 1885x879 1559971657570.jpg)
Open file (91.44 KB 1919x562 1559970210940.jpg)
Open file (188.74 KB 919x397 1559967636432.png)
Open file (36.04 KB 1226x235 1559968406282.jpg)
Open file (88.39 KB 1306x653 1559968533724.jpg)
Open file (189.48 KB 1919x982 1559968924089.jpg)
Open file (188.74 KB 919x397 1559967636432.png)
Open file (36.04 KB 1226x235 1559968406282.jpg)
Open file (88.39 KB 1306x653 1559968533724.jpg)
Open file (177.41 KB 1743x813 1559968687921.jpg)
Open file (103.06 KB 1919x944 1559970339331.jpg)
Open file (68.34 KB 1919x445 1559971126071.jpg)
Open file (174.23 KB 1919x471 1559971165643.jpg)
Open file (59.30 KB 919x95 unknown.png)
Open file (34.47 KB 852x290 Ehoover.png)
Open file (87.81 KB 602x350 Ericah.png)
Open file (108.50 KB 1190x650 1559110902163.jpg)
Open file (157.12 KB 1494x968 1559110640547.jpg)
Open file (140.68 KB 1045x917 1559110993960.jpg)
Open file (100.38 KB 1036x909 1559111180882.jpg)
Open file (108.50 KB 1190x650 1559110902163.jpg)
Open file (56.02 KB 731x528 NeinChat4.PNG)
Open file (78.06 KB 754x553 NeinChat5.PNG)
Open file (107.31 KB 1347x534 NeinChat1.PNG)
Open file (59.18 KB 807x539 NeinChat2.PNG)
Open file (67.41 KB 941x457 NeinChat3.PNG)
Open file (60.75 KB 849x585 NeinChat10.PNG)
Open file (105.06 KB 775x572 NeinChat6.PNG)
Open file (52.67 KB 1139x598 NeinChat7.PNG)
Open file (46.54 KB 910x596 NeinChat8.PNG)
Open file (66.04 KB 1048x537 NeinChat9.PNG)
he literally looks like the coomer meme wtf
>exposed on cuckchan
You posted thumbnails.
yea but noone wouldve been able to put it together only for we are former insiders mr boomer
Open file (7.24 MB 640x360 coomer.mp4.mp4)
Open file (49.84 KB 573x591 58a.jpg)
what a shame that the real glowGAMERGATE who ruined Nein was the Moot himself. he betrayed all anons who were excited and thought that there will be a board with the quality of 8chan and the quantity of 4chan. instead, just broken dreams and drama memes. i hope someone else more capable will take over Nein soon and make it what it was promised to be. God help us all for we are Nothing Without him, as in God. based OP will maybe become the new more capable Moot, i wish him good luck for it and thanks exposing Eric Coomer. soon all alt chan Moots will be exposed as just fucking kikes, and they will be united by the soon-to-come /messiah/, which is what i nickname the anon who will soon take over this Neinchan place and unite all alt chans and swallow them under his rule and make anons free from the Discord trannies. God speed OP, for you are Nothing Without him and may Christ bless you to victory in exposing and defeating Discord tranny jannies for a true board with the quality of 8 and quantity of 4! a new board will rise, out of the ashes of the Discord tranny sistem
that oldfag isn't showme
>>22649 who is it then
>>21991 Islam is objectively better than christcuckery.
>>24040 Islam was created by a schizo, so im not surprised it appeals to you.
>48 Judging by the discord caps I thought he was a retarded teenager lmao
>>21991 Christcuck buybull says to convert all nations, serve pissrael, better to not marry, Le EnD tImEz, everyone is a bad sinner that needs the WalMart Federal Reserve religion of rabbi kikesuz, plus every church supports racemixing and burned original pagan White texts & priests & enslaved us to kikes and killed our fucking nobility. You are 2000 years of Dumblr and led everything straight to shit and death's door where we are now. Kill yourself.
Open file (76.53 KB 1024x753 the birth of muhammad.jpg)
>>24040 >Islam is objectively better than christcuckery. t. ahmed
>>43029 >Worshiping a dead jew on a stick
>>43165 He's not telling you to go fuck pigs
>>43029 have any more of this stuff?
Open file (104.28 KB 540x540 getin.jpg)
>>43165 >Íslam is superior >Muhammad and his toddler wives >Jesus wouldn't condone shit like this >"superior" Even as a former believe I think you are retarded if you think the values taught by a child fucker are superior.
Open file (954.29 KB 900x3186 kikeonastick.jpg)
>>43165 not an argument
>>44396 >toddler wives based >>44419 tl;dr christkike
The clown world memes and honkler all spontaneously came to exist the same time neinchan did. It was also the same time the nu joker movie came out. Clow world memes are gov manufactured
>>45351 Clown world was around a long time before Joker.
As in Edgar Hoover??? Maybe it is like that
>politics site has ties with several glow sites wow nice one faggot discover that yourself?
>>81620 (((Neinchan))) (((Tarrant)))

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