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Randbot, ComradePond, Sriker - some findings Unironic Ralphamale 09/11/2023 (Mon) 07:28:03 ID: 477429 No.223556
There's a streamer called Randbot who was part of jcaesar187's Killstream and is a close associate of the TRS grifters. I don't know if people here are aware of him. He's largely ignored by everyone as his 'shows' are 6-8 hours long and he's painfully boring. One of his orbiters is a woman called ComradePond, whom he refers to as his 'secretary'. She essentially propped him up, and for free, if you can believe that. They aren't discussed that much, but I think I've figured out what they truly are and why she does everything. There was also some stuff on Striker's website that I found. So I thought I'd share my findings/thoughts. Striker and Yandex So we know that the NJP meeting place is a barn owned by Charles Bausman, a self-described Russian patriot living in the USA. https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2020/10/06/us-white-nationalist-group-linked-pro-kremlin-propagandist https://lancasteronline.com/news/politics/how-we-confirmed-a-barn-in-lancaster-county-was-used-for-a-2020-white-nationalist/article_e1d22d7e-3905-11ec-86df-cbae94974e5e.html In 2020, Eric Striker posted articles to a site called national-justice.com, but didn't make the site, rather it was made for him by lackeys of Mr. Bausman. The email records for national-justice aren't made using protonmail or gmail like most people. When you try to check the MX (email) records for the site, i.e. the email used to register the website, you can see that national-justice uses Yandex for its email. https://securitytrails.com/domain/national-justice.com/dns See 'MX records'. It's Yandex. Strange for an American anti-semite to be using a Jewish founded Russian email service. But this use of Yandex isn't limited to national-justice. Sometimes you wonder why things are the way they are and you end up stumbling onto the truth in the most unexpected places. Strange Listener Statistics A few years ago, in an FTN episode, Jazzhands spoke about FTN's audience size in detail as a 'whitepill'. He claimed that their total listener count was 20,000 people' or so and listed various countries in order of their respective audience size. My memory isn't perfect but I suspect Warren Balogh was there as well. The problem is the listener count doesn't make sense. If you have 20K as claimed then are you a $200K /month organization at $10/m assuming every FTN listener is also a subscribers. Even if only 50% are subscribers, then that's still $100K/m. Even if it's 2,000 subscribers or 10%, then that's $20K/m. I don't know exactly which episode it was unfortunately. If anyone can find it, then please share it, so we can learn what their listener statistics actually are. Randbot So who is Randbot? Randbot, real name Ryan Johnson, is a ballwasher. https://foxdickfarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion/threads/ryan-johnson-randbot-2020-jimmy-russell.81215/ Specifically he is a ballwasher for the TRS crew. He loves washing Mike Enoch's balls and when he's done with that, all he thinks of doing is washing Eric Striker's balls. But of course the ultimate goal is to wash Jesse Dunstan's balls, preferably with his saliva. He does lovingly call him Sven or Svenpai after all. Every day the drunk Australian awakens, and much like Mike Enoch bloviating for 3 hours and calling it a podcast, he bloviates for 5-8 hours in a livestream and calls it a 'show'. There is no structure, planning or effort involved. A few tweets serve as conversation starters, his 10 paypigs send their own for a price and the rest is improvised. The guy always pretends to be sick, which is always some infection his son gave him, in order to take the day off. The way he uses his health/kid as an excuse when he wants to just sit and play video games instead of doing his 'show' is childish. Ryan 'faceshitter' Johnson http://poa.st/@Shadowman311/posts/AWTupRvufZL2zdhmeO was basically propped up by another person, a woman he calls his secretary, comradepond. To give you an idea of the strangeness of it all, this lady helped set everything up, is a co-host almost every show, provides discussion material, acts as a moderator for the chat and discord, handles guest interviews, edits videos in case of revealing information, calls him on his personal phone in case he's late, uploads copies of all his streams, and does all this for free without ever having taken a single dollar. Everyone points this out as strange and asks, what's in it for her, and she always responds that she just likes the show and nothing more. The thing is that she knows he's boring and doesn't even bother to listen. There was a running joke in the early days where Rand would, out of the blue, ask Pond random questions to check if she was still listening as she had a habit of playing candy crush during the stream. Sometimes she would even fall asleep or mute him and do something else. I think in one episode you could hear her snoring as well. Nowadays she doesn't show up as often, nor does she upload his streams regularly.
Open file (33.92 KB 800x262 cult.PNG)
Open file (107.83 KB 500x281 stealmoney.png)
Open file (84.60 KB 549x800 white powder.jpg)
Everyone wondered why she does everything, especially for free. Then one day you're looking at something else, and somehow stumble onto something you never thought was related. A while ago, there was a leak in the Fediverse social network Poast. https://foxdickfarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion/threads/poa-st-chudbuds-lol-general-discussion-thread.129209/post-16349099 It lists the emails of all poast users at that time. What stands out is comradepond's email address - strangegoddess@yandex.com You see her Yandex email and everything begins to make sense. ComradePond is one of Mr. Bausman's girls. She's propping up this retard for the same purpose Bausman props up the TRS grifters. Randbot is a TRS ballwasher after all. I don't know if Randbot is in on the TRS grift or not as my suspicion is that he's just a useful idiot they can control. According to this retard, foxdickfarms is a glownG‚ÄčAMERGATE site, but TRS which uses CloudFlare is not. Of course, it could be some international glowG‚ÄčAMERGATE operation where they outsourced being an undercover nazi to some Australian alphabet agency. He does have a military background, so anything's possible. He could've been genuine at first, and Pond arranged some kind of deal where he gets paid by. Bausman later on. Or they could be paid by some other kike, I don't know. Could she be genuine? It's possible. There's no reason why a crazy woman who likes some Australian streamer and decides to help him out, can't exist. It could be that she genuinely likes Randbot and TRS and just those particular days on Randbot's show were boring. It could be that she just didn't bother to do her research before signing up to Yandex. She could've thought 'based Russia' and signed up. But given the sheer amount of effort she's applied while being bored by him makes me suspect that she's paid by someone else and treats it like a job. It could all be a coincidence. But that would be a big fucking coincidence. Their constant praise and defense of TRS despite the many scandals is also suspicious. So what's more likely? A random American woman stumbles onto an unknown Australian streamer, props him up despite finding him boring, also supports TRS, coincidentally uses Yandex, or that she's paid by Bausman and treats this like a job and that's why she defends TRS, and uses Yandex as Bausman, the Russian patriot insists on using it? Maybe TRS and comradepond are real life co-workers, I don't know. Some good links with stuff on TRS I'm pretty sure haven't been archived. Original medium post doxing mike the kike https://slackbastard.anarchobase.com/?p=40710 Two Majority Rights articles. First one explains the circumstances of Mike's doxing. Second article explains his mother's possible Jewishness. https://majorityrights.com/weblog/comments/trs_founder_michael_enoch_peinovich_exposed_as_being_a_russian_jew_16012017 https://majorityrights.com/weblog/comments/next_level_trs_michael_enoch_enockson_peinovich_sippel_21012017 Everything about his drag queen makeup wearing wife. https://christogenea.org/podcasts/wrong-stuff-inside-edition Podcast clips where he lets it slip that he has Jewish ancestry https://media.christogenea.org/tags/mikeenoch Allen Goff a.k.a Lucca Corgiat was the one doing the camera work for the NJP events. He claims to be part Native American and Jewish. http://web.archive.org/web/20230606055233/https:/media2rise.com/about-us/ https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2022/02/03/media2rise-propagandist-identified-montana-neo-nazi https://archive.is/hsaEh The NJP logo is literally a copy of the German NPD party logo. It has been known for decades that the German NPD is a fed honeypot. It's like they're screaming at you that they're fakes. The Andrew Marantz article Mike often brings up. It has the 'fashy Christmas carol' sung by his wife. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/10/16/birth-of-a-white-supremacist Also, how do you explain 'fashy carols' being sung by a Jew? Randbot you stupid fuck, I know you'll read this since you're a drama whore. She worked as a diversity officer, attended drag shows and was a Bnai Brith president in high school, so it's not as if she didn't care about her Jewishness. She isn't stupid enough to have no idea what 'fash' means, you alcoholic loser. By the way, the Baloghs had to have known all this before joining up with him. They're almost certainly feds. How do you defend this retardbot? "It was a gayop team, it was a gayop, you gotta believe me team, *slurps beer*, jazznds'll give me the shot tomorrow, *sucks on vape*, the boys'll know what's up, team", you fucking loser. Can't believe I ever listened to this fat drunk. What possible mistaken context could it be in? He is without a doubt of partial Jewish ancestry and anyone promoting this man is a fraud. Personal thoughts on TRS as I (unfortunately) used to be a listener Their 'jokes' are rhyming words and movie references. Complaints are sold as deep analysis and profound insight. They're always contemptuous, dismissive of others and behave as if they're at the height of their career with their frat boy mentality. Every single podcast feels empty, devoid of substance and uses recycled /pol/ talking points. They monetize 3 hours of bloviating, after which you feel like you learned nothing. I have never seen high IQ Mike the kike produce anything original. All he does is react to the news and his positions change based on the latest headlines. He is a gasbag who loves the sound of his own voice. TRS is manipulative and has a cult-like relationship with their paypigs. These self-proclaimed 'saviors of the white race' are fat, unhealthy, Star Trek bugmen obsessed with pop culture. I hope this has been informative. After years of consooooming drama cocks, I finally got to contribute. If you have a foxdickfarms account, consider posting this on their respective threads.
So TL;DR is randcuck is a fed or useful idiot right OP?
>>223576 Yes that's pretty much it. But just thought the proof would be more convincing.
>>223557 TRS take money from turks and russians to spread poisoned commie talking points. If it's anything to do with the right stuff then it's glowing from the other end, soviet bloc prop and info dumps. Hands down if it's someone involved with TRS doing anything that goes beyond 'useful idiot' assume they've been compromised by some kosmocash.
Rand is a good guy this is a plateganger gay op. Please delete the thread.
>>223616 Whether it was made by platespics matters not, for years /cow/ has been aware or CRYAN johnson and his faggotry, and all anons have been aware of TRSodomites and their subversive faggotry. Hell, it was the anons from 8chan who doxed kike eunuch and feds in the first place. THREAD STAYING UP BISH WHO BROKE THE STORY FIRST?!
One thing to note about Pond she literally came from nowhere. They were two regulars in Rand's discord; Wil, Archieduke (this is when Dr.Wellfish was in charge). Then one of them posts the link from the Catholic Church saying Fuentes is a sephardic name (this is somewhere in 2018-2019). She replies saying its good research. This is her first post, and she was fully modded. She then started showing up on streams. She never was a caller or chatter who over time became head cappo. She came in and on day one she was the head cappo. Its weird.
>>223649 OP here. >She came in and on day one she was the head cappo. Its weird. That is very interesting, I did not know that. Just more proof that he's a fraud. The man religiously defends TRS to the point of absurdity. They love shitting on everyone else, but refuse to look at their own with even the least amount of critical thought. HandsomeTruth was by far the glowiest of them all and somehow TRS siding with him isn't a red flag to AlcoholicBot. I strongly suspect he's being paid by Bausman as well, but I can't prove it. The other thing about him is that he has always had like 200 listeners which given how boring he is, is surprising. He also always has the same 10 paypigs who also never seem to question anything regarding him or TRS. Makes me think they're sock puppet accounts meant to funnel money. I hate people like him, people who mislead others, who waste other people's time with lies. The TRS, Randbot, HandsomeTruth types exist to redirect all white nationalist energy into wild goose chases that end in jail time and reputation loss, all the while making it so that nothing legitimate ever rises. He pretends to care deeply about his race, but his actions being this irrational indicate he's nothing but a fraud. I had once spoken with ComradePond on Poa.st a very long time ago. I was asking her some questions, which I don't remember now. She would always deflect or simply ignore anything she didn't like. And if I had any information she would always ask for that but never give anything up. She's definitely not a genuine person.
>>223654 He has gone through multiple discords. His first one which was around during the hay day of jcaesar187 alogging (before) he turned had 1,000 members. Most of whom didnt watch his streams. He spent years at under 100 viewers (50-70 viewers) yet he kept going. I have no idea how he made money 2019-2021. He would stream for 7-12 hours a day to 70 people and make little money. He had a kofi channel that was one briefly. I added all the money he made and it was under 200. His only paypigs for Kofi were Senpai-Kun, Carl, Pond, and two others.
>>223654 Also about Pond she had a foxdickfarms account (you can find it looking at Rand's thread). She denied having one and said TheTheGatorGamerGamer Moon made it to gayop her. Rand's people are real I interacted and doxxed some. Here are some of his cappos. ZekeKyle - A fat obese neckbeard man, who tried to be a twitch streamer. He used to be a massive weeb faggot (like Cook) and was good friends with Cook. But he claims to not longer like anime (though this was probably an excuse to cut off Cook). Carl - A paypigge who give rand 100s if not 1000s of dollars in troll donations. Trolls rand and posts large amount of porngraphy "ironically". There is lot of sus stuff about this guy. Though I dont know his current status with Rand they have so many fights. You really cant tell who is exiled and who is a cappo. Groomschild - Anime sperg, nothing remarkable.
>>223739 Yeah I remember being surprised at how he kept going as well. The money he was getting for the 'entertainment' he provided didn't make sense. He was likely receiving more from somewhere else. I personally believe his backstory where he supposedly worked in retail or logistics or something was also fake in a bid to make himself seem more relatable to his audience. I say this as Rand loves to talk a lot about video games and the army, but never seems to mention his retail/logistics/whatever job he had before streaming. >>223742 I didn't know the details on Zeke, Carl or the others. These types of people are always dysfunctional, yet somehow they have enough money to burn on some random streamer. That Carl character seems to have dropped out. I haven't watched Rand's 'show' in months, but I remember wondering what happened to Carl as he was no longer there. His poa.st account is inactive as well https://poa.st/@Carl Similar to TRS, just brush everything under the rug and never address it. Rand's biggest paypigs right now are by far Neurax and that pinochetscommiecopter guy. Maybe even vile. They send money so he can look at tweets. Cook was another weirdo, supposedly a 'pagan' larper. I remember one stream where he talked about being visited by a Goddess after praying to her or some shit, I don't remember exactly. Everyone involved with these people is insane or dysgenic or both.
>>223742 Rand's reaction to the Antelope Hill drama was the most revealing of his true nature. A white employee was being exploited yet 'it's all a gay op, team'. Outright refused to even address it or consider the evidence. Just ran damage control for antelope hill and moved on. TRS essentially did the same. A true white nationalist who definitely loves white people. None of these parasites are genuine.
>>223556 >>223654 Whatever happened to that seething faggot "Borzoi?"
>>223962 Supposedly his wife is rich and he's waiting for her to get her inheritance.
>>223964 What happened to TRS? Why did Halberstram leave? McFeels? What caused the collapse?
did the foxdickfarms website go down? none of the links work.
>>224012 You need to use the TOR browser.
Oh my god, they use YANDEX for their email accounts? That's absurd, they should use gmail, who closes peoples accounts if they dont like their political views
>>224032 That's not the point retard. They are connected to TRS who are funded by Charles Bausman, a self-proclaimed Russian patriot. It makes logical sense to say that a man who is a patriot of Russia uses Russian services like Yandex. Extending that point, he will make his employees do the same. Randbot and ComradePond pretend to be random everyday people, while using a service like Yandex and religiously supporting TRS and refusing to address any criticism of them. This leads us to conclude that they too are likely connected to Bausman. >It could all be a coincidence. But that would be a big fucking coincidence.
>>224110 meds now. its a yandex email,
>>224115 >meds now. its a yandex email, Used by someone who refuses to scrutinize TRS and defends them religiously, an organization run by Russian Patriot Charles Bausman. ComradePond also came out of nowhere and suddenly became head cappo as stated here >>223649 Enough reason to be suspicious IMO.
>>224203 its a public email service!
>>224229 >its a public email service! Are you Pond? Why are you defending these people? You know that it's too much of a coincidence.
>>223817 Cook also had a post account, but Rand gave out a message and Graf deleted it. The entire thing, the archive of it as well.
>>224420 Why though? What did Cook do exactly? I thought they were on friendly terms? Also I haven't read up on the lore on graf, but that dude always struck me as odd. Supposed crypto millionaire, does all this work for free, seems to take orders from internet streamers. Very strange.
>>224420 here is an archive of his account https://bae.st/users/$A4nHwuqZOkVXbRXsUS
>>224450 He's right. Too bad some people can't just let a guy go off and it has to be interrupted "now wait a minute!"
>>224602 >here is an archive of his account >https://bae.st/users/$A4nHwuqZOkVXbRXsUS Seems to be inactive since 2 years. The last few posts appear friendly towards Randbot, and I did search for Cook on poa.st, nothing turned up. Why did Rand scrub his account? Was there a falling out?
>>224739 Probably kept embarrassing himself and Rand by extention arguing with the kiwis on Jewsh's site.

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