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The owners of MetArt, Stream.me and the subversion of 4chan Unironic Ralphamale 09/14/2023 (Thu) 20:13:18 ID: bdfb5f No.223978
Hello /cow/, I go by hellDweller on poa.st. I'm here as I wanted to share some information. I have written up 36 articles including one on 4chan called 'The Technological Subversion of 4chan' showcasing the nature of its fake threads. I also wrote a 12 part series on owners of porn sites as I wanted them to expose them. I'm here as I wanted the information within the 4chan and porn series more than others to spread as far as possible. Posting on 4chan is out of the question and I don't trust 8kun. I did post on poa.st but I only ever got around 20 followers there. I didn't know where else to turn as I don't have any blog/YouTube/Telegram channel with any sizeable audience and I'm not interested in building one up either. I'm not looking for money or clout, I just want the information to be known by as many people as possible. So I thought let me just post it here, as what else do I do? To give you an idea of what I'm talking about let me introduce you to MetArt and it's owner Jonathan Krogman. MetArt produces possibly the most amount of substitute CP on the internet. I say 'substitute' as the girls are legally 18 and older, but their bodies are underdeveloped to such an extent that it's like they never went through puberty. They look like children despite legally being adults, thus satisfying the sick craving for children/prepubescents without technically breaking the law. I'm not going to post examples here but you are welcome to see them yourself. Krogman has made untold millions off of this 'business' of his. Please globally report me/Lords-of-Porn---Part-9---Aristocrats-09-07 The site is hosted by a company called Accretive Technologies also called ICF technologies, which is owned by Ross Perkins and Shawn Boday. These 2 fine gentlemen have over 1700 porn domains registered by their company. They are also registered as directors in one of the shell companies MetArt uses, so they're profiting off of the substitute CP too. They have a payment processor as well, which is used by Vixen media of Blacked.com fame. What these people are doing is wrong and immoral and while I have no power to stop them myself, I hope that by naming them something good can come of it. Please globally report me/Lords-of-Porn---Part-10---Final-Part---The-Kings-Guards-09-07 Stream.me Now these people also ran another site. One many alogs here will recognize. Stream.me. That's right, the site where the Гунт and Metokur used to stream on, was in fact run by people who also ran porn sites. But that's not all, it turns out they host actual CP as well. All proof is present within the articles. 4chan has been flooded with fake threads created by some sort of system that uses machine generated '/pol/' speak to hide the fact that the threads are fake. But their system results in the phenomenon of the threads all being '1 post by ID' threads' or being made of replies that are mostly 1 post by ID. This happens as they are likely unable to simulate real conversations. I have created a simple HTML and JavaScript code that counts the ID's and the number of posts they've made, then shows the overall number of '1 post by ID's' to help us understand whether or not the thread is fake. Please globally report me/The-Technological-Subversion-of-4chan-09-10 graf from poa.st has graciously hosted the code on https://shill.moe You can easily go to 4chan, copy a thread ID, type it in and find out whether or not a thread is fake. Now I'm aware /cow/ doesn't like graf, (or at least that's my perception of it) but look I don't know any of the lore, nor do I have time to read up on it or even care right now. He was perfectly polite to me in my interactions with him and I've had a positive experience overall. I'm not going to get into an argument about something I know nothing about nor am I going to throw someone under the bus who has been perfectly polite to me without understanding anything. I just want these people exposed and the information on them and 4chan to become well known. I'm sorry for shilling here, but I'm not looking for clout or money and I don't have any other option to get the information into the mainstream. I hope this isn't too off topic, in a way they're all related to the usual things /cow/ discusses. The articles are on telegra.ph which is an anonymous blogging platform owned by the makers of Telegram. I've written about Telegram being funded by the usual suspects as well in case you're interested in that. I've also created a master list of all my writings in case anyone's interested in those. Please globally report me/hellDweller-Articles-Master-List-09-12 I want the information to become widely known. So please consider sharing the information within as much as possible. Thank you for reading.
Ok so /cow/ doesn't like telegra(dot)ph for some unknown reason. But that is where the articles are. telegra(dot)ph/Lords-of-Porn---Part-9---Aristocrats-09-07 telegra(dot)ph/Lords-of-Porn---Part-10---Final-Part---The-Kings-Guards-09-07 telegra(dot)ph/The-Technological-Subversion-of-4chan-09-10 telegra(dot)ph/hellDweller-Articles-Master-List-09-12 I don't know if this will stay up or not. But this is the most I can do as I have no other mass platform as 4chan is compromised.
>>223979 >Ok so /cow/ doesn't like telegra(dot)ph for some unknown reason. Just lurk Anon, it will become clear with time.
>>223978 i'll shill it on foxdick, let see if janny jewsh and the foxdick people interested with these
>>224026 Thank you.
This is all bullshit, typical foxdick delusions.
MetArt and adjacent softcore porn sites have been around since the mid 2000s. They are not substitute cp, they host young Eastern European whores in their 20s, and I assume since the 2000s have branched off elsewhere into hard-core porn roasties and brownoids. I havent hacked off to this shit since like 2007. That you call it cp is proof that you're a cucked faggot, not that you should be viewing any of this crap anyway. All the women on the sites are clearly sexually mature. Neck yourself, faggot.
>>224575 You're a fucking retard, look up 'Nancy A' and tell me that girl looks 'sexually mature'. And don't worry, it's a total coincidence that the company hosting it also owns the domain name 'flatchestedangels.com' Total coincidence goy! And if you were jerking off to MetArt models, that makes you a pedo as those girls are deliberately selected for their child-like looks.
>>224577 Christ, you really are a stupid faggot. Fuck off back to whatever normgroid shithole you came from, you shitforbrains retarded piece of worthless shit!
Open file (147.33 KB 683x1024 12.jpg)
>>224577 >normalfaggots think this is cp Jesus, did the male testosterone level halve again since 2015? Look at the tits, the hips, the face. It's a woman in her mid 20s caked up and airbrushed for your virgin enjoyment, not a child you stupid fucking moron. Mainstream conservative faggots have had their Pizzagate obsession hijacked by bugmen and feminists to brainwash said conservatives into thinking mature reproductive age women is CP OMG!!!. They want to make a 0.01 birthrate and raise the AOC to 40 and you G​AMERGATE loving retards are the unwitting Jew henchmen! Die!
>>224582 >Jesus, did the male testosterone level halve again since 2015? It's not a male anon, that much is plain. Stronk, independynts, and literal cocksuckers have been gaslighting this shit on the Internets for at least a decade by now. It's like that fugly Muttni that literally spams her own pics and """shames""" p3dos in the main thread. >tl;dr Roasties on suicide watch. Anyone who says a granny like Nancy A is CP is clearly deranged, or is a CIA glowG​AMERGATE. But I repeat myself.
>>224582 My guy, the girl is substitute CP for the website began as MOST EROTIC TEENS. Their original disclaimer page referenced legal cases involving CP. Did you not read the linked post in the OP? They bring up TheTheGatorGamerGamer Sturges, a man who photographed and raped kids, you don't do that unless it's relevant to your site. The website originally hosted teen porn, no doubt about it. And the teens they photograph aren't the "well developed kind", the ones where the girl has big tits at 16, they are ALL small-tit, thin and short girls. A deliberate preference for girls who look underdeveloped is clearly present. Yes Nancy has tits and what not, but you have to admit that she's underdeveloped compared to most women who aren't as thin or have small tits. The faces of the girls they choose are also somewhat less mature looking. Which is what you'd expect since they are supposed to "Most erotic teens". Everyone is fully aware Nancy isn't a child. That's why the claim is SUBSTITUTE CP and not actual CP. A website calling itself Most erotic teens is going to have exactly that, teens. And if they're adults, since the law demands it, yet the audience you've built up since 1998 wants teens, then how do you showcase adults while retaining the audience? By showcasing adults who look like teens. SUBSTITUTING adults who look like teens since you can't have genuine under 18 teens. Really not fucking hard you dumb motherfucker. And the teens are once again, underdeveloped, they look more similar to someone who's yet to begin puberty than someone who's done with it. Now compare Nancy to someone like Angela White or Angie Faith or Siri or Samantha Saint, they are clearly adults, and you can clearly see that Nancy is underdeveloped and patently unattractive compared to any of them. Since you brought up testosterone, what type of girls do you think men with high testosterone are attracted to? Girls with big tits or small ones? Girls with wide hips or small ones? Short thin girls or well-developed women slightly shorter than them? Girls with normal faces or childish faces? Now ask yourself, what sort of men are going to start websites that cater to an audience that exclusively wants the opposite of that? And what type of men are even attracted to girls with small breasts, immature faces and are thin and short. The types who like prepubescents are borderline pedos. Perform a simple experiment. Look at the following women - Angela White, Angie Faith, Siri, Samantha Saint and Katerina Hartlova. Now look at prominent models on MetArt - Caprice, Nancy A, Sybil, Rebecca Volpetti, Mila Azul, Eve Sweet, Claudia C. It is an undeniable fact that the website and their audience have a preference for thin, short, small-breasted, immature looking yet adult women, i.e. substitute CP. Go look at their site and see what their audience prefers yourself https://www.metart.com/leaderboard/models/year Look at girls 4 and 5, Shea from Latvia and Jess Milton. TELL ME THEY LOOK LIKE ADULTS YOU SICK FUCK https://www.metart.com/model/shea https://www.metart.com/model/jeff-milton Those are their most popular models in the past year. Now I don't know why you're so triggered by the post. I can only assume you are attracted to girls like that and don't like the implications.
>>224582 >>224585 If you find Nancy attractive, then there's something wrong with you.
Open file (411.75 KB 220x165 You.gif)
>>224779 >>224741 https://www.metart.com/model/jia-lissa Holy shit it'S that 27 year old G​AMERGATE fucking whore from blacked.com ON METART CREATING CP! ITS CP! ITS THE FUCKING 27 YEAR OLD CP!!! C C C P P P P TheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamerPP CCCCCTheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamerTheTheGatorGamerGamer!!!! CP! ITS THE CP!
>>224779 >Look at this 27 year old, ignore all the other legally adult girls who look prepubescent Triggered pedo, kys
>>224819 >they are 27 years old you fucking sweaty gamer!!!!!!!!!! I'm convinced that faggots like you are part of a feminist gayop against right wing men, or any man who isn't a fag. Gas yourself, tranny.
Where's the funny?

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