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Open file (18.24 KB 176x176 ugurozaicon.jpg)
Delmore Oh/Second Life Lolcows Unironic Ralphamale 03/14/2024 (Thu) 21:03:23 ID: 977015 No.246256
Anyone remember Delmore Oh from Second Life's Something Awful/W-Hat group? He's come back and is now making unfunny /pol/-tier Youtube cocks under the name Uguroza. This rabbit hole probably goes deeper than Britbong's. https://twitter.com/UgurozaVT https://www.youtube.com/@UgurozaVT/videos
>>246256 Wait Delmore is back? I haven't heard that name in over a decade and a half. I see he's recycling one of his closet furry object head motifs for his vtube character. His default look in second life was a cartoon devil and he had an inworld store called "That Handsome Devil". He made some neat stuff but he was a massive faggot.
>>246257 >Buy a gay furry's warez >call him a faggot I bet you're one of the scrubs who got banned from W-Hat for regurgitating 4chan memes.
>>246258 I was never banned from WHAT or from Baku. Even despite my spending a lot of time in Digital Worlds with channers like chainsword.
Open file (132.96 KB 512x512 delmore pixel art.png)
he has a new video out on the SBI/S‚ÄčARGON controversy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmKtTWbSYX4 Kind of ironic since he himself is a gay furry. Pic related is uguroza's/delmore's old fursona.

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