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Open file (194.93 KB 1080x1030 ppp.jpg)
Anonymous 01/12/2020 (Sun) 21:10:51 ID: 30052d No.27034
PPP is sperging out in his Discord.
Open file (1.79 MB 2104x1261 zoom.png)
>>27034 >i'm just going to get gayoped with cp Completely reasonable concern.
Whats going on here
Open file (153.83 KB 1000x897 1557342447.jpg)
>>27063 platespics don't know to ctrl-shift-i to enter hackermode and instead crack out mspaint for cringe gayops.
>>27034 reasonable worry i suppose
this just sounds like PPP being sarcastic per usual
Zachfag won
>>27433 lmao what a pppathetic cope
This is the faggot that's been butthurt about the Гунт recently right? Did the Гунт actually do something to him or is he just an autismo? Or is it both?
Ashton is fat
>>27433 dubs of true
>>27433 nice cope
>>60621 He cucked to the Гунт long ago and now streams regularly with Cokeski
for real, it's platespic faked shit or real? I know that P P P had actual butthurt discussions on discord with Zachfag and even Molifag bc I read some of those by myself back then

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