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Open file (5.54 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20200125_103251.jpg)
Open file (3.82 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20200125_103225.jpg)
Am I an offline cow? 01/25/2020 (Sat) 18:37:45 ID: 3b807c No.29354
How does someone's life end up like this?
Open file (742.43 KB 575x821 brave_3fD9mKS75S.png)
>>29354 Is that where robi lives?
>>29443 who the fuck is robi and why does he look like an orthodox kike
>pissing inside your tent How indeed.
>>29516 That's not piss my friend, that's what happens when your shit spot floods into your tent
What the fuck, one of the most important rules of being outdoors is not to sleep in a low spot where water is going to pool around you. Even a homeless retard should be capable of finding a better spot.
Still a better life than the average wagecuck
>>29591 >Even a homeless retard should be capable of finding a better spot. He kinda proved you wrong, he's literally a homeless retard that didn't figured that shit out.
Open file (178.53 KB 1242x1218 1573055342170.jpg)
>>29354 Even by homeless standards this is pretty fucky mate. You could at least be busking infront of a subway or something. Do you seek out the muddiest spots on purpose or did you just get fucked by a flash rainfall or something?
>>29729 Rain for last 3 weeks and someone cut tent while at work
>>29781 Hey, at least you have a job.
>>29480 Robi is the owner of julay.
>>29354 They decided not to kill themselves for some reason. Probably an alcoholic or drug addict.
>>30027 You dumb G​AMERGATE I'm one of those schizos that unironically went all in bitcoin
Open file (195.58 KB 525x1188 1495986726886.jpg)
Open file (242.11 KB 640x640 1535594949300.jpg)
Open file (2.17 MB 2248x998 1528744204995.png)
what part of the country/world are you in? is it winter or summer? is climate change aiding and abetting your lifestyle? are you able to keep a fire? or will LE find you and move you along? how long do you expect to live out of a tent? are you nomadic? did you buy a new tent? have you any family? are you on medication? are you missing your medication? do you carry a firearm?
>>30281 Yes.
Open file (306.34 KB 589x589 1577111532125.png)
How did you make up for the drstroyed tent. How you doing m8.
>>30281 >are you on medication? are you missing your medication? do you carry a firearm? This line of questioning went from "concerned" to "glowG​AMERGATE" real quickly.
>>30450 /liberty/ here, no harm intended. yeah, i kind of felt like that while i posted. but it was just my autistic line of questioning forcing a logical outcome. more or less just wondering if OP is capable of self defense /out/ there and if they have any mental illness like the many challenged with homelessness. can probably assume OP is not debilitated by a mental illness as they have a job.
Open file (41.29 KB 445x336 dd14b.jpg)
Open file (62.85 KB 694x694 1496024086833.png)
>>30974 ha! if only OP could
>>30281 Springs coming so I went with a mummy bag and hammock, easier to conceal >>30297 Agreed
>>30974 Wouldn't mind living in a shack like that in fact of course
Open file (4.52 MB 4608x3456 IMG_20200208_115318.jpg)
A man died here
>>31273 glad you took car of the one messing with you
>>31273 Geez, 15 days later and it still is inundated? tough spot you/he picked bro. Was he a retard or just some malicious loonie?
>>31279 The spot worked fine for 14 months, just had bad rain last few weeks. I moved uphill but it was a very hidden spot
>>31424 Stop camping on floodplains, you fucking retard.
why is this thread here and not on /b/? unless you're going to mace a gamestop employee, like another soon to be homeless sperg, you don't warrant a thread here, take your blogging somewhere else or is this what this board has been reduced to now?
>>31448 >Why here bickers I have no place else to go
>>29604 Well I guess I can't argue with that.
>>31561 4chan is where you belong, not here. go back there, I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms
i want some proof this is actually your hamlet, iv seen stuff like this when iv been trekkin through the bush sometimes, lots of bums live like this
>>31606 Y-you want me to crawl inside it?
>>31607 yes also i have a few more issues, i hate litterbugs if its yours, i want to make sure you clean up properly before you move on anon. It wil only take a few extra minutes, do a lap around your site and pick up any loose plastic/trash/ciggies like I can see in your photos. What is up with your 'fence'? Why is it set up in that way to only cover a small area?
>>31608 I planned on picking it up with spring around the corner, the area I'm at is a huge forest but their are tons of waste bins to divide up the waste The "fence" area is a blind facing the direction about half mile from normalfags, if I took pic from other direction you would not see the netting as easily
I guess I should state that I took pic the next day that it happened, so my flooded shit pile is only 3 weeks old Also littering is the easiest way to get a cop to enforce the camping laws, so if anyone here ever becomes homeless I would recommend bagging trash and clean appearance >mfw west coast faggotland rent is worse than eternal camping
>>31680 >>31681 what do you do all day?
>>31682 Read about jewish power and laugh at cows m'dude
>>31697 Are you ted pilled ?
>>31707 Of course, and I'm not using it as a crutch for muh homeless. My job is trimming the molded pieces for prosthetic limbs so I'd like to think I'm not your average booze bum. I started believing back in 2018 that we would have a huge economic collapse involving college fags getting replaced by automation and welfare G​AMERGATEs getting replaced by automation, they would either riot or demand UBI or both, all at the cost of the hu-wite Man. I Bagan my madness by reading Turner diaries and eventually found Ted, been going 50%+ into crypto since. Thanks for reading my blog, fund my patreon for some great gear
>>31748 no fuck off entertain me more
are you human or dancer?
>>31748 You are actually a maverick, but even those guys know better than full innawoods without previous prev time. Although i understand that in the most zogged country in the world that can be hard.
>>31770 >Maverick McCain pls
>>29354 by being a fat robi
Open file (5.12 MB 4608x3456 IMG_20200223_123522.jpg)
Figure I'd bring you guys an update since this is my blog I created a summer beach house
>>35609 Clear out the floor of debris to prevent vermin , they won't dare cross in the open most of the times.
>>35617 >Clean out your free food source Never gonna make it
Open file (4.37 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20200223_161927.jpg)
Surprisingly /comfy/
>>35640 why don't you build a real shack or buy a new tent nignog
>>35641 This faggot should be a blanket fort.
>>35641 Might try shack idea in future, springs almost here and tent is boring
Open file (289.23 KB 452x310 brave_VohiWZmDvB.png)
>>35640 Is that a woolworths bag?
>>35658 Is that 3rd world for dollar store?
>>35692 Is it cold camping where you are? Do you have enough to keep warm?
>>35696 I'm a big boy fren
Do you still have a job? How do you clean yourself so you don't smell like shit in public?
>>38768 YMCA membership Coronachan infected my workplace in WA. I was put on basically a self imposed quarantine for 14 days. I don't think I'll be going back. I should have got a fuckin apartment in fall 2019 lmfao. Stop eating bat ass chinks
>>40106 >Stop eating bat ass chinks It got leaked via the river, it's a W.H.O. bioweapon level 4.
>>40124 I know but the bat ass meme is way funnier, it's like hating Brazil for eating monkey face
>>40290 You can meme and still be correct.
>>40298 >G​AMERGATE running away OH SHIT!11 topkek.
>>35640 Needs more goon. t. Unna Technical College graduate
>>40298 >what do you think, should they face criminal charges? This is where we are now.
don't forget to update us on when you start coughing up blood and shit, we definitely want to hear about that
>>40532 For some reason I can't upload pics anymore (phoneposting, hitting upload button shits his pants and does nothing) but I got a full face mask with lots of p100 cartridges How does it feel? Knowing a homeless is better prepared?
Open file (1.73 MB 3087x2733 IMG_20200318_160250.jpg)
There we go
>>40907 Can you do one while looking down at the camera? Could use another "Pathetic" reaction image.
Open file (109.29 KB 564x479 foto_no_exif.jpg)
>>40907 Well done anon
Open file (1.63 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20200322_190205.jpg)
>>40937 Here you go fren, can you add the text to it and share? >>41053 Kek
>>41224 fabulous
Open file (571.28 KB 678x802 innawoods neet v1.png)
>>29354 looks pretty comfy desu
>>40902 >How does it feel? IMO it's alright taking in consideration it's a dude who has managed to survive in ruthless conditions for quite a while.
>>41253 he's in a park near a college and main road G​AMERGATE
>>41254 I'm fully aware of exif data >>41248 Kek thanks
>>29354 Step 1: get JUST'd >>29781 >homeless but still wagecucking >>31273 This niggas camping in the middle of a fucking swamp.
Open file (40.40 KB 571x1036 exif.png)
Open file (494.13 KB 1767x881 location.jpg)
>>41224 powerful
>Not clearing your metadata in the year of our lord 2020 C'mon man.
>>41452 How do I clear exif data?
>>41400 So this nigga is living in the middle of a city park?
>>42344 yeah pretty much, every photo he has posted in this thread shows from the gps data that he is in that park.
>>40338 This >buy a dozen bags of goon >get wasted >once they're empty blow them up and duct tape them together >instant airbed
Open file (135.59 KB 310x784 r5379a.jpg)
>>42375 >>42344 Homeless anon here, I relocated most of the belongings to another place, I had wanted to do it since chink aids broke out and the fear of one of you calling cops pretty much settled it. new place is more forestry and out of a major city, only noise I hear is occasional ambulance Hope you guys stay safe, I can give WA updates while America burns down but it will just be text and very infrequent
>>42446 >fear of one of you calling cops considered but it the local council likely knows you're there and don't give a fuck. Especially with corona chan going around they probably prefer you're innawoods.
>>42446 Or you could just quickly download an image editing app that removes exif data and keep posting pictures if you're going to blogpost - you dumb, tech-illiterate faggot.
>>42450 >Calling the cops on a fellow anon /cow/ officially a busta board
>>42450 Appreciate that you didn't. For what it's worth the old location had about 6 other groups of homeless which was the main reason for relocating, I'm expecting people to get desperate soon >>42459 I'll look into it but my new location doesn't have easy access to electricity so I've been charging with solar powerbank, usually just get updated on chink aids and use rest for music
Homeless fren any tips for homeless living? I was already well on the way to winding up without a permanent residence before this chinkshit virus, and things aren't looking any better despite the supposed federal block on evicting people.
probably by being an incel on /cow/
>>42526 Get a cast iron skillet and stove, keep bed off ground if possible, lots of tarps and Paracord, avoid fast food/unhealthy food, mummy bag > sleeping bag
>>42526 Also I'd squat as long as you can and hope this somehow blows over (I don't think it will anytime soon). Exception would be if you're cityfag and rioting starts happening, I dunno man chink aids made any decision suicidal. Do you keep working and get sick? Do you pay rent and eventually get robbed? Do you go innawoods and die? Only thing for sure I can recommend is buy a fullface respirator now even if it means you have to cut out vices
Get a fleece sleeping bag liner, it's way easier to clean.
Seems very based IMO, OP.
>>40907 You have cute eyes
Is OP still alive?
>>96299 maybe. he was in some /k/ threads last year but since has gone all but silent.
>>29354 Based as fuck. Where are you anon?
>>29354 god willing i will end there myself, no bills and no work only care is where to get food and water
>>29354 I seriously hope you at least know how to make knots, ropes and work the wood, else you are little more than a hobo... i mean you even made your tent in a goddamn puddle.

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