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Open file (172.81 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 21:11:06 ID: 2c1776 No.29934
>he no longer can afford to host most videos and images So when is Joshua Coomer Moon running out of money? What happened, did the paypigs stop donating crypto to him in exchange for taking down their pages or stalking literal who ecelebs or did some Ukranian rebels stole all his shit?
>le hazmat suit maymay already outstayed it's welcome, figures that they would be posting it as well as the cuckchanners and other normalfags >is this the end hopefully, their site has been a joke for years now
Open file (728.50 KB 960x540 Josh JUST.png)
No one will miss it. Forum threads are a shit way of cataloging lulcows when half the OPs are never updated for new information. Fuck having to wade through hundreds of forum posts just for one cow.
>>30241 what now anon? just keep back in cozy imageboard bunkers?
>>30338 Wiki-like sites are what I like to use for lolcows, personally. ED was going strong until it shat the bed repeatedly, thankfully various other wikis can be found as a replacement very easily. Just search up "(lolcow name) wiki" and you get a nice list based off of that.
>begging this hard https://kiwifarms.net/threads/error-2020-too-slow.65753/page-6#post-5958025 It's official cowboys, Josh is broke as fuck. Call Sam and Hirtes, give them the good news so they can stop being alogging losers over this Ukranian NEET.
>the op image has nothing to do with the subject Why not post a relevant image or just jewsh's face in that case?
<the op image has nothing to do with the subject it does, keep reading faggot
>>30606 >still beating the dead horse known as hirtes >even tho he was a nobody that most people here couldn't give less of a shit about even during his "prime time" here are k iwi cucks and /cow/ spergs the most easily triggered group of people on the internet, or what? yes, I liked his dumbass trolling, and I found it even funnier how much asshurt those low effort posts of his made the retards here completely lose their minds, feel free to get one of the mods here to post a HILARIOUS ban message again to show how that statement totally doesn't completely make him shit himself in anger
>>30623 Hi hirtes, welcome to /cow/.
>>30623 How many times do we have to teach you a lesson, old man?!
Josh is defending Brennan to keep Kiwifarms online. Brennan is mentally ill enough to consider releasing enough info to get Josh banned from life and to get the Kiwis hunted down faster than the Atomwaffen Division ever was.
Open file (709.31 KB 588x631 Samuel Hydan.PNG)
Sam Hyde talks about Joshua, apparently he met him way back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-qwVHruxRA
Necro thread, but what's going on with this? Is Jewish-boy fucked, or did he squirm his way out of it yet again?
>>39106 Also what info would that be? Are they pedos or something?
>>29939 This didn't age well.
>>42572 He started selling shirts to his autismbux fed foxdick trannies in order to afford to keep running his site/making videos/buying hurtcore CP.
>>42573 Jewsh pays Eastern Euro hookers to piss on him and cuckwheels has the tapes.
>>42610 Update: This is now falling through and Josh is probably fucked for funding again.
>>29934 serves him right for being friendly with jcaesar187
>>42722 To be fair, Josh has VERY few people willing to be friendly with him. Foxdicks are excluded bickers trannies aren't human.
>>42573 What kind of a worthless retard are you? Everyone knows that the Farms are full of trannies and pedophiles.
Hold on a minute, was Josh the guy that tried to do Infinity Next or was that Hotwheels?
>>45892 Joshua moon Conner a.k.a null. Freddit only forked SaveTheInternet. And he was sabotaged, yet, again.
>>45895 Is Josh the guy behind 9chan? Sorry for asking more questions but I’ve been out of the loop. I know he’s behind Foxdick and was associated with the crip.
>>45934 Yes, lol. I don't know who tricked him to continue infinitynext, but I'm still laughing he doesn't see he's being sabotaged as fuck.
>>45950 I await the inevitable chatlogs leaking why he actually finished it
Man things change rapidly. Yeah he was talking about shutting it down 5ever but ebegging ended up working out for him. No, I don't think the place was ever *really* in trouble of shutting down
>>46848 it's all he has and i bet he definitely pockets some money for himself. I'm sure he has a nice stack of cash waiting for the day he calls it quits or gets v&
>>46909 Well his plan was to just fuck off and do freelance coding work if KF proved unprofitable. He's already changed his name (first parts James) and was already prepared to drop everything and move on. Sadly, it seems e-begging worked out for him and by yelling loudly about how free speech will totally die unless they get the server via shirt sales and brave donations, he's been able to move up into the black. Yeah if he ever talks about closing something down then he's just pissy its not working out for him in the short term.
>>29934 fuck Joshua Coomer
>>42671 Sauce?
Open file (1.54 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
https://pastebin.com/dWqrJQhn null's mod team is crashing down during his "vacation"
>>63990 >September 2019 C'mon man.

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