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Open file (15.10 KB 772x238 CuckChan.png)
Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 13:48:12 ID: a21f23 No.39419
Lmao at CuckChan, the most cucked place of the internet. Can you think of a more cucked thing that posting in there unironically, filling googles recaptchas and shit, buying a goy captcha pass hahaha Even plebbit and normies forums allow to post from basic VPNs and browsing from tor. The userbase in there are retarded failed normies posting from google chrome connected with their google accounts, if you don't do that the recaptchas are too hard and the website is unusable. CuckChan achieved to totally removed anonymity on a forum system based on anonymity, isn't it beautiful?
In conclusion: water is wet. >Even plebbit and normies forums allow to post from basic VPNs and browsing from tor. I just tried connecting to https://4chan.org/g from VPN and Tor (without JavaScript enabled) and everything worked except for catalog and posting.
>>39419 >normies go back
>>39419 >Can you think of a more cucked thing that posting in there unironically Yes ,posting on 8kunt unironically ever.
>sage in 'Subject' field
mewch and wizchan are just as bad
voat is also shit. communist social credit points make it the same as reddit
>>39672 My account got wordlessly closed over there for alluding to the jews with some 'bot suspicion' shit a couple years ago as though they were twitter, so yeah.
Might as well have a proper purpose for this thread Best way to ban evade?
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 1560572424.gif)
>>39508 Real oldfags put sage in every field
>>39433 Normie is /ourterm/, faggot.
You just can't handle the bants, enjoy your failed bunker of 10 people
>>41358 >Normalfag is /ourterm/, faggot. FTFY
>>39419 >kosherchan >is pozzed No shit.
>>41358 normalfaggot
>>99016 have sex, "wizard".
>>39433 >range ban >>go back retardation
>>99032 If you don't type out normalfaggot people are going to think you're afraid of using the term faggot for things and are a redditor or similar normalfaggot site user habitually. Also, you're an inane parrot so the anon that points out your bullshit is right on your being such a normalfag redditor. "Have sex" is not banter. It's pointless spam.
Open file (3.09 MB 700x392 I AM NOT REDDIT.webm)
>>105832 >people are going to think you're afraid of using the term faggot for things and are a redditor or similar normalfaggot site user habitually Redditors tend to be oversensitive about people thinking they're from reddit like that.
After three years I checked /pol/ and by the gods, that place is sad as fuck now, it's only porn, /leftypol/ raid threads, glow in the dark threads and overall no quality. The only "okay" thread were the NatSoc ones and even those are pretty much only four anons spamming images. /tg/ is full of redditors, like the pozzed kind far worse than the average redditor who used to use cuckchan back in 2016. /tv/ probably is garbage and unfunny now. I posted on /v/eddit a few months ago when my goal was to get a PA to fuck with Fallout Frontier mods. Guess what happened after I doxed the mods and larped as mods in the threads to make everyone there mad at them? foxdickfarms and grifters got involved and /v/edditors "trolled" the mods by paying superchats...
>>106012 >foxdick got involved >it went to shit >gen z redditors sent super chats to "own" jannies Fucking hilarious, can you post caps of jannies breaking down though?
>>41358 >>105831 go back normalfag
>>106012 lol I remember how modern /v/ owned the mods of Frontier by PAYING superchats, pathetic as fuck. And after that lots of grifters started to make videos about the whole mod.
>>106018 Like this one?
4chan is behind Cuckflare: >$ dig 4chan.org NS +short >rick.ns.cloudflare.com. >rita.ns.cloudflare.com. >$ dig 4channel.org NS +short >kara.ns.cloudflare.com. >gabe.ns.cloudflare.com. 4chan uses Google Captcha 4chan does NOT allow VPN posting 4chan does NOT allow Tor posting 4chan does NOT work without JS (Catalogs, Captcha, reply linking, etc...) 4chan has a phonefaggot interface 4chan janitors use Discord 4chan janitors doxed themselves with photo ID to >do it for free 4chan janitors police posts based on their own personal goals Hiro runs 4chan with the idea of monetization Hiro created sekrit club boards you have to pay to use 4chan is run on government servers with the FBI overseeing /b/ Moot censored information during GG bickers he was dating a girl related to MSM Moot sold out and went to work for big G after retiring from 4chan 4chan censors other imageboards so anon can't find new, better, safer places 4chan is overrun with teenagers 4chan is overrun with ironic plebbitors 4chan is overrun by retarded, naive boomers on /pol/ 4chan is a proving ground for forum diversion/subversion experiments ran by intelligence entities
>>107268 Preaching to the choir there, buddy. But you may as well keep it up elsewhere.
Open file (7.42 MB 604x340 PPP WON.gif)
This place is filled with them and FoxDickFarms trannoids. You being here and making this shit thread plus all the fags admitting to crossposting just proves it without a doubt that despite bitching endlessly how shitty of a website it is, on par with social media sites, you'll setill go back to it everytime like a battered wife >Normies wew laddeh
>>107410 That makes this site funner since it gives it more tards to interact with. >shilling ashton parks
Open file (969.35 KB 699x716 ClipboardImage.png)
>>107413 Its ironic how all the people who bitch about discord trannies and foxdicks always try to shill ashton, considering that foxdick is filled with discord trannies sucking his balls and seething at anyone who dares say he isn't the biggest dog on the internet.
Open file (1.36 MB 640x480 starfish.webm)
>>107415 >>107413 >Posting a lolcow means I'm shilling him lel
they fixed the google problem. Happy?
sage metaposting about cuckchan isn't discussing a lolcow
I am a cuckchan rapefugee and I like it here
Only one person was capable of cutting through /cow/'s Gym bullshit
>>107413 ass-ton parker
The age of imageboards is over, the webring is pure trash as well.
They are shadow banning the anons, not only banning or doing ip ragebans. https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/129002.html
>>195371 Which lolcow are you?
>>195371 cuckchan >>>>>>> tvch after being ruined by gahoole and vol3
>You're here forever! Apparently not

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