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Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 17:46:00 ID: 4d2600 No.39633
Why is this sperg posted on every image board i go on
Don't visit aca tranny dens then
Is this Brittany Venti?
Supposedly, it's Analockman, an autistic Thai commie lolcow who used to BO of a /b/ board on one of the dead IBs.
Open file (543.24 KB 640x480 analockman.gif)
Quick rundowns >Wants to fuck rabbits >Says really autistic shit >Inserts himself into everything I think that's everything.
Open file (116.91 KB 568x758 850.jpg)
Open file (105.11 KB 568x758 851.jpg)
Open file (71.47 KB 480x640 852.jpg)
>>39633 >>39695 What a sexy young man!
>my "personality" compensates for looking like an ugly fucking bug
Open file (63.40 KB 640x468 die in suffer.jpg)
>>39633 Is this guy a gook or some kind of Sudaca?
He's a (Thailand Native)
>>39773 Is it really Analcockman though?
Open file (468.22 KB 601x642 I dunno.png)
>>39804 All gooks look the same so it doesn't matter.
>>39717 >wanting others to feel the way I look
>>39633 Jesus Christ... How can one be uglier than sin?
>>39899 <Insert wall of text calling you a racist nazi and a bunch of other random shit
>>39917 >gun pressed to her stomach outside the picture frame
more quads
>>39633 >robi looks like that irl
>>39999 >>40000 Le based checg
>>39899 He doesn't go outside, Vitamin D and sunlight will stop you looking like a greasy corpse. Too bad about the shape of his block.
>>40339 Jesus H Christ - save us from this antichrist!
None of these pictures are him and he stopped using alt chans in february.
I've only seen this guy be posted on 4/bant/ and 4/mu/ once. Is he Yonkers/Ralsei/Desu or someone else? Or both?
Open file (309.70 KB 858x1390 SEA monkey.jpg)
>>39771 Gook / G​AMERGATE hybrid, like all SEA monkey genetic trash.
Open file (613.35 KB 736x1280 1580515367910.png)
>>45332 Leave mien oberautismusfuhrer Yonkers/MewMewKitty/Mittens/Ralsei/Asriel/Jackson/MeowMeow/Jaydane alone, lest you incur his great wrath! Die.
>>39695 actually, that's not what i do i don't fuck rabbits i don't say autistic shit i don't insert myself into everything analockman is not me We are both different from each other.
Don't know,don't care, ignore that fag and never reply to whom ever is posting with his namfaggotry.
>>39633 that's chijo
Open file (1.22 MB 700x1361 yonkers.png)
>>47027 yonkers...
>>47027 how tf did you find your way here?
>>39674 i dont think analockman ever posted his face, and if he did he wouldnt fucking look like me. what the fuck. >>39695 No, what? >>63687 Magic, bitch.
Open file (40.44 KB 610x520 1614767032326.jpg)
where has analockman been sighted recently? analockman simply cannot live without attention for those interested: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/analockman
>>201643 analcockman is kill
>>201643 isn't analcockman known to be a sperg orbiting some movie reviewing e-celeb that's also a furry bickers of some Lion King review? I think the name was YourMovieSucks or something?
Haven't seen him in a while, where does he post usually?
>>209703 Last I saw him he was shitting up (((Mark Mann’s))) site. Which is quite the feat considering the standard, or lack thereof on that site. If you encounter him, please send him to tvch. That way all the worst mongoloids in the sektur could be kept there, away from everyone else.
>>39633 That is a disgusting shitskin mongrel subhuman.
Open file (119.44 KB 664x884 yonkers-capri-sun.jpg)
That's the Bonkers From Yonkers.
fat amos yee?
>>203400 thats at least a year ago i think, his reddit has also been inactive. He might truly be dead, but if thats the case, I would like to see his dead body and have one last laugh

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