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Open file (49.17 KB 239x266 sonic friday.jpg)
Alone on a Friday night? JEWS 03/14/2020 (Sat) 01:25:23 ID: 2baeff No.40288
God, you're pathetic.
Open file (138.93 KB 500x406 lol[update].gif)
Open file (401.04 KB 290x253 Soynic.gif)
>>40288 fuck off G​AMERGATE
Open file (11.08 KB 52x59 p.gif)
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Open file (10.75 KB 56x56 t.gif)
Open file (11.93 KB 56x56 h.gif)
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Open file (10.75 KB 56x56 t.gif)
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Open file (10.26 KB 61x44 c.gif)
>>40288 NIGGER NIGGER CHICKEN DINNER How's your quarentine going?
Open file (16.14 KB 618x570 bliss.jpg)
>>41074 Dull, yet smug, as I bought a Japanese bidet two years ago and I'm well-prepared for a toilet paper shortage. How's yours?
>>41095 I'm doing alright. Pretty well stocked with the essentials. Got plenty of rice and frozen stuff to last a while. Got plenty of toilet paper as well. Had mine already before I went to the store to maybe try and stock up on some things missing at home. The entirely row of toilet paper racks were emptied out aside from boxes of tissues.
Open file (212.35 KB 1262x947 EKm5zyOU0AEulk1.jpg)
>>41113 I visited my grocer today and they were still out of toilet paper. Perhaps I have a hoarder neighbor who will end up on TLC.
Open file (785.56 KB 1017x635 cytube2.png)
Open file (863.90 KB 1001x643 cytube1.png)
Open file (118.88 KB 915x754 723.jpg)
>>42906 What am I reading?
I haven't seen my gf for a month and I feel myself going insane due to all this pandemic shit. She's been ill but not from the Wu flu. Supposed to see her tomorrow if she feels better.
Open file (184.81 KB 800x800 unnamed.jpg)
Y'all cowards that don't even do lockdowns on Fridays.
>>45745 >that image
>>45788 >brianna wu's life got a manga adaptation Horrifying.
Open file (231.76 KB 500x720 i understand.jpg)
No need to be insecure.
>>46027 You don't know how i am urging be able to get out without fearing getting a 1600$ ticket for not respecting social distancing laws. It's fucking bullshit. I'm tryin to be a gud boi and get my life back on track but all this is just fucking shit up. I haven't been able to see my gf a lot since the lockdown has begun. We take walks outside together and we go back to do our thing bickers if some SNITCHING NIGGER complain to the popo that some people gather at some places that isn't their home(say, she's at my place and we play vidya or fuck), deputy dunkin' will come over to look in the house to make sure who's there and shit to hand you a massive fucking fine. I fucking wish that if it would happen to me, i'd find the little rat-faced fucker and teach some old-school social justice manners. >>45788 sup JEWS, you seem to like the random stuff i post here whenever I try to necro the Friday thread so there you go.
>>46830 Weed on the TTC.
>>46832 lol i just saw a post as I was rolling a blunt and comptemplating making some stir-fry and maybe take a nap. How is your Friday, anon?
Wow. Confinement is a bitch. Been about 2 months I haven't got laid and it's incredibly fucking irritating. Imagine doing finals on top of that. I'm about to fucking crack. It feels like I woke up suddenly in the Twilight Zone Think about it. >me being neet during a rough part of my life. >Haven't fugged in enough years to be considered a religious monk. >get shit back in order. did actually be a gud boi and go to college >get gf around the end of the year >top tier relationship so far >suddenly lol china sends a plague upon the world. >confinement. >can't risk having my girlfriend home unless you get a massive fine. Sneak in the suburbs to walk in a park and kiss when nobody is around.occasionally in-between work and school. >seen recently two cops eye a duo of tween by their bicycles from their cop car while they were trying to tie take out food bag handles on their steering bickers they were too close. Motherfuckers slowed especially for them and considered fining two tweens bickers they were trying to tie something before taking off. >police massively and openly overstep their bounds being fucking massive dirtbags >people are encouraged to rat on each other. >people commiting suicide bickers of the isolation and pandemic is not enough motivation for the political big wigs to consider deconfinement >almost 2 months in and NO SIGNS of official loosening in sight >people are stirring up and if they don't let us go by summertime, I expect riots in the streets as early as mid-June. >physically, mentally and emotionally exhauster just wtf happened fam?
Crosspost from 8kun, not sure which thread would be appropriate for this topic Seeing that there isn't any similar threads on /cow/, I'll post it here bickers it seems appropriate. Apparently the current owner of 64ch.cc who goes by the username patch shills 64chan on other imageboards and after that he spams them with CP. I can only assume that he wants the userbase to leave the original imageboard for 64chan bickers there's CP spam.l This is probably one of the most underhanded tactics I've seen being used in order to shill your imageboard. Here's the thread where the users are discussing what's going on https://64ch.cc/b/res/1581.html#1605 and here's the archive https://archive.is/Sq7IH
>>49283 Is 64ch ACF?
>>49283 Where's your proof?
>>50408 Hello patch, it's not nice to delete other people's threads when they're criticizing you. It's also not nice to bumplock threads when people are pointing out what you're doing is wrong. It's pretty obvious what you're doing >spam imageboard with 64chan >wait a coiuple of minutes then spam with CP If that were not the case you wouldn't be censoring discussion regarding this topic. You wouldn't act like a little G​AMERGATE and you would respond to criticism. I truly hope that one day you'll get v&. To those who are unaware I made a thread on 64ch linking to my post and surprise, surprise it got deleted and now this little G​AMERGATE is here.
>>50421 So no proof then
ahahaha pathetic
Open file (157.75 KB 435x326 shockanddisgust.png)
>couldn't find the Friday thread on Friday
Alone? No, I am together with some of more cool and underground internet kids online, here, on /cow/!
Open file (44.76 KB 480x640 EZUn9KJWsAIZ6kQ.jpeg)
Open file (78.36 KB 638x960 bobsez.jpg)
>>49151 welp I was off by 2 weeks or so but I knew fucking riots would break out with all that lockdown shit. Now people just use that as an argument to loot and burn stores. Nothing too significant happened in my neck of the woods but tt seems like clockwork for burgerland, each summer time, that joggers gets out and loot. They just need the first argument to come their way to do so. At least it makes for good entertainment in the near 4 months this shit has been going on with the lockdown. Meanwhile, my main pc tower broke and i need to use a shitty broken laptop to even get on the internet and do school work. I went to several stores to get my pc fixed. One of the stores I went to was a fucking little crawny jew that never did his inspection fully and charged me 25$ for it. So i took it back and dropped it at some other store. I was supposed to get news yesterday. Didn't get any. Called the next day and I let my Karen rise in me. Spoke to a clerk. I was very calm but direct in telling him I'll take the damn tower back if it's still taking so long even though some other fucker has it for 2 weeks and shit his pants and did nothing with it and I would look for another shop. I actually didn't want to take it back but I wanted to add a bit of pressure. I didn't even need to ask, I was sent to a supervisor cause the dude in charge of my machine had food poisoning or whatever the fuck excuse it really is. The supervisor told me I should get news by tomorrow. I swear, there is nobody fucking competent or honest enough to fix a fucking pc in the tech world.
Open file (8.13 KB 383x289 shiiieeettt.jpeg)
Evening you spergs. How many of you are left replying to this thread?
what's up GAY mers, How's the lockdown going still? Not dancing at the end of a rope I hope. Lockdown ends in my neck of the woods on the 22nd and i'll be able to get my dick wet again. Can't fucking wait. 3 months of this fucking nightmare... holy shit. I was on the brink of going fucking postal. I'm surprised there hasn't been a lot of shootings/bombings since this started but I'm not surprised lefty communists decided to LARP in Seattle either. Makes for a fun distraction while this shit ends and Jim decides to stream again and lets his slave wife shut his devil spawn up. not saying it's fact but it's a rumor i've heard that Jade gave birth and this is why Jim stopped streaming entirely so that the news wouldn't leak out in case the baby screamed in the back Crazy fucking times we live in.
is sad to noticed how abandoned this thread and others are
Didn't know anyone still wanted to use the thread, hopefully in the future it can be revived.
>Didn't know anyone still wanted to use the thread, hopefully in the future it can be revived.
Open file (63.81 KB 220x220 1637544778958.gif)

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