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Open file (95.39 KB 763x639 123456789.jpg)
idubbbz Distilled Cope 03/29/2020 (Sun) 21:46:59 No.41859
https://invidio.us/watch?v=mQLzOuwDu_8 I still don't know who the fuck this faggot is but holy shit this is gold 100% SEETHE DISTILLED COPE
what the fuck is a simp, I keep seeing this word everywhere
>>41905 G​AMERGATE equivalent to beta orbiter/soyboi/cuckold/male feminist G​AMERGATE speak is easily misunderstood and thus flies under the radar of the pc police (plus they wouldn't dare tell G​AMERGATEs how to speak proper english).
>>41859 i dont get it, she doesnt even do nudes apparently, not sure why people are so upset over it id never date a sex worker but if shes not even doing nudes, isnt it just like dating a model/actress?
>>41859 Does anyone have the gf photos from onlyfans?
>>41961 Thatsa dude
Open file (181.21 KB 944x1680 NyanRalph14.jpg)
>>41948 > she doesnt even do nudes apparently what the fuck are people giving her money for then?
>>41905 "simp" comes from the novel Rama where the human crew use genetically engineered apes colloquially called simps to do menial tasks in order to improve efficiency of the human crew
>>42023 I guarantee there's retards out there who are paying for her onlyfans simply bickers she is idubbz gf and it makes them feel like they are fucking him But if it's not nudes, who is really getting cucked?
>>42029 >and it makes them feel like they are fucking him cucking him*
"IM NOT A SIMP My PROZZIE girlfriend brings back seven men a day and gets fucked in front of me. I accept this and literally drink the semen out of her vagina and ass afterwards bickers that's what being in a committed relationship is about. She also pegs me hard in front of the random men, then belittles me for my tiny penis while they roar with laughter. My ass is prolapsed as a result of the pegging and I can't afford to get it repaired bickers I live in America, healthcare ain't free here you know? However I respect everything about my girlfriend's preferences. You call me a simp simply bickers I'm not sexist or a misogynist. You can talk about self respect as much as you want but we know this ain't about that."
>>41905 sneed
>>41948 She lives in Edmonton Canada while idubbbz lives in California. He occasionally visits her and stays for awhile, then returns home to America. She has a history of bad relationships and is shit talking idubbbz behind his back, while also flirting with other guys online, even her ex-BF. People are made at the onlyfans shit but this shit goes way deeper. She definitely cheats on him, if not, she eventually will, now that this drama exposed her to a wide audience, there will be guys that would want to fuck her, knowing that they are cucking a popular e-celeb.
>>41859 He's a millionaire. The only reason his gf is doing this is bickers one or both of them get off to it.
>>42097 That deffo changes my view a fair bit, long distance relationships are always a bust unless your both so loaded you can travel weekly. Even then, its not something you can keep up long term.
Open file (121.75 KB 850x478 978578.jpg)
>>41859 This is actually pretty hilarious since now all of his fourteen yr old fans that look up to him know he only sees them as dollar signs, and wouldn't give a fuck if they all jumped off a cliff bickers his girlfriend's a weird jewish whore that wants to fuck some other minor eceleb that literally stole her boyfriend's mannerisms. Idubbbz has enough of a brain to have put all of his yt money into a savings account so he'll never have to work again. So even if this drama kills his channel viewership, he'll still have money for life. That goes for pretty much all of the mid 2010s era ecelebs that are washed up now (implying they didnt spend all of their money on hookers, coke and lamborghinis)
>>41859 >idubbbz The name sounds familiar, but I can't place it. Does he review games or something?
Open file (148.21 KB 1278x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>42148 -he unboxes lulsorandum shit his fans send him -he used to review bad kickstarters -reviews particular dramas in a segment called "cocks Cop" it's ok -lately he's been talking about random shit that bothers him like 50% peanuts and pitbull mamas -
>>41859 He always reminded me of that one edgy kid in high school who always got in trouble trying to act cool while the teachers and class mates hated his guts.
Open file (1.28 MB 320x180 vomit cake.gif)
I used to watch him in 2014 when he mostly played videogames and shaved his head completely, mostly due to the fact that he was the only one documenting on Intruder's progress which is a neat videogame that wasn't avaiable on Steam so none of the other Jewtube shills got to it. His cocks was mediocre though so I was surprised when he started hanging around with the Jewtube edgelords. Never expected him to turn into a literal cuckold though, a normalfag with shit taste would be 10 times better than whatever this is.
>>41961 At least this one is presumably not a tranny
>>42225 A shame.
>>42227 where is the benis
>>42225 >>42227 wew ok those are way lewder than appropriate for a girlfriend idubbz without a doubt a cuck
>>42225 >>42227 Imagine paying 10 dollars a month for this.
>>42225 >>42227 meh tier imo, could find better wank material for free
Open file (78.67 KB 250x222 1585729387073.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 1920x1440 1585434532391.jpg)
>>42231 And they are paying for COVERED NIPPLES Don't forget guise, it's not prostitution, It'S sEx WoRk :^)
courtesy of /r9k/ [BTFO by DMCA]
Edited last time by robi on 07/23/2020 (Thu) 07:40:18.
>>42238 What's the new discord link reiko?
>>41948 >"sex worker" I already know you're one of that bunch but what the hell is the difference between prostitute and model/actress?
>>42097 You had me at Canada.
Open file (29.39 KB 583x262 Fatt jarbo.png)
>>42150 >-he unboxes lulsorandum shit his fans send him If there was ever a time to send anthrax through the mail. That's some faggy shit. Can't say I'm surprised someone that does that shit turns out to getting off on watching his girlfriend getting gangbanged by nogs. >>42267 >y-you're just mad bickers your girlfriend doesn't sleep around I mean I don't expect much from Jumbo, but this is just pathetic.
imagine staying with some mediocre woman whos now has horribly fake looking tits which some how make her even more ugly and then letting this ugly bitch cuck you online, fucking pathetic
>>42275 this fag is a megacuck in real life, how i can tell? Becase he's rich off jewtbux and event hen he gets mega cucked and dumped by an average chub, which only means this idiot is fake as shit on screen 100% fake and gay personality. His former fans or whatever have found him out and owned him and he's passive-agressively throwing a tantrum over it, last tell is this how this cucked man conceals grievances by trying to pass own fails and misfortune off as funny. funny betas and their fucking thirst quenching tears >>42225 >>42227 >>42238 this is proof how low simps, cucks, retards have fallen. starved. they will actually pay to look at this totally default looking slut, years ago people paying to view some old soccer mom looking female buddha was unheard of and they would be ridiculed internet 2020 is fucking pathetic
>>42267 What the fuck even is that "joke"? The people mad at idubbz have moved out of their parent's house? What?
>>42227 I didn't paid for porn back when all porn was paid-only and you had to pirate otherwise Now you have fucking porn in 1080p FOR FREE and yet these turbosimps pay for shit that isn't even softcore for 2000s standards
>>42162 >I used to watch him in 2014 when he mostly played videogames and shaved his head completely, mostly due to the fact that he was the only one documenting on Intruder's progress which is a neat videogame that wasn't avaiable on Steam so none of the other Jewtube shills got to it. I watched for that reason too but but played the SubRosa demo religiously which he also covered. He had less than a thousand subscribers when I subbed at that time and for years he's subscriber account was around one and a half thousand. I shilled Subrosa to get more people on the game 'cause it was free and was dying at that time plus and i was young and retarded. People like bluedrake42, and a bunch of other shitty YouTube and forums. They game blew up. Propelling and the popularity of the developer, Idubz and the game. The developer turned out to be incredibly cucked and I lost interest in the Idubz channel short there after but it very bazaar to hear normalfags at my school talk about him a few months after.
>>42097 shut up brittany
>>42125 his girl isnt a fucking kike, she is a ugly mudslime mutt
>>43128 hey they're both semites they just worship a different pedogod
>>43164 >different Rebranded
>>43402 Nah, Allah is the pagan God of the moon. That's why joos hate mooselimbs.
>>42225 >>42227 what in the fuck? people are paying for this? Whores that are on the internet and gets paid should be slim or look nice not like this fat slob, what in the fuck is wrong with people?
>>42227 >>42225 Note the dirty background. These whores are slobs
>>44097 Do they just pay for images or is there some degree of interaction? I don't know anything about onlyjews or whatever the fuck normalfags are using for this bullshit. At least I could understand the psychology behind parasocial sexual relationships if there was some degree of interaction between the whores "fans" and herself. But if it's literally just pay walled underwear pics and nothing else than I'm lost.
Auugghhh sorry a-logs, got a DMCA for the pics of the whore. You have better saved em. I'll post the DMCA notification later.
>>67094 topkek. Your post looks like spam. Please adjust it.
>>67094 Wait, she got an American lawyer finally, and lol, cited copyright for them, meaning, they are real, and publicly can be said she's a legitimate whore?

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