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Open file (5.95 KB 64x64 64dolphin.png)
Sick of HangingFlesh's lies? Dolphin##4GfA2L 04/23/2020 (Thu) 13:48:23 ID: 2339a7 No.45384
Open file (660.03 KB 876x785 1582910867486-0.jpg)
Open file (580.76 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (580.76 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (580.76 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (580.76 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (486.49 KB 876x785 liar.png)
Open file (579.94 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (579.94 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (579.94 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (579.94 KB 876x785 ClipboardImage.png)
kys dolphincuck
Open file (373.57 KB 852x835 speedy05fagwithgunlol.png)
Open file (36.54 KB 505x622 speedy05tranny.png)
Free info for you dolphin pass it on; Speedy05 (admin of /k/) is likely a butthurt tranny who censors seethe cope and dilate, i thought that was pretty weird bickers no one else than a cockchopper would find funny language like that so degrading and worthy of censorship butthurt but there was more. I was surprised so i made one joking posts about it asking why, that got deleted and eventually developed into pic related, evidently the Гунтranny Speedy05 did not think that was funny at all and my mention of his wordfilter, my posts and the ones questioning what was said was all deleted and eventually thread got nuked bickers of Speedy05's immsense Гунтranny butthurt about it. So i spammed it. My post made tranny/k/ BO so mad that he sat and camped to insta deleted my shitposts posted between when i was playing muh games for a long time, the ultimate butthurt seen in the logs. I made a thread about it on cow afterwards but then to my surprise Hangingflesh who is the Гунтranny's simp boy deleted it for Speedy05 with his global VOL rights to cover up any talk about the pathetic Гунтranny. Speedy05 has Hangingflesh as a slave Infringing on other boards bickers he's a simp for his tranny gf or some gayfag AIDS pact they made. Funny story, it's real and not just some bullshit. People should know a filthy Tranny is bo of /k/ and his friend Hangingflesh who's abusing global vol rights shouldn't be on Julay. They should both be removed.
asdpojas diopjaeqwe
>>45397 While I knew this, I didn't expect for HangingFlesh to go out of his way to defend the tranny. Post it in some other site, maybe 64ch.net or madochan.monster?
>>45397 Wait, 4-8th, as in 2 weeks ago, you file this motion? I better see a thread on another site, well documented. So far it looks like Dolphinpedo Spergy spam.
>>45424 >>45419 Correction ssorry: Muses not hangingflesh. had to refresh my memory as i clearly mistook the name. That fag muses is global (tr)anny as well correct? Is it already not documented corruption between the /k/ Гунтranny speedy05 and muses? Look at the logs. >Wait, 4-8th, as in 2 weeks ago, you file this motion? No, afterwards the Гунтranny went psycho bickers of dilation cope and I posted here on /cow/ next day 05/08 it got deleted by next day: https://julay.world/.global/logs/.global/2020-04-09.html this date you see Muses deleted the entire thread as a corrupt global mod sucking jewG​AMERGATE faggot speedy05 Гунтranny cock only censor that happened that day as well. Doesn't help that logs are totally nondescript and 0 transparency. But it's the truth. I must admit though, i didn't think speedy05 Гунтranny would be this fired up seething as to even get some other fucking faggot global vol in collusion to desperately delete my thread on cow. If i did i would have screencapped my thread. But clearly life as a freak getting caught in the act is the mega cope. Pic related from 8ch might even be the fag himself LOL, how many Гунтrannies can there be? Robi needs to know he should remove these fucking backhanded faggots already and Tell him to remove this trash and we won't have a problem with corruption on julay aka mark and tranny tier scum who for some reason always pester imageboards with their typical bullshit
>>45431 Good luck he only pops up to say he's busy and leaves moderation to the globals. I'm not surprised your thread was deleted from /cow/ JEWS has lost all control of the board and the globals run it like their own. Look at all the pinned threads that aren't /cow/ worthy.
Open file (1.73 MB 1000x5922 banned.jpg)
>>45435 He was busy deleting pic related wrongthink on /delicious/
>>45786 Desmond is kind of cute in fact of course.
>>45808 Dilate.
>>45786 i wanted to bring attention to this on /delicious/ and i'll do it again here. notice how all the real children being sexualized are all boys, and the cartoon drawings are girls?
Open file (365.01 KB 680x636 sexualize minors.png)
>>45816 So what you're saying is, we need to sexualize real girls? That's fucking genius.
>>45820 my point is that they're absolutely ok with affeminating and sexualizing young boys, but when you try to do the same with girls, even a cartoon of a girl, they cry pedo and try to ruin your life. even though in their parades there are grown men making out with children and putting dollar bills in their children-thongs as they striptease and poledance. what im trying to say is that antilolis and antipedos aren't about protecting kids, or about age, or about consent, they're all about hurting men in particular, and destroying everything men like.
Why is every tranny also a pedophile?
>>45822 If you would stop being a pedophile, you wouldn't have to worry about getting bullied by homosexual pedophiles.
>>45843 if you would stop being a retarded kiwifarmer, you could probably stop laughing at things and start trying to fix things.
>>45845 You can't fix stupid, stupid.
>>45845 Why would I ever want to stop laughing at a pedophile that cries about being bullied by other pedophile? You're the problem, not the solution.
>>45825 >why is every mentally ill sexual degenerate a mentally ill sexual degenerate I couldn't tell you off the top of my head.
Who the hell is hanging flesh and why would anyone name their online identity like that except a fag?
>>45975 he's a big fur fag that breeds cows i.e. he jerks off bulls and inseminates select cows. He's a gvol or some shit, mainly of /cow/ I think. He's posted videos of black bulls he's raised.
>>45845 You really want foxdicks to leave their computers and "do something"? I think the world would be a better place if they stayed at home. There are already enough idiots running around.
>>45825 This was the most civilized G​AMERGATE vid I've ever saw (they didn't burned or stabbed him to death).
Why is /k/ run by a penisless man? Whats happening to my imageboards
>>46363 Disconnect the whole damn internet = better world All of us are infact, the internet junkies :(
Holy fucking shit so Dolphin was right all along when he said Robi and his goons are faggot. Why didn't you listen to him, guys?
Faggots > pedos Loli == cp Enough said pefo old fags?
>>54423 more like /cow/ spergs and the IRC cabal are actual pedos, who spammed /v/ with REAL child porn, to epic own gaymergaters, lmao >/cow/ cucking out 4 social justice, just like k1wi farms HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
>>47223 Imageboards was always a hive of degenerate weirdos. What do you think a "normie" is anyway?

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