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Open file (27.21 KB 700x394 CqsD8v_XgAAIIB6.jpg)
ZOE QUINN KILL COUNT : 1 Anonymous 08/31/2019 (Sat) 23:56:42 ID: 25d6eb No.4731
For those sleeping under a rock since 8chan exploded, Zoe Quinn has been a controversial figure in the GamerGate saga. She was known for baseless abuse allegations toward people she didn't have a good relationship anymore, sleeping her way to the top of an industry and scammed people of tens of thousands of dollars in videogame projects that never was completed and released.

Every time, people asked : How can she keep getting away with this?

Turns out the latest person she accused of sexual assault, Alec Holowka (Night in the Woods), was found DEAD this morning. KILL COUNT : 1

Public accusation : https://archive.is/PBQGa
Death article : https://archive.is/wFlE6

Details are unclear as to why or how at the moment.

She now has bravely and boldly took a stance on her twitter of being off the internet.

How will Zoo Queen get away with it again this time? Discuss.
>Trolls her way into free money from orbiters
>Uses epick ween powers to make some dude an hero
Maybe I'm being too optimistic but I think this might cause some legit major backlash.

Especially if SJW's and any thirsty white knights online actually defend her, and you know they will.
Open file (548.20 KB 400x265 anita loves godwinson.gif)
told you fags Queen Anita was the superior choice and that Zoe was a vile piece of trash
People kinda want her arrested because the so called "abuser" was getting rehabilitated.
The response roughly seems to fall in three camps:

1) People correctly identifying Zoe Quinn, Polygon, Kotaku etc. as contributing to Holowka's death and pointing about how cancerous "cancel culture" is.

2) White knights mourning Holowka but claiming Zoe dindu nuffin cause she's a victim etc. and that you aren't allowed to question her.

3) Antifa trannies gleefully celebrating his death.

Twitter is so full of weirdos that its hard to get a real read on how large each section is.
Not if you count the number of pigs and cows necessary for her to get that fat.
>How will Zoo Queen get away with it again this time?
My guess is, "I'm the REAL victim!"
I don't get it, everybody sees antifa and the left act this way all the time, and they never stop and think that, maybe what they're doing is wrong, and that they could be next in line? How is anybody still supporting the left with this? Wasn't Holowka a tranny supporting lefty as well?
The left is merely acting by the Rules of Radicals. Which basically boil down to
>don't stop and think of your actions
>keep pushing and doubling down
The so called left plays to win, the approved right just walks in its shadow and sometimes goes not so fast. If there's ever any real opposition (like National Socialism and fascism in the 30s/40s or the populism that's been brewing in Europe since the 70s) they team up to destroy it.
Open file (302.23 KB 550x800 94f.jpg)
This made me kek.
Holowka was part of the clique himself, you know that if he was still alive and someone else necked themselves he'd be acting exactly the same way.
Open file (31.83 KB 599x248 ClipboardImage.png)
Keemstar joined in.
How long until sausage fingers comes back with a gofundme or whatever gay shit people are using these days to help protect wahmynz from internet violence via some undefined thing and not deliver this time?
Open file (92.70 KB 929x491 ClipboardImage.png)
Zoe reactivated her account.
We all knew she couldn't resist the attention. I didn't expect her to cave in THIS quick.

I hope someone has enough autistic rage to prosecute her or take her down in some way. Otherwise, this whole sack of shit will prove wahmens really can get away with everything.

I'm just waiting for the leaks now.

>we now live in a timeline where GOTIS can kill people irl
Open file (114.62 KB 1920x1080 1567587638657.jpg)
>Zoe reactivated her account.
Which means she already has some scheme concocted.
As a JIDF employee I wish we had more professional victims like her.
Do you think she could be interested in working for us?>>4731
Open file (70.70 KB 479x139 ClipboardImage.png)
muh mental health :( people are bullying me
Open file (4.03 KB 157x22 quints.jpg)
Impressive quints
>mental health and security reasons
Open file (82.63 KB 558x1024 zoecap.jpg)
(probably) fake screenshots have started going around. Shit's getting spicy.
Not enough weasel words or plausible deniability to convincingly be Chelsea in fact of course
she also presses enter
because she's a typical egirl
that's not stopping people from spreading it. Also the mention of ideology and altright nazis sounds suspect.
Open file (487.18 KB 815x777 1476917566075.jpg)
>JIDF employee

Sure thing, buddy. Pretty sure she wouldn't let your gigantic nose in her pussy without fleeing to HR making a big scene about it and eat the JIDF from within before bleeding it for it's shekels.

Be my guest, fly her to Israel. We don't want that shiksa here anyway.
Isn't Zoe a kikess?
Most Christians are more Jewish than she is.
Open file (86.68 KB 483x604 imblyinggoy.jpeg)
If she's one, she's really bad at subtlety.
I don't get it. Is that a butthurt christcuck image?
Open file (62.69 KB 764x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (49.32 KB 600x550 1471607105702.jpg)
I want to believe that maybe, one day, charges will be brought against her.

[hidden] it won't happen, won't it? [/hidden]
Open file (46.40 KB 527x99 EEKVnacXYAIiycK.png)
The snowball is gaining momentum. Messages from 2013-14 predating GamerGate surfaces.


tl;dr : In messages dating from 2014, Alex offers a very different version to the otherwise public narrative where Zoe is a drunken flirty whore and Alex tries to not make Zoe mad at him. She keeps being bipolar about it obviously.

Alex is trying ways to make her happy and work on her personal issues as well as their relationship but Zoe keeps deflecting that Alex is the one who needs said counseling. He obviously gets down to the fact that Zoe is a shitty person which he says multiple times.
>Zoey Quinn
The abominable creature's true name is (((Chelsea Van Valkenburg)))
Shocking! Who could have ever guessed she is a liar who plays the victim to get oppression points?! If only there we an autistic shitstorm that could have tipped us off earlier!
So, since the articles about Zoo Queen's bullshit came out, the Post-Millenial publishing them got a DDOS attack today. It comes on the heels of an earlier attack on Kiwi Farms which according to rumors was perpetrated by furfags.

And as if people are not fucking retarded enough, DC hired Zoo Queen for Batman and Superman comics to ruin cape shit even more. Yes, apparently despite the media articles and despite she recently bullicided someone to death, she still get a working gig at a prestigious comic book house.

She must give good fucking head to keep getting favors like that, fam.

Article :

>an odd (((coincidence)))
>DC to lose more money
I'm getting some popcorn.
Open file (531.37 KB 793x570 ClipboardImage.png)
The title of the comic is funny.
Open file (13.70 KB 170x240 hmmm.jpg)
It's straight EDGE
Open file (184.78 KB 1000x600 jf_happy_tater_farmer.jpg)
she'd know about bringing death alright :^)
>made by faggots, dykes and trannies
>lots of blood
>the infected: deathbringer
I swear there's someone there working undercover to fuck with these retards.
Open file (43.46 KB 640x466 1538969407497.jpg)
>edgy comic made by fags and dykes

I'm sure a POZ joke goes here somehow.
Open file (268.54 KB 638x903 Screenshot_1.png)
Open file (155.62 KB 383x454 Screenshot_2.png)
Open file (257.89 KB 380x755 Screenshot_3.png)
Open file (297.39 KB 383x830 Screenshot_4.png)
Open file (266.62 KB 382x831 Screenshot_5.png)
So the attention whore couldn't resist being away from twitter very long and obviously says she's the victim to anyone's surprise. She conveniently assumes Alec didn't kill himself before of him but rather due to mental illness.

Nothing new under the sun, really.
Open file (522.15 KB 639x708 Screenshot_6.png)
Open file (428.18 KB 588x818 Screenshot_7.png)
Otherwise, her other recent posts are about LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEE.

So, no criminal charges or police investigations coming her way? Nothing?
>drive a man to suicide in an attempt to further your career
<i'm a victim, buy my book!
Pretty disgusting even for her.
>lies and get some soyboy cuck to neck himself probably the first good thing she's ever done in her life albeit not on purpose
>get caught lying
>memory hole engaged
Honestly I'd be surprised if anything else happened.

>So the attention whore couldn't resist being away from twitter very long
Did she even make it a week?
She's a woman backed by feminist,of course no one will hold the cunt responsible for a poor mans death
Open file (665.63 KB 497x510 ClipboardImage.png)
Kinopounder just made his ELEVENTH video on Zoe. He's making a killing. Was he in on it? 🤔
fuck off Goku
Open file (88.02 KB 220x294 2070.png)
Yeah even for her this is gross.
>Did she even make it a week?

Approximately a week max, judging on the post at >>5364. She was back talking shit a week later after reactivating it. Goes to work for DC as if nothing happened. She's the victim, you see.
Open file (1.06 MB 645x1079 haveyouseenthem.png)
>If I keep posting dog pictures the murder will go away.
That poor dog. I wonder how long until she kills is it dies and she heads to twitter for attention over it.
Ironically enough, she's much more likely to be ostracized by her orbiters for killing a dog than a White man.
Open file (89.12 KB 457x457 IMG_0956.JPG)
dubs of truth
So, Zoo Queen has yet to address any of the story on her twatter. Big surprise there.

Posting doggos because as an anon said It will make the murder go away and some Addams Family comic work she's supposedly working i.e. give head for credits and acclaim in.

At least, despite that I can't be bothered to make a twatter just to be insta-blocked by the cunt, her detractors are there every step of the way on my behalf.
Open file (477.11 KB 635x730 Screenshot_1.png)
More trolling on Zoo Queen's twitter by the subscribers.

seems like the bitch will be scot free again, despite actual casualties. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED GAMERGATEGATE
Speaking of goyimgate, you all realize with this kill sausage fingers has done more to permanently get GAMERGATE cum aficionados out of gaming then they ever did?
is there a decent wiki for gamergate as a whole? i never paid attention to it when it happened. the most it affected me was when a prof decided to shill anitas videos
>I don't get it
The NPC response
Open file (318.76 KB 587x654 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (132.80 KB 654x1150 serve_a7g.jpg)
Oh no, that means she can't work and nobody can hurt her feels otherwise she will kick the bucket.
>barely functional
Well, I mean that's now wrong.

I wonder who's dick she sucked to get a job at Marvel. It is so weird to see her parade her ex's corpse almost literally to ask for a pity party by asking to respect the family's wishes.

>She drove a dude to kill himself - got away scott-free, works at Marvel and wants to be pitied like a widov.

This has to be surrealist fiction at this point.
The same way Epstein got his island, by having connections.
Image: d3.
the Zoe Quinn kill count is at least 2. She was on the Something Awful subforum Helldump and drove some emo girl to kill herself
Open file (74.01 KB 892x454 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (185.32 KB 1177x379 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (114.45 KB 1173x235 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (203.40 KB 1200x207 ClipboardImage.png)
Zoe's progressive tranny squad were fine with her being a rapist and a murderer, but has she crossed a line with this?
Open file (287.13 KB 1148x511 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (274.20 KB 1200x251 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.28 KB 245x36 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (848.25 KB 720x620 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (136.84 KB 1093x282 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (188.64 KB 1199x623 ClipboardImage.png)
>I wonder who's dick she sucked to get a job at Marve
A shorter list would be who's dick she didn't suck to get the job.
I didn't know this whore was around since the Chanology days but i'm not surprised either.

I'm rather disappointed she wasn't put away in a prison cell as of yet
>i'm not surprised either
Yeah. Chanology drew in a lot of tryhards who wanted to be epic underground hackers. It was another Eternal September. Also not surprised she tried to make the Albany chapter center around herself.
> the Albany chapter center around herself.
Surprise, surprise.

I bet there was a lot of drama involved. I was around my chapter when the oldfags left one by one and the moralfags ran in. In retrospect, yeah it's kind of cringe the amount of energy I spent into that.

It does really explain how Zoe was so well versed about IRC and Imageboards from the very get-go. And she's been carrying her Zoe Quinn name around like it's a stage name.

She never has let go of that mentality of 2008. She craves the attention and she is willing to kill for it.
Zoey is hot
Open file (174.87 KB 900x1200 zoe 2.jpg)
Open file (242.38 KB 1536x2048 zoe.jpg)
>>84777 >777 Sargon B T F O
>>84777 Waste of trips, you pathetic cunt.
>>97156 seethe, S​ARGON.
>>84777 Very. And the fact that she's an insane evil bitch makes her hotter. >>85823 mommy...

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