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Open file (676.09 KB 960x663 paws.png)
Furfag general thread Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 22:37:50 ID: 34da64 No.5068
Some guy an hero'd his hands so he could get them amputated and replaced with paws
Open file (3.66 MB 368x656 baby_cub_fur.mp4)
>so he could get them amputated and replaced with paws
I hope he regrets it when that will never happen. I'm sick of the 24/7 freakshow that is the Current Year
>furries are speds that should be required to have a tard wrangler with them at all times
I swear 95% of furries are gay. It can't be a coincidence.
One degeneracy always attracts another
There are exactly three female furfags. Here they are.
>my embed wasn't posted
I blame StephenLynx for this.

Open file (48.36 KB 703x622 13 years old.png)
Has there been mention of Bluecatriolu on /cow/ before? I've been digging into this guy ever since I found out what happened to him recently.
>Degenerate furfag pedo who tried to get an 11 year old to inflate herself, including various other minors who mindlessly followed him.
>Had an inflation school discord server where the minimum age for inflation was 13 years old, so he would be fapping to kids tummies as young as that
>Got discovered by browsing his own deviantart at school
>After being caught multiple times, he still repeated the same mistakes
>Had a video interview done where he dodged questions, and even broke down crying when called a pedo
>Deactivated and reactivated deviantart multiple times due to having his fee-fees hurt by the truth.
>Actually had the cops called on him and was more than likely questioned at a police station
>Used the tard card and got out free of trouble, but has restricted internet access due to his mom now
>Possibility his sperg ass may reemerge online and actually get fucked by law
Open file (45.92 KB 400x526 Dobson.png)
I keep forgetting this video exists, but every few years I am reminded.
>born in 2004
>already in sex degenerate Discords
>degenerates with a child and dog
Oh no.
>furfags were born around the same time that I started lurking 4chan
It's almost as if we're in Hell and they're yiffing in it.
Open file (1.58 MB 1390x1882 pup sparky.png)
Shame he survived, at least this one died from eating to much shit.
Open file (126.26 KB 825x1024 cowabunga.jpg)
Open file (732.89 KB 2863x1830 sodom and gamorrah.jpg)
Any GOD can cleanse this filth.
Open file (60.73 KB 625x350 nazi-furries.jpg)
Bantz aside, I once got a really interesting explanation about why nazifurs exist. I was basically told that, fetishes aside, nazifurs exist because some furries are smart enough to know that non-whites will generally be far less tolerant of their faggotry (to put it mildly), so naturally they're very much against more non-white immigration.
There's also the fact that the nazis had a lot of wolf symbolism, though that's probably due to germanics tending towards being furfags as is. Not to mention most alt kike fags in general are gay aestheticists whose idea of an ethnostate is a gay bathhouse without brown people.
Furries will burrow their way into anything, although it is striking to see them attempt to conflate the notoriously anti-gay Third Reich with their sodomy-laden lifestyle rather than something more forgiving like woke communism. Then again a lot of "nazis" are just edgelords who want attention. What's especially weird is furry christians.
>I need to find a way to become psychologically, irreversibly addicted to shit
Sounds like this already happened years before he made that tweet
Open file (69.29 KB 442x650 lamb of lion.jpg)
>>5644 (Checked)
That sounds plausible.

>St. Fred's
Open file (338.47 KB 644x699 2019-09-08 12:47:25.png)
>so he could get them amputated and replaced with paws
I think that's just a meme, what this guy says seems more likely. Note that these tweets are gone and his account is suspended for muh hate speech
The idea that somebody could just forget having dry ice on their hands and fall asleep while it was happening is utterly ridiculous
Open file (213.48 KB 297x296 ClipboardImage.png)
otterly* ridiculous
Apparently he's left the furry scene to think about what he's done to himself. He cleared his feed of all the medical drama too.

He seems to be quite the outdoorsman but without his hands it doesn't look like he can do much else. Should be expecting him to an hero himself once he fully realizes the mistake he made.
No, he was sent to a mental hospital.
Based and /otter/pilled
He's dead, go check.
Open file (154.00 KB 1038x756 ClipboardImage.png)
Coming up soon, might be interesting
Open file (91.41 KB 593x553 1569000401057.png)
Open file (34.08 KB 594x445 g7eeUwe.png)
Open file (26.34 KB 608x360 CJpl6rS.png)
Open file (98.70 KB 987x1113 IMG_20191003_074721.jpg)
>94 million dead fascists
Isn't that larger than the population of all the axis powers combined?
It's a commie and furfag. I'm honestly surprised it can even read.
He is insinuating that all those dead chinks/gooks/spics/slavs, that were killed by their own socialist governments, were secret fascist bogeymen.
Somebody should've clued Chris in to that, it's less than two hours from Ruckersville and would have been interesting to see what happens when he surrounds himself with actual adult degenerates.
So the Greg Johnson wager?
>no GAMERGATEs in MY bath house!
Some of it could just be aesthetic autism. Nazis/communists/ancient Rome/DPRK are all massive sperg magnets
Open file (82.01 KB 603x639 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.00 MB 675x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (136.69 KB 546x936 tesberos.jpg)
A furry artist got canceled for refusing to draw gay porn bickers she's a Christian. She was booted as a guest of honor position from some furcon.
She made a video apology but it didn't save her.
Open file (821.08 KB 607x609 2450819.gif)
And wagecucks can now pay for his disability benefits. How does that make you feel wagies?
Open file (76.60 KB 600x536 Girls.jpg)


>Homosexuality is morally wrong!*faps to anthro animals*
Stupid cunt.
Open file (1.13 MB 1700x1708 k9lxf39dc8011.jpg)
Open file (37.65 KB 416x640 ctklqejdl6201.jpg)
Open file (179.44 KB 1000x800 tbtq3q2qpj721.jpg)
Open file (138.93 KB 927x1200 vq7resoxrr731.jpg)
This in fact of course. Furries are at least as abhorrent as homosexuals.
fucking heretic
this is literal child abuse
>I'm sick of the 24/7 freakshow that is the Current Year
Open file (318.81 KB 375x496 7858965589658.PNG)
Gym is going to have to join Sargon on Subscribestar
fuck wrong thread
Open file (35.74 KB 517x687 furfags85539517.jpg)
Open file (248.22 KB 1201x1092 furfag alabarmy.jpg)
Open file (857.46 KB 1199x1356 furfags i'm fur her.png)
>though that's probably due to germanics tending towards being furfags as is
Factually true.

>The Anti-Foxler
This subculture is like a Möbius loop of autism.
dare I say based and yiffpilled?
Of course furfags would like guns. Without a gun they'd never be able to catch the animals they're trying to rape.
but-but-but... I like my prehensile paws...

Terminal coombrain
This guy in the OP is about as smart as Gahoole
Handling dry ice without gloves hurts like a motherfucker. What the fuck is wrong with these people?
>>5406 kill homosexuals
Plenty of us are actual furries or scalies
>>5068 Excuse me but...... WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

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