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Open file (595.45 KB 1653x1811 EVlA24LUMAAUeHO.jpg)
Charlie Adler Thread Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 02:48:35 ID: ed5ab8 No.54774
Seriously! What the hell happened to this guy?!?!
>>54774 literally most of what he tweets now can basically be summed up as this.... Trump is a badman . i hope you and youre family are locked away for therest of your lifes ! . #TrumpCrimeFamily #TakeaKnee #Resistance #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #70DayDeadlyDelay #TrumpCrimesAgainstHumanity
>>54774 surprised no one has even made a Kiwifarms thread on him
His response to Tomi Lahren rightfully criticizing Gillette's woke Transgender shaving ad
>>55019 And here's his response to someone rightfully criticizing his PC behavior about the previous comment
>>54774 someone really should just go to a convention panel he's at and trigger him by wearing Trump 2020 stuff
Open file (2.17 MB 640x360 franch.webm)
>>55023 Trigger the libs Own the libs
>>54814 >>55019 >>55021 Did i mention he's 63 years old yet he writes like a fucking 3 year old
>>55021 20 burgerbux says he jacks off to a massive amount of tranny porn.
Open file (483.21 KB 1538x2048 ETzwl8UU8AQUXRg.jpg)
>>60603 I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he does
>>60693 This pic gives me nightmares BTW
ALERT!: He's coming to the LA BLM protest if somebody wants to find him there and troll him
Response to Melania Trump's D-Day commemoration tweet
His response to someone calling him out for his bullshit
Open file (7.66 KB 259x194 download (14).jpeg)
Someone should ask Charlie why he played a character named "Butz Pirate".
>>62454 Ironically he's also close friends with Brian "Pay $100 dollars to dox people" Sims too
>>54774 Looks like somebody needed some extra money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcxKvlGYavY&t=
Here's a special 4th of July message from Charlie
I have this really bad feeling that once Trump get's re-elected, he's gonna commit suicide Robin Williams-style
>>65287 His response to Disneyland re-opening, doesn't he realize that he worked with Disney before
>>65284 >>65285 Ironic isn't it
Open file (55.58 KB 598x555 1595133156873.png)
He does know that Al Sharpton is a virulent Anti-Semitic Racist, does he?
>>60693 popeye's gay uncle
Chad Leftist Boomer >>>>>>>>>> twinkish beta faggot Nick Fuentes & /pol/ skinnyfat incels
>incoherent rage about trump >desperately wants to suck G​AMERGATE cock >4-5 hashtags for some reason >some posts are nothing but hashtags This has got to be some kind of mental illness. Will he try to kill someone when Trump get reelected?
>>68274 He's about 63 years old already, and i'm assuming he has a lot of undiagnosed mental problems like Schizophrenia and Bipolar
>>68274 And personally i'm afraid he'll just commit suicide when he gets re-elected, Robin Williams-style
>>68540 like i said before
>>69321 >no condoms, speed limits,murder is fine if you're in a bad mood and feel like your personal freedom is being threatened . Oh and steal and rape at will and extort , money launder,don't pay your taxes Odd to see a BLM supporter just straight up admit what they want.
>>69931 Can't he at least let Trump honor a close friend of his
If anyone wants to watch the most embarrassing video in all of Twitter, copy and paste this link
>>71025 Also notice the sporadic finger twitching
>>71906 >(70) imagine being this skinnyfat cuckchan millenial seething about some chad boomer.
Open file (974.72 KB 1280x1076 sad times no more julay.png)
>>72628 >Federal agency to reopen 53 Native American schools >More genocide of Native Americans? What?
>>73523 I'm telling you... he's completely lost it... >>72631 Also thx for the cartoon
>>72631 based
>>72631 I also imagine the OP is some skinnyfag with some shit beard, not much different from Dingo.
>>74211 I'm just chronicling one man's slow descent into madness
Didn't he see the leaked picture
Tell that to the thousands of victims of Beheading and Female Genital Mutilation in places like Saudi Arabia
Isn't Guo Wengui a pro-democracy activist that gets continuously targeted by China
Making fun of kids with Down-Syndrome.... How very classy Charles
>>78297 Ah yes, here at /cow/ we care a lot about Downies and other autists.
Still pissed off about last year
The tweet that perfectly describes all of this
Still sucking Cuomo's big wrinkled uncircumcised cock
The Mark Hamill way of dealing with the children of Republican politicians
Peace Treaties are considered propaganda now apparently...
Peace is only acceptable when Palestinians are involved
Trashing politicians are more important than rescuing sexually abused children
>>84160 Being the leftists are mostly pedophiles, I can't say I'm surprised.
>>84288 Wouldn't be surprised
>>83462 Based as fuck

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