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Open file (21.55 KB 450x309 jessi slaughter ass.jpg)
>>62028 here's her ass. lmao
Now I thought she killed herself.
Open file (967.73 KB 1944x2592 jessi slaughter ass2 wet.jpg)
>>62038 same here bruv but i think you're thinking of amanda todd. that piece of shit is dead for good. lmao
imagine have the last name Slaughter and NOT becoming a metal singer. God, chicks are stupid.
is that really her? that sucks, she used to be kinda cute.
also unfortunate news. Jessi is now a fucking leftypol twitter antifa communist
>>62058 She was also interviewed a couple months ago by Chris Hansen about being molested at 13 by the pedo from blood on the dance floor
>>62058 Based
I remember seeing her meat flaps image being passed around on cuckchan /b/
>>62076 lmao that's hilarious. commies getting fucked in the pussy!!!
>>62076 also i do hope the day of the rope for emos eventually comes for all of them and not just chester bennington.
>>63245 R.I.P. Glad i got to see the band live before dood anheroed.
>>63245 Theres this emo chick I work along side with and listening to her talk about how she fucked half the guys in the department shortly after hitting on me profusely. I lowkey asked some of the guys she "dated" about her and they all said she was batshit crazy, into weird shit, typical emo degenerate behavior. I avoid her like the plague now bickers after reading this thread now she reminds me of Jessi Slaughter and how 100% of emos are completely unhinged 100% of the time. Kinda off topic but oh well.
Open file (60.46 KB 300x234 tid.png)
>>62138 pics or didnt happen btard
Jessi Slaughter-Chandler.
>>81091 i'd ship them too
>>81091 >>98379 They could be memed to become a couple of course in fact, she would talk and be friendly with Chris without any doubt

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