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Open file (292.58 KB 1070x660 soytano_confession.webm)
Open file (596.59 KB 1070x660 showme_freaking_out.webm)
Alt Chan Federation: A tale of multiple shills Robi Root 09/18/2019 (Wed) 18:03:11 ID: 3e82c4 No.7486
In 2019 the year of our kike Lord, anons suffered many hardships. >8chan goes offline >Forced to wander until eventually finding bunkers to hide in >Lots of cocks is lost and some anons never find their way to the promised land In the weeks that followed anons built up bunkers and attempted to populate them with cocks they had saved. The Webring system was created through a joint effort between /a/ and Julay. There were minor fights between anons from different boards, but a mutual respect was there and in-fighting was kept to a minimum. Like all good things, however, faggots will eventually show up seeking fame, attention, and money. There is always a namefag lurking around looking to become the next moot or cripplekike. What follows is a dump of private discord voice and text chats that will show you exactly how such people operate and how stupid they think (you), the average anon is. Some back story: On 9/12/19, the admins of Julay were invited into a private Discord server populated with admins from several imageboards. These admins were seeking to build an "imageboard federation". They ran multiple gayops; shilling their boards all over 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, and some forums populated by boomers. They agreed to split the userbase of various boards like /pol/, /x/, /v/, and others between their websites. There were schemes to make money off anons and drive them into various unrelated websites and GoFundMe/fund raising operations. The admins of Julay played along to obtain these recordings and dump this information. It should be noted that not every member of this server was participating in this activity that >we witnessed. I will let the dumps speak for themselves and you can decide who the main offenders were on your own. The bulk of the first recording is in low quality due to a badly configured OBS. I forgot it was set to a very low bitrate/resolution because I was using it for another purpose the last time I recorded something. All other recordings are in better quality. Despite the low quality in the first 6 hour recording it's easy to tell who's speaking in voice chat. Use the other recordings to verify the names if you're unsure. The intent of this release is not to drive traffic to Julay but to spread awareness of the actions of the people in this Discord server. Most of the parties involved have been spamming various boards for many years and are well known. This is just to give you an idea of how they operate, how they really are, and what they think of (You), the average anon. >We fully expect to be DDOSed for releasing this information and have taken steps to prevent loss of data. >We apologize to any boards >we host if this happens but >we felt releasing this information was important. More recordings exist but this is already 7+ hours of material to go through. This is the bulk of the bad stuff. >We are still going through recordings and will dump anything we consider note worthy at a later time. It should be noted that nearly everyone in this server doxed themselves within a day of inviting us to it. If we were really in the mood to do so, we could probably give you their real names and all their social media accounts. We've withheld such information in the hopes that they'll realize they're faggots and stop this type of behavior or, better yet, fuck off and leave anons alone. t. The Julay Admins. Reminder: Julay is a board of peace. Latest thread archive: https //archive.is/1wssB
Edited last time by robi on 12/30/2019 (Mon) 10:21:13.
Currently Work In Progress archive with:
>discord logs
>full recording archives
>(coming soon) specific clips
Imageboards were a mistake.
Open file (761.66 KB 842x723 DongaBull01.png)
>Dicksword tranny's
>No sign of the regular lolcows we have come to love

You can't expect me to believe you when jcaesar187 is not in those calls stealing all the cocks he is known to do. I will assume the gunt will be covering this tonight as he normally steals everything he talks about from the Ranch.

Also Robi, if you turn out to be the wheelchair smack talking larping wrestle twig known as Donga, I'll rape you. Don't be THAT Robi pls.
Great undercover a-log op Robi big ups based asian
So were you.
Open file (243.11 KB 496x575 leaks2.png)
Open file (168.03 KB 527x612 leaks.png)
Open file (125.01 KB 525x427 leaks3.png)
If there wasn't video evidence of these dumbfucks thinking this was a master plan I would've thought this was a joke.
I hope you feel stupid now.
Open file (238.43 KB 1186x906 ClipboardImage.png)
Finding all these people in there is just too funny
Open file (81.12 KB 568x455 ClipboardImage.png)
This just too fucking funny.
Today I remind you!
Reupload to anonfiles, please.
I'll upload it for you in a little while torfren.
mad at the intetnet and taking it seriously lol
you look like a dumb dumb poopiehead and you're mad people see it
Open file (3.90 MB 3120x4208 7866.jpg)
Open file (2.61 MB 2448x3264 1437324604885-0.jpg)
Open file (2.67 MB 2448x3264 1437324938950-0.jpg)
Open file (2.75 MB 2448x3264 1437325066211-0.jpg)
Open file (2.85 MB 2448x3264 1437325066212-1.jpg)
Please address this, you lewd sodomite!
thats oyyboy, not me
i was actually looking for these, thanks
Nevermind, I'm downloading it using megadl, which also supports Tor, although >>7504 also wants it.
Open file (85.35 KB 640x480 digging thread.jpg)
May Kek bless you for your dilligence and your autism
All discord trannies must hang.
Open file (35.18 KB 694x354 ClipboardImage.png)
it'll take a while because anonfiles is slow and so is my internet
IBS is properly dead but now we're entering the board wars saga.
Okay so as I understand it:

Showme and 663 are the ringleaders and the ones trying to bilk people. Parley is already untrustworthy due to cozying up with the dud. Where do Nanotech, Sen, julay, Odili and Aceofdiamonds stand? Were they in on it or were they just dragged into this mess?
IBS died over a year ago and only lasted like 2 months top.
Nanotech is a warosu reject and his board got recommended by the dud.
The dud recommended Freech? I'm not ready for this topsy turvy world
Sen, Sp_ace_, Nanotech and Ace participated. Odili noped.png as soon as he saw what was going on in voice chat. Julay was just there to record and later shitpost. It hasn't been streamed yet but one of the recordings is Robi just quoting /cow/ memes for a solid hour and the Neinchan admin taking him totally serious.
I can not wait. I hope Robi let them know that this board is individualist and not likely to collectivize with other boards.
The archive is not complete. Day 3 hasn't been uploaded and they haven't been clipped out yet. A summary is yet to be written. I'll update this thread, so you can re-upload as needed.
looking forward to day 3
It should also be noted that Robi doesn't even have all the recordings. I'm sitting on hours of recordings that weren't relevant to the main shilling campaign but contain tons of autism and funny stuff. For example. I have Nanotech's father calling his mother sexy for having dinner ready. Nanotech yelling at his little brother for the best part of an hour and tons of misc. autism. I also have the 16chan admin's social media accounts archived but I've not decided if I'm going to dump them yet.
Open file (16.33 KB 651x511 ClipboardImage.png)
>my development guys
Summary is very much appreciated, I'm not listening to 8 hours of these spergs in fact of course
>It hasn't been streamed yet but one of the recordings is Robi just quoting /cow/ memes for a solid hour and the Neinchan admin taking him totally serious.
Any chance of uploading that separately?
Open file (2.46 KB 392x84 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.98 KB 519x84 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.43 KB 559x209 ClipboardImage.png)
>I know a hacker
We're going through it and will eventually make relevant clips.
Can't. This is from the DHT dump that Robi made.
Yeah I know you're going through it, I'm in the stream but >>7531 is kind of right.
Honestly, so much happened a summary is hard to do without re-listening to it all again myself. It was several shilling campaigns and other associated autism that happened over half a week. We were in there recording 24/7. There may be good things I don't even know happened because I wasn't at my PC the entire time I had it going. Just the first night was 12+ hours of material.

We could use some help from anyone willing to go through the MEGA archive themselves. We'll try to make a proper summary as soon as we can.
Yep, exactly why I'm planning to make a summary. I'm already creating timestamps, there are timestamps for part 2 and 3 of day 1. After the timestamps come the clips and the summary. Trust the plan.
I am glodar and what is this?
Open file (353.46 KB 622x501 ClipboardImage.png)
This is showme's actual fucking ifunny account.
>17.2k memes
i'm retarded never mind this is not his account
Bless you.
Open file (2.26 KB 369x74 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.36 KB 1055x82 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.22 KB 282x85 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (22.32 KB 857x576 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.64 KB 537x187 ClipboardImage.png)
Why does he think it is cool to pluralise things by putting a z on the end instead of an s?
By the way, he has a real job for sure and it absolutely truthfully generates him 20 dollars an hour. He just needs to let you know this.
Open file (36.60 KB 950x264 banner1.jpg)
Open file (67.16 KB 843x562 q#er.jpeg)
>i am the master marketer
thanks anon
Even though gayops were meant to be the main disclosure, people got shocked by what cringe inducing redditors these faggots turned out to be instead.
Open file (368.08 KB 1000x1290 acf1.png)
Open file (274.23 KB 1000x1150 acf2.png)
Here's a part where they discuss how to ruin other imageboards. Quickly losing sympathy for these guys.
Open file (2.91 MB 720x480 kill_your_enemies.mp4)
The term has been diluted heftily as a result of e-celeb damage control.
>look at these guys messing with us, this is gayops
Open file (69.64 KB 766x681 1422435009820.jpg)
I didnt really participate btw, mostly just watched and encouraged :^)

and showme+663 arent really the ring leaders imo
Open file (81.12 KB 568x455 ClipboardImage.png)
I dont like the incel (internet celebrity) status of those admin faggots
we need to solve the famefaggotry of those wannabe starlets

signed glodar
its all part of the great plan heh

>they were talking about taking down chans
all me
Open file (28.09 KB 494x658 20170605_231450.jpg)
Sure thing 2hu autist.
Here's what worked for me and Julay.world: my users bully me all day and criticize me if i do something shitty. It has worked so far.
Cool story Daniel.
muslce man
How can you follow showme? He is one of the biggest retards I've ever seen.
You're in his discord, which is led by him. You're following his ideas about shilling on other platforms.
Open file (4.13 MB 2160x3840 smc chill hh.png)
I give many warnings to retards and none of them ever listen.
StephenLynx is a nigger
Why was he in your discord then? Why would you keep him in there?
Open file (3.90 KB 281x144 ClipboardImage.png)
A goon. No wonder you're so dumb.
Open file (7.00 KB 323x261 ClipboardImage.png)
A furry goon.
Open file (3.66 KB 287x142 ClipboardImage.png)
but I thought you never shilled anywhere
The neinchan guy is a supreme idiot but it also makes neinchan look like it isn't half as much of a honeypot as I thought. I thought it was some fed selling IP logs when in reality it's just some stoned kid with a server and megalomaniacal advertisement strategies.
why is goon trolling style just pretending to be retarded? or are you actually like showme and you're a true retard?
Open file (2.70 KB 403x89 ClipboardImage.png)
here's one of the threads you made to shill on 4chan's /pol/
Open file (1.79 KB 332x66 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.69 KB 501x160 ClipboardImage.png)
perma'd from 4chan for shilling
when are you starting picture 2?
Open file (428.22 KB 494x658 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (9.84 KB 406x332 ClipboardImage.png)
face of a man who will not delete sexualised underages
Open file (5.08 KB 468x158 ClipboardImage.png)
lmao, imagine threatening to shoot up your school for attention
Open file (3.35 KB 332x134 ClipboardImage.png)
>spent an hour and a half perusing cp
someone should tell your hs about this
>projection from mr. "n-no it wasn't for attention it was for fun"
Your a retard if you thought that was a good idea for how to have a little fun.
Open file (194.09 KB 197x441 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (9.37 KB 330x328 ClipboardImage.png)
how are you all so fucked up in that server
literally none of you are normal
Open file (5.44 KB 333x206 ClipboardImage.png)
justin trudeau logic
>if they rape us we win
Open file (191.29 KB 440x446 ClipboardImage.png)
an incel full of cope but trying to present it jokingly
Open file (3.21 KB 500x73 ClipboardImage.png)
this is how you're so fucked up, I found it
you're from a broken family
transgenders are based in fact of course
>honestly yeah
>yes I'm retarded
Well I agree with you on that.
>my mom took my maid dress
>called me a faggot
She is not wrong.
ya ok Brandon
You should remove yourself from this world.
Do not fall for the low quality goonposting that nano and his capos are using to dilute this thread.
Open file (148.88 KB 1879x843 wasitautism.png)
Yeah man I hate (((shills))), (((we))) would never do that
Check the times on these posts and consider shooting yourself.
the damage control because your group got found out
you would call others mad when you're desperately trying to shit up a thread because people think you're gay
Weird pattern of attention seeking from you, calling in bomb threats, crossdressing at halloween, making sure to post pictures of yourself through your discord all the time, constantly giving out information about where you are and what you're doing. This combined with that "my brother's dad" comment makes me think your broken family fucked you up real bad, you didn't get enough attention from your true dad or maybe you didn't get enough attention from your mother. Goodnight, actual discord tranny.
Open file (4.56 MB 3840x2160 smc profile v2.png)
Cleaned up goonposting
>inb4 rulecuck
Yeah, I know how /intl/ works.
Open file (106.76 KB 631x475 do_it_faggot.jpg)
>but I've not decided if I'm going to dump them yet.
Open file (28.27 KB 500x334 srsbzns.jpg)
What a bunch of tryhard squeakers lmao.
t.tryhard squaker
Open file (32.94 KB 540x720 just fuck it all up.jpg)
You're not memeing your way out of this one, faggots.
because you're lying?
Open file (1.18 MB 576x432 laugh.webm)
Absolutely fantastic work. This thread is amazing.
You seem pretty invested in convincing us.
because you're spamming like a reddit faggot that you are and nobody gives a flying fuck about your opinion as it's already been proven that it's you? hmm
Open file (43.78 KB 800x450 1568381452769.jpg)
Does /druid/pol know they're bunkering on a board made by this literal underage discord tranny?
What the fuck is going on?
>reddit discovered tor for the first time
>faggots get exposed
>damage control
Not a fan of /cow/ but I saw the lol thread on kike/v/ and came over here.
What is this shit?
Who the fuck is nano?
Open file (58.60 KB 1067x1069 PopTart2.jpg)
Bunch of retards acting retarded to another bunch of retards that like to laugh at retards.
>Who the fuck is nano?
Some bunker hotpocket who just got exposed for being a crossdressing discord goon.
Open file (15.37 KB 112x112 ANGRYLAUGH.png)
Aceofdiamonds is actually albino

I've seen a pic of her

she doesn't know I botted her account after joining her discord server KEKKKK
her site I mean

fuck typing at 1am
Open file (128.36 KB 713x674 imkikey the cuck.png)
Open file (63.04 KB 727x689 s00p.jpg)
Open file (97.64 KB 880x1038 stairs.jpg)
>public knowledge for several years
Nigger please. We can't be expected to keep upon the who's who of bunkerchan gay-ops. No hotpocket is ever relevant enough to remember, until they step out of line and try to fuck us over.
Then we'll remember you forever lmao.
try not being a lazy retard
Open file (161.50 KB 363x245 Typical Jannie.png)
>try not being a lazy retard
I'm not lazy, you're just not interesting.
Reminder that tripfagging is highly discouraged.
I am the law.
Reminder that there are no real rules.
Open file (55.71 KB 584x560 Smug Virgin.jpg)
Ah, the mating call of the buttmangled /intl/ smoothbrain. The hotpockets must actually half-way do their jobs around here.
Open file (14.69 KB 300x400 jim nigger.jpeg)
>this is the guy spamming rulecuck
Choke on shit.
Open file (71.69 KB 892x896 1411319167723.jpg)
Dial 8 to Dilate
Seriously, this really is good work.
gay lol
Open file (31.50 KB 720x405 very sad.jpg)
>using ghettogag

>two freech gays using ghettogag

>>7500 (checked)
>the old /cow/ bunker on 314chan is gone

>I have Nanotech's father calling his mother sexy for having dinner ready

>>7533 (checked)
>guy hosting a /pol/ bunker with illegal shit in its meta thread is a cancerous newfag who spams boards
As expected.

>freech gay thinks it's easy to fuck up boards despite himself and the gay men of /int*/ failing on /cow/ for years
Amazing how they got LYNXCHAN HAS 32CHAR FILTER LIMIT in less than a week. Amazing, but not surprizing.
Open file (367.15 KB 497x502 trannies.png)
They're all so cringe.
Open file (2.84 MB 636x480 navy seal.webm)
>No britbong wordfilter
Please stop trolling Britbong. His parents are beating him and he won't stop screaming at us in Discord.
I'm so happy to see that even after 8ch has died cows still find their way to moo at the ranch.
Open file (5.66 KB 274x184 download.jpg)
Who would have ever thought that faggotry could happen on Discord?
wrong thread, nigger
Open file (589.40 KB 800x1135 jewcules.jpg)
Made by an anon on julaychan.
Open file (2.14 MB 800x1135 negrinclub.png)
Hello girl.
Do you want to know a secret?
Cause I can tell you this secret.
And it is soooooooo good to hear it.
I know.
How to count.
All the way to schfifty five.
you can play mp4 on mega without downloading
>oh that's so smart!!
Do you want a round 2?
By the same society that brought you Herakles Deadlift:
Siegfried Hammercurl
nothing wrong with mega faget
nein ch faggot is living in lala land
Early SA and anons were the same userbase newfag. SA's old photoshop contests were legendary and often went viral.

That might explain what happened to chen2. Has chen2 been mentioned in the logs?
>early SA
this guy's not even 18, please do not tell me he is an ancientfag. why damage control for an underage crossdresser with daddy issues unless you are him?
>heh, you're a newfag, I posted on SA back in 1993
okay goon
Open file (74.56 KB 627x258 ClipboardImage.png)
"i want the kiwifarms audience"
Open file (84.65 KB 730x419 ClipboardImage.png)
posted my weewee on SA and got banned for it
everyone on kiwifarms called it small
Open file (75.08 KB 1315x202 ClipboardImage.png)
more bomb threats from a really cool guy
Open file (158.97 KB 1492x611 ClipboardImage.png)
the terroristic threats thing is the bomb threat you called in to your school, so I wonder if the rest of this is real
>Have been perma banned from 4chan on multiple IPs for legal CP
come on now my man, you are a paedophile, aren't you
villain tier
edgy retard tier
wouldn't delete loli, seemingly has a cache of "legal cp"
real human being.
>banned for legal cp
<I can't post CP
<free speech is dead
Is this masterchan?
first hour neinfag blabbing on how good he is at advertising
then you hear their incentive is all about the money and you get the impression they'll trow their users under the buss anytime
there is something roughly around 1h mark, 1h 35m, 1h 55m, after that (2h+) it's lets jump on the latest pew di pie bandwagon to leech for views
And here I thought /leftypol/ was the height of all cringe.
>legal cp
Why did they let fucking julaychan in their ring?
Is there a tl;dr of what all this means? I've only really ever come to /cow/ to laugh at the cake kike.
>Legal CP
Oh boy, he's one of pedo faggots who constantly pushes the DOST line and cries like a rape victim when he gets snipped, isn't he?

>All that other newfag shit he confessed to
We've got a real winner on our hands
tl;dr - the alt-chan federation bunkers are all run by discord trannies (literal) who think we are all as stupid as they are.
I just want a nice slow non-specific funposting board. But I guess you can never have such a thing without a catch.
Open file (70.29 KB 720x540 1423449720044.jpg)
julay.world seems to be the only bunker that isn't horrifically pozzed in some way (so far)
Now if only I could actually upload to /pdfs/ without getting an eternal connection error this place might actually start to get comfy.
haha it would be really awful if someone were to find the guy that Nano got fired and gave him all of Nano's personal info haha don't do that haha
it means goons mad.
The altchan federation is run by underage b& and trannies on dicksuck. In the mix is also /intl/, a bunch of weebs who are so autistic that even Warosu doesn't want them. Nanotech is a bigger moron than Oyyboy himself and uses the same handle everywhere. i think this should be enough. Also the Admin of Neinchan thinks that the best thing you could do for them Niggers is enslaving them and forbid them to have children and that Asians have no souls.
>Also the Admin of Neinchan thinks that the best thing you could do for them Niggers is enslaving them and forbid them to have children and that Asians have no souls.
The skiddy faggot copped to running a fucking XMR miner on his site but you're worried about the racism. Okay.
Went to the 7th dimension which is the spirit realm and also Heaven but didn't go in because I have beef with God lads. Went to the 30th dimension which contains Infinity Light and went in that instead to become a god.
showme has the most powerful belief system I've witnessed ever
They are aware of the website and trying to fuck up this post as much as possible.
t. 20 watt bulb
That's even worse than his convoluted racism. At least his spastic worldview is on topic and not a blatant crime against the userbase.

Showme is on his way to Hades. We are not living in Megaten. We are still living in the real world where Christ is Lord.
how could you say that about showme, he'll meditate all the way up to the seventh realm and tell god that you said that and then you won't be let in heaven you fucking dummy
> Also the Admin of Neinchan thinks that the best thing you could do for them Niggers is enslaving them and forbid them to have children and that Asians have no souls.
Well he's right about that at least
Open file (542.37 KB 650x635 1416371726354.png)
> We are not living in Megaten.
Don't fuck up my LARP bro.
But I have to if I want to get something out of showme.
>Also the Admin of Neinchan thinks that the best thing you could do for them Niggers is enslaving them and forbid them to have children and that Asians have no souls.
I miss Terry
Lads, just remembered that nanotech's underaged. He sent dudes on SomethingAwful and Kiwifarms his dickpic. It was deleted on SomethingAwful and he was banned for it but it's in Kiwifarms' PM system. Josh is hosting Cheesy Pizzas unknowingly. probably also knowingly but I doubt he knows about this instance.
Oh also this guy's manufacturing CP.
Open file (57.73 KB 606x641 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (57.45 KB 160x120 10bux.gif)
wew fucking lad.
>when even julaytard calls you out on your retardation
Is this a pattern with people in any kind of internet community administration role? To treat it as some numbers game? Shilling purely for user numbers regardless of quality, and trying to get money from it too. Guess the boomerhate was real, ever since them its always been about destroying everything for the pursuit of big numbers.
Couldn't they just do an overboard or allchan or something?
That mom sounds based, unlike her faggot kid.
Honestly, despite being a retard, lowtax is a genius. Who would have ever thought you could own the SJWs by charging them $10 to get banned on their own safejulay?
Fucking got 'em.
Nanotech was friends with Reiko, I talked to him for a while in an imfunny discord server over a year ago.
I was also part of Reiko's discord. I wonder what Reiko is doing now.
Open file (672.07 KB 847x445 put a tarp down bro.png)
>Nanotech was friends with Reiko
The plot thickens.
Open file (43.16 KB 725x671 pathetic.jpg)
>paypigging Richard Kyanka's boxed wine and ambien addiction
Open file (59.13 KB 700x700 way_too_late.jpg)
What the fuck is this even on the fail scale.
Every person that spent a few days on a bigger IB must have heard of a few discord cabals getting discovered as the rat nest they are.
And now some chan admins, the tardwranglers that are part of the IB community with some devotion to run an IB decide "yeah, this is the way to go, this looks like the best idea".

What is going on on their brains ?
They make a channel on discord of all places.
Not only do they do that but they invite every other genius they can.
"You run an IB with 3 loosers ? you are IN !"
"Hew now that we managed to get more than five people together, totally unknown to us, let's plot for world-shitpool domination. "

The whole tough-train afterwards is just a disaster.

"We will plot against IB that are not with us.
We will plot to disturb existing IB communities.
We will plot against our users, discussing how to share em.
We will plot to lie to the public with obviously faked screenshots.
We will plot all of that with a few other rats we just joined.
We will make our adherence to this retardation official."

How in the fuck does somebody's power-hunger turn every other brain-cell off ?
weed dude lmao
By being either a leftist or a jew. Or both. They are all as dumb as they are weak.
im jew
nanotech's password
>Warosu speds backstabbing each other
Will be there something new or do I have to watch 6 hours of motherfucking bullshit™ to get it?
Open file (629.57 KB 906x514 rape.PNG)
good job nigger
Open file (1.12 MB 986x555 deadplate.png)
Do coyotes dream of electric pedophiles?
Open file (237.12 KB 602x600 gmPCPn.png)
Why is there such a strong correlation between autogynephilia and the burning desire to ruin internet communities, IB or otherwise? Every time it's always some dude in a maid outfit and "programming socks". I don't get it.
it seem good and honorable people aren't wasting their time jerking off with a buttplug in their ass on some obscure IB, they prefer living a simple life and build strong families, but i'm nigger so disregard my post
Image boards have no defense against being over taken by degenerates so they end up being overrun by them. Which in turn makes the next generation to make them those same degenerates.

Basically you're not going to find well rounded people on image boards ever, they have no need to be anonymous and nothing to say they can't say else where. You will get the trannies, the druggies, the social outcasts and the political outcasts.
Open file (50.19 KB 1280x720 1568301205711.jpg)
I mean I'm not exactly building an A-frame cabin off the grid up in the mountains while I 1488 the daylights out of some young ginger maiden over here yet, but not once have felt the urge to sit on a dragon dildo and/or ruin an imageboard with goon-tier faggotry.
you're gonna make it fren. we will prevail easier than thought if those degenerates goons are most of the obstacle we will face in our lifes.
Both trannies and autists are told that their mental disabilities are part of a spectrum, so you can find a ton of overlap between both groups.
>Why is there such a strong correlation between autogynephilia and the burning desire to ruin internet communities, IB or otherwise?
Narcissism, autogynephilia and mental illness cluster together
I looked this up and trannys make a lot more sense now.
Open file (63.79 KB 640x399 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (92.76 KB 633x535 ClipboardImage.png)
If you want some more on the tranny problem and autogynephilia, look into Ray Blanchard and transsexualism. He has some papers published too. Looking into the communities that trannies create on Reddit you can see how much of it revolves around fetishes, degeneracy, mental illnesses and stereotypes of women.
>pic related
Blanchard is either retarded or evil. AGP clearly exists, but his worldview seems more or less indistinguishable from John Money's (he's said that children mutilated to be raised as the opposite sex after botched circumcisions/ambiguous genitalia at birth could "just eventually adapt"), but he gets a pass for it from conservatives because trannies hate him. In reality he's peddling yesterday's leftism and shouldn't be trusted.
That's right, when you put the insanity of yesterday next to the insanity of today, it seems like sanity in comparison. That's why conservatives like him. They fall for that illusion of choice.
Open file (59.34 KB 550x372 trannies.jpg)
SRS is a horrific abomination and any sane society would ban it.
Yeah I don't agree with that part of those tweets. It's nothing more than genital butchery. It's really no surprise that trannies blow their brains out
Open file (1.51 MB 696x478 howtofeel.gif)
>IRL tiger man
That reminds me...

>Doesn't post shit but occasional reruns of his videos
>Delays his other videos

Unless Jade ran out of her cage again, Jim is still being a lazy nigger.
Open file (53.52 KB 806x400 trannychan.png)
>cakejew does a wonderful job
Go take some more valium and fuck off (((federation))) faggot.
All deviations from heterosexuality are fetishes. Homosexuality is domination/submission/worship. Transsexualism swings between AGP and a fetish around transmogrification hint: look up the definition of transmogrification and you'll see why it fits trannies to a t. This is why lgbt rights are really, really retarded. They're just giving "rights" to fetishes.
When did you decide to be both a redditor AND a faggot?
Only reason I said this then was in support of alternative imageboards over 4chan/leddit.
I never said I was a ledditor. This ain't an ama, I'm just taking questions on the subject from you fags.
Open file (179.82 KB 609x610 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (46.43 KB 580x261 ClipboardImage.png)
Are you half black like Sargon is half black?
My dox are out there, look em up and let me know
Why are you in your own /cow/ thread like Null had been all the time?
This is his special box where bad people come in and he can shoo them away. It works perfectly. He just needs to keep responding.
yeah nano is an unironic furry and bronie
Open file (66.68 KB 244x446 julay-chan.png)
My god... I fell for Neinchan a while ago. Oops.
I'll agree with one thing, Lynx(chan) is a flaming fag. Truely a modern Savetheinternet.

(For those who don't know STI, he was an autist who shilled his imageboard software, Tinyboard to the masses, even though people [like me] weren't into it. He ran 4chon.net and fell off the face of the aussienet after he ran with his users sheckles
Open file (602.30 KB 2048x2048 EEkUzUAWwAEll02.jpeg)
Open file (310.59 KB 541x885 EExtXewWwAAATfR.png)
For future leaks, compress audio to OPUS 8-48Kbps "atempo=2.0".
No need for video if you have the full DHT. You only need one keyframed timestamp, two for balance.

Saw Mark pretending not to be Mark lol.
I recognize a lot of people. Trying to see of some of them are /r9k/"Reiko" fags.
Waiting on his response.
Honestly want to know this.
Cute tbph
Does she have a website?
I'm trying to compete with Queen of Spades cult.
But how cute are their assholes?
I think he lives with his parents…
>Admin of Neinchan thinks that the best thing you could do for them Niggers is enslaving them and forbid them to have children and that Asians have no souls.
Reads to me like a friend.
Queen of Diamonds cult when?
Now he reads entrepreneurial.
I'm liking him more.
No, Jewsh knows he has CP in his DM systems. His userbase even confessed it in he day of the hacks on kiwifarms.cc
It was probably tax paid dollars at work.
DHT leaks, I believe you.
Is. They are still very much active. Recently they are doing this.
Watchout, I was responsible for ousting medical professionals and academics being responsible for this shit all the way to the top.
Had to go dark for months.
There's Twitter discovery thread about it on yourfavhuntspedos.
Goes even as far as the UN.
>All deviations from heterosexuality are fetishes
What's your personal Age of Consent?
Open file (94.25 KB 680x639 faggot.jpg)
>Parley is already untrustworthy due to cozying up with the dud.

I don't "cozy up" with shit. copypaste stole my idea (read: heavily borrowed; apparently didn't know my site existed), we don't have many similarities.
8chan was a cancer that needed to be removed
Open file (189.52 KB 396x428 1568951826733.png)
autistic guy makes a thread after joining an autistic discord made to have power hungry autists fight over dumb bullshit and then autistics document other autistics
Open file (272.44 KB 447x597 fuckingnerds.png)
Shouldn't be calling others autistic when you pull this cringy shit you total fag
great more shitty ifunny comments
Open file (49.43 KB 2560x1600 1566261713294.jpg)
So if I am to understand, they basically want to take the obnoxious shilling they're always doing, and kick it into turbo. And they designed a hydra logo because they are children who LARP as trannies. Or am I mixing up a detail somewhere?
>Still no greentext summary
This unfunny pedophile is seething.
hanging yourself is also good
>i was only pretending to be a pedophile
Some pictures of 16chan's admin and his girlfriend.
<he's a soyboy
of course
Also I should point out that he was very quick to say the
>NBC 10
Caps were just from a thrift store despite them both wearing them in multiple pictures. He's also spooked because he deleted all his social media. I disavow any attempts to further dig into him.

Maybe if I get bored I'll drop the real name. I'm sure the anons here will have no trouble in finding it on their own.
put in werk
>drop the real name
Do it anyways?
If he wants to disappear, and he's racially married to a chink, there's no harm.
My Wife? She's Asian
That's not a chink, it's a mexican.
Max Rago. Formerly, @tetrisworldchampion on instangram and max.rago.50 on facebook.
Mexichink, same shit.
Found the hat:
Catholic necklace.
They've def. gone to Japan.
And she has a marriage ring.
He used to work here?
Reverse image searching aint working dude.
Open file (377.72 KB 500x402 thinking_tomato.gif)
>Hapa supremacist
>NBC 10
>Admining a honey/pol/
I don't know if my brain is big enough for this think.

>she's not rice asian
<she's bean asian
So far we have
>Teenange trannies
>QoP-tier /pol/tists
>Some dude who has never made anything of note with the software he got from some cancer boy 10 years ago attention whoring inside his own /cow/ threda.
Open file (195.59 KB 536x546 excite.png)
Summary when?
Gays unite, pedos galore, played 🎻
Open file (92.00 KB 1280x720 smug frampt.jpg)
>Nono shows up to shitpost, maid outfit freshly ironed and at the ready
>Immediately fucks off after Max's pictures drop
Feelin Nervous little buddy?
>Alternative CloudFlare
Basically every bunker site that's not in our webring is run by a cabal of underage tranny shitskins.
>low T soyboy and asian girlfriend
Every time.
Open file (137.68 KB 800x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (187.49 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
What is it with most IB admin has beens posting the most inaccurate Nonsense? I have already caught 3 of those motherfuckers not taking the truth so seriously. First we got Parley and the cripple going on ebin netwar against Mark. Before that it was only the cripple misconstruing the situations of two organizations (Sapphire and Daily Stormer if you are curious) and then I see Kirt posting that shit in the second picture right here. His advice my sound wise, yet it has following huge flaw:

Kirt also run the first /i/nvasion board that was known for unfettered cracking and creating LOIC, Uhunaloose and the /i/nvasion wiki. The Kirt may have cucked out but the legacy lived on on /baph/. Whatever /i/ had been doing wasn't a free speech issue. Its antics lured in the shittiest people I have heard about at the time.

This is all. I hope even the newest of the newfags have caught that.
This is also bullshit. /v/ has the rules all early non porn NSFW boards have and directly links to several vidya related porn boards.

See? Gobbledygook like that is what you get from lying all the time.
>prefer quantity over quality
hmm i wonder if ad revenue have something to do with this
how much of a nigger do you have to be to be to prefer money over honor.
or i'm the only nigge here that is retarded enough to care about such things ?
Open file (1.83 MB 1920x1080 milk.webm)
In case somebody didn't get that: 420chan had the one and only /i/ shortly after moot has banished raids from /b/. That fucking board was all about them. It had motherfuckers' dox, hacked my julays, plans for shitposting like a savage on target and people weaponizing CP on the side.
Its seems to be rent seeking with Kirt. Its probably the butthurt with Bone Goblin.How much of a nigger do you have to be to prefer Money over honor? Ask the cripple.
if they truly wanted money wouldn't it be best to just make a shitty cookie cutter mmo app?
They added ads to games about fucking solitaire even.
>all this damage control for the cakejew
Reminder that he was in the server and came to personally damage control when news of it leaked. Mark is just as much of a faggot as the rest of them and all the ni/gg/er damage control is pathetic.
Cripplekike isn't in it for money. He's a drug addict looking to christianity for redemption so he's taken on a pozzed form of christianity and hates what he used to be.
>that webm
she know how to work it alright.
IB aren't easier to julay passively with minimum effort than needing actual idea for a "game" and then julay the userbase while keeping said userbase active ? ib userbase are self-entertaining so it seem easier o manage imo.
Open file (311.45 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
More fun with Kirt. I hope the people behind that faggotry feel really, really stupid.

My friend who actually can create shit in a 3D modeling studio tried that years ago when it wasn't so crowded and his app didn't last.
Reminder that only dysfunctional autists still care about gamergate on this board. I still remember Lane Davis, Endomorphosis and the pinnacle of fail that was the swatting Attempt against Acidfag. According to the Aneurysm reflex here, Gahoole and Robi are also involved although none of the Webring board was part of the ebin net cabal. Fun fact: The gamergate general has become some kind of miniature /pol/ wonderland regular /v/ doesn't post in.
He is in it for the Vengeance against some pig farmer. This has fuckall to do with his religion or the fact that he is still fucked up on opiods.
>titty juice is wordfiltered
wew lad
Not so fast! First you have to build a community to have a community. This isn't so easy with Image Boards if you go down the quality and don't have a huge selling point. Ulilauta was able to feast on Kuvalauta's flesh for years and call itself the home of horrible Finnish memes, Krautchan was halfcuck but in German, 420 had drug boards (and still has them see https://archive.is/BLyBP) and invasion and 8chan infinite boards. These boards? They basically have nothing. Don't forget that online advertizing has collapsed in recent years due to known fraud and demonetization. If you have youtube channel where you can jive about those Mushrooms from Alaska for 5 minutes per stream nowadays, you are one of the lucky few.
No one cares about Gamergate they're just laughing at the (((anons))) that still do. Everyone knows the #GG general is Mark's personal circlejerk
>That fucking Kirt post
What do you call Troll's Remorse, but even gayer and more hypocritical than usual?
The left out parts are going to be updated soon.
These troomers also keep calling webring mods pedos without any source to back it up.
She's from Tibet. Still digging into him/her. Will post updates later.
As a matter of fact the very raid from which out the other two things came out was called subeta wars. Sure, Kirt wasn't gay as fuck on dicksuck. Does this mean he should escape?
>taking Robi seriously
Does this look serious? Also more proofs that kirt is a faggot
Are they also saying that the admin of smug is also a tranny for no reason?
yeah I did see a bit of that from the start, But you know namefags always screech about other namefags who have more than they. Now I wonder who was one of the fags on discord that was projecting all these years. This was after all a 4+ year operation to fuck with 8chan and its boards.
more than they have*
This gay discord drama operation started in 2016 kek
Open file (176.49 KB 1275x900 Screenshot (2454).png)
This federation shit started in 2016
Jesus Christ
>done as open as possible
>emails and an obscure irc channel
I wonder if the cripple started that shit from the background or salt over him was the very reason for the dicksuck. I remember how the Endchan people let Null redirect /v/ directly to Next just to prove that it couldn't power it. Don't forget the warosufags of /intl/ hammering the cripple for all of 2015.
These people are not very smart.
Open file (316.50 KB 960x960 brainletvoid.png)
>pic 1
this retard doesn't understand this screenshot in the slightest, does he?
Caps of the damage control? Shit like this needs to be spread. I'm tired of the "he's stupid, not malicious" bullshit.
>I'm tired of the "he's stupid, not malicious" bullshit.
He's clearly both.
I should clarify then.
>he's just stupid, not malicious
Is he in the recordings? Does someone have timestamps? Shit like this is the best for clips to be made of.
>Endchan people let Null redirect /v/ directly to Next just to prove that it couldn't power it
Ehh, got any proof of this?
I remember it was clearly Mark & Jewsh.
Ewww a nigger
hi newfriend :)
He's full of shit endchan had nothing to do with Next. Don't listen to a retard reading wiki articles pretending to be an oldfag.
Some chatlogs won't bother quoting right now. You can get them on >>>/dig/ .
He was mentioned once in one of the 6 Hour blocks. Other than that it was the showme and 16chan show.
Sorry, not using your shitty board faggot, shill what you want but even when 8ch was up your faggotry at freech was mocked even then. Suck start a shotgun.
I'll wait for the summary then.
never shilled freech in fact of course, only shilled freech on kiwifarms as a joke when oyyboy ran it two years ago
Open file (145.29 KB 478x463 sad story honk honk.jpg)
C'mon nigger.
Rocko, cite to me like you don't hate Odili & Balrog for migrating /tech/ the moment they understood cripplekike & qbomason were doxing ip addresses.
I crystal clear recall Cakejew and ni/gg/ers egging Jewsh to just pull it when Next was unfinished, and Jewsh took the bait and failed horribly. Endchan was still rudimentarily setting up lynxchan, which made them fork to InfinityNow.
Why do you keep coming here and defend yourself? There are about 20 people on this imageboard and anybody who knows about this place already thinks Freech is absolute trash anyway, so you're doing yourself no favors by trying to clear your name. Nobody buys your shit.
>Some chatlogs won't bother quoting right now. You can get them on >>>/dig/.
Are you the same anon that posted an interview with Mark on that thread then turned right around and passed up the chance to ask the Cripple hard questions because you
>don't want to give him attention
When that wouldn't even matter because every journalist in the world was doing it that week? The same guy that implied /dig/ was his board only to get called out by the BO?

I ask because I've seen a lot of damage control from Mark from that anon. He wouldn't even ask Mark about the $2k he was getting paid by Jim. That anon also seems like a Jim dick sucker.

Jim, Ron, Cripplekike, Cakejew, and all the people involved in these leaks have all done a lot of underhanded things to anons. Anyone attempt to deflect from the actions of one of them by citing the the actions of any of the others is highly suspect and not to be trusted.
You lying fucking nigger I remember that shit being spewed out on /pol/ alongside autistic Q threads
Open file (707.72 KB 1280x720 1432395324754.png)
>he doesn't know who Rocko is and how he's played tons of faggots against each other by pretending to be friendly with them in the past
Way to out yourself as someone that is only here for this one thread. Someone most likely from Cake/v/. Thanks for confirming ni/gg/ers are lurking this thread.
Roka, let me handle this.
Oh you're the retard that thinks you doxed the julay/v/ BO. Are you really that butthurt about a /v/ existing here still?
Roka, I'm telling I'm the oldfag and I want Id:c48fca to confess his slanderous crimes.
Unless you want me to reaccuse you of posting CP again.
Post proof that Roka was the julay/v/ BO. I'll wait.
You don't have it
Because I'm not Robi. Capiché?
>I doxed the BO of julay/v/
>but I need Robi to prove it
So it was real in your mind?
What do you have against endchan again?
>Can't provide proof
>Better make up shit because I got caught
Type: Posting deletion *Global*


Board: cow
Time: 09/21/2019 (Sat) 01:30:02
User CP/M deleted the following posts: 8287 from board /cow/.
I refreshed the page too fast, what was this?

That's what you do?
Why do you want to defend Id:c48fca again?
He's a faggot just like (((you))). See: >>8280
What's wrong with asserting the truth?
Nanotech posting which is deleted on sight because all he does is posts nigger porn and derailing attempts.
Thank you, I thought he posted something juicy.
Why is Roka on my back for asking simple questions. Does he hate the truth or something?
Take your meds.
From what I know of you every time you're called out for acting like a dumb fuck you just say someone is this namefag that lives rent free in your head then when pressed for proof you ask the admins to dox the former BO of Julay/v/. If you want to get bullied by the anons here be my guest. I'm just here to clean up the spam.
Ok head Meido. 3 tranny gay pills "uguu i'm 8 years old" /cafe/ obedience.
There's only 3 people that crosspost smug lolis, and he's confirming he is roka, so…
By the way we can't dox him even if we wanted to. So please stop requesting it. We take in anyone that makes an account and requests a board. We don't even keep server logs.
Edited last time by CP/M on 09/21/2019 (Sat) 01:45:43.
You can dox hashes, and that calculable enough, so.
I'm not giving you IP hashes just because you asked. Why would I do that?

I don't know where that guy touched you but you should seek help.
Edited last time by CP/M on 09/21/2019 (Sat) 01:47:58.
Listen here, you autist. Nobody called Roka ever requested a board here. I personally asked them on the Fediverse and he said he hasn't even visited here. Is that enough for you?
>There's only 3 people that crosspost smug lolis,
Smug anime whores have been a staple of shitposting for fucking years, you retard.
I'm not asking anything, I'm being technical with what I'm saying.
I just find it funny that he's suddenly questioning the fact someone wants to paint endchan as some boogiman, when April 1st 2016 leakers used endchan to leaks Sunshine.
And somehow endchan redirected /v/ to next.
Smells like ni/gg/er behavior.

But it's not my job to coin the nepfag-nanotech relationship, these leaks should.
Open file (583.07 KB 1070x848 1561388483270.png)
Fine pudding. I can place this on "this is what robi believes, as word of mouth mean anything to slanderous snakes".
But only few people devote themselves to reuse them, with the same filenames. Capiché?
Maybe it's because I know exactly who requested the board.
>I just find it funny that he's suddenly questioning the fact someone wants to paint endchan as some boogiman
Learn to read:
>Jim, Ron, Cripplekike, Cakejew, and all the people involved in these leaks have all done a lot of underhanded things to anons. Anyone attempt to deflect from the actions of one of them by citing the the actions of any of the others is highly suspect and not to be trusted.
Like I said, I'll place this on his headcannon.
I'm interested in the truth, and nanotech ITT proved he's willing to use every trick in FUD to ruin the reputation of imageboards, so long as they unite to their brand.
I repect Robi's decision, as well as odili to backing out, esp. considering they are willing to post cp to takes websites down.
But I'm familiar with smuglo, and how know how dirty they play.
I hate repeating myself.
>only 3 people ever post smug lolis
holy shit who is this retard
And I'm telling you hoihoi has done worse?
I don't care about your personal crusade against /a/ and their mod bot.
No one is going to post any CP to take a site down.
That's ridiculous.
Neither do I?
I only needed to know form you what nanotech nigger posted.
You know, that the shit they post can be used against them, right?
I get you want to remove derailment, but shadow containing it is better.
Actual diggers have found even porn accounts just by fetishes they post. Sometimes they even use famous websites like b la cked.com
>I got a 3 hour ban on /a/ for being retarded, /cow/ should attack them!
Well, endchan has had several close calls, you can read all about them on /operate/.
There's even this competitor freespeech vichan instance someone started to flick off cripplekike that had even more features 8ch users wanted, and because someone kept hidding child porn on boards they didn't even know existed, their registrar took them down.
Sad tale of hazardous users.

But Robi & CP/M are on top of this, so feel at ease here.
>But Robi & CP/M are on top of this, so feel at ease here.
That reads like a veiled threat. I guess you discord trannies are going to spam cp here?
Am, I asking for Robi and crew to attack anything?
I think you have your projection dialed at 11.
>not killing all the niggers and slaving the asians instead.
He's a retard.
Sorry, I don't like abusing children. How about project about the information on hand, no?
how about you fuck off fag or at least look up what projection means you dumbass.
It means I'm not threatening?
Where do you come up with ideas I would even remotely use silicon valley software pedophiles use?
Robi and CP/M knew what hornet they were on. I thanked them for the leaks here, and their bravery.
Open file (320.25 KB 482x451 smug_juju.PNG)
Hoihoi only bans niggers so she did nothing wrong.
Open file (528.90 KB 750x1020 FmV_SOUC.png)
I'm colliding all your filenames and hashes as we speak right now. Using my accelerated bash script and wget it's only a matter of time before all you smug loli racists are doxxed. If you apologize right now, maybe I'll forgive you.

You have 10 minutes.
I admit it, I'm zidan. Currently using wifi from maccas in china.
In fact, after a nice cup of covfefe this fine Saturday morning, I recalled the site:
So much so, /jp/ came to endchan seeking refugee. Glad they found a new home in sportschan.
Autistic little guys.
Fyi, cripplekike noticed librechan alright, with the constant compaign images, esp. on /v/.
gay in fact of course
Ah, the scant memories
Funny how ni/gg/ers are suddenly silent this beautiful Saturday morning.
I do wonder who was the faggot that falsely reported the domain for hosting child pornography they were heavily combatting too.
and /librejp/ anons hate CP.
Backtrace this, niggertits.
2016 was a beautiful year
Scrapers are a man's best friend:
I guess I found AcidJew's ifunny:
Ruskbros remember:
Weird scrape:

At the least that's enough evidence it existed to piss off cripplekike during the Jewsh Next development.
>the Jewsh Next development.
From my recollection, the campaigns that I saw were during those times. Looking at the information off hand, and that I have now, librechan existed a little bit before QBoMason started fiddeling with the shitbox bedchan confirmed Jewsh was given.
Nepfag for se wwird reason wants to insert himself that the reason it was down was because of a robot spamming internally.
Call him Null if you want, I'm using the latest moniker everyone's calling him. The facts is anyone can tweet or IRC cripplekike to confirm that he knew of librechan, so did Joshua Moon.

Establishing a timeline for >>8322
Piratebay was taken down for less.
>Nothing else that I could find that is of any interest. Just more shilling.
how about the guy going on how to dispose of a dead body? or the part about pew die pie? (not the fake news shitfest)
your timestamps suck
the funniest thing about those is when nein talks about being the treasury (because he's totally not gonna run with it lel) and then that girl talks about being the treasury (because she doesn't need it lel)
when was this?
>not after
But Lowcard left after. This is yet another stupid attempt to cause a raid against /a/ and its Pleroma node.
Open file (96.96 KB 716x320 freashonion.jpg)
When will they learn they can't keep this shit buried. Saved the following form kripplechan.
Eehhh some people are like that. But they aren’t some sort of fucking internet autist, they’re usually just religious or don’t have time for sexy times and the possible hangs up they include. Neither of those would spend a minute on discord though.
day 2 part 2 or 3 iirc
what os is that cap from?
>hosting your own server chat now
>which may leave the individual with average or above average ability in unrelated fields
Does this explain their odd propensity for computer science subjects?
>no 64ch
>owning a hacker
>not a julay alien
Open file (13.18 KB 1596x157 ClipboardImage.png)
how dare you expose my gayops discord you fucking julay suckler bastards
Open file (161.98 KB 631x443 space 1.png)
Open file (59.33 KB 607x325 space 2.png)
Open file (141.86 KB 550x533 space 3.png)
Open file (90.44 KB 393x540 space 4.png)
Open file (29.19 KB 703x332 space 5.png)
Meanwhile snitchan's BO attempting to play dumb while not knowing about /sp/
https://julay chan.xyz/b/res/37782.html
its called rulecuckery and its a disease that needs to be purged in fact of course
i dont think that dude owns any IBs in fact of course
thats dave
you can tell from the abuse of text formatting
he used to own /caos/ /ancient/ /bflo/ and a couple other alternative /b/s on 8 iirc
and while he may be kind of a newbie /b/tard boomer that just recently discovered theres more than just 4 and 8, hes no power hungry sperg like the ones in OP. never struck me as malicious. only time i ever even saw him delete a post was when /caos/ got CP wiped
nice enough guy ime
Fix your shift key.
dont tell me what to do
Summary when?
Day 3 and the summary will be coming soon.
stupid kids being stupid
Shhh its already down as it is
I hope it's just the usual issue.
Yeah I think Robi jokingly mentioned it once but no one picked up on it.
who care
you, nano
The ACF deserves to get gassed
make copies with audio only pls
Someone should start shilling blockchan on their sites and see how they react.
Can't control something that isn't controllable.

also wish I could watch the stream, as someone else said, please release an audio only recording
Open file (273.79 KB 1063x437 1566157369991.png)
Jesus Christ the faggot that runs neinchan is absolutely insufferable. How does he manage to avoid choking to death on his own drool on the daily basis?
He sounds like an idiot, I don't even know how he is able to pay his coder who helps him maintain his multiple projects
$1.5k a fucking month
inb4 bounced cheque
Summary when?
Open file (47.99 KB 410x416 1493046591348.jpg)
Hey guys this thread sure is funny huh? I sure love memez! Check out my comfy ifunny meme board on 2^n_chan.org! No shills, no censoring! Just comfy kawaii tradwife based memes all the time!
Nanotech's Freech henchmen have just been BANNED from the Alt Fedoration Chan discord.
Nano is still in but who knows for how long. Shit's collapsing and they're turning on each other.
>still no summary
(((nano))), go cut some foreskins
Open file (10.21 KB 183x168 1338838501230791.jpg)
Use method 2, copy to clipboard and paste it into console, and START TRACKING
Afterwards upload the file.
No one cares Nanotech. Dump something interesting or fuck off.
Nice try, Nano.
who should i blame, autistic people, or politicized normals who want attention
thats rodent not runit
So I skimmed the thread and might have missed some stuff.
But is this the same nano that hung out on 8/b/ for a while? Nanoarchiver? The guy seemed to pop up while I was gone a minute, avatarfagged as a guy with a leather jacket, posted cp, tripfagged and then leaked his tripcode and disappeared. I never saw him around before or since. But I seem to remember him being underage.
no, me and nanoarchiver are TWO different people

I've said this the past few years since he showed up on 16chan.nl smh
why do these idiots all use discord?
discord is a source of drama and destruction
just like any chat, not just discock
Might as well ask why Kraut (doxer) can't spell.
That's like asking why faggots like catching AIDS. It's just how things are.
Discords easy to set up and keep secret from others. It allows you to post all kinds of images from selfies to porn and voice chat if you're into that.

Basically Discord "just works" in all the ways the trannies need it to. On mobile or on a computer.
>and keep secret from others
Seeing how everything from discord constantly leaks out I would have to press X to doubt.
Yeah because people go there and leak stuff. It would be secret if everyone involved wanted it to be. But people forget that they can't trust anyone too often. But yeah, there's always a lot of chat history on discords and if you have an invite link you can just join them and rip everything. Why do they leave all the history up anyway, couldn't they just clear the server history?
Here's your summary GAMERGATEs!
Do it yourself :^)
Open file (69.31 KB 600x395 113_rd.jpg)
In about 5 minutes.
fuck off back to /co/
>Easy to keep secret
Apparently not.
Listening to these retards hatch their half-baked gayops in real time is legitimately insufferable. How the fuck did you guys sit through six hours + of this without sucking down a helium bag?
Open file (84.62 KB 728x392 doubt.png)
>wanting their degeneracy to be a secret
it was good while it lasted but theres a select few anons making moves to pull out and leave the nein on its ass
it was good while it lasted but theres a select few anons making moves to pull out and leave the nein on its ass
it was good while it lasted but theres a select few anons making moves to pull out and leave the nein on its ass
>>8899 (checked)
>>8900 (checked)
it was good while it lasted but theres a select few anons making moves to pull out and leave the nein on its ass>>8887
thing is the chat is dead and the faggots are still using discord so they get sodomized by furries
My anticipation is very high.
Open file (118.36 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Oh no.
Tbph, he should have listed julay.world too.
GTFO, dumbass.
You're right, he should also list smuglo.li, 420chan, lainchan, [insert any IB in the intertnet].
Yeah, I've been to the Spirit Realm, dumb dumb. Of course I win. I didn't even use any mushrooms or TMD or LDS to get there you fuckin nerd.
Open file (46.21 KB 290x380 bitch.png)
Weird how wherever blobwheels points pedophiles pop up, really makes me think.
>be libreland
>Love anonymity and privacy
>Promise to never rat people to feds, null ip addresses, and create your boards, no moderation.
>Pedos find your board

Open file (565.09 KB 701x3033 ClipboardImage.png)
And now look at this. I hope the entire altchan federation feels retarded.
Open file (115.07 KB 720x852 IMG_20190925_190356.jpg)
Open file (109.98 KB 553x985 IMG_20190925_190715.jpg)
showme has left the discord server and it seems he stopped owning neinchan months ago, someone might have been impersonating him lol
>All this damage control from Ace
>A person that was gleefully participating and asking others for help on how to shill their board
>showme doesn't run nienchan and ascended to the 35th level of the light
Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
I don't believe it to be honest, showme still posts on his twitter and there was no announcement of the change
Also the ACF still has him on the website
Mind linking the newer leaks of day 3?
You can get the archive for the stream just now here https://theguntretort.com/archives/5575bac5-d77c-4b56-9bb8-82dad4424578-1569446825.flv
However I can not give you the original thing rn I'm afraid, eventually the guy who made it will after some minor edits.
Also I think it was later concluded this was part of Day 2, not that it really matters though.
They weren't from Day 3 it was just audio from day 2 that hadn't been released yet. I'll clean it up and do a proper release of it soon. We aren't withholding this stuff or delaying doing a summary on purpose. It's just a lot of material to go through and things have been busy IRL.
Sure that sounds good too.
I should probably note that new leaks are 1h 48m, there isnt really an audio cue to figure out where they start or end though, so just play the last 108 minutes if you don't want to hear the day 1 leaks again.
thanks,guntopia :^)
No one cares about this shit and this website has like 10 posts per hour.
Open file (320.25 KB 482x451 smug_juju.PNG)
<no one cares
you care enough to come to this bunker, search this particular thread and post in it.
Open file (555.82 KB 1000x897 siegethot fr.jpg)
Open file (820.25 KB 245x209 wew.gif)
wew guess your right >we should all just ignore this
summary when
Open file (85.36 KB 1600x900 def.jpg)
>and this website has like 10 posts per hour
So three times as much as your entire altchan federation
julaychan gets 100+ PPH, so...
S p a c e c h a n gets 100+ pph
It doesn't, so...
It averages 100PPH look at the graphs, usually has daily peaks of 200+. So it is indeed significantly more popular than this Chan, and probably for a reason.
You unironically think people can't see through your fake stats? God you people are so inept and autistic, no wonder you have your own thread.
How are the stats fake? please cite the code in the Lynxchan engine that makes these supposedly fake graphs.
Open file (52.60 KB 474x592 th.jpg)
>please write a 50 page thesis on why a spamming tranny who hangs out with people that hold workshops in shilling might want to fake his stats
Neck yourself pedo.
Who cares if Nano is a tranny? At least he's cute :)
Open file (9.80 KB 554x378 baby bux.png)
Sure thing.
i threw up a little..
Honestly, I'm pretty glad this board is not that popular. If it becomes too popular it will be like 4ch.
>If I keep saying it it will come true
Open file (60.50 KB 702x900 403538624.jpg)
>not furiously appreciating Santa Anita
Open file (1.21 MB 400x224 i_dont_even.gif)
You're just baiting to get more Anita nudes right?
Open file (380.89 KB 1000x1501 543_1000.jpg)

**i would but theres only so many half decent shoops left==
pics or it didn't happen
Open file (5.18 KB 493x103 cringe.png)
nanotech unironically thinks 4chan is cool
>nanotech unironically thinks 4chan is cool
So does Cripplewheels. Then again, the pinko cripple endorsed Nanotech's shitty board pretty recently.
Of course, the ACF aren't 8ch refugees defending free speech but attention whores who want to be like moot.
S m a y h n
u m r w e
>who want to be like moot.
Oh god I can't stop laughing.
Downloading to take a listen. People told these board owners that a federation was just a way to gate keep.

I don't get it. Posts to derail the conversation?
Open file (103.31 KB 620x884 Screenshot.png)
Interesting, nein is an admin at xchan.

Ace and nein are deleting any conversations questioning these events.
Open file (69.31 KB 600x395 113_rd.jpg)
DAY 2 PART 3 45 min in
Is this stream playing the same audio logs from anonfile download up above?
They're all in the publicly available Mega folder linked in the second post of this thread.
I can't download the Mega link, so hopefully the Anonfile link has all the information.

Mega doesn't like Pale Moon or Firefox.
The mega folder can be actively updated, I doubt the anonfile has everything, but I can't say.
who care
Does anyone want to raid?
Raid what, dead altchan boards?
the absolute state
do ffmpeg -i d3p1.webm -vn -c:a copy d3p1-a.webm fgt
Open file (575.04 KB 1920x1080 brainscorcher.jpg)
showme is still there

t. insider
That julaychan guy is a serious faggot. They were celebrating julay.world going down last night.
Sp4ce chan not julay
Was HW always this retarded or did some thai prostitute crush his head between her thighs
He's assmad at Jim for various reasons, and the rage has caused his mind to slip. That's my theory at least.
He just sounds like your garden variety normie. I honestly don't understand how someone who was an admin for both 4ch and 8ch ends up like this, even 4ch jannies are not this bad.
Open file (106.09 KB 1280x720 bs.jpg)
While also making my way out of the Brain Scorcher, might be the last leak stream for a bit, there's still some material coming but the exact time is uncertain.
Excuse me, may I have an estimate of when the summary of the leaks will arrive?
Soyrage causes neurotypicalism? Slightly shocking that this is what becomes of the former admin of wizardchan
Open file (123.72 KB 950x634 nanowheels.jpg)
Open file (1.57 MB 540x302 fd4.gif)
>Slightly shocking that this is what becomes of the former admin of wizardchan
if you had told me before 2016 that he would turn into such a monstrous faggot I probably wouldn't have believed you.
Open file (38.79 KB 1000x893 laughingmoonman.png)
Being neurotic is part of his jewish heritage. Complaining is as natural for them as hoarding shekels.

I don't believe cripplekike's sudden christian faith turn one fucking bit. Nothing but krypto jewish tactics to my eyes.
Open file (21.69 KB 184x184 1569233707412.jpg)
based daddy Moon Man
Kill yourself
And we're back. Let me be the first to say *ahem*

u better stop before i destroy the topology again, GAMERGATE
*ahem*, N IGGER
>altchan BOs can't into OPSEC
Threadly reminder: before infinity was shoahed /pol/ had fed trap threads where newfags posted their own dox for 'kool sekret club stuffz'.
I guess the BOs were scraped from the bottom of the same barrel.
anyone got anything on Tiblar? this guy is shilling all over the place and people say he is a high iq genius
Open file (16.96 KB 474x316 alonez.jpg)
I just found this thread about an hour ago
I've been reading it and listening to the chat logs and all that.
not all of them of course - that would take hours.
I got the link to this thread off of 16chan
I'm actually very sad
I wish there were somewhere I could go to do /pol/ stuff with other /pol/acks and not worry about glowies
I feel alone and isolated.
sorry for whining.
Open file (999.86 KB 640x360 sad gondola.webm)
>mfw Alt Chan Federation: A tale of multiple shills
Open file (61.11 KB 735x492 rules at trannychan.jpg)
Hate to be the person to call this out, but it was indeed that neinchan usurper:

For some weird reason, My ISP is blocking off julaychan, can only see it via TOR.

Most went to anon.cafe or chen2.org
There was another, forgot the address. I know they used meguca software, not lynxchan. Could be chen2.
chen2 pol could use a few more anons.
me again - using a vpn so my ID may have changed.
Thank you...
yeah, chen2 is that meguca software
thanks tho guise.....
>that meguca software
I think it's fun. But yeah, there is no image board software that is as good as dietchan.
Snitchchan is hosted on Jewsh's servers I think. That might be why.
Wait what? Really? How did this happen?
Snitchchan is hosted on OVH on a bottom-tier VPS.
Disregard half of it, I suck cocks. The domain name is hosted there. If you are willing to trust a French branch of some ADL knockoff. It still might explain the block, try accessing it over raw IP.

Tweet archive: https://archive.is/uP8nm
Domain name list archive: https://archive.is/uxpi0
It works fine for me with their normal domain.
I don't understand any French though, what is the connection between julay and him? People need to stop supporting sp4cefag.
Oh lol, didn't know my ISP could be so retarded.
The tl;dr, because Null owned 1776hosting.com, and snitchchan managed to get an autonomous system number IP on the same physical server, all the domains in that lost got blacklisted:
It's also why I haven't been able to visit sonichu.com since forever, lol.
Now I need to edit my host file: julaychan.xyz

What do you get for their IP?
>This federation shit started in 2016
who the fuck scrolls that far back

but yeah, I had the original idea a long time ago.

I saw this as an opportunity to finally see my idea come to light, and jumped at it. then they did that dumbass shit (while I was at work, mind you).
as soon as I heard about what was happening, I noped out.

this was 2016, when discord wasn't *as* popular.
>who the fuck scrolls that far back
Anyone with academic rigor.
Too bad everyone had to be flagrant faggots.
Searching Imageboards.us on twitter isn't hard
It does suck. 8ch was one of the few places that contained some hidden gems of information. It was getting worse over time though, imkampfy's mass bans and magapede shit was retarded, then it became worse when board ownership was transferred and nobody was enforcing rules. I liked the esoteric / philosophical threads the most, if you know any place that has that kind of cocks feel free to share.

Don't really see anything pol on chan.cafe that has some traction. chen2.org seems pretty nice though ty for the share. It would be better to get a somewhat active place with ~150-200 users compared to what 8chpol ended up being the last 1-2 years. Full of newfags, thread derailment, 0 moderation, shit topics, and so on.
>esoteric / philosophical threads the most,
There was another, I recall. Saw them briefly web scraping.
Not into /pol/, but you are right that it's fun to muse ideas you would normally never do.
Forced anonymity makes it the best.
Open file (90.97 KB 847x379 1543084951272.png)
Open file (92.90 KB 720x1032 20191007_020439.jpg)
Open file (74.79 KB 720x923 20191007_020429.jpg)
Open file (42.34 KB 720x780 20191007_020503.jpg)
Open file (54.74 KB 633x1125 20191007_020454.jpg)
here are alleged pics of siegethot for those interested
only nudes of her that exist was created by 3Danon
this thread gave me cancer.it's like seeing those r/4chan retards trying to act like "le ebin shitposters" while not knowing any of the board culture before 2016. altho considering that pretty much all of cuckchan is reddit now, that might be a moot point, tho
just a heads up, /b/ is being raided right now, 3 guesses who that could be, considering they are whining about how /cow/ needs to be removed from the internet forever
she purty in fact of course
Open file (624.58 KB 1750x679 1565206953802.png)
Open file (79.81 KB 1124x548 8botnet.png)
Open file (7.82 MB 640x360 kikewheelsone.webm)
yes. HW has always been an attention whore, he just used to be able to hide it. in fact, HW used to be pretty good at manipulating people into thinking he is the good guy and savior of the internets (despite HW basically stole wizardchan from its previous owner, for example)
So yes, HW was a huge fag from the start.
dud so tsundere for le herd xddd...😆
but will bui or the herd join his crusade against jim....
The loss of /pdfs/ is like the digital library of Alexandria going up on flames
So then why did you let one Alexandria exist instead of multiple Alexandrias?
Are you not to blame for letting it all go to flame?
Nope bickers alexandria had the best tech of its time for storing that data.
Storing all your important literature in an imageboard is more retarded than the normalfags.
Didn't /intl/ hold 8chan hostage while Hotman was still at the wheel? What did he mean by this? I don't understand.
i suspect he just says whatever hoping to get allies for his war against 8kun/jim
http://archive.is/aEuOv admin script kiddy claiming to back door lynxchan
Open file (489.84 KB 400x406 hihi.gif)
it's over.
I may be fucking retarded but can I stamp this as war between some fucking discord tranny ass "chan federation" vs "the webring"
Open file (57.01 KB 500x672 1436801470262.jpg)
he means /intl/ won
Open file (96.59 KB 1584x743 unknown (1).png)
look at this childish shit
Imagine being the kind of person who thinks attention from twatter bluechecks is a good thing.
Open file (162.04 KB 850x944 playingwithblocks.jpg)
ah yes
Open file (27.00 KB 300x477 2nm3me0.jpg)
Consider acknowledging the existence of magic forums with otherkins of wikipedia-nerd tier, but shallower and older. What they do is larping, fucking same/opposite sex fugly and old otherkins, and ofc discussing about selling their useless garbage to idiots after giving it enough polish.
Then there are some obscure chans and bbs with mystical, literature and religion themes consisting entirely of 4-eyed techie cope larping.
try it for muh esoteric laughs, but beware, they are insecure and saving their bullshit face, so they usually ban or toy with all "trolls" on spot and anyone who isn't one of them is a troll of course.
Respect your elderly! To do so, get the last laugh before some of them get a heart attack while nutting to a fugly chink loli in deathbed.
It might be hard for a touhou bro, but maybe not for someone else in here
Forums are honestly the worst. Identities never worked well for obscurity's sake.
Gonna keep lurking on these different webring imageboards though, it's kind of interesting seeing the different topics. Big fan of fragmentation.

That being said, seeing how this entire thread is about a whole bunch of idiots in a discord trying to be big brain overlords of the chans, you've gotta wonder if the different webmasters of the webring chans also have a discord in which they do something similar.
We know next to nothing about any of these websites.
Open file (36.54 KB 216x324 Bobdobbs.png)
in fact of course, I came across Discordianism a long time ago by a weird series of event.
>tl;dr I read through an Occult torrent and read about Discordianism around the same time I saw a graffiti in a bar about Eris.

I once started to get looking for torrents about the occult around college and I manage to find a collection of random documents. Some runic stuff, Left hand path, wicca, chaos magick, crowley, tarot books, discordianism, subgenius, some Robert Anton Wilson who I got really into. That's what I can remember from the top of my head that was in there.
Then, one bar at a bar, I came across something written on a pub wall that said Hail Eris! Repent where there shall be three So then, I made the weird connection.

Since then, I've been hopping on whatever I find beyond /x/. I think Erischan is comfy.

I do admit there's a weird bunch of hispter-ish online discordians that trend to treat others that are outsiders or not in on the joke like shit.

I remember following vaguely online drama with the online discordians forums once about some dude that was newish to the community and started some blogtalk radio show about the occult, cape and nerdy shit and sort of an audioform of discordian shitposting deemed too edgy and racist for the sake of being just that, edgy and saying nig.ger and race jokes on air. The show never was taken down for it. Nobody fucking cared or cried about racism and kept going until they got bored or ran out of alcohol.

The hispter discordians shunned him of the community for his show. Whatever archived show I relisten to that he made - before he stopped completely out of boredom and lack of listeners - is hit or miss. Some are pure cringe. Some are really funny with the shitposting and some are decently informative.

Speaking of audio shitposting, The hour of Slack is good shit too. I archived whatever I could scrape from the podcast show on an external hard drive. It's alright for background noise. It's currently 96.2 GBs
you must be talking about principiadiscordia.com, it's such a fucking den of upset boomers.
Like the kind that got really into western communism in the 80s. They're still screaming on the internet years later.
They ban anyone from their forums that says "faggot", it's a real fucking bubble with half the threads shouting about current american politics and how the president is a fascist, etc etc.
I've already seen the Q-licking boomers crawl up into imageboard culture, and I really really don't want the likes of commie hipsters to get into it too, which is why I think it's dangerous ground.
That's the one. The principia discordia forums are cancer.
If 8kun is fucked for any reason, I think we should change the name of the webring from “Alt Chan Federation” to “8chan Federation” just to piss people off.
>8chan Federation
Don't you think that's a little, um, gay?
8cult is legitimately dead, makes you look cringe at this point.
I don't think you understand.
The webring is not the alt chan federation.
something completely different.
lurk more newfag
dup fucking loves her pussy
That's retarded, no one actually wants to be associated with 8ch faggotry. These bunkers are better than 8ch has been in years anyway, I'd rather just have our own thing here.
I dont think most give a shit. It was convenient and alot of cocks was lost.
>no one actually wants to be associated with 8ch faggotry
Speak for yourself. Cuck.
GAMERGATE go back to 2016
Even if you don't mind the brand, the site ran like absolute shit. Constant issues nonstop for the entire 5 years it was up as 8ch. For at least 6 months before it went down, a feature as basic as enlarging the image was broken. You had to have hover on or open in a different tab. As far as I can tell, everyone knew about this issue, and they just didn't care enough to bother fixing it.

That's just one case. There's the much bigger problem of the site breaking every few months and the fix is always just spamming new servers instead of making real software improvements. It's embarrassing.

Bunker >>>
Sounds like the problem was on your end, I was always able to enlarge images.
>werks for me :^)
many people complained about it, a fully functioning non-shit site doesn't work for random people for vague or outright undefined reasons
8ch may have run better after ron took over but it was still a spaghetti code piece of shit thanks in large part to fallout from cripple's inability to program, jewsh's infinity never faggotry, and ron's apparent apathy towards unfucking a lot of it
I've talked to a lot of people and the absolute best answer I ever got is that it was always spotty. If 8kun comes up and it runs fine, I'll take it all back, but it sure looks like Ron hasn't done a damn thing except reskin and delete most of the actual cocks.

Sure looking like the bunker chans are going to be better option no matter what happens
Images worked for me
That's just one obnoxious error. I could also point to constantly broken catalog, it's almost as bad and an even more universal issue. Or the thousands of dead boards that made the board list all but useless beyond the first page of results. Or the fact that the moderation on a ton of boards was literally worse than 4chan somehow.

8ch shit. Never going back.
Moderation on boards is not something you can pin on 8ch itself except for maybe the main boards, you could create your own boards so that's like blaming the lumber company bickers some guy made a house that collapses when you walk in it.
>>13360 Creating your own board on 8ch meant about as much as running 3rd Party in the US. It somehow worked a couple times but on the whole is wasted effort.
8kun welcome advertisement was already hosted on US gov controlled host
Kind of cheating i think, Las Vegas' servers are all fed owned if we are to believe americans
So are we still expected to listen to 11hrs of showme to see proof that everyone in Alt Chan Fed is a fucking Tranny kike shill?
like really that shit was cringe as hell, but after 3 hours, but I heard nothing that would change my opinion of Ace, julay or 663
fuck off nano
yay not nano, guy seems kinda a fag to me but hey to each their own, just random anon from 16 that is tired of cows coming over to shill this thread on our board
Was at 16 since PDP event, that larp was pure genius is that why you kids got panties in a bunch?
fuck off nano
tell me what your issue with Ace 663 or S pace, brit guy, seem pretty kool to me
fuck that fag i said, couldnt give 2 shits about him, I was told i could come here to see proof that 16bo is a kike at best, glowGAMERGATE at worst
so? where the fuck is it?
fuck off nano
ok thanks bro, like i said Iv seen this thread before and saw zero substance here, just thot maybe there was something new or Im missing
showme is gringy kid
nano might be tranny fag
Ace is a QT
Spa ce is based boomer brit
663 is pretty chill newfag
Alt chan comes up with PDP larp, that goes vial at 4cu ck
11 hr audio gets leaked - ACF planed world domination
lolcows go around spreading it sticky a crap thread about it for over a month
showme gets boot from ACF Then ACF becomes ACA
Anything Im really missing here?
fuck off nano
auuughhhh zero substance here even though my dress-up got posted in this thread
Im a fucking leaf that shit posts at 16, why would nano show up here and start this shit all over again? want do you want as proof im not that fag
holy fuck you guys look retarded, Iv seen NANO, he claims it was a larp, but fuck me Im incline to believe you hes prob a fag, how is saying everyone that disputes you is nano a valid argument?
go to 16 NOT NEIN to see my posts of this discussion
Whos dressup?
okay nano, we believe you
nano? i dont give a shit about him fuck is that the reason you guys keep this stickied? a kid larping in a dress?
aight peace cows sorry to shit up your thread know you guise seris biz here and all
fuck off nano
>i've seen this thread many times but I haven't read it
lmao /intl/
Where did you read about Nano saying it was a larp?
Open file (86.54 KB 638x657 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (58.61 KB 634x608 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (90.83 KB 615x706 ClipboardImage.png)
Sherratt is a Katana Expert.
Fuck this is the wrong thread
>spisschan commie trannie is based
>shitrat actually said that he studied the blade
This faggot really is a bottomless source of hilarious cringe.
Apologies to Cow for shitting up thread (though seems thread was use to that)

You got me there mate, if you know something I don't, (is >>8059 spiss?) I was speaking from my point of view. (Im often misidentified as based boomer) In audio leak spiss was very quite so I naturally assume he was not retarded, seeing how thinking men tend to speak when they have something well thought out or important to say. However you have not change my view at all, with out something substantial to back it up, considering half of my time here was being accused of being nano, someone I clearly (to those that care to check) most certainly am not.

No longer interested in the fight. Stopped back to see if anything came of this, take this for what it may or may not be worth. I didn't read it anywhere but am personally acquainted with some of the people in this story, and they dont know 100% nano's sexual persuasion but they suspect he was just being edgy and had taken the picture as a larp. Now I dont know (certainly wouldnt shock me, most of the chan crowds are degen a fuck) but if there is just one single pic then Im inclined to buy that story. Most of these discord trannies have a ton of pics out there of them right? You guys have 1. That has the caption My Mom saw me in my maid outfit or some shit like that? It sounds like a larp to me, Use a little bit of critical thinking here kids

Again I was around at beginning, found Pewd Larp, was funny shit, leak seemed like kiddy drama, and was shocked to see this still being shilled, Not shocked that no summary was ever made though.

Peace cowbois
kirt used to brag about how he had thermite set up to go over the servers in case any cops showed up. He used to talk about his CP on said servers too. God I miss /i/. fucking with those feminists bloggers was the start of my political awakening. Wonder whatever happened to that kid we tried to save
That GAMERGATE is trying to help Freddit Breddit with his gay crusade against 8kun, probably to kill competition. I don't trust him one bit.

"spice" as in "the owner of spácechan"
>However you have not change my view at all, with out something substantial to back it up
Are you not smart enough to know that the reason why spiss' imageboard is wordfiltered on julay.world is bickers of constant spam shilling that shitty imageboard?
Are you not smart enough to know that the owner of spácechan is a commie autogyephilic faggot that wants to dox wrongthinkers in his userbase and is as much of a lolcow as Mark from 8/v/?
fuck off nano
Is this the Promise Land, frens? Where should we build our temple? Is this board the temple mount?
Open file (499.15 KB 254x262 get a life.webm)
>people are still talking about me

i did it out of absurdist sincerity (past post irony)
Open file (560.74 KB 2048x1365 1567381414597.jpg)
>fighting over measly scraps of 8chan's former glory
>Thinking PPH actually matters
Who the fuck even are these retards?
right then. reposting from the other thread.

the people who own, work on, and also lightly spam chen2 are here.

BPD GOD is someone called miya who codes and moderates the site.

VEDIC CYBERGOD is someone called Tsu though he changes his name fairly often. it naz now it used to be mayaka a long time ago.
this is really unreleated, thanks
an alternative chan isn't realted to the topic of alternative chans?
Open file (1.44 MB 1280x720 clock.webm)
> jew-chan federation
Open file (100.36 KB 1920x1080 40743.jpg)
come to
Open file (7.13 KB 236x204 ok_forweebsite.jpg)
come to
Open file (19.41 KB 575x418 gscreenshot.png)
to the trash it goes
Has there been some kind of summary yet?

lol almost 2 months later no, bickers there was never anything there but a kid sperging on discord
was that kid robi? bickers he seemed to be the only one that caresd
Open file (232.87 KB 1008x478 ClipboardImage.png)
did you explain in unclear terms?
Yeah that didn't really saved them from being flooded with Feminazis and woketards alike however.
Open file (44.83 KB 577x142 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone mind explaining this?
what the fuck does it look like. Nanotech is "working" with Jim and 8kun.

t. insider
It's Halloween here, who took this 6 day old shot?
Lmao, assuming this is rizon.net, I don't think it's disbelievable that Fredrick give +o to NanoFREECH.
Plus, Photoshop is great.
nano is a tranny
Open file (89.84 KB 697x374 coolio.png)
Ok, confirmed, linking nanoFREECH here.
im jew
>nano is a tranny
im jew
add me in the screenshot
He says he's JEVVS. I legit believe it.
How do you know hes JEWS?
What's nanotard's endgame? What does he expect to achieve by keeping 8kun down? People aren't going to his shithole, he's proven to not be trustworthy.
>Lmao, assuming this is rizon.net, I don't think it's disbelievable that Fredrick give +o to NanoFREECH.
#8chan isn't operated by the 8chan/8kun administration, the cripple never gave the channel away.
>What's nanotard's endgame?
to measure my abilities
>What does he expect to achieve by keeping 8kun down?
measuring my abilities
>People aren't going to his shithole, he's proven to not be trustworthy.
take ur meds lmfao, plus freech is a known goon gathering place :^)

#8chan isn't operated by the 8chan/8kun administration, the cripple never gave the channel away.
Archive of a thread on julaychan where nano gloats over the federation and his schemes.

I meant to say spacéchan but it was wordfiltered. Nano is there all the time gloating about the federation and julay_ aka jason lees the site owner is in cahoots.
Dude, whats with the word filters?
Śpace_ is Jàson lees, the site owner of Śpacechan
SpaLce chan /b/ is currently imploding, should they move here?
https://spac echan.xyz/b/res/50751.html
Why is trannychan imploding?
they are going full on faggotrain and massbanning
i defended them at first bc sp@ce_ seemed best of acf but the /b/ bo is fucking up
Give up /b/ait and create totallyrandomsite.onion/r/andom
you guys know why 8channel was shut down?
was that site part of this consortium?
thanks for what you guys are doing exposing this shit, a lot of wandering anons are grateful.
She also hates trannies
>What's nanotard's endgame?
Suicide, most likely.
Open file (7.43 KB 429x114 spoce.PNG)
>you guys know why 8channel was shut down?
I'd like to know that too
I hope that's the case
>you guys know why 8channel was shut down?
the site was poorly setup which lead to technical issues and the site had a lot of pedophiles. I don't think the operator was a pedophile himself, which would explain why he gave up so quickly
>spisschan was good
I'm having a hard time giving a shit about any of this stuff

who the fuck uses discord
thanks, so it was mainly the product of the libreland.nl syndrome....i knew that shit was going to happen....fucking pedos DOTR.
I warned ALL of you fags about discord tranny jew shitskins.
Four years, buffalo queers.
Epstein is in Tel Aviv btw.
Good luck, Anons, and Kek bless.
What did you warn people of?
You are missing an important point, Jimbo (the owner of 8channel) actually had two pedophiles as global jannies, one was the owner of /bl/ and the other /libre/, so I believe that Jimbo has/had some kind of cognitive dissonance going on.
>both stickied and bumplocked
I said 8channel, not 8chan/8ch, look at the post I mentioned.
And I said if you have a single fact to back that up.
8channel was a site unaffiliated with 8chan you daft cunt. They got their domain seized by law enforcement.
it wasn't seized you idiot.
It was, now they got it back and there's already tons of pharma spam and people asking what the fuck happened.
Look for yourself.
Oh and here's an archive from when it was still seized. There's a good chance that the new site is ran by the glowies themselves. I went to the archive to see if I could find the onion service to check if it was still up and was blessed enough to find proof of the seizure.
You haven't given a single fact to backup your claims, and have been found to make shit up. So unless you have new real evidence I'll consider all your posts work of fiction.
Open file (71.86 KB 590x791 gr3y.png)
Who is he? Found this on another board.
gr3y is l33tguy
>It was
>source, my anus
bickers it was haloween and you got spooked ged it
The source was provided posts later, there's multiple archives.
Open file (125.68 KB 856x483 in minecraft.jpeg)
Everything I post is political satire.
>you are a paedophile, aren't you
all the tranny goons are
julay.world has /fascist/ no /pol/ is nanochan safe? http://nanochanqwrwtmamtnhkfwbbcducc4i62ciss4byo6f3an5qdkhjngid.onion/pol/
/pol/ here is back to what it was originally >>>/n/
>Dead board smattered with discord tranny TDS posting
Open file (327.18 KB 454x783 boy scout neckerchief.png)
what's up with the boy scout neckerchief?
/pol/ is not on julay or the webring bickers it is a "liability", or in other words, bickers people involved in making that decision are a bunch of soylent cucks. Anyone who belongs on /pol/ will find their bunker, regardless, everyone else gets filtered into whatever sad joke /fascist/ or /n/ are
The board owner of /libre/ is tybb from /b2/ on 8ch.
Nano is gay af in fact of course
You're free to make your own /pol/ imageboard.
>haha it's a nothingburger
hey nano
do tell why I'm wrong
you were born, nano
If i really were this guy the best thing you could do right now is shut me down by pointing out the faggotry
Since I'm not, you would be persuading me by pointing out the faggotry
okay nano
Nigger im shitting on the federation not praising it.
>federation of imageboards is r9k evolved into its final form
Real Summary
Setting: Julay leaks cringe from alt chan federation discord (voice and text).
There were two events of note in the group:
>faking pewdiepie DMs with the ADL
Leaked on 16, shilled on 4 and elsewhere. Drove some traffic. They were obviously fake, not really interesting.
>Scheming to "take down" any imageboard not in their federation

Characters: >>7853 >>7555

>Showme | Neinchan admin
ifunny user >>7533
"hacker" >>7533 >>7545
conspired in larp to "take down" other chans >>7550
<plausible deniability? This showme might not be the first one, and also might be unassociated with the site >>8982 >>10036

>Nano | Freech admin
Lead role in chan "take down" >>7550
Something Awful user >>7573 >>7899
Furry coomer >>7574
Pedo enabler >>7584
Underage, HS student >>7590
Transvestite faggot >>7607
Kiwi Farm user >>7859

>Ace | Xchan Admin
Supported "takedown" plot >>7550
female? >>7776 >>15650

>663 | 16chan admin
Organizer of ACA (contact page on imageboard.net)
Arguably soiboy
Honestly a pretty cute asian gf >>8104
Involved in fake pewdiepie log leak, seemingly saying everyone was >>7486
Not a lot of patience for nano >>12520

>Sen | Oneechan Admin
Sent an ironic anti-"takedown" vid to nano (valid?) >>18080

>Sp☻ce | Sp☻cechan & Bunkerchan Admin
Commie neckbeard

>Parley | 314chan Admin
Left group after the mess >>10925

Feel free to add anything of note not listed here
Thanks for the summary, anon.
who is the original uploader of the video?

>663 | 16chan Admin
>Not a lot of patience for nano showme >>12520
Open file (5.49 MB 644x360 robot_kys-1.mp4)
I used to have the whole video
>plausible deniability? This showme might not be the first one, and also might be unassociated with the site >>8982 >>10036

that's just bs
Open file (2.09 KB 1527x71 download.png)
Open file (7.54 KB 1327x299 download (1).png)
Open file (72.26 KB 1886x2106 download (2).png)
Wonder who this could be
It's that time of year again! Cuckchan's /r9k/ have threads up begging each other to buy them anime trinkets and dragon dildos. Last year some /cow/boys destroyed it by "grinching" lists.

>How to grinch
>Go to wishlist
>Select "purchased this item else where" under each item
>Click okay to each one

This year they made a google document with all the links for easy grinching!


Remember to post your virgin with rage tears.
not your personal army, newfaggot
Open file (1.28 MB 3120x4160 JPEG_20191017_210919.jpg)
Nano's thighs that were posted on freech and julay
Gahoole is a pleb virgin sjw discordcuck
>trying to divert attention away from the tranny cabal
Did nanotranny recruit you, Zach? Will be funny when he starts blackmailing you like he does to everyone that comes across him.
Open file (3.74 MB 2791x1829 nano.png)
disgusting faggot
Smol dick in fact of course, forever a bottom.
Open file (402.08 KB 320x240 doxbin.mp4)
Torfag here.

These chan-federation GAMERGATEs spam their shit on parts of Tor that I'm amazed they can even find, despite the fact that more than 50% of their shitty chans block Tor users.

"julay" seems to be the ringleader. He is a lefty, trying to subvert as is their nature.
Open file (61.00 KB 400x491 what_the_fuck_man.jpg)


filters to "julay" apparently.


is the lefty I was referring to in my previous post.

I am a huge cocksucking faggot, I suck thousands and thousands of dicks.
They're shilling on anon.cafe now
i think you're just a schizoprhenic retard lmfao

>im amazed people can find stuff on tor
doxbinjs77uawbbl.onion connection has timed out.
It could be v1 pnion address doesn't exist or it's down.

Any more hardcore evidence?
>underage HS student
>dick showing in tranny clothes
uh oh, this can't be good
Misinformed lurker here. Is nanotech from these logs somehow connected to Nanochan in Tor, which was advertised on /tech/ for a while?
Nanochan has nothing to do with any "known" internet personalities, but it was attacked by a bunch of fags since its inception and the admin quit.
The admin went full retard defending (((Tarrant))) but seemed to otherwise be a decent NatSoc admin, but he was effectively trolled off the internet and some random fag has the keys.
The original code was quite concise and nice last I checked and some parts of it would be a good model for imageboard software in general, especially as it doesn't require ANY pajeetscript to run nicely.
The internet is really in a sad state of affairs these days.
ntech is josh from kiwifarms, josh who failed the infinity next rewrite
>>23781 why the echoes on tarrant? I thought only batshit insane Q boomers still thought he was a false flag
>>24090 Ok Mossad
>>24773 ok boomer
======================== Email: Nathaniel.gonzalez1219@gmail.com Email 2: nanotech6100@gmail.com Address: 710 Continental Dr Apt 1, Brownsville, Tx, 78520 School Number: (956)548-7700 School Website: http://www.bisd.us/pace/ Full name: Nathaniel Paul Gonzalez Skype: live:nanotech6100 nanotech61001 nanotechz1 nanotech6100 Ips:,, (Probably VPNS) Usernames: Nanotech, Penis size: 5 inch's Old Discord: Sexuality: Faggot/Straight < Bisex ====================== List of Girlfriends: https://cdn.ghettogaggers.com/attachments/660949458946883595/660950455039426570/unknown.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/503003191437164544/659491307185635360/image0.jpg?width=380&height=676 Girlfriends Number: +12103993406 Girlfriends Name: Amanda ========================= Grandmas Name: Veronica Sue Owen Grandpas Name: Rolland Hayward Owen Jr. Address: 710 Continental Dr Apt 1, Brownsville, Tx, 78520 ========================= brothers: Oscar, Brandon ========================= Close friends Disc: Flanoincompzampher, dark0 ========================= Nathaniels-- Revealing photos: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/660949458946883595/660949772433358868/image0.jpg?width=381&height=676 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/660949458946883595/660949949243981844/image0.jpg?width=381&height=676 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/507187990926196758/643596122727645254/unknown.png ========================= accounts: email: nanotech6100@gmail.com Username: p5392054 Password: 9w9dTrsrdgL'[%^S =========================
>>25004 im guessing i pissed my ex off by not wanting to be with her?
>>25004 by the way that password:email is for private internet access, which has been changed since then Also kara, I don't know why you're doing this since all I want from you is to fuck off
also where'd you get those IP addresses lmao
nanotech has consisently created the worst drama to grace the herd
>>25071 >>25059 Guess what nano. That shit wasn’t me, I have no reason to dox you. I want away from you I was happy before you brought this bullshit that wasn’t my fault to my attention. I’ve deleted all my shit already.
>>25060 My I’d is different than the stupid person who posted your dox, we aren’t this retarded to fight with each other. Goodbye, I suggest not surrounding yourself with these people, I know you grew up like this but you’re kind. They aren’t, you and I know you didn’t do anything. So please go have a better life away from this place like I am
>>25073 don't call me nano that's insulting
fk'd up my sage ayy lmao >but you’re kind fuck you G​AMERGATE nanotech is actively collecting information about me and giving it to pedophiles shit job tho MEANWHILE I respected his other other ex's wishes not to collect information on him and release it kind my ass >So please go have a better life away from this place like I am settle down sperg its the fucking internet not a ghetto
>>25004 >zapotec is really a spic awwww shiiieeeet
>>25128 its a filter on here >>25112 yes, r u dum >>25077 what r u talking about lol
Open file (6.16 MB 1920x2560 unknown.png)
Open file (392.59 KB 418x553 unknown-24.png)
more pics of the ugly pig who cucked and dumped nathaniel 'nanotech' gonzalez
Open file (6.66 KB 322x83 nanocheater.png)
nano is cheating on his new pig girlfriend
Open file (346.59 KB 488x535 unknown.png)
>>25004 his dick
>>25397 not a bad dick in fact of course just needs a trim
>>25397 hi amanda, thanks for posting my dick babe >>25413 get over urself lol >>25414 im an up and cuming (no pun intended) bisexual pornstar
>>25418 what's your pornstar name gonna be?
>>25422 nanoChad Chadtech chad got any suggestions? :^)
>>25425 Donny Long
So are you guys ever going baack to 8kun?
>>25432 What's that?
>>25433 8coom
>>25434 owned by a huge pedo
Open file (1.28 MB 704x1076 nanoteque.png)
nanotech full dox Including new pictures and new info https://doxbin.org/upload/nanotech Archived: https://archive.md/XUdbk
Ex girlfriend who cucked and dumped nano: Kara Gilmer (age 15, becomes 16 in 2020) Twitter: @firestickz Facebook: https://facebook.com/SatyrnRose Her mom's Facebook: https://facebook.com/cherie.mustoe Pics: https://files.catbox.moe/rv74zj.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/iNcSi https://files.catbox.moe/dgazg9.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/WhRu1 https://files.catbox.moe/lplyw2.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/99bIo https://files.catbox.moe/dq9iwa.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/TTOph Nathaniel and Kara in a discord chat together: https://files.catbox.moe/ueg0p4.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/Y67sK
>>25539 You fucking bitches just started shit
>>25539 You forgot my discord Satyrn#6666
>>25539 They're both quite unfortunate looking goblino's.
>>25561 >>25557 >post ex's dox >expect nothing to happen >ends up getting doxed (partially) and gets mad god why are you so fucking stupid jesus christ
>>25479 you sure you're not mixing up 8coom with 420fag?
Open file (1.05 MB 960x960 rv74zj.png)
>>25678 what a pig jesus
>>25539 >age 15 I don't like this post. >>25561 Perhaps you should tell us about yourself and your lolcow ex-boyfriend while you're here.
piggie got mad when I told her her EX (Nano) slept with me (lie). Like, honey, would you even be able to move all the fat out of the way?
>>25678 Her and Gahoole might be lost twins.
>>25703 You’re just as fat as me cunt
>>25705 Answer this: >>25695
Open file (2.02 MB 2061x3664 image0-16.jpg)
Open file (584.38 KB 2448x3264 image0-21.jpg)
more pics and discord chats of nanotech's fuckpig ex
>>25720 I am fapping to this gif later
>>25722 That is pretty degenerate of course in fact.
>>25724 oh god please post more
>>25695 t. adult lolcow (by your standards)
Open file (1.82 MB 608x1080 1577645965582.webm)
Open file (18.96 KB 157x165 aniE.gif)
Open file (22.45 KB 187x155 aniW.gif)
>>25720 >>25724 >>25728 Please don't post more.
Open file (2.24 MB 1280x720 nanotrannydab.png)
Archive.today is not always showing the nanotech dox so I'm posting it here in full as backup. Full name: Nathaniel Paul Gonzalez Age: 18 (becomes 19 in 2020) Email: Nathaniel.gonzalez1219@gmail.com Email 2: nanotech6100@gmail.com Address: 710 Continental Dr Apt 1, Brownsville, Tx, 78520 School Number: (956)548-7700 School Website: http://www.bisd.us/pace/ Face pic: https://files.catbox.moe/u07iow.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/VnGhX Owner of the imageboard Freech.net Is a crossdresser, pics: https://files.catbox.moe/ubnfrt.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/HO48W https://files.catbox.moe/8y7xrn.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/wip/v24WX https://files.catbox.moe/uynzwa.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/wip/VGpmj Skype: live:nanotech6100 nanotech61001 nanotechz1 nanotech6100 Gitgud account: https://gitgud.io/freech IPs:,, (Probably VPNs) Username: nanotech Penis size: 5 inches (dickpic, posted on discord: https://files.catbox.moe/mwdtyt.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/eVhTS ) Current discord accounts: Candy Kitten#1790 nanotech#4479 Sexuality: Faggot/Straight < Bisex ====== Ex girlfriend who cucked and dumped him: Kara Gilmer (age 15, becomes 16 in 2020) Twitter: @firestickz Facebook: https://facebook.com/SatyrnRose Her mom's Facebook: https://facebook.com/cherie.mustoe Pics: https://files.catbox.moe/rv74zj.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/iNcSi https://files.catbox.moe/dgazg9.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/WhRu1 https://files.catbox.moe/lplyw2.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/99bIo https://files.catbox.moe/dq9iwa.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/TTOph Nathaniel and Kara in a discord chat together: https://files.catbox.moe/ueg0p4.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/Y67sK Current girlfriend's name: Amanda (17 years old, becomes 18 in 2020) Current girlfriend's number: +12103993406 Pic: https://files.catbox.moe/ihxyod.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/4C9Az ===== Grandma's name: Veronica Sue Owen Grandpa's name: Rolland Hayward Owen Jr. Address: 710 Continental Dr Apt 1, Brownsville, Tx, 78520 Nanotech lives with his grandparents ===== Brothers: Oscar, Brandon ===== Close friends on discord: Flanoincompzampher, dark0 ===== VPN (no idea which one) account: Username: p5392054 Password: 9w9dTrsrdgL'[%^S
Yozam A.K.a Zain Flavin (age 14) Date of Birth: January 8th, 2004 Son of Patricia Lynn Stack (mother, age 47), and Michael J. Flavin (father, age 47) Currently lives in Mount Vernon Washington/Everett Washington Past phone number is 360-899-6530, registered through Verizon Zain is currently home-schooled on what looks like PowerSchool and has boasted a 4.0 GPA Her contact information: 425-344-2252 Current Address: 457 Crested Butte Blvd State: Washington City: Mount Vernon ZIP: 98273 She may go bay Patricia Lynn Roland Date of Birth: February 1st, 1971
Open file (811.95 KB 2448x3264 IMG_20200118_012905.jpg)
Open file (858.01 KB 2448x3264 IMG_20200118_013451.jpg)
>>28266 your name is robert you live in Germany, you also run 8channel
>>28346 holy shit this faggot harasses me on stream a lot and posted his balls on moonchan
Open file (13.40 KB 280x180 1574340645864.jpg)
so glad I've found this place, I've been wondering these savage lands ever since 8chan got shut down. I tried staying on 4chan, but it's full of faggots just copy and pasting "seethe cope" am I finally home ?
>>28814 8ch been down for 3 months, how are you only aware of the webring now
Open file (1.54 MB 190x300 1577268704994.gif)
>>28815 >>28815 >>28815 You mean 8chan is back ? what's the point of this chan then ? I lost all hope of it going back online, don't have Twitter and such go updates. I'm just a lurker. found this on accident
>>28814 >>28818 i like these images thank you
Open file (17.75 KB 381x676 image02.jpg)
>Freech.net is offline FIX IT NANOTRANNY
Open file (867.10 KB 2320x2509 1567653117389.jpg)
Open file (47.96 KB 769x1024 1565047928022.jpg)
Open file (779.66 KB 1556x1824 1546943841033.jpg)
Another one of Freech's little kids and a buttbuddy of nanotech. Rodent \ Whopper \ hamburger \ hamster \ gamer Real name: Matthew From the United States. Runs the 'Muslim Federation' group on Steam where he literally scams kids out of game items. Regularly posts photos of said kids holding signs with the name of the Steam group on them on Freech. Matthew is a script kiddy who likes to DDoS LynxChan sites using a shitty script that contains 2000 proxies and just does a bunch of requests. His ID in this thread is 735444. Often screeches about 'reee muh CP' while he interacts with and scams kids on a daily basis.
Open file (1009.56 KB 2320x2509 rodentdad.jpg)
>>29025 >His ID in this thread is 735444 i use a vpn dude also nice dox keep collecting info maybe you'll get there eventually
>>29155 In ten years, you could get a job as a Tony Hawk impersonator. Sell the laptop and buy a skateboard, my man.
good >>29515 post JEWS thank you
>>29155 >a handful of years from social media face recognition search engines >be a known sperg with public face pics >taunt anons on /cow/ You are going to get so fucked by some anon's autism.
>>29589 >a handful of years from social media face recognition search engines i don't have social media. >be a known sperg with public face pics >You are going to get so fucked by some anon's autism. won't be his at least, that's for certain. doesn't effect my life if people get my name anyways.
>>29589 t. autist
>>29757 kys neurotypical
>>29933 Based. t. neurotypical who recognizes the sperg supremacy and wants a HFA waifu to breed with
Open file (160.41 KB 878x337 BOnigger2.png)
>>7486 If you really wanna piss of BO of shillchan post this archive. https://shillchan.org/meta/res/145.html#q145 he treats it like the coronavirus is fucking hilarious.
>>30741 http://archive.is/Y5Wjw oops, wrong link hahaha
>>8224 tbf this alliance parley mentions is not the same thing. 76chan admin's sold the board to megajulay (chanpink, mewch) shortly thereafter. pichan fazed in and out of existence for awhile, they did host some manifestation /intl/ for awhile, I want to say 32chan redirected there for awhile but it was probably like two years ago.
>>30741 any info on the links in the post?
>>30918 In the screenshot? i think fatpeople.lol is an imageboard on the webring.
Open file (135.42 KB 256x420 qqq.png)
>>30741 The person who made that post is named "badbois" on cytu.be/r/Random_Banter. Hes a tranny whos part of the federation. When he posts he goes by 'dawn'. >pic related Its another tranny
Open file (363.84 KB 471x596 dawn31.png)
>>30959 Lmao. "tranny" Never forget women dont post on the internet Are trannys women anyways? Doesnt the idea of a man pretending to be a women kinda fuck shit around? anyways im not a tranny, pls dont call me one
Open file (18.90 KB 336x341 33m13.jpg)
Open file (162.49 KB 1048x330 oc99.png)
Oh uh... I got your hats hahahhaha
Open file (599.95 KB 1534x1455 oc100.png)
hahahahahaha WAHAHAHHAHA How will they ever recover?
>>30975 oops i forgot to trim
>>30964 Wow, that was incredibly quick damage control
Open file (43.69 KB 963x348 oc101.png)
>>30977 Well at first i didnt want any trouble but now im just gonna steal all your hats
>>30979 hang on nvm, suicidebrain told me to chill so no more hat stealing
Open file (25.86 KB 359x336 devil02k.jpg)
Open file (59.14 KB 349x417 Christ.png)
>>30982 I have the holy spirit. Everything I do makes satan happy and that makes me happy :)
>>30986 wait why did u edit that to say happy.
Open file (27.35 KB 336x427 480.jpg)
Open file (333.60 KB 376x372 sexrobot.mp4)
Open file (14.97 KB 87x131 04.gif)
Open file (5.57 KB 65x130 09a.gif)
Open file (9.71 KB 138x131 09b.gif)
I’m just some fuck that found this place. Can someone here teach me?
>>31171 After 8chan proper was taken down, there are two major webrings of 'bunker' imageboards. One webring is transgender friendly and appreciates proprietary messaging software for gamers/furries/pedophiles. The other webring is for neonazis/almost furries/cyberbullies.
>>31772 autism >>31171 two /intl/ goons thought it would be a good idea to get a group of imageboard admins together and watch them fight. the result was this thread. its only autism and dumb imageboard drama anyways
>>31926 >/intl/ /intl/ hasn't been a thing for at least 3 years, tranny, maybe next time don't invite the admin of a board that regularly makes fun of trannies to your tranny discord group.
untrue in fact of course t. /intl/ pro I think you're obsessed with trannies and want to be gangbanged by trannies 24/7/365
https://archive.vn/oSrHW So many questions
Thinking is hard work https://archive.vn/3fawM
im jew
You're a shitskin tranny and you should blow your brains out like KSGfag
I hear Julay.world is in the datamining biz with Rodent and Robi Pires having their little honeypots in Omni and Alphachan. if this is the case I've lost massive respect for you guys. Datamining is never a good thing even if the vast majority of chan posters are utter retards.
Unless I get an adequate explanation on why you folks are involved with datamining operations and doxing to redirect traffic to your chan, I will spread word of your actions in 8kun, Endchan and all the other ones.
You brought this on yourself Julay.world, like the other altchans have fallen its time for the head of the federation of alt chans to go down.
Don't be stupid, federation is playing the game with us bickers of this revealing thread. Source: trust me dude rodent and his trannies said so pffff, yeah right, i'm not buyin it https://archive.ph/TAz1a
>>35291 >I'm going to go run and complain about some shit to boomers, retards, jews and shitskins Okay Churchill.
Lmao, curious at the insult >>>/v/17669 https://archive.vn/SAmTi https://archive.ph/yalxp This maybe CakeJew's plebbit https://archive.vn/r2RgS
Why do you G​AMERGATEs use such shitty archive services? I can't view it with tor, more specifically I don't want to use (((google))). idc about the federation and the alliance it's pretty gay but I used to browse /cow/ from time to time so I'm here for now.
Open file (17.32 KB 480x530 derp nigger.jpg)
>>7508 >sup wh*teboi lmao
>>30964 does mutant sound like a better term?
Was it you guys that DDoSed us? >t. nordchan