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Open file (302.94 KB 960x540 1568740108269.jpg)
Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 03:08:56 No.8041
hi josh

i know you lurk cow

fuck you
BRB hack
You are a nigger OP
Open file (571.20 KB 540x540 lepissbottleface.png)
Half your tranny mods left you because you were a sped. JAJAJAJA
any idea why? no one is spilling the beans. mods give vague answers like "cause I felt like it."
Open file (6.51 MB 302x480 afterparty.mp4)
I too like beheading rival gang members, Taco.
Open file (44.18 KB 879x408 n0.JPG)
At the end of the day, most of them didn't fucking like him and just found the first excuse in the book to say "fuck you" to a giant lazy moneygrubbing faggot.
there a list? emspex and desire lines, who were both admins, stepped down. sneasel is a new admin.
Open file (14.74 KB 237x213 images.jpg)
Long lost gahoole cousin?
jewsh locked the maddox thread to protecc dick from critisim, cant let anyone harm his newproject2 paypig overlord. not very surprising in fact of course since based feeder was willing to edit crp's thread in exchange for money.
>>30124 Elaborate, why were the kiwitrannies going after Dick "Bluepill" Masterson?
>>30128 Something about not paying furry artists for fanart and separately wanting to know what his gf looks like so they found the school she works at and found her pics from there.
>>30124 new nickolodean sitcom thats just like Drake & Josh, except its Dick & Josh, and Crazy Steve is a redundant character bickers his role is already fulfilled by the titular "Josh" character.
>>30128 This dude https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnzWwjWxR0MaSCAAw0z98MQ Used to work freelance for Dick doing some art on commision. Dick stopped patronizing him bickers the art was shit and people were complaining. Guy kept making shit and sending it to Dick along with invoices. Dick didn't pay for work he didn't request from someone he had cut professional ties with so the furry got assblasted and had the furcrew PA for him and started tracking down his gf.
>>30341 >Hazencruz >a furry Really, is he a gay furry too? he was a cohost on jcaesar187's gay show that'd be endlessly funny to me if he was
Open file (19.14 KB 336x348 n043.jpg)
Analockman is the best and most awesome BO and Mod that has ever existed, let's be honest! He's fair, balanced, consistent, highly educated, temperate, compassionate, even-handed, highly intelligent, wise, unbiased, selfless, never lies nor seeks revenge, nor holds a grudge nor personal vendettas, can spot and appreciates sarcasm, has a great broad sense of humour, and extremely tolerant of other's opinions, viewpoints and sexuality – he is even open to discussion about different races and religions. He is always accepting of different ideas - a total champion of Free Speech. He would never contemplate editing a post, nor ban someone for no reason, and has a long and proven track record as a high-quality Mod. May we always thankfully come under the Mighty Expulgation of His generous Grace! Thank you, Analockman! 😊😊😊😊😊 เจ้าแห่งออทิสติก رب التوحد Господь аутизма Vergewaltigung Affe in Windeln ลิงข่มขืนในผ้าอ้อม ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
>>30402 >>30341 >hazencrus OH NO NO NO He's married to a negress. She fucks other men behind his back, and he's okay with it. He's an actual textbook definition cuckold, and tries to make a living by streaming on twitch to 3 viewers. He also gets very angry over red numbers appearing in discord, so don't @ him bro
Open file (76.87 KB 384x384 blacked.png)
>>31382 >shillstream cohost >coalburning cuck Classic.
I would let Josh cum deep in my boy pussy awoo
josh >"i hate that people don't want to use 9chan bickers I made it myself" also josh >doesn't want to use julay cause "it's run by bitwave people" FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT
Open file (69.97 KB 358x376 asian bunny squat.jpg)
Joshua Moonlet banned me for 6 days on /b/ for posting this image, which is now banned for being 2extreme4ninechan apparently. You be the judge.
>>46908 He said he's banning all pictures of children, no matter the context.
Open file (26.68 KB 750x557 ber4xz0mgr421.jpg)
>>46910 Outstanding.
>>46910 Yeah, and he's a retard bickers that's not a child. He's also a retard bickers he's Josh though.
>>46910 I know asians age slowly, but even I can see that she isn't a child.
>>46922 They age slowly, but that only makes her looking nothing like a child more ridiculous. Pic related, filename related. Josh would have launched his spaghetti across the room if I posted this one.
>>46910 Wow his site sounds really gay
Where you at to shitpost? Asking this only, cuz i don't want to be on 9 and 9 already have a decent ammount of users, as far as I know.
>>47218 This neat site called julay.world Its not perfect but its a nice place
>>47219 I know that ,man, but I'm considering this place as a bunker due to users traffic.
>>46927 Peak female form.
The spergs here feel jealous of Josh You all wish that were you who had created Kiwifarms, instead you are the real lolcows posting on a dead website, lol Not only that, but the envy has grown deeper with the years, although you only live here as a bunch of neets with this only shit being your single hobbie, Josh is the internet expert, the hermit who everyone respects bickers of the knowledge he has.
>>54565 kill yourself foxdick
>>54565 Sup Josh Can you rec me some neko shota doujins plox? ty in adv
>>54565 >you all wish you had created an unprofitable, high cost and high maintenance generic forum website yes, you are right, damn where did I fail in life. Probably by doing a degree, having a job and a family. Imagine all those years I could have enjoyed being on the run by the law, constantly struggling to make ends means in a foreign country thousands of miles away from my non existent friends, constantly worrying on how to keep the only thing in life up that matters, foxdicksfarms. Josh made it, he is a rockstar
>>54594 Chasing stability is for cucks. Real men like Josh gets high on danger and the constant struggle to fight and rise above. Of course beta providers like you wouldn't understand his way of life.
>>54578 >>54590 >>54594 Dilate and cope
Itt: a lot of foxdick fags larp as Jewish haters while in the next tab over they suck his dick on his shitty board. What ever happened to calling out foxdickers for what they are?
heard 9chan was taken down by the FBI?
>>65293 Same, after that day I'm not a poster nor lurker of Jersh's chan.
Josh is honest and actually based and redpiled.
>>66843 you are a honest fan!
Open file (259.10 KB 719x673 1590014701339.png)
Okay faggots, lets make this interesting. https://archive.is/qHsPT Josh changed his name when he was in Buffalo. https://cdn.ghettogaggers.com/attachments/375009014368436231/453732452133896193/James-Potter-CV2.pdf
Shit, I'm a faggot. Here's a PDF copy of his resume
Jewsh dicks works after PPP sucking it.
People here are jealous about PPP being really a good friend with Josh.
He is a pedo and white trash, like jcaesar187
>>30978 What's with the furry shit bro?

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