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Open file (278.12 KB 1058x926 neinchan kiked.png)
Neinchan Thread Toad 09/08/2020 (Tue) 21:50:30 No.81151
Neinchan is a /pol/ board full of homosexuals who worship Mossad Agent Brenton Tarrant. They spend each and every day sucking the cock of this man and others, also trying to incite /pol/ users into violence. They are the definition of a glowing honeypot. Even better, the agent that runs the site gets extremely agitated if you try to call him out! http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/
Tell us something new next time
same with (((/fascist/)))
>>81151 Fuck Tarrant, Fuck Neinchan, Fuck /pol/, and Fuck you.
Open file (802.64 KB 900x850 unclepillow.png)
>>81457 Nah /fascist/ seems pretty alright >>88864 Neinchan is a honeypot but /pol/ and Tarrant will always be based.
>>88869 /fascist/ is an op. BO intentionally allows slide thread.
>>89959 >allows slide threads which ones?
>>90360 "any thread I don't like"
is Neinchan still around? that place got fucked by the fedposters who turned it into the glowhole it is today
>>88869 >>Tarrant will always be based. >won't name jews, surrenders before cops, big drama queen, does everything to get caught say again? >>108173 nope, b.o. snapped and said all shooters are gays save for zionist baby face breivik,, at least b.o. almost stroke a perfect here these jewish violence shill counter attack dissenters and skeptics with the >derad shill accusation lol obviously violence is good and needed, but if it works for us and is smart there's enough literature around to know how to do this without following the steps of faceberg attention whores
Some guy in my old apartment complex would get banned quite often for shilling 9chan on 4chan. He was also involved with Atomwaffen. Interesting guy, but 9chan is just boring.
>>109516 This thread in not about 9chan, but a different place called Neinchan (which is dead anyway)

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