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Open file (266.49 KB 474x362 oofsize.png)
Toad 09/11/2020 (Fri) 15:51:43 ID: d6d488 No.81929
Happy anniversary /cow/, You aren't what you used to be. Now it's just a bunch of faggots in the IBM thread waddling around like zombies. feels bad man
Open file (81.58 KB 1180x786 911_osama_cake.jpg)
>>81929 >no birthday css >no 9/11 thread it's officially zombie /cow/
>>81929 >no happy 9/11 thread >on /cow/'s birthday maximum oof Why did I just say IBM? Clown world and FRIDAY has been fucking around with me. I meant IBS. You know, that fad from a year or two ago? You know the thing... /cow/ had been through life and death so many times that it has reached the undead status. However, the universal internet laws demands such a place as /cow/. Where else can a bunch of spergs argue in real time on the internet? Not even foxdick farms can offer such a service. /cow/ should be honored as a historical landmark of internet spergery and autism. Only the oldfags that know about the sexy lyfe, gaben, irc chimpouts amongst many others throughout /cow/'s existence can retell those legendary stories. Now it's just a bunch of faggots talking about some dude's Гунт for 9000 threads. Happy 9/11 /cow/, rip.
kys pedo
>>81935 It's a lost cause anon only 1 or 2 oldfags are left here. Happy 9/11
Open file (109.13 KB 465x583 smug potion seller.jpg)
Oldfag here, first time I have seen /cow/ in years due to the IBS autism and it's still just a shit. JEWS should have gotten fucking ganked for not putting a leash on that faggotry. Hell, a /cow/ ran by /int*/ would be more popular and less deadass at this point.
We'll always have the sacred day, fellow judges.
>>82075 >Oldfag

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