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/PTG/ Lolcow Thread??? Toad 11/27/2020 (Fri) 08:25:21 ID: bb826b No.91428
Lets discuss some magapede/right wing lolcows and their retardation and stupidity or just post images of them being insufferable faggots.
Alice is a cute trap.
Where's the /trannypol/ threads? It's a long time since i saw someone making a thread about left-wing "cows", but almost monthly a new thread is make about a right-wing "cow"
>>91480 ew. why the fuck would you want to fuck a tranny. you sound like a lolcow yourself. what's even worse is that you know the abomination's name...
This is some faggot larp shit
chuck sneed
>>91500 >t.projecting faggot
OP is a no passable /leftypol/ tranny.
>>91619 >>91610 >>91608 how did you migapedes even find this place. go back to 4chan's /pol/ or r/the_Donald. this is an obscure image board. how the fuck did you maga shits get here???
>>91619 >implying any trannies are passible don't make me laugh degenerate lolcow
>>91428 You will never be a woman OP >>92136 Fuck off to bunkerchan soyman.
>>91428 ngl the tranny in the 3rd pic mogs all of us
>>92136 >funny cuckchan memes XDDDD go the fuck back
Important happing, Stepfather goons are siding with Mutti https://youtu.be/8E4Mid9mnWs =attention liberalist simps are taking Mutti side against 2D lolis. Mutti will create Gamergate 2.0==
Open file (694.58 KB 380x298 index.gif)
>Dad is full blown Trumptard >Insists the virus is a hoax that the Democrats made up >Last week grandma got COVID and died in the hospital >He spends all day crying about how he wishes his mom was still alive and how he wanted to see her during the holidays >I say "But dad, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to see her again." >He asks what I mean by that >"Well you said the virus was a hoax, so obviously grandma must be faking her death, too." >He lunges at me, I sidestep him easily bickers he's an out of shape fatass boomer and laugh at him >Doesn't talk to me anymore, all he does is watch TV now >This morning I saw his Trump hat in the trash
>>92531 Not a meme. I've yet to see a Biden meme. That's bickers he's not the boss of anything, he's just the native the Chinese bought to put a white face on the Han patriarchy.
Open file (177.41 KB 734x1088 what's a janny.png)
imagine being this naive
Open file (72.68 KB 1000x500 nazbol trannies 2.jpg)
>>91500 >fucking tranny >makes him a lolcow >dosen't use the word shemale or neovagina >dosen't even know what crossdresser is different i know who you are... >>92136 >that shitty reddit meme >>92850 >le "comrade " one liner you fucking nazbol piece of shit, fuck off to cuckchan /pol/
Open file (91.64 KB 500x616 nazbol chile spic 1.jpg)
>>92137 your humor is fucking garbage anyways i know your chile flag under that nazbol memeflag, in /pol/ enjoy being known as a wetback commie spic, che guevigna
>>91428 OP IS A SPIC >>91480 >>92148 >>92171 >>92576 lol the amount of raiders has come to ridicule you, who's the lolcow now? nope not us, FUCKING YOU!!
>>95176 >>95177 cope newfag. u just ass blasted cuz that Chile commie put fags like you in gulags
i'm fucking glad those maga fags finally died. but sadly i'll miss julaying them. RIP
Open file (801.06 KB 700x1007 tt.png)
>>95176 your /lgbt/ "memes" are peak discord cringe
sauce on the "discord mags trannie"?
friendly remember, bb826b is a repressor faggot and also some special flavor of commie snowflake projecting his own fuck up problems over the others.
>>98376 cope commie the communism in chilie is now a hoppean anticom state COPE AND SEETH

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