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Open file (383.47 KB 1071x649 Styx makeup big teeth.png)
Open file (120.03 KB 900x900 styxlarp.jpg)
Open file (18.23 KB 454x421 styxmaekupgothiclarp.jpg)
Open file (340.59 KB 853x440 Styxmakeup.png)
Open file (52.40 KB 1280x720 Styxskeleton2.jpg)
Styxhexenhammer666 Toad 01/31/2021 (Sun) 23:35:10 ID: 577c86 No.96575
Styx is cringy youtuber and a piece of shit. Read his foxdick farms page if you don't believe me. His ex-gf's enter his thread and start dropping dirt on him. And before you start damage controlling for your favorite skeletal friend-simulator and saying don't believe women bickers they lie, he admits it was all true in a couple videos. Here are some key bits: -He creeped on several underage youtubers. Wrote comments on their channels and cringey lines flirting with them. When told that one of them was underage, he replied "Perfection can wait." Got rejected by StelleToad McKinley. Makes vague YouTube videos crying about it. Write youtube comments about walking into the woods and alluding to not coming back with suicide-poetry to cope with the rejection. Was drinking himself to sleep with wine to cope, not eating much food, and crying. -He wears makeup and unironically thinks he looks good despite being butt-fucking ugly. -He is the definition of a poser and a try-hard. His entire identity is larping. -Gets confronted by "Revenge of the Cis" on Tonka's Kumite show about his creeping on underage youtubers and pedo accusations (Stella Christine/Stelle Toad McKinley and at least 1 other). Styx tries to get his braindead audience to flag down the show in real-time (strangely never gets flak even though Toad McKinley was bullied for years about flagging jcaesar187's stream down "Matt NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.") Eventually comes on the Kumite drunk and threatens to sue them and says, "Do you know how much money I make. You don't wanna mess with me!" Is seething and fuming and sounds like a disturbed mess. However, Styx says that the youtube comments were fake and doctored in photoshop. He lied about this to avoid the embarrassment and humiliation of being rejected by the girl and for being accused of pedophila since she was underage. The comments were real. Styx lied under pressure. But ROTC apologizes in the moment bickers it's awkward and sing him Happy Birthday. -StelleToad McKinley, an underage youtuber, broke his heart and publicly embarrassed him. Styx was writing gay poetry about how heartbroken he was and was planning on grooming the girl to be his woman. He lied about the whole thing and pretended it was all faked, photoshops by Antifa to cover his larpy, cringy, ass. -He has hard-drives of nudes of all the women he flirts with and tries to pressure them into masturbating on camera with him over webcam. -He convinced a young women to move into his parent's Vermont home NEET-cave bedroom. -He impregnated the women and cheated on her. -Styx pressured and threatened the women into having an abortion bickers he thought he was too young to have to accept responsibility for his actions (He was 30 at the time. Lol). -Styx threatened to secretly slip her an herbal drink made from his herb garden that would abort her baby if she didn't comply and go to Planned Parenthood to abort it, saying the drink would give her a heavier menstrual flow for the month as it killed the baby. -Styx drove his gf to her Planned Parenthood appointments but when she wanted to get something to eat from a restaurant across town, Styx refused and shit his pants and didn't do the basic accommodation for the gf he just made abort her own baby. bickers Styx has anxiety and he's not used to leaving his bedroom as a NEET so the whole world makes his autistic brain have a panic attack and unfamiliar locations hurt his autistic brain that craves routine and familiarity. -Styx starts cheating on his gf with a black women from the UK that he flies into Vermont and meet in hotel rooms. -Styx lies about it to his live-in gf, gaslights her, but she finds out anyway. She beats him up and he deserves it and more. -Styx uploads a couple videos on YouTube, moping and crying, trying to elicit audience sympathy and get counseling, complaining about his personal life. His audience eats it up, bc he's their friend-simulator that talks to them through the screen evey day and he seems like a nice guy when he talks to you every day in his 5 minute videos. Lol. Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gasey were also very nice guys and pillars of the community, until they found out they were rapists and serial killers with bodies of little boys underneath Gasey's house and Bundy's trail of dozens of murdered women. -As a narcissist, Styx cries about his personal problems to his audience, even though he was the one that caused the drama with his cheating on all his gf's. The skeletal narcissist cries out in pain as he strikes you. -Styx starts cheating with another Dutch youtuber named "Elizabeth's Philosophy" who is an ugly-average blonde woman with no eyebrows and looks like a Neanderthal. She sends his a boob pic so he has to fly to the Netherlands to get that ugly Dutch girl pussy. -Styx tells her she was only for sex and starts to leave her to go back to his other gf. Elizabeth has a mental breakdown from Styx's abuse. Styx realizes she was genuine about liking him and didn't just want a USA green card. -Elizabeth forces Styx to marry her very quickly. -Styx got lost in Amsterdam, probably while high on drugs. Tweeted about it begging for his audience to help him navigate bc he's an autist that gets social anxiety and panics when he leaves his bedroom. He did the same thing when had to drive his gf to Planned Parenthood for her abortion and was panicking about driving in an unfamiliar area. This is weak bitch-NEET that is scared of his own shadow yet thinks he's qualified to comment on world politics from his bedroom. LOL. Amsterdam is an known sex tourist hot spot so you know he's cheating on his current wife too. He's also made videos about taking vacations to Thailand (sex tourist capital of the world) so you know he is partaking in some ladyboys and cheating some more. His naive audience just thinks he wanted to visit a nice beach as if beaches can't be found anywhere else in the world. Lol.
Open file (43.59 KB 450x600 Styxnudegross.jpg)
-Styx made a couple videos asking for no drama and for people to stop interfering in his marriage. In them, he admits that he cheated on his gf's. But now he had his fun and just wants to be happily married and you're hurting his marriage with Elizabeth. So stop causing drama. When Styx hurts people, cheats, and ruins relationships, it's good. But if you hurt his relationship and marriage now, it's bad. Lol. The narcissist cries out in his pain as he strikes you. These are just some cringey details of his personal life. It's to say nothing about his lolcow politics. -Styx's esoteric occult videos get very little views. So he knows he has to grift the reddit r/Donald MAGApedia audience to keep that money rolling in. -He's a former Satanist pagan larper who mentally never grew out of his goth phase. -Dresses up in gothic makeup and got really close to trooning out and becoming a tranny from years of being an alienated incel that gets no female attention. -Is the definition of a tryhard: Everything about this faggot is just a larp. Larping is his entire identity. Tarl Warwick is his real name for instance. In this case, he larps as a spell-casting wizard with an edgy name (StyxHexenHammer666) that has long hair like his favorite metal bands and wears leather jackets. -Sad faggot loser whose only accomplishment in life is youtube. Look at how proudly he displays the youtube play button on his videos. Lame. -unironicially believes he has powers from his occult magic and larping. -Believes that meme magic is real. Shadilay Brothers! Kekerino! -Looks and acts like a tranny. There is a funny pic of him as a tranny but it's actually just another tranny named "Churrostrap" in Italy. -embodies the neckbeard occultlist larper sterotype. -writes books that nobody reads. One of them was about animal fridge magnets. Wonder why nobody reads them? -Considers himself to be libertarian but asks his audience to fund his entire lifestyle. -groomed a minor but failed and got humiliated so he threatened to sue a podcast for mentioning it. -thinks his meme magic gives him power and can destroy his enemies. -spergs about alt tech and getting on Bitchute, GAB, Minds, but cannot leave Jewtube bc the grift must go on. -Thinks that people care about his garden. -Wants to quit but he still needs your money and realizes he'd have to get a job. So he will continue shitting out crappy videos. -Styx believes he saw a demon when younger and still holds to this belief. How dumb is this guy? This is why people need science classes so they don't hallucinate while on drugs and believe their brain hiccups are real demons. -His actual name is Tyler Warner. Tarl Warwick is just a pseudonym he's deliberately allowed people to think is his actual name. So more larping. -Despite rambling on and on in every video, he only has a shallow understand of any topic he discusses. -Ever since the 2016 and his increase of subs for riding Trump's coatails, his ego has grown out of control and it's made him even more delusional. He's begging for a downfall. And ego that gives Sargon's a run for its money. -He used to display figures of himself with a 10.2" dick behind him on the stand like he was some kind of sex-god, when the sad reality was that he is an ugly incel for most of his life. Then when he does trick some stupid young girl into moving in with him, he knocks her up and makes her abort it. Imagine larping as some kind of sex god, rockstar when you're ugly as fuck and killing babies in private. -He intentionally clanks his spoon in his teacup, probably thinking he's eccentric like L from Death Note hunched over his chair. When the reality is that he's just an autistic weirdo that you'd be afraid to leave your kids around him for fear of them being molested. Btw this nude is fake bc I can see the photoshop artifacts but it's still funny bc he tries to have webcam cybersex with every girl he can creep on online. So it gives you an idea of how ugly and gay this faggot is.
Open file (865.47 KB 1440x2560 Styxtrannychurrostrap.jpg)
Open file (618.25 KB 1022x885 styxtrannyhammer.png)
Open file (41.48 KB 699x421 Styxwoman.jpg)
-His entire identity is a larp: Why do you wear your hair like that? B/c all my European ancestors typically had long hair. Also it's gothic and heavy metal like a rock star. Larping. Why do you dress like a Halloween character from Hot Topic with full black leather? Larping gothic attire. Why don't you put a shirt on? bickers I think I look good and want to expose myself to my viewers. Why were you a Satanist? Larping roleplay. Why do you have SPQR flags in the background? Larping as Romans. Why do you have swords and daggers? bickers it's cool (larping). Is their ANYTHING authentic about him or original? He also larps as a libertarian, rugged, survivalist type that would use his guns and take over territory from others. This is absolutely retarded bickers he wouldn't last 1 month if society collapsed. But he larps like he's 'Lewis and Clark' or Thomas Jefferson settling the new world with guns and survival skills. There is a deleted video that he yanked down about him threatening to annex California and take over their land. He realized this could be construed as a inciting violence and threating the government so he hid it. -Styx is obsessed with Charles Manson and believes in the conspiracy theory that Manson was not responible for directing the murders in his cult that landed him in prison. (Manson didnu nuffin bc he's a weirdo like me!). His live-in gf said that Styx has a book in his bedroom about Manson that is heavily marked and sticky-noted like he was obsessed with Manson's innocence and that was one of his autistic obsessions. -He has a distorted body dysphoric image of himself, when he was 6'2" and <130 lbs., almost anorexic or very underweight. Defended Eugenia Cooney, an anorexic skeletal youtuber who was close to dying from anorexia. Thought she was normal and didn't like people trying to help her get to a healthy normal weight. Obviously self-interest bc it hit too close to home for him being borderline anorexic himself. -He used to have a 70K sub YouTube channel before riding Trump's coattails and grifting Trump MAGAtards, which allowed his channel to grow to over 400K subs. -Styx fears his dreadful personal life being exposed. When he came on The Killstream podcast, one of the terms was disabling chat, even though the show has never had a disabled chat. He has skeletons in his closet that he fears being dragged out and exposed. You'd think a libertarian would support free speech and be against censorship since he cries about censorship from "big tech" in all his videos, but nope. Just another hypocrite. -Styx retypes old, out-of-copyright occult books for profit, slaps his name on them, and resells them on Amazon. Since the author is likely dead, nobody sues him. It's just another of his grifts to make money so he doesn't have to work, by reselling other people's books. -Styx crowdfunded a new laptop from his audience twice. When he wants a new laptop or when it dies, it's your job to buy it for him. Never mind the fact he makes thousands a month on patreon. -Styx used to support Gary Johnson for election 2016. Switched gears to Trump only after realizing his entire audience wanted Trump to win and there was MAGA money to be made. Now grifts QBoomers and MAGAtards for max profit. -He is a drug advocate despite almost killing himself in several instances from drug overdoses and while experimenting with freebasing unknown drugs. Too bad he didn't finish the job and get the Darwin award he's clamoring for. Btw, these tranny compilations are fake too bc the real tranny (Churrostrap), an Italian crossdresser proved it wasn't him. But it still bothers Styx so it's funny.
Open file (66.37 KB 1280x720 Styxskeleton.jpg)
Open file (70.10 KB 915x637 Styxpedo1.png)
Open file (113.70 KB 914x577 Styxpedo2.png)
-Styx got so delusional from having a big YouTube channel and an army of sycophants sucking him off over Twitter and YouTube comments that he declared he would run for governor of Vermont. He quietly withdraw only when he realize his patreon-simpbucks would be cut in half. So he made up some excuse about them not allowing campaign donations in politics so they won't allow me to be funded by my patreon bucks! Which is bullshit. But money is most important to all these grifters after all. But yeah, I'm sure your average Vermont voter would vote for an atheist, Satanist, ugly, larping NEET loser with no real experience in life beyond sitting his his bedroom. Again, delusional. -He has a massive ego, despite not doing anything or being talented enough to warrant it. Why the massive ego? Why are you special? Simple. He's just a loser who probably got slammed into a thousand lockers and had his head shoved into bathroom toilets in school. So he's a loser and overcompensates by larping as a goth, Satanist, warlock wannabe in a power fantasy to make himelf feel good and powerful and not just a powerless loser. -He comments on world and USA politics. Is a patreon-funded NEET living in his bedroom, with no real world experience doing anything. -Styx comments on USA politics despite no longer living in USA and living his with current wife in the Netherlands. Somehow people still listen to his ice-cold, subzero takes. -Styx did an interview with Jessie Lee Peterson and got totally owned the whole interview, with JLP putting him down to his face several times, mocking him with embarrassing photos in the introduction section, and mocking him throughout. Styx smiles like a cuck throughout and just takes it like the coward he is. -Styx made videos denying and questioning the Holocaust including its numbers and gas chambers. He deleted the video like the coward he is bickers he's a fence-sitting cuckold that only wants his sheckles. He must stay on YouTube indefinitely while crying about censorship. I have the video on hard-drive though. -Styx flagged down every video showing him to be a creepy pervert trying to hook up with underage youtubers. He was a false-flagger trying to silence critics. -Styx always talks of the religious, Christian right like it's some great danger since he's stuck in an early 90's mindset of when people made fun of him in high school for being a weirdo atheist. The reason he fears traditionalist far right religious types is bickers he's a freak. He was a Satanist, bisexual, crossdresser, druggie, that is into the weirdest things and god-knows-what-else.
Open file (709.66 KB 1065x555 Styx bitchute 10.2.png)
-His ego is so out of control he thinks he's a god. The average person just sees him as a weirdo and pervert. Like someone they would not leave their little sister or brother alone with. -Styx made a video threatening to invade California with guns and take over land with force. Realized he was threatening violence so deleted the video like the coward he is. I have the video backed up. -Styx claims to be the new media and denounces legacy-media (mainstream media) even though he doesn't do any journalism and just scrapes news stories from these same mainstream media journalists he despises. Sits in his bedroom and claims to the the new media but only gives his recycled opinions on news stories. >"The lamestream dinosaure media is dying. We're the new media. Alt media is rising!" *Proceeds to use lamestream media journalism to create all his videos and find out what's happening in the world* -If he ever got his wish and the mainstream media and journalists actually disappeared overnight, he wouldn't be able to react to any news story or make a video about anything beyond reading old books. Ironically, his grift would dry up overnight if the mainstream media he hates so much, disappeared. He exists as a parasite on the mainstream media so I'm not sure why he hates them so much. I've never seen such as resentful parasite upon its host. -Styx complains about "big tech" and the "lamestream dinosaur media" while being a parasite on their existence. He squirts out 5 videos a day onto "big tech's" websites (youtube and others), sucking on P`atreon like a leech that won't remove itself, and making his news videos entirely from mainstream media journalism sources that he reads online. He thinks youtubers are the new media when they don't do journalism. They sit in their basements and give their opinions on news articles from the mainstream media. He's like an illegal alien squatting in the USA while saying he the real American, while he's taking welfare and sucking off of American taxpayers. -Complains about paying taxes having to fund the governemnt but his entire existence comes from being a parasite on big tech (youtube, patreon). And he sells dead author's books. And scrapes mainstream media journalism.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/siqB58zqj2xN/ Styx denies the Holocaust. This video should get him banned off youtube if it were sent to the right people. How are people like Nick Fuentes and James Allsup banned from youtube but Sargon or Styx isn't?
OP is a tranny from /leftypol/
i bet if you try hard enough you can find a big G​AMERGATE dick in his mouth somewhere online...
styx is a tranny wanna be faggot for sure!
>>98063 you can bet this guy likes BBC. look at this skinny hungry bag of bones and his stupid voice is annoying with his opinions and him droning on and on... thinks he's an intellectual but no female wants to hear his BS that's why he plays with wiccan, veganism, withery and satanism... fake white, black magic and hocus pocus... ignore this tool he's a youtube sell out.
>>98063 the tranny is not him, it's just a phenotype way common among faggots/betas
>>96575 you know with long gay hair like his i knew he would end up coming out as a tranny trap. mfer looks like he's 80 years old
>>96579 Strange to witness the rise of Styx from an obscure Satanic vlogger with videos authentically supporting Georgia guide stones protocols, ‘renounce’ those beliefs to be a more palatable libertarian pagan and eventually become one of the same self-serving political commentator he endlessly lampooned once Trump’s train was brought to a screeching halt. It was a fun ride since he’d garnered so much attention along the way but it became mundanely obvious that he leaned on the same journalism as the rest of us one lockdown started and everything was signal jammed.
>>96576 Nothing good comes out of communing with demons, troons or otherwise.
>>96719 Broken clocks are right twice a day. And if we need to present Tit for Tat, Contrapoints aka WILLIAM NICHOLAS PARROTT is officially a non-entity after being destroyed forever by his own base for talking to a troon that didn't hold antifa beliefs.
Styx is cringe of course in fact, but even him can look an "intelectual" and less cringe when compared to majority of breadtube and other lefty youtubers. No only that, but with low produtions, he also can look a better tranny imo.
>>96576. >-Believes that meme magic is real. Shadilay Brothers! Kekerino! What's wrong with that? >-Despite rambling on and on in every video, he only has a shallow understand of any topic he discusses. I noticed that a while ago. I saw his interview with Occult Priestess (or whatever she calls herself), and he mentioned the Iberian Peninsula. She asked him where that was, and he replied that it was Italy. I don't get why his followers seems to think he's so intelligent. >>96578 >-Styx did an interview with Jessie Lee Peterson and got totally owned the whole interview, with JLP putting him down to his face several times, mocking him with embarrassing photos in the introduction section, and mocking him throughout. Styx smiles like a cuck throughout and just takes it like the coward he is. To be fair, Jesse Lee Peterson's a clown. A really enjoyable clown, but a clown nonetheless.
>>102822 Are you weakload?
posting in a Toad McKinleyua conner moon thread
>>96579 post the video where styx acts like a schizo wanting to invade california
>>96575 The fundamental problem with Styx is that he does not understand the JQ. Without the JQ all talk is meaningless finkle think pushing a jewish agenda. Look at how much he sucked the circumcised dick of Zion Don. Styx is ahead of the curve on paganism and satanism, but he needs to join TRS and help the NJP to really help our people.
I used to watch him years ago, but I lost my interest for him. I never cared about this thread either. But this recent video made clear to me how retarded he and his fans really are. https://youtu.be/3-6SSS2kbg8 Its pretty much reddit neoconservatives, check the comments, there's retards there saying shit like Globalism = fascism, we must to fight for Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East, Trump would solve everything but the globalist elite hate him! Muh Dup!
>>115640 klaus schwab, billy gates and dr. fauci are running a game on the USA via the CCP and the democrat party... the fascists, marxists, globalists and the great reset, build back better is the future and if europe and american don't fight back... we are toast. the new technocracy is soul-less and heartless. covid19 is the new messiah... medical tyranny is in full effect. c. certificate o. of v. vaccination i. i.d. a = 1 i = 9 artificial intelligence as you morons don't get it. everything is going back to normal soon... NO IT'S NOT. they are stepping up to the next level. rockefeller foundation LOCKSTEP get ready to get enslaved. poisoned... dead. 7 billion to zero carbon offset. 500 million left over to run the planet. you are already gone. get reay.
What the fuck. I actually feel bad for Elizabeth, I remember I still kept up with that part of youtube when one day it was quietly admitted in a comment or something that they had gotten married, I remember my mind was full of fucks, I couldn't understand why she'd go for that cringelord, but it turns out it was even worse than I expected. I don't know who's more retarded, him or the women who somehow got in a relationship with him.
>>117807 Lmao, seethe more
>>117816 ???? Where am I seething you moron?
>>117807 >>117827 You seem to be very invested in this ethot and salty about the faggot satanist getting her instead of you.
>>117830 Back then I thought she was kinda cute and he was obviously a freak, that's the extent of my "investment", claiming I'm salty is a wild exaggeration. Amazing how something this stupid turned into some faggots pointing their fingers at me as if I had defended an onlyfans whore or something (or even defended that girl he was with for that matter, I didn't say anything about her character but maybe I should expect you to be retarded G​AMERGATEs).
Open file (338.97 KB 500x386 Gahoole2_Image.png)
>>117807 who the fuck is Elizabeth and why you're in love with her? pathetic of course in fact, fam
>>117834 Jesus, m8, you're a bit triggered. Do you have a Гунт btw?
julay julay
>>117834 elizabeth will never fuck you and now is pushing out baby tarls, its over for you simpcel
Open file (16.64 MB 1600x900 9ng7cs.mp4)
Open file (29.84 KB 683x361 1647462611686.jpg)
Open file (242.33 KB 408x334 1647476967355.gif)
>>96575 Styx is such a strange creature. I think he moved to the Netherlands and lives there now? also listening to some of his streams and videos, he is the typical magapede now, for some reason and goes with the flow of media is telling lies but except when it comes to Ukraine, I dunno why but for some reason he believes these things and even is a Ukrainian shill in many ways. He says that everything that Russia says is fake and then believes for some unknown reason that the Russian oligarchs will assassinate Putin bickers Putin and the FSB did it to some oligarchs and high members in Russian society a few times, along with it being a monthly occurrence in the 90s and early naughts. I am not sure, if Styx sees the Donbas thing as fake news, of them wanting to be with Russia in 2015 or whenever it was, but it would not surprise me. But yeah, Styx seems to be out there with the whole Ukraine thing, I believe. He believes that the Ukrainians are going to win the war and it is not going to be a ceasefire in the near future, when too many foreign nationals are KIA or MIA, this is going to create the ceasefire bickers for now, you can contract yourself to the Ukrainian military without any penalty from some NATO countries. And the Russians have made it clear that mercenaries aren't going to get the POW treatment, but will be seen as a terrorist faction.
Asston is big piece of shit, if he wanted to make any good shit with his failed Kino Casino he should've started to alog Styxhexenhammer666 and get in debate with him.
>>180111 explain schizo

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