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Anonymous 03/16/2023 (Thu) 22:54:40 No.1436
>600 dollarinos were w-worth it Is 9th gen the most useless in existence? They still sell PS4 versions of games, three fucking years after PS5's release which is insane but shows you how little value there is in its purchase. And after 2 years the gen will be coming to an end. Will they be selling PS4 versions of games alongside PS6? Fucking lol.
Open file (283.45 KB 1270x1304 snoy.jpg)
Imagine using anything digital.
Open file (597.57 KB 1207x1365 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7669 no refunds
>>7669 Oy vey goyim. Just make a new account and rebuy all your goyslop. What? Are you poor or something? "Jokes" aside, I do rather enjoy the current state of gayming morally justifies piracy.
>>7685 > "Jokes" aside, I do rather enjoy the current state of gayming morally justifies piracy. The irony is that I wouldn't even want to pirate the modern slop.
Open file (1.52 MB 498x278 lmao.gif)
>>7669 serves anyone who gave Snoy money right
Open file (394.80 KB 1080x665 ClipboardImage.png)
>new gen already lmao
>>7874 But this one had no games yet.
>>7874 They're still gonna make games for PS4 when it comes out lol.
>>7874 >>7877 >>7879 Silly anons, games aren't what's important. Only the plausible deniability potential for geimu during the earnings call.
Open file (567.00 KB 1440x854 ClipboardImage.png)
The year Sony became Snoy
>>7874 How old is the current console generation? Seems like they shit those turds out in the last year or two.
>>7895 Both PS4 and PS5 came out and gone without a blip on the radar, not a single game worth even talking about other than maybe Bloodborne. That's 10 years worth of gaming basically into the drain. They still make every game for the PS4 despite PS5 being on the market for 3 years already, that's how irrelevant this current generation is. Notice how nobody is even referring to gens by the count anymore, like we're technically in the 9th gen right now but people stopped using this terminology after the 7th gen because it's meaningless now, there are no "gens" anymore, graphics don't improve in any significant way, gameplay doesn't change in any way. It's all the same shit. Just the endless molasses of 'current'.
>>7897 I have no idea why anyone still bothers with consoles. My 2k monitor broke recently and I went with a high hz 1080p replacement on my 6950xt....which means I am never upgrading anything ever again. Fuck this industry.
>>7920 PS5 and Shitch became status trinkets. People just buy a PS5 to sit on their shelf.
Open file (640.44 KB 800x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7938 If Snoy was smart they would have gone into the processor/graphics card business to ride the crypto/ai wave. Too late now. They've dismantled their engineering/innovation capacity. Now it's a shell entertainment company.
>>7940 Sony was at the forefront of everything. CDs, DVDs, BDs, they were behind all that. Snoy on the other hand is only interested in pride parades and movie games.
>>7941 that was philips idiot soyny never made or designed their own hardware they bought licenses from actual hardware companies like toshiba and ibm
>>7942 Retard, Sony and Philips were in a format war for the longest time.
Open file (260.80 KB 1683x930 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (161.11 KB 713x615 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7983 >>8169 it's over
>>8169 >N-nevar 4get the 6 billion sheqels goyim!!! Oy vey, it's annudah shoah
>>7983 >less then half of the previous year's profit We can only hope this trend continues.
>>8182 PS5 is struggling because there's no reason to buy it as all games still come out on PS4. When they make PS6 there will be even less reasons to buy it as the graphics won't change and all games will still come out on PS4.
>>8169 Crash here we go.
Open file (202.23 KB 1079x1233 56.jpg)
It's over, xboxbros...
>>8229 >multiple sources right out of my paki ass
>>8229 Giving Snoy monopoly will only make things worse
>>8229 Let me guess, anonymous sources that don't want to be named.
Open file (63.24 KB 902x488 p.jpg)
Diminishing returns
>>8337 Wew lad. At that rate the PS6 will have maybe 3-5 exclusives max.
>>8338 movie exclusives
Open file (629.59 KB 943x990 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8403 >xbox games Like Redfall and Starfield? No thanks keep them. This is why the ps5 has no games, to protect modern gamers.
Open file (189.76 KB 798x718 owarida.png)
>>8543 >continued to rise < -4,000 ft. depth in the ocean < +150 rise > -3,850 ft. depth in the ocean < NGMI
>>8543 Is it just me, or is this the face of a hunted man? I've seen some of the humiliation riturals these Nip CEOs have to perform when something screws up. This being the work of the kikes primarily and not the japs, you've gotta think his tension at the impending Snoy implosion has to be mixed with some bitterness at being the GHs lapdogs now.
Open file (264.35 KB 1080x1763 ps6.jpg)
>8k 60 fps >when some PS5 games look sub-PS4 yeah I don't think so
Open file (135.18 KB 673x186 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (462.02 KB 1900x2041 135292MEM131123.jpg.jpg)
>>9018 There will probably be some gaymes that run at 8K 60 FPS. But what they aren't saying is that they'll be indie 2D pixel"art" gaymes that get BTFO by SNES graphics.
Open file (83.01 KB 1200x675 2952904.jpg)
>>9079 It's gonna be like the games that barely run on PS4/5 and have to cover 1/2 of the screen with black bars. But normalfags will eat it up because they were told it's for "cinematic" effect.
Open file (118.62 KB 1080x651 5.jpg)
There was an earlier stage?
>>9087 Sometimes I forget they're still not on the nogaymes4.
>>9088 They are. They still release games on PS4. This is like if they released MGS3 both on PS2 and PS1.

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