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Open file (1.80 MB 1920x1080 i.png)
Anonymous 03/16/2023 (Thu) 22:54:40 No.1436
>600 dollarinos were w-worth it Is 9th gen the most useless in existence? They still sell PS4 versions of games, three fucking years after PS5's release which is insane but shows you how little value there is in its purchase. And after 2 years the gen will be coming to an end. Will they be selling PS4 versions of games alongside PS6? Fucking lol.
Open file (952.93 KB 1080x1025 ....png)
>>2499 >if you don't by a PS6 you're a bigot who hates the LGBTQP+ community! >>2536 I wonder why they took a photo of when the booths were being set up instead of when they were packed with people. You'd think a photo of when it was jampacked with all the totally real people that support the pedophile community would send a stronger message that pedophiles and pedophile enablers have tons of support.
>>2542 > instead of when they were packed with people I don't think that's ever a thing in Japan. They bend the knee to gaijews but that doesn't turn them into soy guzzlers overnight.
>>2536 I wonder if japs even know that playstation is not a japanese company anymore.
>>2547 The nips could probably look it up if they wanted to check, but soyny probably does it's best to make it seem like they're not owned by kikes in california.
>>2556 Yeah that's true, Playstation used to be a source of national pride, imagine being told it's now owned by some rainbow-haired niggerfaggot in LA.
Open file (110.05 KB 741x858 gb.jpg)
>modern video game experience
>>2564 One of the worst things about modern games, you shouldn't need 1/5 of a terabyte to play something that's mostly similar to what you played a decade ago. This among other things is what 'muh grafix' is doing to games and it's retarded.
>>2565 Don't forget the mandatory 100gb patch to fix your 200gb game.
>>2565 it's all the muh open world bullshit and muh ray tracing bullshit
>>2566 >200gb main game >100gb day one patch >50-100gb worth of additional miscellaneous patches over then next few years >150gb DLC for content you might not even buy >50gb patch for DLC >80gb of fan patches to fix the shit the devs were too lazy or incompetent to The future of gayming is looking bright.
Open file (180.13 KB 1426x1198 4g.jpg)
>Scalpers are struggling to sell PlayStation 5 consoles as supplies return to normal https://archive.is/GzYHX
Open file (873.17 KB 865x986 1.png)
>Recent gaming releases have shown that the cost of developing AAA games has risen to new heights, with games like Cyberpunk 2077 costing over $310 million. Despite these big budgets, many games are still released incomplete. >Recently in a PC Gamer roundtable interview, Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Director PaweĊ‚ Sasko from CD Projekt Red addressed this situation, mentioning that AAA games are at a wall. Video game crash here we go.
>>2616 For once I hope CuckeDPR is right.
>>2620 We know they are, this isn't some revelation. How the fuck can you sustain a $300mil production when the end product only gets worse and worse due to perpetual bloat. I swear to god when somebody releases a near-AAA PS2 era game and it sells gangbusters because people are tired of endless empty open world wastelands with simplistic mechanics, they will all jump the bandwagon and we'll a neo-classical renaissance. Well, it's all gonna be still woke tho.
>>2616 if the bubble finally bursts, will all the twitterniggers move to something else from gaming i wonder..
Open file (341.66 KB 1080x1439 9.jpg)
Still no games tho. Do people buy them as bookends?
>>2658 It's a status symbol for normalfags just like iphones
>>2673 But iphones have actual use at least.
>>2658 here are games but these aren't games you are interested in to begin with. It is the same as saying the xbox series s and x don't have games.There are people out there that just want to see the upgraded graphics from old games from PS4 era.
Open file (31.91 KB 737x693 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2680 >here are games there literally aren't
>>2674 Not when you buy the latest model every single year
>>2690 Even then, at least their cameras improve.
>>2691 Then a PS5 is worth it for the better graphics. It's the same fucking shit.
If you want a modern platform that doesn't suck ass you either get a Soytendo Bitch or a PC. That's it Home consoles are fucking dead and going the way of arcades.
Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>2786 >PS5 >better graphics
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>2788 >buy soytendo
Open file (675.27 KB 1152x743 1.png)
>>2828 >xbox was successful for just 1 generation even that is too much, press S
>>2828 >MS is out of the game The irreparable damage has already been done.
>>2828 >microshit ruined the industry by bringing in the normalniggers >soyny is a commiefornian company ran by troons now >jewtendo always have been and always will be just slant-eyed jews but they're somehow the least shit
Open file (74.44 KB 882x838 100.png)
>>2564 It's only gonna get worse.
>>2949 The fact that all these games are broken unfinished messes requiring another 100gb to just be playable is the bigger issue here.
Open file (99.29 KB 1052x536 lol.png)
>PS5 is 3 years old
Open file (1.92 MB 1876x1198 PS.png)
>>3042 I want to go back so bad...
>>3042 >zoomers and the following cursed generations will never know what it was like to live during the golden age of gaming
>>3042 >the meme became real I'm actually surprised that there are people who think the "console war" is still ongoing.
>>3056 There is a console war but literally for the actual consoles, not the games.
Open file (53.81 KB 739x415 1.jpg)
>>3074 what went wrong?
>>3075 2007
Open file (70.02 KB 752x623 7u.jpg)
>Sony plans to sell off 80% of its finance business, which would equal to like 6-7 billion, to use in future acquisitions
>>3083 I don't even know what this means but I know it does not bode well for video games.
>>2852 >microshit ruined the industry by bringing in the normalniggers That's a weird way to spell PS2 and DVD player included
>>3087 >the DVD player meme long debunked
>>3092 How so? the PS2 played DVDs alright, same with the Xbox
>>3097 That DVD player was some carte blanche for PS2.
>>2852 >microshit ruined the industry by bringing in the normalniggers Delusional weebtards never fail to amaze me
>>3208 prove me wrong

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