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Anonymous 03/16/2023 (Thu) 22:54:40 No.1436
>600 dollarinos were w-worth it Is 9th gen the most useless in existence? They still sell PS4 versions of games, three fucking years after PS5's release which is insane but shows you how little value there is in its purchase. And after 2 years the gen will be coming to an end. Will they be selling PS4 versions of games alongside PS6? Fucking lol.
psssst don't tell him that PS3 and 360 lasted 2 and up to 4 years after ps4 and xbone release.
Open file (379.42 KB 1061x586 aa9.png)
>>1438 They discontinued SNES in 2005, doesn't mean there was a SNES version of DMC3 sold in stores, brainlet.
>>1438 And? They never released crossplatform versions of high profile games for that long before. Where the fuck is the PS3 version of Bloodborne? Last Guardian? Uncharted 4? Nioh? FF15? Dark Souls 3? God of Soy? etc. etc. They sell a PS4 version of literally every game to this day.
>>1449 Because at this point anon, the generational gaps of past consoles seem to slowly be becoming a thing of the past as Nintendo perfects its hypnotic hold on its customers and sony/microsoft make cheap pcs into modern consoles that make it overall easy to downscale games graphics. It must be really easy to port these games to the console as well now that they use the same cpu architecture as well.
>>1453 Well that was my point. Imagine dropping $1k dollaroonos on something that most people can't even identify as an upgrade. Soytendo will definitely come out on top because they can sell you the gimmick while Soyny/Soybox are running out of options to convince people to buy their new consoles: >"Mom I want a PS6" >"How is that any different from your PS4?"
>>1449 PS3 couldn't have handled these games you mentioned. Also, more people have ps4 and it is hard to get a PS5 because when it comes on market then someone buys it to sell it on the internet. So you cannot really compare PS3 to PS4, you can maybe compare PS2 to PS3 but that is the closest. This is a weird generation when it comes to vidya in general. >>1456 You mean like GPU's?
Open file (122.17 KB 1280x720 trt.jpg)
>>1468 >PS3 couldn't have handled these games you mentioned. Errrrr, nor can PS4 handle PS5 games. It's a separate version made for each console, brainlet-kun. PS3 could "handle" MGSV and a whole of bunch of other early crossplatform games. The point is not about "power", the point is that the new console generation should supersede the old one in obvious ways and making versions of games for older consoles naturally stops. Which isn't something that's happening because people are reluctant to buy a new consoles when games don't look any different. >Also, more people have ps4 and it is hard to get a PS5 because when it comes on market then someone buys it to sell it on the internet. This isn't 2020, getting a PS5 is no harder than getting a PS4 in contemporary time tables. >So you cannot really compare PS3 to PS4 You absolutely can. >you can maybe compare PS2 to PS3 but that is the closest. Ps2 to PS3 is nothing like PS4 to PS5. >This is a weird generation when it comes to vidya in general. It's not, it's just shit and there's no reason to spend $700+ on something that is no different from what you already own. There's barely a reason to buy a PS4 over PS3 to begin with (pic related) but unlike with PS5 they did stop making crossplayform games for the PS3 really fast, unfortunately, so a whole bunch of games got locked away to the PS4 prison when they could have easily been released on the PS3, like The Last Guardian.
>>1469 >PS4 games cannot handle PS5 games. Depends on if it was designed to be on the next gen consoles or not. If it isn't then it is a downgraded port but if it's designed to be on a PS5 first then obviously they can add things like ray tracing other effects. >This isn't 2020, getting a PS5 is no harder than getting a PS4 in contemporary time tables. No it is 2023 but PS5 is sold out in most places. You can be on a list to get the console because there are comportment shortage, that wasn't the case during the early PS4 or even in year 3. know this is a really hard concept to swallow but that's how it is. You can get it from an ebay vendor from 650+ dollaridoos.. But if there is something wrong with the console then you obviously will have a really long waiting time to get it repaired, or getting a new console. Again, it isn't even like PS4 generation when the console got wrecked it took at max 2 months to either get a new console or get it fixed. >you can compare PS3 to PS4 not really because again when it comes to the components shortage and that you are more easily to get a console from a vendor on ebay then via official means. >Ps2 to PS3 is nothing like PS4 to PS5. More like it because it was also hard to get a PS3 in the beginning, you had to get a bundle which costs more than what the PS5 costs now officially. >I don't know what the console costs I have noticed. If you go by unofficial like an ebay vendor then it is 650 to 700 plus shipping. Official means then it is 499.99 or 500 dollars, so still cheaper than a computer that has ray tracing gpu. >PS3 games that got remade for the PS4 like The Last Guardian >to prove my point I am going to use the multiplat engine Fox Engine. I hope you know that the Fox Engine was first made as a next gen engine then it was reworked or downgraded to work on all of the platforms later, also kojima was a lazy cuck that wanted to be like the Rockstar team and went over-budget on MGS5. So no, you cannot really compare because of the comportment shortages and how most multiplat and even in-house studios started to just make the games for both playstation consoles, so to not lose money because the games development costs 100+ millions of dollaridoos.in just production, then it is marketing afterwards. Also, if you have followed this weird generation then you would've noticed that Microsoft want every game to work on xbone up to series x, or it has to work on Series S. So that has also made devs looking at making the games for both PS4 as an insurance to not lose money.
i'm too busy playing on my PS2
>>1493 I need to get myself a ps2 again, and mod the hell out of it.
>>1496 Based. I wonder if the PS2 would have been an even bigger success if it didn't have a region lock on it.
Open file (32.61 KB 1034x310 lol.png)
Open file (43.52 KB 444x640 91.jpg)
>>1555 >Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Didn't that get a PC release last year?
>>2170 Is that the numake? If so then yes, there's a PC release.
>3 years after release >Has only 6 games, most of which are remasters What went so fucking wrong?
>>2439 This is just the culmination of the decline that's been happening after the 6th gen era. 7th gen already had palpably fewer big time releases. Many were moved to the 8th gen. 8th gen then had even fewer big time releases - "PS4 is the Bloodborne machine" and all that. Now 9th gen has barely any games at all. Simultaneously with that, also around the 7th gen era, the concept of remasters and remakes started to really take hold. And now it reached apotheoses where most big time releases are remakes. I can only imagine the 10th gen.
Open file (165.17 KB 640x480 ps6.png)
>>2440 >I can only imagine the 10th gen.
>>2469 >PS6 >$1300 >plays PS5 games >but only about 70% of them >no exclusives >not even any cross platforms >the good goys will still lap it up
>>2471 >always online >no physical media >automatically changes theme to celebrate pride month and BLM (you can't turn it off) >spyware on board, say "tranny" and your console is blocked
>>2439 Nothing. This is the proper timeline for such as that.
>>2472 >if the built in camera detects you are a white male it increases prices on the playstation store by 500% to promote equalityHonestly this would be a funny as fuck feature when all the trannies get on twitter to complain when it detects them as male.
>>2493 >people start painting themselves in black face to have a discount on the Playstation Gibs Store™.
I genuinely can't imagine how are they gonna convince people to buy a PS6. They should pay people at this point.
Open file (952.93 KB 1080x1025 ....png)
>>2499 >if you don't by a PS6 you're a bigot who hates the LGBTQP+ community! >>2536 I wonder why they took a photo of when the booths were being set up instead of when they were packed with people. You'd think a photo of when it was jampacked with all the totally real people that support the pedophile community would send a stronger message that pedophiles and pedophile enablers have tons of support.
>>2542 > instead of when they were packed with people I don't think that's ever a thing in Japan. They bend the knee to gaijews but that doesn't turn them into soy guzzlers overnight.
>>2536 I wonder if japs even know that playstation is not a japanese company anymore.
>>2547 The nips could probably look it up if they wanted to check, but soyny probably does it's best to make it seem like they're not owned by kikes in california.
>>2556 Yeah that's true, Playstation used to be a source of national pride, imagine being told it's now owned by some rainbow-haired niggerfaggot in LA.
Open file (110.05 KB 741x858 gb.jpg)
>modern video game experience
>>2564 One of the worst things about modern games, you shouldn't need 1/5 of a terabyte to play something that's mostly similar to what you played a decade ago. This among other things is what 'muh grafix' is doing to games and it's retarded.
>>2565 Don't forget the mandatory 100gb patch to fix your 200gb game.
>>2565 it's all the muh open world bullshit and muh ray tracing bullshit
>>2566 >200gb main game >100gb day one patch >50-100gb worth of additional miscellaneous patches over then next few years >150gb DLC for content you might not even buy >50gb patch for DLC >80gb of fan patches to fix the shit the devs were too lazy or incompetent to The future of gayming is looking bright.
Open file (180.13 KB 1426x1198 4g.jpg)
>Scalpers are struggling to sell PlayStation 5 consoles as supplies return to normal https://archive.is/GzYHX
Open file (873.17 KB 865x986 1.png)
>Recent gaming releases have shown that the cost of developing AAA games has risen to new heights, with games like Cyberpunk 2077 costing over $310 million. Despite these big budgets, many games are still released incomplete. >Recently in a PC Gamer roundtable interview, Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Director Paweł Sasko from CD Projekt Red addressed this situation, mentioning that AAA games are at a wall. Video game crash here we go.
>>2616 For once I hope CuckeDPR is right.
>>2620 We know they are, this isn't some revelation. How the fuck can you sustain a $300mil production when the end product only gets worse and worse due to perpetual bloat. I swear to god when somebody releases a near-AAA PS2 era game and it sells gangbusters because people are tired of endless empty open world wastelands with simplistic mechanics, they will all jump the bandwagon and we'll a neo-classical renaissance. Well, it's all gonna be still woke tho.
>>2616 if the bubble finally bursts, will all the twitterniggers move to something else from gaming i wonder..
Open file (341.66 KB 1080x1439 9.jpg)
Still no games tho. Do people buy them as bookends?
>>2658 It's a status symbol for normalfags just like iphones
>>2673 But iphones have actual use at least.
>>2658 here are games but these aren't games you are interested in to begin with. It is the same as saying the xbox series s and x don't have games.There are people out there that just want to see the upgraded graphics from old games from PS4 era.
Open file (31.91 KB 737x693 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2680 >here are games there literally aren't
>>2674 Not when you buy the latest model every single year
>>2690 Even then, at least their cameras improve.
>>2691 Then a PS5 is worth it for the better graphics. It's the same fucking shit.
If you want a modern platform that doesn't suck ass you either get a Soytendo Bitch or a PC. That's it Home consoles are fucking dead and going the way of arcades.
Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>2786 >PS5 >better graphics
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>2788 >buy soytendo
Open file (675.27 KB 1152x743 1.png)
>>2828 >xbox was successful for just 1 generation even that is too much, press S
>>2828 >MS is out of the game The irreparable damage has already been done.
>>2828 >microshit ruined the industry by bringing in the normalniggers >soyny is a commiefornian company ran by troons now >jewtendo always have been and always will be just slant-eyed jews but they're somehow the least shit
Open file (74.44 KB 882x838 100.png)
>>2564 It's only gonna get worse.
>>2949 The fact that all these games are broken unfinished messes requiring another 100gb to just be playable is the bigger issue here.
Open file (99.29 KB 1052x536 lol.png)
>PS5 is 3 years old
Open file (1.92 MB 1876x1198 PS.png)
>>3042 I want to go back so bad...
>>3042 >zoomers and the following cursed generations will never know what it was like to live during the golden age of gaming
>>3042 >the meme became real I'm actually surprised that there are people who think the "console war" is still ongoing.
>>3056 There is a console war but literally for the actual consoles, not the games.
Open file (53.81 KB 739x415 1.jpg)
>>3074 what went wrong?
>>3075 2007
Open file (70.02 KB 752x623 7u.jpg)
>Sony plans to sell off 80% of its finance business, which would equal to like 6-7 billion, to use in future acquisitions
>>3083 I don't even know what this means but I know it does not bode well for video games.
>>2852 >microshit ruined the industry by bringing in the normalniggers That's a weird way to spell PS2 and DVD player included
>>3087 >the DVD player meme long debunked
>>3092 How so? the PS2 played DVDs alright, same with the Xbox
>>3097 That DVD player was some carte blanche for PS2.
>>2852 >microshit ruined the industry by bringing in the normalniggers Delusional weebtards never fail to amaze me
>>3208 prove me wrong
>>3208 Cope microfaggot.
>>3083 it's over
>>3208 Yeah it's definitely the 20 something million sold Xbox's fault and not the 100+ millions sold PS1 and PS2's. Ffs one of those PS2 launch videos have a bunch of dudebros with linebacker physiques lining up to buy it for Madden. Keep living in your dream world tho where everything is le evil western company's fault.
>>3949 based
Open file (738.11 KB 1085x1883 y.jpg)
>>4301 >2 billion to research how to put more niggers in vidya
Open file (4.93 KB 250x231 OOO.jpg)
Open file (886.44 KB 1080x1100 2.png)
The next generation of gaming has arrived.
>>4381 Wait, don't I see a CIS White Male in the room there? NAHDZEES LITERALLY HITLER REEEE!1111111
>>4381 what games are they making, anons?
>>4843 none
>>4381 Just women and browns as far as the eye can see. The combined IQ in that room wouldn't be enough temperature to cook toast.
>>4850 They got hired to look diverse in photos, I guarantee none of them likes or plays video games.
>>2536 Sorry but I will never yield something beautiful like a rainbow to cock-sucking homos that stick their dicks in shit-stinking anuses. That was the whole point of the gay agenda. To normalize their faggotry by infecting wholesome symbols. >>2621 >return to making AAA PS2-era games >maybe even limit your hardware so you don't have to make tens of thousands of game assets that most people don't even appreciate in an open-world. >hipsters adopt it and support it immediately, giving a massive payday for the developer brave enough to do it >PS2 indie games become a genre This sounds amazing. >Big publishers like Ubisoft and EA try to coopt the trend and insert lesbian black trannies main characters having gay relationships. >Trend dies. >>2658 Sony built up a lot of good will during PS1 and PS2 eras. Sony has been coasting on that good will ever since. Normies don't realize it died somewhere during PS3's cycle and has only gotten worse with each gen. The magic is definitely gone but if you're an ignorant consumer you thinks PS5 is about to be as good as PS2 was for example or something good is coming down the pipe on PS5 eventually. I wonder if the exact year, month, or moment can be pinpointed where gaming died. Is it wrong to blame a specific console or generation? There are always some gems like Bloodborne and PC has always fluctuated in their games. Do we leave PS3 alone and blame PS4? Or was the rot always destroying the PS3? Is Microsoft to blame? Did online ruin gaming? Did you just get too old and move out of the gamer demographic when you hit 35? These are important questions to ask if we want to know why gaming is dead. >>3046 True. Very depressing. >>4301 How about Sony spends less money on live service games and more on some ground-breaking technology or innovative new way of playing? Btw, how long until Sony starts putting out tone-deaf fuming statements from key executives like "If you want to just play PS2 then go do that. No one's stopping you. We are moving forward to the future of gaming. Gaming has always been a diverse and inclusive hobby. And people will continue having fun on our platform, with or without you."
>>4854 >I guarantee none of them likes or plays video games. Or makes them. They leave that boring work to the white men.
>>4894 Man, PS3 was such a beautiful console compared to the ugly dogshit that is PS4/5. >I wonder if the exact year, month, or moment can be pinpointed where gaming died. Yes. The beginning of the 7th gen. But it wasn't just any one thing in particular, it was the perfect storm of things that were already creeping onto gaming for several years. You had the advent of smartphones which were seen as "da future". Then there was also the advent of social cancer which now had to be incorporated into gaming but also started turning gaming from a niche hobby into marginalized mainstream entertainment. Then of course you had the new gimmicks of the era such as photorealism, physics, motion controls, 3D, all of which had to now be incorporated into gaming and given priority. Graphics became an extremely important selling point due to muh photorealism and muh powerhouse whereas in prior gens graphics weren't seen as a deal breaker, sure it was nice to have impressive visuals if you could but a lot of even AAA game were pretty low tech and nobody really minded, they prioritized gameplay and fun above all else. Also due to muh realism games were starting to get compared to and compete with movies a lot, and also a lot of failed hack writers and directors from Pedowood started to creep into gaming, turning them into glorified cutscenes for their vanity projects. Developments became very expensive and risky so no longer you could afford any experimentation and simply make a game in a small team and have it compete on retail shelves. That lead to the lost of excitement for the devs and people were just going through the motions developing games nobody wanted to make or had any vision for, but marketing says we need to have the nextgen Final Fantasy. All these anxieties of the era muddied the waters and brought the decline we live through to this day.
>>4898 I think there is some truth in all that. I wish this topic was explored further. Bc you can't really fix gaming until you figure out what went wrong. If the big 3 (Sony, Micro, and Nintendo) were smart, they would invest time into finding out what went wrong. I wish Digital Foundry should make a nice 1 hour long video on why gaming died. They seem to get it.
>>4912 >Digital Foundry go back
Edited last time by nandandor on 01/07/2024 (Sun) 15:35:13.
>>4916 >directlinking to jewtube go back
>>4927 No shit. Videos don't upload here. Ofc I will direct link to Jewtube. Quit crying.
>>4937 Read the board rules newnigger. And go back.
Open file (184.16 KB 1081x588 4.png)
The problem is not in the game corporations or devs. Its the retarded masses and consumers. Imagine the sort of games we would get if retards stopped buying muh reskinned fotm shooter #1628136, muh tolkien inspired medieval garbage, muh movie game, muh empty space rpg, muh retarded manchild bing bong wahoo nintendo crap. Get some standards first
>>5175 Yes. But you can't change the NPC-tier consumer. They're drowned in mass media consumption, social networks, stress all the while overworked, underpaid and constantly forcing a smile. It gets to the point where what they consume doesn't matter as much as the feeling of consumption it provides. I don't blame devs, nor publishers, nor consumers. I blame society and the ones that control it. Every aspect is going from bad to worse and we're letting it because it's happening so slowly we don't notice it.
>>5175 >The problem is not in the game corporations or devs it also is
>>5175 >The problem is not in the game corporations or devs <not the Globohomo (((corporations))) >>5176 >I don't blame devs, nor publishers, nor consumers. <not the Globohomo (((publishers))) Don't know if >Anon, I... .jpg or >Shiggy .jpg is the best response here. Just who do you think (humanly-speaking) is actually to blame for the sorry state of consoomers & decaying civilization in the first place, Anon?
>>5185 >Just who do you think (humanly-speaking) is actually to blame for the sorry state of consoomers & decaying civilization in the first place, Anon? Oy vey quit being so anti-semeitc goy! It's just a coincidence!!! "Jokes" aside I do find it funny that coincidence has 'coin' in it.
>>5203 Kikes
>>4912 >thinking the businesses that are destroying themselves thanks to media-mediated international business culture could possibly allow themselves to be honest about why they are decaying even if internal pressures didn't make it impossible to find out
Open file (155.14 KB 582x518 1 (one).png)
One game.
Open file (300.04 KB 688x878 lol.jpg)
they know it
>>5945 >they know it Time to double-down < "HR? Hire 200 more troons, 400 more niggers, and 800 more stronk independants, STAT!" We've got a new game to get out by end of next month, at latest!!
Open file (200.59 KB 1800x1359 242rrrr3MEM120623.jpg.jpeg)
>>5953 "What's that? New content? Lol no. We just wanted to bring them all in to paint-by-numbers for the skin textures. You know, darken things down a little bit. Maybe throw in the odd perversion and rank degeneracy here and there, sure that's fine."
>>5945 >10+ More like 20+. What franchises were made in 2013?
>>5955 >Bloodborne is almost 10 years old fuck I'm old...
Open file (443.29 KB 1047x467 21.png)
Modern gaming, everyone.
>>5959 >Everyone is obsessed with scaling up, more people need to scale down -Terry Davis, paraphrased
>>5960 Very true in particular about gayming, I want more variety and for that you need more risky smaller projects.
>>5959 >ballooning development costs Maybe quit spending the GDP of a small nation on paying women, niggers and troons to do nothing of value then.
>>5959 SHEEEEIT Gibbs me mo mony fo dem pograms wypipo
>>5945 Wow. But it's not just the success of IP's created 10 years ago. It's the good will built up from NES/SNES/Genesis, PS1/N64, Dreamcast/PS2/Gamecube/Xbox, and PS3/Wii/360 that the big 3 are coasting on. And if we are talking about Nintendo, they are coasting on franchises created in the late 80s (Mario in 1985 and Zelda in 1986). That's 37-38 years ago. Now, I don't think that really matters if the games are good. So what is really killing gaming? Rising development costs. Multiplayer. Microsoft trying to create a monopoly by buying all studios. Lack of creativity. Ubisoft yearly games with open worlds. Social justice? What else?
>>5972 You are under the impression that it isn't already dead, don't forget kikes.
>>5972 >NES/SNES/Genesis, PS1/N64, Dreamcast/PS2/Gamecube/Xbox, and PS3/Wii/360 none of that matters, gaming has been hard reset with the so called 8th gen.
>>5959 Hasn't it already skyrocketed to $70? What's next, $100? Pay 1/3 of the console price for one game?
>>6014 $70 goyim!? That's ridiculously low for a completed game! How dare you think $100 is to much you antisemetic nazi! Now hand over that $200 if you want to play the latest open world goyslop!
>>6030 Even if Anon paid $400 dollars (a great bargain BTW) what's that? It's easily worth $500+ in these trying times. BTW, when you make your purchase of $600 please remember there are no refunds, goyim.
>>6014 >>5959 I wouldn't play any of this shit even for free
>>6031 Only $700?! It's such a steal to get a video game for $800! Why would you hesitate to get such a wonderful product for a measly $900?!
>>6054 What's $1,000!? Everyone knows you have plenty! When you spend $1,500 for this game you know you have top-quality merchandise goyim. Think of your $2,000 spent as an investment that gives you back plenty of returns, very wise.
>>6067 This is giving me intel processor vibes tbh. large spoiler has grown on me but I still wish it was fixed due to my autism
Open file (1.28 MB 640x360 lol.gif)
Soon games will cost too much and people won't be able to afford them and stop playing them.
>>6128 Breddy sure that's pretty much exactly what the globalist kikes had in mind all along, Anon. Jokes on them though, we'll just make our own on /agdg/ game jams if the studios all get disappear'd.
>>6138 >we'll just make our own lol
>>6139 >"He who laughs last, laughs best." Your cope&seethe tears will be delicious! :^)
>>6140 any day now
>>6128 That's my guess how this is going to go. Kikes are already selling $120 "collectors" editions of games and retards buy them to get the DLC and some plastic crap made in China. Soon they'll just be selling "completed games! No need to buy DLC goyim!" for about the same. Then when 100+ is the norm they'll start putting out DLC for them. Rinse and repeat until even normalniggers don't want to waste money on them anymore. As for how long it'll take them to stop paying for it that's anyone's guess.
>>6142 >>6128 Speaking purely from a burger standpoint, considering $100 isn't even a week's worth of groceries in many places anymore and wages haven't really increased enough to catch up to that by any stretch of the imagination I don't think we're that far off from this.
>>6148 and rentals are kill too, in fact even physical copies are kill so you can even borrow
Open file (283.45 KB 1270x1304 snoy.jpg)
Imagine using anything digital.
Open file (597.57 KB 1207x1365 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7669 no refunds
>>7669 Oy vey goyim. Just make a new account and rebuy all your goyslop. What? Are you poor or something? "Jokes" aside, I do rather enjoy the current state of gayming morally justifies piracy.
>>7685 > "Jokes" aside, I do rather enjoy the current state of gayming morally justifies piracy. The irony is that I wouldn't even want to pirate the modern slop.
Open file (1.52 MB 498x278 lmao.gif)
>>7669 serves anyone who gave Snoy money right
Open file (394.80 KB 1080x665 ClipboardImage.png)
>new gen already lmao
>>7874 But this one had no games yet.
>>7874 They're still gonna make games for PS4 when it comes out lol.
>>7874 >>7877 >>7879 Silly anons, games aren't what's important. Only the plausible deniability potential for geimu during the earnings call.
Open file (567.00 KB 1440x854 ClipboardImage.png)
The year Sony became Snoy
>>7874 How old is the current console generation? Seems like they shit those turds out in the last year or two.
>>7895 Both PS4 and PS5 came out and gone without a blip on the radar, not a single game worth even talking about other than maybe Bloodborne. That's 10 years worth of gaming basically into the drain. They still make every game for the PS4 despite PS5 being on the market for 3 years already, that's how irrelevant this current generation is. Notice how nobody is even referring to gens by the count anymore, like we're technically in the 9th gen right now but people stopped using this terminology after the 7th gen because it's meaningless now, there are no "gens" anymore, graphics don't improve in any significant way, gameplay doesn't change in any way. It's all the same shit. Just the endless molasses of 'current'.
>>7897 I have no idea why anyone still bothers with consoles. My 2k monitor broke recently and I went with a high hz 1080p replacement on my 6950xt....which means I am never upgrading anything ever again. Fuck this industry.
>>7920 PS5 and Shitch became status trinkets. People just buy a PS5 to sit on their shelf.
Open file (640.44 KB 800x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7938 If Snoy was smart they would have gone into the processor/graphics card business to ride the crypto/ai wave. Too late now. They've dismantled their engineering/innovation capacity. Now it's a shell entertainment company.
>>7940 Sony was at the forefront of everything. CDs, DVDs, BDs, they were behind all that. Snoy on the other hand is only interested in pride parades and movie games.
>>7941 that was philips idiot soyny never made or designed their own hardware they bought licenses from actual hardware companies like toshiba and ibm
>>7942 Retard, Sony and Philips were in a format war for the longest time.
Open file (260.80 KB 1683x930 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (161.11 KB 713x615 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7983 >>8169 it's over
>>8169 >N-nevar 4get the 6 billion sheqels goyim!!! Oy vey, it's annudah shoah
>>7983 >less then half of the previous year's profit We can only hope this trend continues.
>>8182 PS5 is struggling because there's no reason to buy it as all games still come out on PS4. When they make PS6 there will be even less reasons to buy it as the graphics won't change and all games will still come out on PS4.
>>8169 Crash here we go.
Open file (202.23 KB 1079x1233 56.jpg)
It's over, xboxbros...
>>8229 >multiple sources right out of my paki ass
>>8229 Giving Snoy monopoly will only make things worse
>>8229 Let me guess, anonymous sources that don't want to be named.
Open file (63.24 KB 902x488 p.jpg)
Diminishing returns
>>8337 Wew lad. At that rate the PS6 will have maybe 3-5 exclusives max.
>>8338 movie exclusives
Open file (629.59 KB 943x990 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8403 >xbox games Like Redfall and Starfield? No thanks keep them. This is why the ps5 has no games, to protect modern gamers.
Open file (189.76 KB 798x718 owarida.png)
>>8543 >continued to rise < -4,000 ft. depth in the ocean < +150 rise > -3,850 ft. depth in the ocean < NGMI
>>8543 Is it just me, or is this the face of a hunted man? I've seen some of the humiliation riturals these Nip CEOs have to perform when something screws up. This being the work of the kikes primarily and not the japs, you've gotta think his tension at the impending Snoy implosion has to be mixed with some bitterness at being the GHs lapdogs now.
Open file (264.35 KB 1080x1763 ps6.jpg)
>8k 60 fps >when some PS5 games look sub-PS4 yeah I don't think so
Open file (135.18 KB 673x186 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (462.02 KB 1900x2041 135292MEM131123.jpg.jpg)
>>9018 There will probably be some gaymes that run at 8K 60 FPS. But what they aren't saying is that they'll be indie 2D pixel"art" gaymes that get BTFO by SNES graphics.
Open file (83.01 KB 1200x675 2952904.jpg)
>>9079 It's gonna be like the games that barely run on PS4/5 and have to cover 1/2 of the screen with black bars. But normalfags will eat it up because they were told it's for "cinematic" effect.
Open file (118.62 KB 1080x651 5.jpg)
There was an earlier stage?
>>9087 Sometimes I forget they're still not on the nogaymes4.
>>9088 They are. They still release games on PS4. This is like if they released MGS3 both on PS2 and PS1.

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