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Anonymous 03/16/2023 (Thu) 22:54:40 No.1436
>600 dollarinos were w-worth it Is 9th gen the most useless in existence? They still sell PS4 versions of games, three fucking years after PS5's release which is insane but shows you how little value there is in its purchase. And after 2 years the gen will be coming to an end. Will they be selling PS4 versions of games alongside PS6? Fucking lol.
psssst don't tell him that PS3 and 360 lasted 2 and up to 4 years after ps4 and xbone release.
Open file (379.42 KB 1061x586 aa9.png)
>>1438 They discontinued SNES in 2005, doesn't mean there was a SNES version of DMC3 sold in stores, brainlet.
>>1438 And? They never released crossplatform versions of high profile games for that long before. Where the fuck is the PS3 version of Bloodborne? Last Guardian? Uncharted 4? Nioh? FF15? Dark Souls 3? God of Soy? etc. etc. They sell a PS4 version of literally every game to this day.
>>1449 Because at this point anon, the generational gaps of past consoles seem to slowly be becoming a thing of the past as Nintendo perfects its hypnotic hold on its customers and sony/microsoft make cheap pcs into modern consoles that make it overall easy to downscale games graphics. It must be really easy to port these games to the console as well now that they use the same cpu architecture as well.
>>1453 Well that was my point. Imagine dropping $1k dollaroonos on something that most people can't even identify as an upgrade. Soytendo will definitely come out on top because they can sell you the gimmick while Soyny/Soybox are running out of options to convince people to buy their new consoles: >"Mom I want a PS6" >"How is that any different from your PS4?"
>>1449 PS3 couldn't have handled these games you mentioned. Also, more people have ps4 and it is hard to get a PS5 because when it comes on market then someone buys it to sell it on the internet. So you cannot really compare PS3 to PS4, you can maybe compare PS2 to PS3 but that is the closest. This is a weird generation when it comes to vidya in general. >>1456 You mean like GPU's?
Open file (122.17 KB 1280x720 trt.jpg)
>>1468 >PS3 couldn't have handled these games you mentioned. Errrrr, nor can PS4 handle PS5 games. It's a separate version made for each console, brainlet-kun. PS3 could "handle" MGSV and a whole of bunch of other early crossplatform games. The point is not about "power", the point is that the new console generation should supersede the old one in obvious ways and making versions of games for older consoles naturally stops. Which isn't something that's happening because people are reluctant to buy a new consoles when games don't look any different. >Also, more people have ps4 and it is hard to get a PS5 because when it comes on market then someone buys it to sell it on the internet. This isn't 2020, getting a PS5 is no harder than getting a PS4 in contemporary time tables. >So you cannot really compare PS3 to PS4 You absolutely can. >you can maybe compare PS2 to PS3 but that is the closest. Ps2 to PS3 is nothing like PS4 to PS5. >This is a weird generation when it comes to vidya in general. It's not, it's just shit and there's no reason to spend $700+ on something that is no different from what you already own. There's barely a reason to buy a PS4 over PS3 to begin with (pic related) but unlike with PS5 they did stop making crossplayform games for the PS3 really fast, unfortunately, so a whole bunch of games got locked away to the PS4 prison when they could have easily been released on the PS3, like The Last Guardian.
>>1469 >PS4 games cannot handle PS5 games. Depends on if it was designed to be on the next gen consoles or not. If it isn't then it is a downgraded port but if it's designed to be on a PS5 first then obviously they can add things like ray tracing other effects. >This isn't 2020, getting a PS5 is no harder than getting a PS4 in contemporary time tables. No it is 2023 but PS5 is sold out in most places. You can be on a list to get the console because there are comportment shortage, that wasn't the case during the early PS4 or even in year 3. know this is a really hard concept to swallow but that's how it is. You can get it from an ebay vendor from 650+ dollaridoos.. But if there is something wrong with the console then you obviously will have a really long waiting time to get it repaired, or getting a new console. Again, it isn't even like PS4 generation when the console got wrecked it took at max 2 months to either get a new console or get it fixed. >you can compare PS3 to PS4 not really because again when it comes to the components shortage and that you are more easily to get a console from a vendor on ebay then via official means. >Ps2 to PS3 is nothing like PS4 to PS5. More like it because it was also hard to get a PS3 in the beginning, you had to get a bundle which costs more than what the PS5 costs now officially. >I don't know what the console costs I have noticed. If you go by unofficial like an ebay vendor then it is 650 to 700 plus shipping. Official means then it is 499.99 or 500 dollars, so still cheaper than a computer that has ray tracing gpu. >PS3 games that got remade for the PS4 like The Last Guardian >to prove my point I am going to use the multiplat engine Fox Engine. I hope you know that the Fox Engine was first made as a next gen engine then it was reworked or downgraded to work on all of the platforms later, also kojima was a lazy cuck that wanted to be like the Rockstar team and went over-budget on MGS5. So no, you cannot really compare because of the comportment shortages and how most multiplat and even in-house studios started to just make the games for both playstation consoles, so to not lose money because the games development costs 100+ millions of dollaridoos.in just production, then it is marketing afterwards. Also, if you have followed this weird generation then you would've noticed that Microsoft want every game to work on xbone up to series x, or it has to work on Series S. So that has also made devs looking at making the games for both PS4 as an insurance to not lose money.
i'm too busy playing on my PS2
>>1493 I need to get myself a ps2 again, and mod the hell out of it.
>>1496 Based. I wonder if the PS2 would have been an even bigger success if it didn't have a region lock on it.
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