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Open file (45.61 KB 400x401 kong.png)
Welcome to /kong/ Anonymous 08/03/2020 (Mon) 16:57:08 No.1 [Reply]
RULES 1. Keep it vidya related 2. Spoiler NSFW content (i.e. porn, gore, etc.) 3. Post archive/invidious links in threads 4. Keep spam and namefagging to a minimum
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kong /meta Anonymous 01/26/2023 (Thu) 17:49:05 No.277 [Reply] [Last]
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT you know the drill faggots
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>>7530 Unlike playstattion, I think every nintendo console is emulated pretty accurately. Not like Shitch is some complex powerhouse either.
>>7531 Except for the gimmicky motion controls or multiple screens. DS games, for example, I have never really wanted to play on an emulator because of the two screens.
>>7532 >Except for the gimmicky motion controls or multiple screens Well yeah you can't emulate that. But that's only for the better.
>>7533 Who would want to play a wii game without the only thing that makes it unique? There are some wii games that are just traditional controller games, but for the ones that aren't it doesn't sound very fun to play them without motion controls to me. It's like playing a light gun shooter with a joystick.
>>7534 Most Wii games can be controlled traditionally, the ones you would want to play anyway. The ones that can't, some yeah you can play with a light gun or some similar device, or a mouse.

Open file (370.23 KB 500x656 dreamcast.png)
Dreamcast Anonymous 09/07/2023 (Thu) 08:26:39 No.5426 [Reply]
It’s time to admit the Dreamcast is still worth a look today. PS2 killed it because people wanted muh narrative experiences at the time, but now we’re in the age of boring, bloated vidya it’s worth looking back at a console all about the FUN and SOUL of an arcade at home >SOUL Calibur 1, Rival Schools 2/Project Justice, Tech Romancer, Power Stone 1 & 2, Virtua Fighter 3tb all remain home console exclusive >Still has the only perfect, definitive version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 >Original and only good version of Sonic Adventure, all ports fucked it up >Original and best versions of Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 YA YA YA YA YA >Arcade perfect House of the Dead 2 and weird, arguably better sister game Typing of the Dead >Great beat em ups remain exclusive like Sword of the Berserk, Fatlus’s first person Maken X, Sega’s Dynamite Cop and Zombie Revenge, and Capcom’s shmup-hybrid Cannon Spike >DEFINITIVE VERSIONS of Pro Skater 1 & 2, Spider-Man, Dino Crisis and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver >Horror games Blue Stinger and D2 are still exclusive and still worth checking out >Seaman
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dreamcast was the last true console
>>7490 savage
>>7524 Oh shit I weep. A sega dedicated to game making without burdening themselves with the cost of console development? We wouldn't have got the dreamcast, but maybe the arcade crossover games for Sony would have been tighter and they def would have come out with some bangers of their own. Sega really was out of their element once they went past the genesis, watching them release the dreamcast, knowing it was better but that it was doomed because you could just copy games to disc, everyone I knew with a dreamcast also had a huge binder full of ripped games, if you knew an asian kid with family anywhere in kung-fu land you could get all sorts of bootleg games, even bootleg nintendo and ps1/2 games.
>>7525 >A sega dedicated to game making without burdening themselves with the cost of console development? They've been doing that for the last 25 years. In fact they are now the software makers for longer than they were the hardware makers.
>>7525 than what?

Open file (49.70 KB 600x857 600_7802.jpg)
Which is the most Aethestic Tekken? Anonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 23:30:08 No.608 [Reply] [Last]
Also fightan vidya thread. Why are fightan vidya dead anons?
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>>7368 kino
>>7377 spiel
radio lol
Open file (575.34 KB 883x608 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (499.62 KB 736x574 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7510 MK got it really hard, from a series with booba and assba galore to pozzed garbage.

Open file (70.99 KB 474x404 th-3272020048.jpg)
Anonymous 11/26/2023 (Sun) 17:48:59 No.7488 [Reply]
What is your personal cut off date for retro vidya and what's your reasoning behind that date?
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For consoles the cut off is up to and including ps3, xbox 360, wii era. For pc the cut off is anything that has standalone cd or dvd install discs.
>>7516 *up to and including anything that has install discs I mean. Reasoning, is that for ps3/360/wii era, there were still complete games. lots of releases and lots of types of games still (it wasn't just a drip feed of one big release that everyone focuses on), still pre large scale internet influencer era, still creativity in console design (ps3 cell processor, wii motion controls (were a novelty then) and consoles weren't just pcs (ps3 is still hard to emulate to this day, 360 was just a pc though) Reasoning for pc games is that install media ensures that you own the game and they aren't constantly works in progress being updated. They can be archived and played independently and were complete games.
>>7516 >including ps3, xbox 360, wii era lolno, absolutely not >Reasoning, is that for ps3/360/wii era, there were still complete games That's is not a qualifier for retro
>>7519 The line is definitely in the middle of that era, not before. There were games in that era that were just like ps2/gc era but there were also games in that era that were like cy era. For simplicity I included it since otherwise it would be a mess. >That's is not a qualifier for retro Maybe not, but it's correlated enough to be a a qualifier for the most part. The decline in physical media only games is pretty much exactly correlated with the start of cy gayming.
>>7520 >The line is definitely in the middle of that era Absolutely not. Even 6th gen is highly debatable, many people don't include even it, it's a hard one because it's so in the middle of two era. 7th gen doesn't even enter the conversation, it's never gonna be retro.

Open file (955.28 KB 2269x1227 o.jpg)
Anonymous 06/11/2023 (Sun) 21:05:34 No.3788 [Reply] [Last]
See that moon? You can explore it.
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>>7480 Who?
Open file (414.00 KB 640x575 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7480 It's irritating how there are never any consequences for failure anymore. I'm not a fan of their games after fallout 3 era and easily see through the hype, but the fanboys and shills have been hyping this game for years and then it turns out to be crap. No big deal though. Business as usual. Now they turn to hyping Elder Scrolls.
>>7518 Well yeah, they were selling people snake oil and now it's time to move to the next town. The problem is that normalfags have the memory span of a gold fish so this will just keep happening over and over.
>>7518 >It's irritating how there are never any consequences for failure anymore. There's a reason these corporations pander to normalniggers who have been properly brainwashed over people who actually like vidya. A normalnigger's dollar is just as valuable as anyone else's, there are far more of them and they don't buy something for it's quality, they buy it for the brand name. Bethesda is popular therefore they buy Bethesda games. If Bethesda ever fell out of favor of the hivemind, they'd turn in a flash and pretend of have always seen through the bullshit.

Open file (468.92 KB 2150x1700 gamecubeconsole.jpg)
Anonymous 04/22/2023 (Sat) 16:20:05 No.2538 [Reply] [Last]
What went wrong? It had good games but it did so badly in the market.
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Everything went right.
>>6347 kino games
Open file (2.25 MB 1075x1500 0.39.29.png)
Was Super Smash Bros. Melee a commercial failure? I ask this, because the GameCube was a Commercial Failure (It even lost to the Xbox, which was a newcomer)
>>7486 It sold like 7 million copies so no I don't think it was a failure that's a shitload of copies. >GameCube was a commercial failure It was? I thought it wound up outselling the Xbox towards the end of that gen. The PS2 beat the absolute shit out of both of them though.
>>7509 >I thought it wound up outselling the Xbox towards the end of that gen xbox sold 24 million and gamecube sold 21.

Open file (1.89 MB 1438x698 sa.png)
Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 13:26:03 No.2126 [Reply] [Last]
It seems common to say these were poor transitions to 3D graphics, but I think they still hold up today. Especially SA1, its open-ended world and impressive early online features are a standout.
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>>7018 oh my
Open file (596.66 KB 1080x1936 sanic.jpg)
It's gotten uglier.
>>7246 shaders were a mistake
Open file (12.93 KB 199x253 shadou.jpg)
I've never heard a single convincing argument as to why this game is bad, only plebs getting filtered.
>>7489 It's the same 3D Sanic jank but with black Sanic who has a gun. It's alright tho.

Open file (284.42 KB 1113x687 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (102.02 KB 768x268 latest_version2.jpg)
Squeenix Thread Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 20:04:07 No.1335 [Reply] [Last]
Squeenix is losing money. I won't be surprised if they're bought by Soyny or something. Really sad state of things thinking back on their illustrious work in the past. FF16 won't be a big hit that's for sure and Forwoken undermined their brand really hard.
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>>7494 >Derailing the entire numbered mainline franchise is going all in as far as I'm concerned. How did it derail anything? >It proved to be a mistake How was it a mistake? It's one of the most popular MMOs of all time that people still play to this day.
>>7496 >How did it derail anything? How is that not obvious? You completely change the type of game you're making drastically and alienate your main audience. >It's one of the most popular MMOs of all time It wasn't at the time. I recall it being initially a failure. It's only been popular again relatively recently as people have rediscovered it due to youtube influencers, etc. Also, I completely forgot about the Spirits Within. That failure is always cited as being a main reason for the merger. But I still think, in terms of FF losing its direction, the FF XI and XII era were far more damaging.
>>7497 >You completely change the type of game you're making drastically and alienate your main audience. Like mentioned >>7493 they didn't make just one game, they made 3 games both for old fans and new. If anything, they expanded their audience with XI. >It wasn't at the time. I recall it being initially a failure. It's only been popular again relatively recently as people have rediscovered it due to youtube influencers, etc. Er, no, completely wrong. It's was a big success right away. By 2004 it was one of the best selling games. After 2005 it exploded even more as PCs and broadband internet became commonplace.
>>7498 Then why has FF been obviously completely derailed? There were no more turn based games after X. It's sounds like you are just being a contrarian.
>>7498 >Like mentioned It doesn't matter if there was an overlap in their development. They were released in an order. IX and X were a lot alike. X was still more of the same formula, just with better graphics. XI was the big change. >If anything, they expanded their audience with XI. You sound just like what their board was probably telling each other. Except it's a completely different market. There's some overlap, but not that much. I'm an example of someone it alienated. Never have wanted to play an FF game since after X. Tried XII and hated it because of the MMO style combat and world.

Open file (381.77 KB 640x448 1_162u.png)
Anonymous 11/11/2023 (Sat) 09:33:13 No.7178 [Reply]
I miss the old prerendered look.
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>>7354 >every pre-rendered RPG I don't know. There was something special about FF7. Maybe it's just nostalgia.
>>7355 FF7 certainly is special because it was Square's very first 3D game so it caries a very particular atmosphere about it.
>>7178 lost artform
>>7178 Am I a schizo or did Kamui or whatever - the game where you play as Yoshitsune - also had prerendered backgrounds?
Open file (83.43 KB 594x446 5ODY0ODc@._V1_.jpg)
>>7481 Genji? No, it's fully 3D.

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