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Open file (468.92 KB 2150x1700 gamecubeconsole.jpg)
Anonymous 04/22/2023 (Sat) 16:20:05 No.2538
What went wrong? It had good games but it did so badly in the market.
>>2538 imagine making a purple cube in the dudebro era
>>5455 >Why was the OG Xbox controller made so fucking fat and weird anyway? Xbox was initially a Dreamcast/Sega + Dudebro console, it took many elements from both to compete against the juvenile Gamecube and the Knower/Weeb userbase of the PS2. And so they took some elements from them, including the controllers minus interactive memory cards with gamepad; the Duke is similar to the Dreamcast controller with its forms inverted. The main problem with the Duke is not really the black and white buttons like anon said (and many small-handed people too) because in the reformed good version they are as retarded in terms of positioning, the real problem is the actual size of the logo which has no reason to be, it exists as a central axis for designing the rest of the elements but internally the memory card docks do not take that much space and slimming the sides meant an awkward position for the index fingers, it doesn't have the excuse the DC one had. Duke was made for big hands and/or resting it on the legs, it is one of the best pads for driving and the right thumbstick had that special rubber to aim more precisely with the tip of the thumb, the D-Pad decision i understand it but it was still dumb, because they thought not many 2D games would be around they made perhaps one of the most comfortable D-Pads ever IF you were using it only to rest your thumb or scroll linear menus, for actual gameplay it was merely okay for scrollers but for fighting games, which were some in the console, it was hell on earth. >>5470 >Microsoft had no idea what they were doing Wrong, they had but didn't know which one would stick with the public that weren't Nintendo or Sony
>>6239 >they had but didn't know which one would stick with the public that weren't Nintendo or Sony That's called not knowing what you're doing.
>>6240 Fair enough, at least they tried but Sega quickly went with selling more after Xbox had a relatively calm start. If they had consolidated all the Sega exclusives i think Japan would've adopted the console better, PS2 grabbed the rest of the games after 2004 or so and we didn't even have all of them in NTSC, Space Channel 5 part 2 for example which i didn't even know existed until someone mentioned it in /vg/. Also Microsoft penchant of always buying the wrong studios, Rare was an excellent choice but didn't give them total freedom that Nintendo otherwise did and later on those guys went to other routes. Xbox is filled with good intentions gone wrong and ironically their economically good days are when they started doing inane shit like forcing online-focused multiplayer shit in single player games, the Xbucks point system and the Xbone. Kinect was a piece of shit all the way and made Xbox lose a couple of years in the final stage of the Gen 7 but at least it works well with some modded PCs.
>>6342 >Xbox is filled with good intentions lol, Xbox is filled with corporate greed since day one, MS saw the insane success of PSX and wanted in on all that gamingbux. That being said, I like the era of early OG Xbox where they tried to get into the jap market (since all the consoles were japanese) and so there's that slew of Xbox-only japanese games/ports that are pretty interesting.
>>6347 >That being said, I like the era of early OG Xbox where they tried to get into the jap market and so there's that slew of games that are pretty interesting. That's called good intentions in terms of making games.
>>6350 No that's called good fortune that you got a bunch of jap devs to make games for you.
Everything went right.
>>6347 kino games
Open file (2.25 MB 1075x1500 0.39.29.png)
Was Super Smash Bros. Melee a commercial failure? I ask this, because the GameCube was a Commercial Failure (It even lost to the Xbox, which was a newcomer)
>>7486 It sold like 7 million copies so no I don't think it was a failure that's a shitload of copies. >GameCube was a commercial failure It was? I thought it wound up outselling the Xbox towards the end of that gen. The PS2 beat the absolute shit out of both of them though.
>>7509 >I thought it wound up outselling the Xbox towards the end of that gen xbox sold 24 million and gamecube sold 21.
Open file (1005.63 KB 1659x907 gc.png)
>>7511 So they sold close to the same amount. How are you quantifying commercial failure though? I thought GC Xbox and PS2 all made profits (immense in PS2's case) while the Dreamcast was an actual commercial failure.
>>7617 Xbox was a newcomer, Gamecube was Nintendo who were the industry masters just a few years prior. Even N64 sold 10 more million than Gamecube and that was considered a failure.
>>7598 inderesting, though I wonder what application you'd get for a horizontal scroll wheel in games
>>7619 It says examples in the image. Menu scrolling or camera movement. It would be nice for menu scrolling. I don't know why any controllers don't replace one of the sticks with a good quality trackball.
Open file (54.33 KB 620x508 revolve_controller.jpg)
>>7635 >I don't know why any controllers don't replace one of the sticks with a good quality trackball. People experimented with such. http://xahlee.info/kbd/trackball_controller_index.html I don't know if it actually would be a good idea outside of a gimmick tho.
>>7642 Interesting. It probably is hard to control it there because you would have to use your thumb. Most people tend to use trackballs with their fingers. Maybe if they placed it on the top right or behind the controller. It probably wouldn't work though. But yeah, probably doesn't work for much more than a gimmick. It maybe could replace the touch pad on modern controllers effectively though. Or something like the thinkpad keybaord nub instead. I have a thinkpad and I use the nub on the keyboard to control the mouse instead of touchpad as it's a lot better. Almost anything's better than a touchpad for mouse control.
>>7649 You would pretty much have to develop games specifically for it like for DS for a trackball or a scroll wheel to be anything other than a needless alternative for an already simple action.
>>7652 Now this is pretty much impossible. But back when there was a thriving console market with large differences between consoles and a lot of exclusives, it wouldn't have been beyond the realm of possibility. But even for controllers like ps4/5, a trackball or thinkpad type nub control stick could easily replace the trackpad for using it as a mouse.
>>7654 The thing is, the bog standard Dualshock 1 design was already perfect and literally doesn't need anything added to it. Whenever I play games, especially complex ones, I always catch myself thinking how this is just perfect. So anything any mechanic added to a gamepad would just be a gimmick nobody uses or develops for, like Sixaxis. Remember Sixaxis?
>terrible launch games with too much sportsball >normalfags hated it because of the c stick >zelda fans seethed over wind waker >mario fans seethed over sunshine & shiggy scamming them with no mario 128 >a lot of darker (for nintendo) / weirder games like Pikmin & Luigi's mansion, which turned off normalfag nintendo fans The gamecube was just odd and took a few years to get going, despite being nintendo's most conventional and (on paper/ in theory) best console.
>>7949 >mario fans seethed over sunshine Why? It's a good [Mario] game.
>>7949 >best console That's SNES
>>7957 That first S is unnessesasry.
>>7949 >>terrible launch games with too much sportsball What? I don't remember any sports gamesfor the GC. >>normalfags hated it because of the c stick What again? I don't remember that at all. >>zelda fans seethed over wind waker Yes. Outside of the obnoxious amounts of sailing it was a pretty good game though and the art style was fine. Zelda fans are just slightly less autistic Sonic niggers and should never have been acknowledged. >>mario fans seethed over sunshine I still don't get the hate for Sunshine. Yeah it's clearly unfinished in some spots but overall it's a very entertaining game, if a little too easy. >> & shiggy scamming them with no mario 128 People actually took those "my uncle works at Nintendo" rumors seriously? I wonder how many kids I fooled into believing stupid shit like that, I was a lying little bastard. >>a lot of darker (for nintendo) / weirder games like Pikmin & Luigi's mansion, which turned off normalfag nintendo fans Those games were wildly popular though.
>>7986 >What? I don't remember any sports gamesfor the GC. https://www.estarland.com/platforms/GameCube/31?category=SP
>>7994 Holy shit that is a lot. I thought all of that sports shovelware was mostly a Playstation thing. I never paid much attention to sports games anyway so I probably was overlooking all of that shit in the rental stores at the time.
>>8008 Sports slop littered absolutely every console. It's the first games to be made and last games to be made for any console.
>>8010 I genuinely had no idea it was like that for the GC. I never really associated Nintendo with sports games because they never advertised them, or at least nowhere near as much as Sony, Sega, and the Xbox. Every time I'd go to a game store or rental place they'd have posters of shit like FIFA or Madden with the Playstation or Sega logos all over them, but Nintendo ads always showed off things like Luigi's Mansion or Zelda games.
>>8019 In a way you don't need to advertise sportslop because it's basically made for one specific audience that only really plays it and so will find it itself.
Open file (4.03 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8066 If Gemecube was silver by default would it have done better?
Open file (761.05 KB 640x853 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8510 Damn, that is one Gamecubefag.
Gamecube barely had any good games.
>>8563 >t.someone who never owned it
>>8565 >Sunshine is garbage >Melee is HOT garbage >Rest of library is shovelware It's no wonder it flopped.
>>8566 >Sunshine is garbage stopped reading
>>8569 Yes but we can all agree melee is dogshit and not a fighting game, yeah?
>>8576 >>8563 >>8566 Ehhhh weeeehhhh ehhhhhh ehhhhhh weeeehhhhhhhh gimme weeehhhhh
>>8578 what
>>8658 Ehhhhh wwwwwweeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
>>8668 Do I need to perform CPR? Are you choking sir?
I like Gamecube.
>>8670 me too, it's a nice shape
Open file (658.89 KB 1920x1080 1541728752770.webm)
>>9746 Sovl.
>>8670 >>9661 Agreed.

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