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Cancelled Games Thread Anonymous 02/08/2023 (Wed) 17:38:17 No.439
What cancelled games are you pissed off never came out? So unbelievably pissed off this got canned. It had a story approved by Russel and Carpenter and it would have been hilarious to see Solid Snake compete with the franchise he was cloned from. Curious why this game would get so far only to be shitcanned. Surviving footage implies it was pretty far along (and it looked fun). https://youtu.be/o-vp_8s7--Q It was planned by Namco to be a big series with multiple games, then poof, it was gone. I suspect licensing issues. The Thing game was pretty good, and clever. It probably wouldn’t have been some 9/10 experience but I loved 6th gen games based on 80s movies. There is a timeline where this came out along with a Big Trouble In Little China open world beat-em-up game and we don’t live in it. Every few years I remember this existed and then get pissed off we will never play it unless a developer build leaks.
Gotham by Gaslight
not many people know this but Ubisoft was working on a new Prince of Persia game during the early AssCreed years (right after 2). Ultimately it got canned and you can see AssCreed all over this bitch but it would have still been nicer to have this over 50 identical janky AssCreed games.
>>635 Remember when every early PS3 game promo was obviously pre-rendered but people believed that's what games gonna look like.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNiZhzFObwQ Return to Ravenholm actually had some footage released as well as a couple documentaries, basically it was canceled for the eventual heelturn cope plot of half-life alyx instead of the likely far superior plot/ending we got in episode three which many anons here likely already know was leaked a while back. There was a specific scene in alyx the one with the femoid scientist talking to the advisor that seemed very well reddit/marvel to me when I saw alyx gameplay, since of course I didn't play that shit since VR is a meme. Anyways, the point is the original author for half-life 2 isn't around anymore and seeing as how gabe's long been friends with jew jew abrams the ruiner of scifi and is obsessed with making games more (((cinematic))) I don't think the future for half-life is a good one. I find it ironic that half-life's goal was to make games more cinematic and truly tell a story in a unique "video game way" when ironically enough it spawned tons of incredibly bland "story-driven" games that would have been a lot funner as lol shoot monsters-type stories in the same vain as ID.
Open file (1.85 MB 300x168 thinkgen.gif)
>>1395 Oh and I almost forgot to mention that (((valve))) has been the leader in the (((revolution))) of the digitization of games and the death of physical media, really makes one think....
>>1395 Alyx is of course pure political cancer where they needed to turn the series into girlboss mystery meat mutt to rub it in to the white Dup nazis. <Do any of our franchises have a female character? Good, the series is about here now! >I find it ironic that half-life's goal was to make games more cinematic and truly tell a story in a unique "video game way" I never thought of Half Life as "cinematic", they don't even have cutscenes and the goofy "fuck about while NPC talks" formula is probably the least cinematic and the most video game-y was to tell a story possible. Plus Half Life's story has always been throwaway shit. But of course now that the games are about the mystery meat girlboss, now suddenly it's very important.
>>1398 >I never thought of Half Life as "cinematic", they don't even have cutscenes and the goofy "fuck about while NPC talks" formula is probably the least cinematic and the most video game-y was to tell a story possible. That was actually the unironic reason the game was made though. >Plus Half Life's story has always been throwaway shit. But of course now that the games are about the mystery meat girlboss, now suddenly it's very important. I actually thought it was incredibly interesting, the second one at least but a lot of the nuance/lore really was ruined by alyx tbh.
Open file (29.46 KB 800x450 244597739.jpg)
>>1401 >That was actually the unironic reason the game was made though. Well I'm sure in the late '90s/early '00s that seemed "cinematic" for the lack of any other term they had to describe it, but I don't think they even knew what that meant and they weren't using it in the same way we understand the term now. Back then any type of in-game scripted event was considered cinematic, "I can move while a tower falls? I guess this is cinematic..." Nowadays this entails turning the game into a literal movie where gameplay is an afterthought.
>>1402 I know but I'm pretty sure a misinterpretation of the way half-life told story slowly caused this sort of spiral to happen. That along with MGS and kojewmas obsession with heckin' horrywood.
>>1403 HL2 surely played its part, it was no doubt used as a template for some of the scripted event games, which then it turn exploded during the 7th gen when the graphics became "realistic just like moobies", and then the concept of imitating the film mutated into the modern understanding.
>>1407 Pretty much what I believe happened. It is a real shame as there really isn't a way to go back, everything dies if you don't have true power to force it to be as it should be.
>>1410 The way forward is the way back, there are endless amounts of games from pre-CY you haven't played. All hail the backlog.
>>1301 wasn't that after the movie was released and then it was first sold as the good movie game but then the game was canned when the movie flopped? Or is this a new game that was planned? >>1395 >not enough cinematic but half life more or less was in the forefront of the cinematic gameplay in many ways, and spawned many games that got inspired by half life. >>1396 that was first a PCuck problem then consoles became internet only and the games needed to be patched because the developers didn't bother to fix the game to begin with, and instead of consumers and journalists saying this is bullcrap, they just said, oh they can fix their games and didn't think what happens when the game cannot be patched because a service is down. that in return got games to re-create itself as service, or MMO-light which is also retarded because you need to be logged on, and there is only one service game you can play offline and it is 24 years old or something. I am pissed about how vidya company and the highly jewy publishers started with the game being a license you can use instead of something you own. And that is because you can buy vidya online. >>1402 These scripted events just became more complicated and instead of letting you do shit, they took that ability away because it can make the script or even the software crash. Also most games now are essential interactive movie, so one has to chose wisely when it comes to vidya, but now I am gonna buy Diablo 4 because there is an open beta starting in a few hours.
>>1427 It was years after the film. It was supposed to be a new game but got canned because they were neck deep into their AssCreed factory. The film didn't flop by the way, it became the highest grossing vidya film at the time, but its budget was needlessly overbloated because they were trying to make another Pirates of the Caribbean out of it, so to the studio it was a disappointment.
>>1429 oh OK, I thought the cancellation was not because of asscreed but because it went over budget. And the same story is with Beyond Good and Evil 2 while also having some of their biggest game designers leave Ubisoft to become indie. One of the French faggots that tried to make an interesting game or it looked interesting, it was called Wild shown in 2014 but the game designer left and retired in 2020.So i is probably canned, if it isn't being taken to some other designers, or something. Like the biggest crime that happened is that Sony made the game designer behind Team Ico just be a contractor and let him leave the vidya industry. It was such a damn shame.
Remember Coded Arms Assault?
>>1987 fucking kino, of course it had to be cancelled...
I just realized something. Are there even any cancelled game from modernity - PS4/PS5 era? So few original games are being made, there's not even enough to get cancelled.
>>2352 The comparison is quite laughable. https://wikiless.org/wiki/Category:Cancelled_PlayStation_3_games?lang=en https://wikiless.org/wiki/Category:Cancelled_PlayStation_4_games?lang=en 80% of modern games are remakes anyway, what is there to cancel.
>>2353 lol
>Zone of the Enders 3 never because the godawful HD collection flopped
>>2353 truly deplorable
>>2815 Knowing Cuckjewma, probably a bullet dodged.
>>2815 Thank god. Can you imagine ZOE3 made with (((modern sensibilities)))? I never heard about a HD collection. What's so bad about it?
>>3811 >I never heard about a HD collection. What's so bad about it? Same thing as with every other HD collection. A ton of bugs and issues that weren't around in the original, horrible performance (game slows down when there are more than 5 enemies on screen despite running perfectly on the PS2), etc. See, if you didn't buy this it means you weren't interested in the series and therefore no more ZOE for you!
at least these games avoided being remade with niggers
Open file (13.19 MB 640x296 Indiana Jones.mp4)
Kotor 3. The Old Republic MMO is God awful boring. In general MMOs are shit.
>>4537 Is it still unknown why it was cancelled?
>>4537 I remember when the true sith really meant something anon.
Open file (413.37 KB 932x615 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1987 Why they never remake games that didn't come out like this?
>>514 looks interesting, what could have been
>>4444 Checked. I was looking forward to it, really enjoyed Emperor's Tomb.
Open file (425.24 KB 1366x768 857.jpg)
>ywn a cheeky lad in headphones with a dragon
>>6487 >a near finished AAA game just collecting dust on some hard drive because MS are a bunch of petty greedy kikes Tale as old as time.
Open file (1.46 MB 3240x2197 star_gate.jpg)
Fuck MGM
Open file (1.36 MB 675x954 gemu.png)
I just found out there was a cancelled escape from new york game. What was with all those 70s and 80s movies that got game adaptations during the 6th gen?
>>7227 the generational nostalgia for the 80s has built up by the mid 00s
>>6816 it is actually worse than that. From what I remember the platinum team more or less pitched the idea of a open world action rpg to microsoft, they said yes and then they said there has to be MP and that it has to be co-op because microsoft really needed to push all of these things on each game, around the mid of the xbone lifespan. Then when Platinum had implemented it, even when they didn't get paid and when microsoft played it the last build, they said no. The money should go to other projects, and it was canned. Then Square Enix for some reason hired them to do NieR, and if it wasn't for NieR then in all likelihood Platinum would have closed their doors. >>7154 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjsrwwRceck this jewtube shows the game and it looks cool.
Open file (187.35 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7233 Not just a co-op, it had to be 4 players. So this massive, taxing open world character action had to basically run quadruple to satisfy MS. And iirc Platinum wanted 60 fps which of course wasn't even an option at that point. Basically it's one of the largest corporate ass fuckings out there.
>>7233 >Square Enix hired them Probably exactly because they got screwed over by Microsoft.
>>7234 that's depressing to think about, a real game changing game was going to be released but Microsoft didn't want it, and the IP is in limbo because technically Microsoft owns the IP. What is really depressing is that microsoft has bought activision blizzard because they want COD, since COD is a console seller, and microsoft have fired and shut down, so many studios,from 360 to xbone days, so they don't know what do other than buying studios and publishers while hoping that the gamble will work. >>7237 Oh, so Taro Yoko, is a vidya fan and he is the only one that get a bit of free reign in when it comes to square enix. So they don't expect him to make a successes but something that will be a cult classics or get a bit of return, but nothing beyond that. So Taro Yoko liked what they had done with bayonetta and wanted them to do the action game design, while him as a director could mess around. Like his insanity is amazing, too bad that his last game didn't sell as much since it is literally a tabletop game.
>>7238 >a real game changing game was going to be released Eh, hardly. There's no guarantee it was even good at all. Keep in mind that it was Kamiya trying to one-up DMC.
>>7237 Getting hired by Squeenix is not much better tbh.
>>7242 Kamiya just trying to one up DMC in an open world is a game changer, if it was good. >>7244 Square Enix pay you, if you are a hired studio. if you are within the square enix family as one of the main studios, then you are fucked if you don't bring a seller and they've used more money than the game was worth. Forspoken team learned that the hard way.
>>7264 >Kamiya just trying to one up DMC in an open world is a game changer Not really. It's a step back if anything.
I often wonder about the many casualties of the 64DD's failure. The Earthbound 64 prototype and Ura Zelda are probably the most well known DD projects, but I really want to know about Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. It eventually became the GBA game Fire Emblem: the Binding Blade, but I still would love to know how different the game was going to be. That, and the cancelled Fire Emblem Wii game we know nothing about.
>>8470 It's not hard to imagine a Nintendo 64 version of any game. Probably would not have been too dissimilar from the Tear Ring Saga.
>>7227 All kino btw.

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