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Open file (70.80 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
Anonymous 02/12/2023 (Sun) 19:36:25 No.562
>remaking games that are already in HD and widescreen the absolute state
>>3226 >you could study gender or psychological studies That's doesn't have any direct application, you're just some soy with a degree nobody needs. Video game studies imply you directly go to making heckin' based video games! and people should hire you for your """expertise""". >I still believe engineers who applied cool tech into games were the crucial aspect of progress rather than dreamers who didn't know exactly how to apply it in software but knew perfectly what they wanted You need both, all the best games were made with both on board.
Nooo i spent $4000 on my game studies degree, why isnt anyone buying my 2d rpg! :OO
>>3227 >You need both You only need one dreamer, the others are needed in good quantities
>>3272 you don't need two of the same engineers, you need the ones prodigious in different aspects and fields
>>3273 You kinda do if you have many different aspects to cover, like mobility in a map with varied vehicles like Conker with the platformer and tanks along with jet board. Although we can agree it doesn't need a gaming dev with the gaming diploma, that guy is a crunch dummy for the textures.
>>3279 >you need the ones prodigious in different aspects and fields
i'm so tired of remakes anons...
Open file (475.56 KB 1292x745 i.png)
never play remakes
>>4180 This picture sums up modern gaming. Actually it sums up modern films, music and pretty much everything.
>>4181 U RAYCISS
>>4180 >not one but two trannies This is actually somehow worse then I expected. Nice try fatlus but if I ever get the itch to replay P3 I'll just find an ISO of FES.
>>4185 Actually I pretty sure the fugly on the far right is an AWFL cow, there to lend some 'stronk, independynt legitimacy' to the affair. Same difference really. As Andrew Anglin points out, White women are the actual source of our ills. Kikes and all this stunning & brave diverse enrichment would disappear overnight without these 3DPD leading the fight for it all. Giving women a vote was our forefather's fatal mistake.
>>4186 >AWFL cow the what?
>>4187 cow b/c she's clearly a """high-calorie person""" fat porker, awfl b/c she's clearly a self-entitled ignorant cunt of the Western variety.
>>4189 I think he meant he doesn't know what the acronym means.
>>4196 >I think he meant he doesn't know what the acronym means. Oh. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=AWFL A libshit cunt, propped up into a seemingly consequence-free life. Best epitomized by this scripture from the book of Proverbs in the Christian Bible: >"This is the way of an adulteress: She eats and wipes her mouth and says, ‘I have done nothing wrong.’" https://biblehub.com/proverbs/30-20.htm
>>4203 I thought it said awful but it's affluent, lol.
>>4206 >I thought it said awful but it's affluent, lol. Heh, you got it right the first time Anon; they are awful. And their """affluence"""? Only temporarily so (and then only as the dog in a dog-and-pony-show). As soon as their (((masters))) finish their evil deeds using them, they'll be thrown out the window -- food for dogs, and to be trampled under foot with the rest of the trash. :^)
Open file (627.50 KB 979x1347 12.jpg)
It happened, they're remaking a 5 year old game.
>>4321 uh, you can now see that tranny penis in 4k I guess...
>>4321 >the trans of us part 2 remaster Anon, this is a board for video games not movies.
Open file (752.66 KB 1384x779 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (59.49 KB 494x371 DQ8.jpg)
Actually, very few games and genres benefit from 16:9 aspect ratio. For most others moving away from 4:3 was a mistake because it's a much nicer looking ratio.
>>4321 >>4322 >>4337 What pisses me off about this game is they used the entire tranny argument to distract from how piss poor the actual writing and story was. The story essentially become nonsensical at parts but instead of rightfully calling out the quality of writing everyone focused on this big roid monkey, which was just a symptom of the bigger illness that Last of Us 2 suffered from, whcih was the blatant need to punish the audience for considering Joel's actions at the end to be the right ones. The sequel was such pathetic 'SEE AN EYE FOR AN EYE EVERYONE IS BLIND VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER HE SHOULD HAVE LET HIS DAUGHTER DIEEEE!' I was amazed that's not people focused on.
>>6752 It's woke the video game made solely to be woke, the literal cancer and the perfect representation of hijacking the medium to propagate a narrative. The "writing", the gameplay, everything else is of no relevance, only the pure distilled wokeness was the goal.
>>6750 Widescreen was only introduced because of muh movies. In video games it mostly means a lot of wasted space on left and right, you can see this clearly in all those shitty remasters that turn games widescreen when they were designed for 4:3 - it ads fucking nothing, just a bunch of empty space on either side.
>>6759 Trying to emulate (((movies))) was the biggest mistake vidya devs made.
>>6763 Yes, the greatest folly, its roots going back almost to the very beginnings of vidya, unfortunately. Stems from the misguided perceptions that film is a superior art form while games are inferior and for babies. You can trace it back to "professional" film cuctics like Roger Ebert declaring that games can never be an art form, even though all he played was tennis on SNES, which ironically is still more kino than a lot of garbage you see in theaters.
>>6763 Yes, western devs seem dead set against learning anything from rpgs (particularly jrpgs) as a storytelling medium. Probably because most of them never played games growing up or don't even like games. A game like Stalker is an example of how to do it right in my book. It did a good job of incorporating rpg elements and telling a good story from atmosphere and gameplay and dialog without being a movie game at all.
Open file (579.27 KB 823x1051 basedmoto.png)
>>6769 It's the influx of stinking wannabe film directors that brought this concept into the forefront of the medium. Real game designers know better.
>>6773 ourguy
>>6750 widescreen and photorealism were the beginning of the end
This is only tangentially related but did you know that when they made HD widescreen remasters of tv shows, they basically recreate digital effect from scratch, they take the original film footage and just add modern vfx imitating the original. My point here is that zoomers and redditors need their shitty widescreen so much they're literally okay with it tempering with the original artistry and just contemporary visual cohesion, "just yeah whatever as long as it doesn't have black bars". Truly scum of the earth.
>>6943 I presume you're referring to so-called 'pan & scan' cropping of the original content, Anon?
>>6953 No, cropping is one thing which is also beyond cancer, but lets say an old show had some '90s "vampire explodes" vfx or "spaceship flying through space" vfx, they take the original film reel and recreate that effect with modern cgi. Such tempering is unacceptable except of course for normalfags who okay with it because widescreen.
>>6954 Got it. Yeah it's shit. I blame George Lucas' (((nuMakes))).
Open file (109.69 KB 750x408 ClipboardImage.png)
>initial release date: June 19, 2020 <remastering a 3 year old game Parody becomes reality.
>>7338 Can't wait for the remastered tranny. What are they remastering tho? PS4 and PS5 games look identical.
>>7338 Didn't the game have shitty sales the first time around? I kinda doubt maybe slightly better textures and flatter washed out lighting is going to change much.
>>7341 It doesn't matter what it sales were, it wasn't made to be bought, it was made solely to write articles about. For this same reason they are making this "remaster" of a 3 year old game.
Open file (1.68 MB 480x270 idiocracy.gif)
>>7338 >Parody becomes reality. And Idiocracy is prophesy.
>>7343 Idiocracy is flattering compared to Clown World.
>>7344 Heh, fair enough.
Open file (3.05 MB 3612x4052 gt5.jpg)
Soul vs soulless
Open file (218.88 KB 890x675 _reminder.jpg)
>>7339 >What are they remastering tho? normalniggers' money
Open file (2.43 MB 1920x2156 y6.png)
never play demasters
>>7472 It looks worse in every possible way.
>>7473 But it's in heych dee!
>>7472 Normalfags will defend this btw.

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