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Open file (239.42 KB 1065x1176 Jiru.jpg)
Resident Evil thread Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:37:49 No.893
Which one is your favorite? Mine is probably 3. I know it's largely inferior to 2 but I really like the vibe of the city and Jill's sexy outfit. Also is does add some interesting mechanics like powder mixing and of course Nemesis hunting you down like a dog brings some unrivaled tension.
>>6741 But will it feature niggers anon?
>>6741 >next RE is gonna be woke as shit
>>6741 >new RE A remake of which game?
>>6757 Probably Code: Veronica since they can't do 5 because it's so based, and nobody cares about 6 (even though it's pretty good). They're running out of options by now, there's still the original RE to demake, then they'll likely start doing sequels to the demakes. Anything but to make new games.
>>6757 They still never did a real nu-make of the first game. The remake was actually faithful to the original and kept the same pre-rendered backgrounds and gameplay, while adding things tastefully. Can't have that.
>>6762 the REmake was kino but it was made just 5 years after the original so they were able to improve on a lot of their original ideas. Nowadays neither the style nor the genre of those games even exists anymore so it's just gonna be another cinematic third person shooter with jump scares.
Open file (753.21 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (47.44 KB 1200x560 4924027.jpg)
>>6760 Code Veronica remake would be so bizarre (and desperate), it's not an iconic RE, it's not even numbered, most casuls don't even know about it.
>>6829 That doesn't matter anymore. Influencer says buy and they buy. Influencer says preorder and they preorder. Influencer tells them that it's a good and interesting classic RE game and it's good and interesting. They will also pretend to know everything about it even though they've never played it.
>>6830 I mean, it's a good game but it is such a stretch to remake because nobody asked for it (since nobody played it). But yeah, there will be shill videos from the usual crowd telling you how a demake is actually a good thing™.
>>6832 The way the video game release cycle is now, there's just one game coming out at a time and the shills shill it and the consoomer buys it. It doesn't matter as far as I can tell what the game actually is other than that it's hyped or from a major studio. Then two weeks pass and everyone forgets and the cycle repeats. Who's talking about resident evil village at this point?
>>6832 >it's a good game That's irrelevant because a hypothetical remake won't be but this is never noticed. Or if it's noticed it's forgotten and conclusions will not be used to predict that maybe the next new thing is going to suck too... that maybe there's a pattern there. >since nobody played it Also irrelevant since they just pretend to have played it What percentage of people shilling the generic 3rd person over the shoulder slop RE2 remake actually played the original?
>>6839 >What percentage of people shilling the generic 3rd person over the shoulder slop RE2 remake actually played the original? Nobody. 'Old' games with tank controls and fixed camera is a literal poison to zoomers and NPCs, they will never touch them.
>>6827 >now Crapcom is going after mods jfc, did they learn nothing, are they living in a vacuum...
Open file (191.65 KB 960x1234 gy7.jpg)
our heroes
>>6893 We're living in such stagnant times where everything is just something from the past, nothing moves forward. There are no new names, no new developments, no new ideas, it's all "these people from the past came together again". Gee I wonder if their new projects will just be exactly like their old projects from the past.
>>6895 >We're living in such stagnant times where everything is just something from the past, nothing moves forward. There are no new names, no new developments, no new ideas I wonder why? What could be the reason for all this anon?
>>6895 What if they make a classic pre-rendered background horror game? That'd be pretty sweet. A man can dream
>>6897 more chances of Kojima making a real video game instead of a movie, that is none
Open file (1.87 MB 2579x1795 RE.jpg)
What went so right with the first Resident Evil game?
>>6980 Personally a big fan of the campiness of it, and the campiness of all the games in general, like how they know its an autistic vidya game with American Characters made for a jap audience.
>>6988 The "campiness" comes largely from the shitty dub, that's the thing about japanese games is that they always take themselves seriously
>>6980 its lore, its ambient, its setting, its monsters, its creatures - its everything
Open file (235.41 KB 1280x1789 454_36th4.jpg)
>>6980 >What went so right - Extremely talented team determined to stretch their legs and create something innovative and new - Brilliant (for the time) visuals and music - Intelligent map design which made you memorise important roadblocks and plan accordingly - Possibly the most flawless interpretation of risk/reward design in gaming. Every action on the part of the player has significant pros and cons, and decisions must be made carefully, especially for the first time player. Every mechanic, from battle, to traversal, to item management, can either make your life easier or blow up in your face. - The mansion is a memorable character in itself, with many rooms remaining iconic to this day - Uniquely unsettling and claustrophobic atmosphere
This game is a hot topic but seriously everyone who hates it is being a contrarian. It's got the best game play of the tank era. Great level design and range of enemies. Perhaps the only downsides I could think of is that it's way too easy with the ammo drops and the knife hitting on every frame. Perhaps also the voice acting, but that's a given with any RE game. I beat this puppy as a kid and didn't even think anything of it yet it somehow has this reputation of being frustrating? Fuck I don't know how you can play RE 1 and then say the item location's and objectives in this game ate confusing. I'll defend this game because I think if a lot of you actually went into the game you'd like it.
>>7127 The biggest downside is the lack of pre-rendered backgrounds. It makes it visually dull.
Open file (2.46 MB 540x436 7ae_540.gif)
>>7129 Veronica still looks pretty good. It is true that it can't match the sheer refinement of pre-rendered backgrounds but just like with Dino Crisis, it compensates for that with some kino dynamic camera work.
>>7085 Very true.
>>7127 The problem I have with CV is that it's too goofy. The original games had a deliberate B movie ambiance but they took themselves, the characters and and the story seriously which created that interesting dichotomy and atmosphere. CV starts okay but then just goes to really silly places that kinda ruin everything about the original trilogy. No wonder they had to reboot the entire series after it. Gameplay wise it is pretty solid.
>>7150 Shhhteeeeve was pretty annoying too.
Open file (21.73 KB 515x340 steve_s_differences.jpg)
>>7170 Yeah Steve was part of the too goofy. If you look at all the previous RE characters, they were all pretty not to say realistic but grounded, and then comes this absolute goofball. He's like out of some different video game.
>>7171 He looks like Leonardo DiCaprio, which the devs confirmed right?
>>7173 They changed his model because he looked too much like DiCaprio yeah.
>>7174 That brings up a very interesting point. I know starting around REmake, Capcom started to borrow models' likeliness for their characters specifically Jill. I'm curious about the fact how character designs are based on references like those compared to how character designs are today. Capcom seems to be the one of the few that still utilize this sort of practice/workflow for designing characters.
Open file (225.60 KB 570x283 bosu.png)
>>7179 Well, more or less realistic human characters are almost always based on someone irl, for example Boss from MGS3 is based on an actress from the 60s. They key is being based, it's not just the same face lifted. More of an inspiration. But nowadays they just take celebs and scan they faces in - Kojewma, Crapcom, they all do it. Of course with Steve it's because DiCaprio was so popular at exactly the time the game was made.
>>7171 Wasn't his voice changed as well?
Open file (2.53 MB 3704x4800 hr.jpg)
RE5 remake image leaked.
Open file (2.95 MB 390x336 et.gif)
>According to a new report, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five Resident Evil games are in the works at Capcom, one of which is Resident Evil 9, also known as the next mainline installment following Resident Evil Village. Considering the success of new mainline releases, like Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, as well as the success of the recent remakes, such as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, it is not surprising there is more than one Resident Evil game in the works at Capcom, but five is a bit surprising. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/resident-evil-capcom-remake-games-leak/
>>8857 jesus fucking christ...
>>8664 Obviously the first thing to go from the RE5 numake. Sheva will now be played by that ugly bug eyed sheboon that's been in everything recent.
>>8857 >more demakes
Open file (774.10 KB 1080x1084 ClipboardImage.png)
Based RE5 filtering normalfags for 15 years.
>>9013 <RE1-3 >set in the US >kill a bunch of white people >all get a numake <RE4 >set in spain >kill a bunch of spaniards >gets a numake <RE5 >set in niggerland >kill a bunch of niggers >REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RASSIST! I thought RE5 was kinda shit, but good on it for filtering twitter troons.
>>9014 RE5 is a goddamn good game. The only problem is that it deluded the already faltering after RE4 status of the series as anything 'horror', into pure action.
>>8857 And all of them are gonna be crap...
Open file (134.85 KB 1024x347 re.jpg)

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