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Open file (239.42 KB 1065x1176 Jiru.jpg)
Resident Evil thread Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:37:49 No.893
Which one is your favorite? Mine is probably 3. I know it's largely inferior to 2 but I really like the vibe of the city and Jill's sexy outfit. Also is does add some interesting mechanics like powder mixing and of course Nemesis hunting you down like a dog brings some unrivaled tension.
Open file (1.00 MB 1920x1080 4.jpg)
Though not the whole game, the beginning of RE0 is probably my favorite in the series. The idea with the train is really cool and unique, I wish the entire game was like that I remember thinking it was. Unfortunately once that portion ends the game palpably goes downhill, not in the bad sort of thing just very standard and by the numbers, the exact opposite of the beginning, like they ran out of ideas after that.
Got a big soft spot for 2 tbh and all its goofy voice acting.
Open file (1.40 MB 480x360 Jill Sandwich.mp4)
>>897 2 has pretty normal voice acting iirc, it's 1 that has all the legendary memes.
>>899 Truly a classic, I wish modeen video games had this sort of soul.
>>903 *modern
>>903 I would unironically 10 out of 10 times choose what normalfags consider "bad voiceacting" of the early 3D era over the overproduced anime dub voice acting of today. Like how they replaced the wonderful naturalistic sounding voice acting of Silent Hill 2 and 3, done by the very mocap actors, with godawful anime dub industry cringe in the shitty remaster.
are they seriously numaking RE4?
Open file (1.50 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Does Dino Crisis count? I really love Dino Crisis.
>>916 Unfortunately. I don't know who you can even nig up in RE4 but I'm sure they'll find a way.
Open file (62.75 KB 640x480 comf.jpg)
Ok so these are "horror games", but does anyone else play them for the comfies? I just like empty public places and all types of off-limits nooks and crannies.
Open file (215.73 KB 1024x768 sh3_01_1024.jpg)
>>906 but those remaster actually almost killed the Franchise that was Silent Hill and not before literally 10 years later konami is making a remake and 3 other games which might actually kill it again. And this time, it will not come back up. I personally think that what Capcom does with Resident Evil/Biohazard and what Koei Tecmo is doing with Fatal Frame is the smartest thing namely just re-release with some tech upgrades for the newer consoles. >>987 those that play survival horror games are fans of the genre, I don't really see any hype for the new re-release of the wii Fatal Frame that is getting released. Nor have I seen much hype for the new Alan Wake game, I have seen some hype for remake 4 but that is rather because remake 2 worked well. Then you do have shills that are trying to hype up SH2 remake but I don't think it is going to be that good of a game because, it is going to have modern game design instead of the original game design which btw works today because the Japanese developers where really good at the level design aspect of SH2 and 3 compared to a hardcore game like Resident Evil.
>>989 >almost killed the Franchise Good, I wish it actually did. The franchise was left alone for 10 years. >which might actually kill it again I hope so. No better salvation than having been completely forgotten by normalfags. What a bliss. >just re-release with some tech upgrades for the newer consoles Just as bad. I don't need inferior versions of great games with some tacky graphical doodads. >but I don't think it is going to be that good of a game because Obviously it's gonna be shit, it's made by some gaijins.
>>990 >implying capcom will kill its cash cow now Sorry anon more odd rule 34 material that makes me grossed out for you.
>>995 Nu3 flopped, if Nu4 flops as well maybe they'll stop.
>>997 Oh based I thought they were doing good.
>>1001 Most AAA actually flop but they don't tell you.
>>990 Before I would say sure, it is good that Silent Hill is being killed and is dying off. But this time around the new proper game is being written by the guy behind When They Cry Visual Novel and Anime, so this time around this new Silent Hill F might be interesting because it it might have some of the Japanese madness that hasn't been seen in a long time, in Japanese survival horror games. >Just as bad. >I don't need inferior versions of great games with some tacky graphical doodads. the problem is that Fatal Frame is niche and the one that is being re-released now, never got outside of Japan and the Wii, the one that got released not long time ago was a WiiU only game and the WiiU game is more expensive than other WiiU games because Nintendo thought it was a good idea to release small numbers of the game and then not marketing the game for the western audience. So in this case it was a good or great deal that they re-released it on the Switch and PS5. >Normalniggers are interested in games That is a general myth, I am not sure how this myth will not die but a normalfag when he picks up a game. It isn't going to be Nu-Silent Hill 2 or anything else that isn't a COD or an easy FPS game. they do not care about other games than these FPS's because they are easy to get into.
>>997 if 6.4 million is a flop then they must've spent allot on marketing. >>1001 I think they broke even on all platforms.
>>1012 >believing corporate numbers they themselves provide lol, why would they ever tell you the truth, they don't even differentiate between shipped and sold. Squeenix book of rules. https://archive.vn/RJy01
Open file (843.68 KB 500x317 fire.gif)
>>1011 Just because some jap is attached to the project doesn't mean it's gonna be good in any shape or form. Just look at Hideo Cuckjewma. Silent Hill was a product of a very small collective with a very particular style and taste, it's not something you can ever replicate, attaching some "big name creator" only makes it worse. >That is a general myth No, a normalfag is a cattle, he buys what he is ordered to by "influences" and MSM. When you'll see an influx of "retro reviews" of SH2 and ecelebs talking about it on jewtube, they are conditioning the cattle to go buy the game.
>>1013 then it broke even numbers meaning that it sold just enough to cover development costs. >>1015 >it must be some random jap no it isn't some random Japanese guy. This is a guy that made a fucked up visual novel and it was later adapted into an anime that was just as fucked up. the fucked up part is really, really important because now I can expect teenage girls to sacrifice a cat and then keep a boy in captivity and torture him and then marry him when it is just a corpse.Or I can expect other fucked up stuff. With Kojima he has been shilled because of his previous work. >No, a normalfag is a cattle, he buys what he is ordered to by "influences" and MSM. When you'll see an influx of "retro reviews" of SH2 that was before, now normalfags have been too burned by singleplayer games to even trust them anymore.So nu-silent hill2 will not be bought by normalniggers but by gamers and fans if it's shilled enough, if not. then it is going to be left in the wind.
Open file (331.35 KB 1500x844 bundle-image-global.jpg)
We're the remakes of 2 and 3 woke? I ask because they are wokifying RE 4 in the upcoming remake and if 2 or 3 are also woke then I won't spend the money on those either.
>>1055 I guess the next logical question is - is Capcom still run by Japanese or all these new games presided over by fatass, irate, blue haired white women? Or are the Japanese also kike'd now?
>>1015 >Cuckjewma lol
>>1055 >>1056 I don't remember if there's anything exceptionally woke, there probably is, it's a modern game after all, I played for a very short while. But what I can tell you is that these are definitely not "Japanese" games in the traditional sense, even if they're made by a Japanese studio there's now always a whole bunch of gaijins involved in key roles. Further still, all NuREs and NuJap games in general are now made to mimic western games to a T, we're talking the artstyle - everyone is ugly and "realistic" now, game design, direction etc, music etc. Unless you go and check the credits it's virtually impossible to tell these are in fact made in Japan. NuRE4 of course won't be an exception.
The thing about Crapcom is, they were hard westaboos even during the pre-CY era. And if then this manifested in them drawing influences from the western media, nowadays they try to become the western media. Sad.
Open file (583.01 KB 1920x1080 chunli_ss05.jpg)
Open file (315.72 KB 1920x1080 cammy_ss05.jpg)
Open file (565.58 KB 1920x1080 cammy_ss01.jpg)
Open file (494.54 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss05.jpg)
Open file (612.40 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss01.jpg)
>>1055 I would say that remake 2 wasn't woke in any way. the only woke thing was Claire being semi ugly but that is because they used a model instead of hand drawing and sculpting her. and then they have changed scenarios and some of the things to be more to the modern audience or modern RE audience of RE4 further down the line of vidya. Also if there is anything woke then it has to be something that I missed like neutral bathrooms or something riddicules but at the same time I didn't find anything woke in RE 8 Village either, and that is one of muh favorite games this generation. >>1058 no, some of the Japanese games will have something that only the Japanese can do, either music or something with the art, there is a set quality there that only the Japanese can do. Also don't take Forespoken as the rule of the law and not the exception of the law when it comes to Japanese games being made. NuRE's or at-least RE7,8 and RE2make is really good to great games if you like RE 4 and 5, or the action based games in the series then you have some of the best guilty pleasure that one could almost call art because it is violent, stupid and most of all fun. And whatever woke shit is in the games is so overshadowed by the fun things in the game. Like what woke shit was in RE8 village? Also, if you people are PCucks then I can tell you right now that RE4make will be shit because capcom has always been shit when it comes to porting PC games, it isn't the exception but the fucking rule, and that has been true since the first port of RE4, I shit you not. >>1056 yes, capcom is so Japanese that your would be surprised.Like Street Fighter 6 I was personally worried because of the debacle of Street Fighter 5 and I was a bit worried. But now with SF6 it seems like it has gone full Japanese again like SF4 but it is still online focused the thing that has me a bit worried but Cammy and Yuri is still sexy. >>1072 Capcom is really the one and only Japanese game publisher and Japanese developers inside that have made stuff that has made people from the west interested when it comes to their games.
>>1083 >NuRE's or at-least RE7,8 and RE2make is really good to great games lolno
>>1084 how so?
Open file (385.72 KB 600x524 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1085 >nugames >good to great
Open file (325.98 KB 483x591 ethan autism.png)
>>1088 are you saying that the nugames aren't fun because i does not follow an autistic standard that you made up in your head? I bet money, you don't even follow the great inner drama of the Resident Evil over whom is to impregnate Claire Redfield. Is it going to be incest sex to keep the Redfield line pure? or is it Leon with his dirty homosexual semen that is going to impregnate her? or is it dirty old virus infested Semen from Ethan? Or did Albert Wesker take her ovaries in Resident Evil 5? these are the real questions to the greater Resident Evil drama and vidya games.
>>1101 I started Nu-RE2 and so far it is pretty good. Claire actually doesn't look hideous. The blue haired, fatass, septum piercing white women must have stayed away. All the credits had Japanese names. It seems with Nu-RE4 the Japanese voluntarily decided to cuck on the skirt, such is Wokeness these days.
>>1101 >nugames >fun
Open file (165.95 KB 655x368 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1102 >Claire actually doesn't look hideous Are you blind or something?
Open file (19.72 KB 538x573 coonery.jpg)
Open file (120.56 KB 1200x816 nueffect.jpg)
>>1105 I said "doesn't look hideous," I never said it was ideal. Regardless in most of the game so far, I haven't finished it yet, she looks pretty good as in I would comfortably have sex with her. Don't look at her and tell me it's like a Western game, because it's not. How have you not noticed how bad things really are over the years?
Open file (308.40 KB 1024x1608 1555353362526.jpg)
Open file (229.70 KB 800x800 1555353231483.jpg)
>>1102 >The blue haired, fatass, septum piercing white women must have stayed away. I told you it was a fully Japanese game and so is the modern RE games, there might be some septum piercing woman that is there for PR or marketing but they are far from the development team. >cuck on the skirt maybe they didn't cuck on the skirt? like I have a suspicion that it is Japanese women that are doing the character design or clothes on each character. Also I have faith in re4make. >>1103 yes, they are fun games. >>1108 There is a huge difference between modeling in 3ds, maya and then let it go through a sculpting software like zbrush or any other sculpting software. or what I should say, it isn't like doing things in photoshop.
damn the RE numake looks like shit I have to say
Open file (74.56 KB 736x1308 yellow fever.jpg)
>>1327 No, the numakes or REmakes are good looking when it comes to technology and they are actual games with some minimal depth to them. But RE2make was heavily inspired by RE7 with the duder or original RE3 with the Nemesis, then takes the action from RE4. So one has to like expensive graphics, then one has to like simple gameplay with some depth, the depth is like other survival horror games, so not much. Also you have to get new knife every once in awhile because the knife gets destroyed in numake 4. Also the death animations are fucking brutal.
>>1331 >REmakes are good looking when it comes to technology They don't. Zero interesting art direction, generic modern "Unreal engine" look and faux photorealism. If you blur out the character faces/recognizable uniforms you will never guess what game this is. >some minimal depth to them That they certainly don't. Cannot imagine anything with less depth tbh, especially after experiencing Nu3. >But RE2make was heavily inspired by RE7 No wonder it's shit.
Open file (149.40 KB 752x1063 revelation.jpg)
>>1332 >zero interesting art direction >unreal engine look Like the art direction that is pure opinion and we can only agree to disagree because either you like the artstyle of 3d scanned and later get some modelers to fix it or you hate it because of the lack of 3d modeling. But when it comes to the engine look. I have to disagree completely because it does not look like unreal game like The Medium or other Unreal engine game with ray tracing features because the ray tracing in RE engine is a bit better and then with RE4make you have allot better visual effects and smoke and lighting going through the smoke. >no depth to gameplay I have not completed REnumake 3 but when I playede two the Nemesis figure/hat man made you actually think to not fire off a shot at the zombies that are in the police station because he will come there and you have to waste bullets that you don't have, and maybe even run as fast as possible to a safe room. That is something the Sony game studios don't have in their games. Also they don't have the limited ammunition also a zombie takes up to 3 to 5 bullets in the head, also the strategy of shooting the limbs instead so they are just crawling mongoloids. So there is depth there, you don't need to look for it the weapons upgrade means something instead of just being aesthetically pleasing. So I bet you hate it because it is a modern game and heavily inspired by RE4 or those action games after RE4.
Open file (91.96 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
>everyone is ugly: check
>>1416 looks like shit
Open file (132.46 KB 2000x1125 o.jpg)
jfc, it's like they're doing this on purpose
>>1434 are you attracted to duders? Because it just looks like a dude. The bitch is mkaaay.
>>1435 off yourself
Open file (92.38 KB 1024x1016 1646205005976.jpg)
>>1437 wait,so you go onto gayporn sites and want to sex duders? Thus wants to sex duders in vidya? that is quite gay anon.
Open file (1.01 MB 1640x1723 1.jpg)
it begins
>>1457 Fuck me bros, I wish gamergay actually did something anytime I see shit like this, if I was leon I would have sexulized the hell out of the presidups daughter if you know what I mean.
>>1457 its a video game why do people care even?
>>1458 Sexuality is not allowed you BIGOT! Everyone is ugly and unattractive and that's a good thing! You will eat bugs!
>>1459 Srs? How new are you Anon? Didn't you know that all gamers are ebil nahdzees and are literally worse than literally Hitler!? >tl;dr After gaymergay especially, the kikes have target all games (and therefore all gamers) for nuPozz brainwashing b/c it washes the filthy White away from your soul and therefore the kikes & their thugs can actually kill you easier later on.
>>1457 Kek. I take some comfort in knowing that these withered old hags -- long past their use-by date -- will rot away alone and eventually be eaten by their cats, since not a single solitary man will care for them.
>>1457 >sexualising female characters and often framing them in ways to make them appear vulnerable, weak, and perhaps worst of all >underage The only difference between this feminist cunt and you lot is that she doesn't want to fuck women. If you were all fags and therefore no longer motivated by self-interest you'd be right there with her because you don't even disagree with her on principle just that shes going after something you personally like.
Fuck off pedogoon
Open file (92.90 KB 524x518 bam.jpg)
>>1463 go back faggot
>>1463 Sorry buddy this isn't a safespace member gamergay for pedo freaks who've fried their brain on hentai. <if you don't support the sexulization of little girls you are a hecken' ESJAYDOUBLUU
My honest suprise of Resident Evil I how much Leon doesn't fuck every girl that throws themselves at him.
>>1465 We need a gamergate thread for our Sargonmale needs.
>>1466 Leon is not in RE1
>>1434 >weapon degradation >crafting >talking during gameplay >stealth takedowns >bright yellow paint on anything interactable NuFied.
I hate nugaming...
Open file (586.64 KB 1170x951 yikes.jpg)
>>1542 Holy shit lol, I'm gonna stay with the original with the actual hot sloot thank you very much.
>>1544 Basically they took out everything that was fun and intricate about RE4 and made it the bog-standard modern game that relies solely on visuals.
Open file (50.98 KB 413x243 soy.gif)
>>1546 But the heckin' graphics do' anon!
Open file (307.03 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
>>1550 The graphics aren't even that good.
Open file (881.99 KB 1132x1441 t.jpg)
I've noticed they completely removed the bleak foreboding atmosphere of the original, everything looks bright and saturated now. What the actual fuck.
>>1552 Damn it looks like total shit now, I guess half-life 2 was really the sort of max we got with graphics, or crysis, either way things haven't been getting better, especially ever since generation 7 and on.
>>1553 It's not about the technology, they have the tech to make literally anything now but they can only do the most basic-bitch stock engine realistic visuals because the artistry has been slowly dying in the last 10 years. At first it was a choice to go for muh realism but then with time the skill to do anything else started to wane.
>>1552 >so poor that cannot use ray tracing and on max with 4k yup, that is why you dumb faggots hate the games and believe it is bad graphics when you cannot even have it on ps4 graphics. This just blew my fucking mind.
Open file (144.04 KB 400x319 doggo.png)
>>1559 >r-ray tracing meme will make it look good! You don't even understand why it looks bad you stupid nigger. Off yourself.
>>1552 It's Nugaming: Feminism Gutted atmosphere General fagging Hyper resolution load
>>1559 >ray tracing! The real reason why Ray tracing is nushit is because despite the clarification of light it offers, which isn't exactly a game changer, it massively taxes the gpu and turns your room into an oven. Yes, even your Jewtel Nvidia cards.
>>1560 yeah, I am not going to listen to some poor faggot that runs it under PS4 graphics and then tries to sound smart when textures are on low or medium, turned off fog and other visual effects because it is too demanding on the GPU or something.So more than just ray tracing being turned off,. >>1564 >consoles are now better than a computers when i comes to texture loading. This is blowing my mind more than it should. >>1565 Oh yeah, kinda like how crysis was for the longest time computer game that no one could have on absolute max settings without it frying the GPU or getting your room to be an oven, I got it. Still it does not explain why you fags go for lower than PS4 graphics then say the graphics is shit, that seems really, really stupid.
>>1567 >graphicsfag is angry raytracing is more of a lazy crutch used by devs than anything anyways, devs could likely make decent lighting without raytracing and not force you to buy a nu gpu by nvidia that has a chance of dying every three months.
Open file (227.43 KB 1920x1080 7y.jpg)
ugly stuff
zoomers don't know this but RE4 was some "serious game", it was a wild wackity-shmuckity romp. From what I'm seeing this remake turned it into a "super serial game". They did the same thing with the 2 previous remakes. Cringe.
>Resident Evil 1 is 27 years old
>>1592 Fun isn't allowed anon. >>1593 Don't make me feel old anon, stop it.
>>1592 *wasn't
>>1592 >nu-re is serious. you have to have autism, it is whacky still but it is just 3d scanned graphics. Fuck, Jill in RE3make gets raped in her mouth by a spider that is made out of flesh. >>1608 >Fun isn't allowed anon. I have noticed
Open file (625.20 KB 1418x3072 i.jpg)
Pozzed with stronk wommyn talk.
Open file (396.45 KB 1280x1920 FqHzx25X0AA_cQ_.jpg)
Open file (571.40 KB 1536x2048 FrawoqTWcAAEhrf.jpg)
Open file (304.41 KB 2048x1340 Fqr7B1jXwAEtswN.jpg)
>>1589 >>1618 >>1620 I found out whom the model is for Ashley and I think she got hired because she is model, white and lives in Japan. In other words they didn't care if she looked or didn't look like the original face model. I also found out that the model for Jill Valentine is a Russian thot that sometimes is a twitch streamer. Then I found another interesting thing, in Jill's lore she is half Japanese(for some reason even when she is huwhyte looking) But yeah, this model is ugly, and probably got the job because she gave out a blowjob to the Japanese producer.
Open file (51.04 KB 625x400 5rh125.jpg)
Open file (53.29 KB 586x752 740.jpg)
>>1634 She looks like your average childless, smug, white millennial/zoomer whore. And then they built a Nugame around it lol. It's beyond over.
>>1638 It's the same shit as with Cuckjewma all over again.
>RE5 numake can you imagine...
>>1642 Is it even possible? The butthurt over the plot alone would be insane. >nooooo!!! you can't have a white guy shooting africans!!! Black. Lives. MATTER!!!!!!!
Open file (1.11 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1651 Obviously not, the game is so based it was being called raysist even back then. Capcom had to add huwite guys into he negro hordes and also had to add the negress co-player at the last moment, originally the game was played solo. There's absolutely no way even that can fly nowadays. I can only imagine making negress the protagonist and you shoot huwite south african farmers kek. Also negress gonna be ugly and as ape-like as possible instead of the attractive Caucasian negress from RE5. Fuck, RE5 is so fucking great.
>>1642 No, not gonna happen it is too politically charged they will probably make RE6make before 5 tbqh fam. >>1652 Don't forget that they didn't even numake RE1.
>>1652 It's a shame too because I remember it being a lot of fun when I played it at a friend's house, even though we didn't get very far. Hopefully someone who loves the series to death recreates the game.
>>1653 >Don't forget that they didn't even numake RE1. At least one game will remain untarnished. >will probably make RE6make before 5 tbqh fam 6 is already as modern as you can get, the only thing for them to do there is to change it to modern soysibilities.
Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>1656 >It's a shame Shame what? That it won't get numade? That's a great joy. >Hopefully someone who loves the series to death recreates the game. <Needing it recreated for some reason You know you can just play the game, right?
>>1658 >for some reason Oh I don't know, making it look nicer while sticking to the original art style and mood? Along with fixing problems that might have gone unpatched in the old game? Which is exactly what they did with the original REmake? And this is the 2nd time you've used that image on me for something Resident Evil related... I need to stop coming to these places.
>>1659 If they could keep the atmosphere and visuals of the original while improving graphics/resolution, fine, but they can't help themselves.
Open file (36.10 KB 604x604 oy vey.jpg)
>Denuvo gotta buy the game goyim
Open file (542.52 KB 2368x1392 F.jpg)
>>1728 >no ballistics >jacket to cover the non-existent ballistics >shorts instead of a skirt because skirts are sexist, racist and transphobic or something equally retarded Did they give her a manjaw too? Why would someone not just replay the original?
>>1728 That is the thing that really suck, why couldn't they put her in jeans at that point? Then you could see her buttocks. Also wasn't the skirt to show that ashley is in school uniform? >>1749 I think you are looking too much into it. They or capcom is using 3d scans and they are using models and at the same time have them dress up, probably. >why won't people just replay the original because re4make is like 2, it has other elements in the game and not 1:1 remake but more taking things they like and adding things like blood and gore. This is a bloody game and quite gory compared to the original, and the shotgun is quite fun, and slitting the villagers throat with a knife is fun, so you have new gaymeplay elements to the game that is fun. Also, you can buy RE4 to ps4, so there is no need to buy the new game if one just wants the same thing.
Open file (2.05 MB 1552x1552 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1749 They made her ugly and older so as to avoid any "questionable" relationship between her and Leon. She doesn't ask him out at the end as well >>1618 >Why would someone not just replay the original? Zoomers and normalfags don't play anything older than 3 years ago. Which is good fortune for jewy companies who can milk them for money by windowdressing old content.
>>1751 >They made her ugly and older so as to avoid any "questionable" relationship between her and Leon. I think you are seeing to much into it. They used a model in the original 4th game as-well but the big difference is that it was based of a model and then it was modeled in 3d. This time around they are using a model and it is fully scanned with minor artistic renditions, also it is highly likely that the director or producer had sex with this dutch model. >zoomers and normalfags don't play anything older than 3 years ago no, they just play what is popular and this isn't one of those games.This is for a specific nostalgiafag audience that want a form of gameplay in their gamese, the same ones that liked nu-Dead Space for example. it isn't normalfag friendly at all since it has no multiplayer.
>>1752 >This time around they are using a model and it is fully scanned And made her ugly and unflattering to appeal to western sensibilities to which they are pandering. They needed to make her non-sexual, and so unattractive and plain. >no, they just play what is popular In what way that contradicts what I said.
>>1751 >to avoid any "questionable" relationship between her and Leon I don't get the faggotry over that. First of all I think she was 21. She was a college student so at the very least she was 18. Second a young woman developing a crush on the good looking super agent that saved her from some fucked up shit isn't exactly bizarre. And third and maybe the most important part concerning their relationship he turns her down and she was never seen again, so the relationship ended as soon as the credited rolled. Good fucking god crapcom is a lost cause.
>>1754 Wasn't she originally 16? Either way she was under 2 digits anon and the nuworld says if you find a 16 year old or 18 year old attractive you are a pedophile, just don't pay attention to all the jews raping and eating 8 year olds, okay?
>>1756 Anon, the left doesn't actually play video games to know any of this. She looked young and attractive, which is enough of a reason for lefties to whine, which is ironic considering all of them are pedophiles.
Open file (405.80 KB 819x708 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 1362x910 f4.png)
it's tough
Open file (77.23 KB 800x800 Asian new skirt.jpg)
>>1754 >And made her ugly and unflattering to appeal to western sensibilities to which they are pandering. T >hey needed to make her non-sexual, and so unattractive and plain. It hasn't anything to do with gameplay but it is obvious that this was made because of western ess-jay-double-jew bullshit, the real model to begin with isn't attractive, so there are some real world explanation for this and one of them is that she was an easy lay for the Japanese producers, since RE2, they havent found models that are super attractive, just run of the mill models, just plain average at best. The outfit of Ashley, it is kinda obvious, if one look at Japanese models and what is popular in Korea and Japan when it comes to women to wear, then you can see that it is the women team of capcom that made her outfit in that direction, it just so happens that it worked with both western insanity and Japanese artists making the clothes. That it is a trick skirt, for perverts not to look up it. >pic related. >In what way that contradicts what I said. RE 4 or Biohazard re4 is a game that is made for normalfags but isn't popular with normalfags, it is a game that is popular with certain people that likes singleplayer games, or actual games. Beneath the 3d scanned polygonal models there is actual fun gameplay. And it feels like a game that will do bad in sales because it is nostalgia fagging but to the wrong people, because nostalgiafags wants 1:1 remaster or whatever and not a numake with added and subtracted things. So die hard RE4 fans will be pissed off and hate the game, not buy it because it is an expensive game, and normalfags do not want to invest/buy it because it hasn't any multiplayer component. So it is basically a game that is for a really small minority of people. >>1761 In Japan she might be 16 because I think it is high school clothes that they tried to mimic in the first 4th game.Then when it came to Europe they could've changed her age, so it doesn't seem too perverted. >>1756 Capcom is one of the few that makes games. >>1771 It is a trick skirt. I bet money, if this game loses money because of too many nostalgia fans wanted a 1:1 and not the numake treatment. This could be the last numake game, so there is hope for you guys after all. I would think this was at-least 70 million dollars if not more money in it's budget, and that needs allot of copies sold to break even, and I do not personally see the normalfag friendlyness of this game. >>1772 also his is probably a big problem for normalfags, this game has actual puzzles that normalfags cannot solve because they cannot tell the time.
Open file (1.02 MB 1280x810 ClipboardImage.png)
RE5 was so based
More things removed from the demake: >Leon getting caught in the sea monster rope >Leon running from a boulder >Leon pushing down ashley and saying "Way" >Leon hugging Ashley after the Knight business >Leon and Ada almost kissing but infection turns it into a brawl >No overtime >Truck crash >Shoot the dog >Fight with mendez cutscene >Waterfall >Ashley hiding in garbage bin >Two choice path/ el gigant part 2 >Cable car >Water room counts as cut cause it sucks now >Invisible insects >Swinging guillotine room >Most of the museum >Most of the dining rooms >Free Ashley >Salazar and saddler calls/ character development >Lava room >Fast travel castle mine cart >Most of the bedroom area >Drill truck >Roof ceilling spike >Clocktower repair >Ruins and plagas origin in the mines >Overcompensating salazar statue >Salazar snake >Full Bulldozer sequence >Lazer room >Treasures missing or in paid dlc >Assignment ada >Separate ways
>>1810 They should have just cut the whole game out and when you hit new game it just sends you straight to the credits that end with 'Thanks for the money suckers!' I'm sure (((critics))) and normalniggers would have loved it as the perfect modernization of a classic game that none of them played.
>>1830 The worst thing are the copes defending the demake, like it's okay they stripped everything from the game since it's a "remake". Basically as long as it has modern graphics and is a shitty TLOU clone, zoomers are content with it because that the only standard they know and playing old games is not an option.
Open file (80.39 KB 849x600 1549205165555.jpg)
>>1835 The cope comes from that you anti-nu game fags misrepresent the game. The game could've been a 1:1 remake and you nigger would still complain that it isn't new enough. Like this being a TLOU clone, that is the most retarded thing I have seen on this board. It isn't near TLOU, this RE4make has actual gameplay mechanics, like the leveling the weapons actually count, the actual item management is there, the fun things from RE4 is there but now you can knife the spics in their throat. What they've taken away or changed can be for many reasons like burger politics or because it was an artistic decision, whom the fuck knows? It is basically just take away things and adding things because it is a numake after-all.
>>1877 It would still be retarded even if it was a 1:1 remake anon. Remake dark souls 2 but as it originally was elden ring but more interesting and I'd be okay with remakes.
Open file (216.52 KB 892x675 reminder.jpg)
>>1877 >that is the most retarded thing I have seen on this board. You're not reading your own posts then. Or anyone else's for that matter.
>>1893 It's just a cope to justify the financial investment. >n-no, I didn't waste money, these games are actually not total shit
>>1887 Perhaps you misunderstand, I simply would have loved to see dark souls 2 as it originally was going to be, more open-world and with a emphasis on the dark and time travel, the larger scale it unfortunately never got to see. I have a feeling it's open world would be a lot more tightly-squeezed together and more well alive that modern open worlds. I don't dislike elden ring, it is a fun game by all means but it still has the stench of decadence and death from nugaming.
>>1900 I see. That would be nice but that's not really a remake, that's more like a hypothetical. I don't think DS2 was ever meant to be sandbox open world and instead more open-ended like Dragon's Dogma or in fact the original Dark Souls but bigger. Which is the best way to do "open world", sandbox games suck ass unless it's a GTA-like game where you can fly helicopters and shoot hookers and shit. Otherwise in a fantasy setting it's just a bunch of empty space with copy-pasted activities and micro tasks.
Open file (181.48 KB 828x855 5.jpg)
NPCs learned of RE5 and it's safe for now
>>1898 >>1887 the REmake games is it's own series to justify it being in the same universe as the mainline games, or so I believe. >>1893 I am reading my own post, you either haven't played RE4mak or TLOU games, I have played them even beat both of TLOU and these games are nothing like Resident Evil even the numake games. TLOU will stop gameplay to have the character talk or do something or to show a cutscene because it isn't a game in the traditional sense, it is an interactive cinematic experience. RE4 was the blueprint for this but it isn't a cinematic interactive experience, and the remake/numake also isn't such a game. The beginning of a chapter and end of a chapter is where the cinematic is, you now like how RE4 is. >>1898 No, it is more with saying that an actual game isn't a game, is fucking dumb. >>1900 >fromsoft >stench of nugaming you people have lost your fucking minds. I am not even a fan of Elden Ring but I can say for certain it isn't anything near an interactive cinematic experience or ubisoft sandbox. >>1904 Depends on the open world, some open world make sense others don't make sense. Also Dark Souls isn't a open world but open level design that is akin to a metroidvania but in 3d without the map.
>>1934 >Also Dark Souls isn't a open world but open level design literally what I said, learn to read
>>1935 >I don't think DS2 was ever meant to be sandbox open world and instead more open-ended like Dragon's Dogma or in fact the original Dark Souls but bigger. Almost had it correct but then you came with this; >Which is the best way to do "open world", sandbox games suck ass unless it's a GTA-like game Again, not a sandbox, also not an open world. It is like dungeon siege a free flowing and continuous level, that is different. And there is still level design there since it is a dungeon crawler.
>>1927 we have reached levels of nigger worship that shouldn't even be possible.
>>1955 No level of degeneracy is impossible when jews are involved.
>>1955 yeah, I personally believe when they numake RE5 they are going to make a wakanda version of he nigger market instead of this shady huts made from random materials, which gave RE5 that feel that you are actually in Africa, also do not forget about Jill literally being controlled by Wesker like a sex robot in a latex suit. Yeah, that is going to be a game that is almost impossible to numake. If not they might skip it to RE6 all together and make a game with each character instead of a game with 3 protagonists.
They will definitely skip 5 but they won't numake 6 because it's not popular with notmalnigs. They will likely numake 1.
Open file (445.50 KB 586x665 sheit.png)
>re5 numake >change all the niggers into white people and put in a line about being in a part of niggerland that was "colonized" to explain it >change it so jill resisted the mind control and was just pretending she didn't to find out what wesker was up to >it's now jill and niggerjill who defeat wesker at the end You know you want to (((capcom.)))
If they're ever touching RE5 they will definitely turn Africa into Wakanda.
Open file (220.36 KB 1024x1024 h6.jpg)
You think they will numake Code Veronica? At this point gaming is officially dead and we can just sit and guess which game will be numade next.
>>2231 The gates have been opened. I don't want a Dino Crisis remake but it's gonna happen.
>>2237 >Dino Crisis numake Oh lord. There'd 100% be a "joke" about how straight white men are dinosaurs that need to go extinct.
>>2231 they will numake everything
>>2252 And when they Numake it, they Niggermake it.
>>2254 That's already an integral part of the numaking process.
Open file (1.03 MB 900x506 controls.webm)
>gotta have dem realistic sluggish controls
>>2273 It's not that the controls are sluggish. (((They))) just wanted to properly convey that nuLeon isn't as nimble as real Leon because he has a colon full of AIDS cum and a buttplug stuck in his ass.
i hate the fucking inertia physics controls
lol they will remake 7
Which game deserved to be called Resident Evil 3?
>>2712 Code Veronica because it added allot of interesting lore while RE3 is a good game but feel like it wasn't really needed to be a mainline game.
>>2722 True, Veronica continues the story while RE3 regresses story-wise. They just wanted to do the city but didn't want to invest too much because next gen was already on the horizon.
>>2712 Nemesis is the Majora's Mask of RE.
I get it that RE3 feels more like an expansion pack, but Code Veronica introduced so much goofy shit that it pretty much killed the series and necessitated the serious Gamecube REmake and then a complete reboot with 4. So I would go with RE3.
RE2 is undisputedly the easiest and worst of the original RE games. It's so easy that only the bandwagoners of the era thought it was the best RE when both 1 and 3 are clearly superior games. The fact RE2 was so poorly designed in this aspect has really hurt it over time. Mr. X looks cool but he's barely a threat and so he sucks. At the end of the game when you fight his final form he can literally be beaten in 3 shots. Making him literally the worst boss in the series if not one of the worst bosses in gaming history. Also the fact that Claire's weapons suck make an entire scenario not worth playing. She never gets an equivalent of the magnum and so you are just stuck with the grenade launcher which is versatile but the bowgun is a stupid and boring weapon, yes I'm really going to want to use a fucking crossbow over a shotgun and a magnum. What genius design. RE1 has some of the same flaws as 2, like tyrant being too easy, but the game overall has a better pacing and the game ends strong whereas in RE2 the lab is way too short. Also the game didn't adapt at all on the puzzles of RE1, the game removed the ability to examine items carefully and it also doesn't have a single difficult puzzle in the game. The errors of RE1 can be more forgiven as it was the first of its kind but the flaws of RE2 are pretty egregious if you play it enough times.
>>2738 yeah, RE was never really serious. the whole fucking point of the first ps1 RE was that Shinji Mikami watched an unofficial Italian sequel to dawn of the dead and said he could do a better job.That's literally how RE was created, along with using some of the same concepts that was in Sweet Home a game from NES era. Also Code Veronica was one of the best spin off's in the whole RE as a series even when it is more of a 3 than 3. Also, your whole comment of Code Veronica killed off the series is a retarded statement since RE is huge and is still a huge series. I could see the argument for RE4 killing off survival horror as a genre since when people got away from fixed camera positioning and then got into murder everything in sight instead of murder in self defense, that is when the genre changed in allot of ways for the worse.
>>2773 Classic RE was always b-movie zombie schlock by design, but it was never goofy stuff you see in Veronica. >Also, your whole comment of Code Veronica killed off the series is a retarded statement since RE is huge and is still a huge series Brainlet, learn to read <necessitated the serious Gamecube REmake and then a complete reboot with 4 They literally never returned to that style ever again because Veronica was so goofy it killed the classic RE formula and narrative. It was the two serious Gamecube games after that, a serious RE4 prototype and then RE4.
>>2774 >b-movie zombie schlock by design, but it was never goofy like you see in Veronica. no zombie movie goes deep into a virus mutating a host until it becomes a mister X or Nemesis or how it mutates a snakes and spiders while also using a shark as a line of defense. These things are stupid and goofy which just made Code Veronica go to it's next logical conclusion of those things. Also as a next gen RE game Code Veronica was awesome, it was what one expected in many ways but also added things that was stupid and cool. >Brainlet, learn to read >Veronica was so goofy it killed the classic RE formula and narrative. <I don't know what fixed camera angles and item management are good to know. <I never tried RE1 many weird experimental re-releases and don't know how stupid it got in the series as the zombie shark boss good to know.
What are they gonna do when they run out of games to numake?
>>3080 As we've seen they're already remaking games that are barely 5 years old, so numakes of numakes are on their way.
>>3080 Wait ten years until the current generation of youth gets nostalgic for the garbage they consumed when they were teens kek
>>3228 >10 years lol, more like 3
Open file (151.25 KB 1161x771 7y.png)
I want to go back anons...
>>3373 mad comfy
>>3373 I miss the old internet.
>>3385 >'02 >no social cancer >no jewtube >no MSM Truly the time to be alive.
Open file (92.57 KB 637x164 g.png)
Looks like Crapcom will let RE5 alone and ruin Veronica instead.
>>3389 Most people don't even know about Code Veronica, there's no nostalgia for it. What a fucking desperate move to avoid killing niggers in RE5, and they can't just jump to RE6 now lmao. What's next tho? RE0 remake?
>>3391 RE0 is also rather obscure, I guess they have no choice. There's still RE1.
Open file (58.96 KB 1144x444 y5.jpg)
>the future of the series >remakes I guess there's no future.
Open file (46.91 KB 627x529 send help.jpg)
>rumors of a DMC3 remake
>>3499 Black Dante here we go!
Open file (2.83 MB 4000x4000 re5.jpg)
You just know the numake will remove the kino filter.
>>3939 there's gonna be another change
>>3940 lol
>>3939 From what I understand they're shying away from numaking RE5 because you kill niggers in it. I guess killing a bunch of Spaniards in RE4 is fine, but can't harm that kikes' favorite pet subhumans.
>>3984 It's funny, they shoehorned a negress in the original at the last moment because of muh racism allegations even back then. Although if they make her the sole protagonist I think they can get away with it.
Open file (577.83 KB 1215x861 y6.png)
>>4102 RE Wakanda Special Edition (tm)
>>4102 hey I got it right >>3985
>>4104 And that's a good thing!
>>4102 >resident evil 5 remake >set in africa Why mention where it's set when the original was already set in niggerland? Unless the "author" didn't know that and was too retarded to take literally 5 seconds to look into it.
>>4119 Now it's set in Wakanda and melanated folk will be killing dem ypeepo.
>>4102 AYO
>>4102 you were never in Resident Evil
>>3940 Africa is gonna be Wakanda with no poverty and crime.
Man RE is fucked
>>893 RE1 remake tied with RE Zero on GameCube. They have the best mixture of the methodical older (RPGesque) play style with improved (comfy but not photorealistic) graphics and beautiful prerendered backgrounds with the added benefit of having no woke shit, forced diversity, or tranny looking "female" characters.
>>5110 Yeah the Gamecube trilogy (ReMake, Zero and 4) was great. Out of the classic formula I probably prefer Zero because ReMake was trying to be a bit too serious and lacked that B movie vibe, whereas Zero is just right, though it's a bit on the generic side story wise being the final entry in a long line of sequels at that point. But gameplay wise it had some of the best ideas.
Open file (1.42 MB 1440x1080 sheva.webm)
Remember when negresses in games looked like this
>>5174 >Sheva >black they made her as huwite as humanly possible
>>5186 Well, yeah. They didn't want her to be physically repugnant.
Open file (708.45 KB 1290x629 sheva.png)
They're gonna ruin her...
Open file (61.45 KB 200x192 niggermon.png)
>>5202 >>5186 There's Nubian women that look like that, though yeah they'll probably try and make her look as apelike as possible. It'd be kinda funny if they went to the opposite extreme and just turned her into the most obnoxious stereotypical obese burgernigger negress caricature they possibly could. Make her OG Jynx running around shooting niggers, people would think it's an elaborate critique of Chicago.
>>5488 Oh yeah, I remember something specifically about Nubians not being super negro-like.
>>5491 They're from northeastern Africa, it's subsaharan Africa that produces most of the truly hideous apes and were also the bulk of the slaves back in the day.
>>5491 they've been bleached by the edgyptians
https://youtube.com/watch?v=F4vPJfeeINc >gamers take gaming to srsly >haha lol natzees are so dumb Imagine being this subhuman creature, Two channels in its recommendations are trans btw. I saw the channel name, listened to his voice for 30 seconds and before muh natzee I already knew what I was in for. THIS IS WHY GAMING IS DEAD, GAMING USED TO BE SOMETHING FOR THE TRUE NERDS THE SPIRITUAL ELITE OF OUR MODERN ERA, BUT NO MORE YOU DUMB GOYIM Keep playing the classics anons.
>>5935 Oh no a shemale with a channel on the youtube said a thing I don't like it's over guys we should btfo ourselves and other sad shit or something.
Open file (156.63 KB 540x537 3d.jpg)
Open file (43.21 KB 792x446 bb.jpg)
>>6223 i want to go back to the times when this game could be made
Open file (91.92 KB 640x906 u6.jpg)
Has anyone actually played Outbreak?
>>6381 A bit, weird multiplayer but it was kind of fun. Didn't have a lot of staying power though, there were more interesting games coming out even though Resident Evil was a big game. I think the Suffering came out around this time and something else that made this game disappear.
Open file (28.65 KB 474x266 th-1256086560.jpg)
>>6382 It was hardly meant to be competitive with some standalone titles; rather, a small experiential side project to probe the blooming online scene. A long forgotten concept that.
>>6383 Yeah makes sense something like that would come out when companies experimented with game formula more than they do now. In fact Resident Evil has always tried to dabble in multiplayer games to different degrees of success. It reminds me of those roblox coop games people play now. Playstation 2 multiplayer was cursed though. It had a good network adapter...that you had to buy on it's own, the support for games was always indifferent, and there weren't enough good ones that you couldn't play splitscreen and have more fun. I think capcom vs, armored core, ff12, some other fighting games...Xbox had the better multiplayer service right out of the box.
>>6387 Outside of Japan, the internet on PS2 was used largely for early DLC, downloading extra costumes and stuff. I didn't know anyone who actually played online, maybe by late period but at that point everyone had a PC with a broadband internet already.
>>6381 I remember it was in all the magazines. They made the second one yes? So it must have been popular enough.
Open file (117.00 KB 1902x1080 1r.jpg)
Capcom announces new engine. Codenamed "REX Engine" or "RE neXt Engine". It's just gonna be more photorealism, what's even the point. At least they aren't using Unreal slop.
>>6741 But will it feature niggers anon?
>>6741 >next RE is gonna be woke as shit
>>6741 >new RE A remake of which game?
>>6757 Probably Code: Veronica since they can't do 5 because it's so based, and nobody cares about 6 (even though it's pretty good). They're running out of options by now, there's still the original RE to demake, then they'll likely start doing sequels to the demakes. Anything but to make new games.
>>6757 They still never did a real nu-make of the first game. The remake was actually faithful to the original and kept the same pre-rendered backgrounds and gameplay, while adding things tastefully. Can't have that.
>>6762 the REmake was kino but it was made just 5 years after the original so they were able to improve on a lot of their original ideas. Nowadays neither the style nor the genre of those games even exists anymore so it's just gonna be another cinematic third person shooter with jump scares.
Open file (753.21 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (47.44 KB 1200x560 4924027.jpg)
>>6760 Code Veronica remake would be so bizarre (and desperate), it's not an iconic RE, it's not even numbered, most casuls don't even know about it.
>>6829 That doesn't matter anymore. Influencer says buy and they buy. Influencer says preorder and they preorder. Influencer tells them that it's a good and interesting classic RE game and it's good and interesting. They will also pretend to know everything about it even though they've never played it.
>>6830 I mean, it's a good game but it is such a stretch to remake because nobody asked for it (since nobody played it). But yeah, there will be shill videos from the usual crowd telling you how a demake is actually a good thing™.
>>6832 The way the video game release cycle is now, there's just one game coming out at a time and the shills shill it and the consoomer buys it. It doesn't matter as far as I can tell what the game actually is other than that it's hyped or from a major studio. Then two weeks pass and everyone forgets and the cycle repeats. Who's talking about resident evil village at this point?
>>6832 >it's a good game That's irrelevant because a hypothetical remake won't be but this is never noticed. Or if it's noticed it's forgotten and conclusions will not be used to predict that maybe the next new thing is going to suck too... that maybe there's a pattern there. >since nobody played it Also irrelevant since they just pretend to have played it What percentage of people shilling the generic 3rd person over the shoulder slop RE2 remake actually played the original?
>>6839 >What percentage of people shilling the generic 3rd person over the shoulder slop RE2 remake actually played the original? Nobody. 'Old' games with tank controls and fixed camera is a literal poison to zoomers and NPCs, they will never touch them.
>>6827 >now Crapcom is going after mods jfc, did they learn nothing, are they living in a vacuum...
Open file (191.65 KB 960x1234 gy7.jpg)
our heroes
>>6893 We're living in such stagnant times where everything is just something from the past, nothing moves forward. There are no new names, no new developments, no new ideas, it's all "these people from the past came together again". Gee I wonder if their new projects will just be exactly like their old projects from the past.
>>6895 >We're living in such stagnant times where everything is just something from the past, nothing moves forward. There are no new names, no new developments, no new ideas I wonder why? What could be the reason for all this anon?
>>6895 What if they make a classic pre-rendered background horror game? That'd be pretty sweet. A man can dream
>>6897 more chances of Kojima making a real video game instead of a movie, that is none
Open file (1.87 MB 2579x1795 RE.jpg)
What went so right with the first Resident Evil game?
>>6980 Personally a big fan of the campiness of it, and the campiness of all the games in general, like how they know its an autistic vidya game with American Characters made for a jap audience.
>>6988 The "campiness" comes largely from the shitty dub, that's the thing about japanese games is that they always take themselves seriously
>>6980 its lore, its ambient, its setting, its monsters, its creatures - its everything
Open file (235.41 KB 1280x1789 454_36th4.jpg)
>>6980 >What went so right - Extremely talented team determined to stretch their legs and create something innovative and new - Brilliant (for the time) visuals and music - Intelligent map design which made you memorise important roadblocks and plan accordingly - Possibly the most flawless interpretation of risk/reward design in gaming. Every action on the part of the player has significant pros and cons, and decisions must be made carefully, especially for the first time player. Every mechanic, from battle, to traversal, to item management, can either make your life easier or blow up in your face. - The mansion is a memorable character in itself, with many rooms remaining iconic to this day - Uniquely unsettling and claustrophobic atmosphere
This game is a hot topic but seriously everyone who hates it is being a contrarian. It's got the best game play of the tank era. Great level design and range of enemies. Perhaps the only downsides I could think of is that it's way too easy with the ammo drops and the knife hitting on every frame. Perhaps also the voice acting, but that's a given with any RE game. I beat this puppy as a kid and didn't even think anything of it yet it somehow has this reputation of being frustrating? Fuck I don't know how you can play RE 1 and then say the item location's and objectives in this game ate confusing. I'll defend this game because I think if a lot of you actually went into the game you'd like it.
>>7127 The biggest downside is the lack of pre-rendered backgrounds. It makes it visually dull.
Open file (2.46 MB 540x436 7ae_540.gif)
>>7129 Veronica still looks pretty good. It is true that it can't match the sheer refinement of pre-rendered backgrounds but just like with Dino Crisis, it compensates for that with some kino dynamic camera work.
>>7085 Very true.
>>7127 The problem I have with CV is that it's too goofy. The original games had a deliberate B movie ambiance but they took themselves, the characters and and the story seriously which created that interesting dichotomy and atmosphere. CV starts okay but then just goes to really silly places that kinda ruin everything about the original trilogy. No wonder they had to reboot the entire series after it. Gameplay wise it is pretty solid.
>>7150 Shhhteeeeve was pretty annoying too.
Open file (21.73 KB 515x340 steve_s_differences.jpg)
>>7170 Yeah Steve was part of the too goofy. If you look at all the previous RE characters, they were all pretty not to say realistic but grounded, and then comes this absolute goofball. He's like out of some different video game.
>>7171 He looks like Leonardo DiCaprio, which the devs confirmed right?
>>7173 They changed his model because he looked too much like DiCaprio yeah.
>>7174 That brings up a very interesting point. I know starting around REmake, Capcom started to borrow models' likeliness for their characters specifically Jill. I'm curious about the fact how character designs are based on references like those compared to how character designs are today. Capcom seems to be the one of the few that still utilize this sort of practice/workflow for designing characters.
Open file (225.60 KB 570x283 bosu.png)
>>7179 Well, more or less realistic human characters are almost always based on someone irl, for example Boss from MGS3 is based on an actress from the 60s. They key is being based, it's not just the same face lifted. More of an inspiration. But nowadays they just take celebs and scan they faces in - Kojewma, Crapcom, they all do it. Of course with Steve it's because DiCaprio was so popular at exactly the time the game was made.
>>7171 Wasn't his voice changed as well?
Open file (2.53 MB 3704x4800 hr.jpg)
RE5 remake image leaked.
Open file (2.95 MB 390x336 et.gif)
>According to a new report, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five Resident Evil games are in the works at Capcom, one of which is Resident Evil 9, also known as the next mainline installment following Resident Evil Village. Considering the success of new mainline releases, like Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, as well as the success of the recent remakes, such as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, it is not surprising there is more than one Resident Evil game in the works at Capcom, but five is a bit surprising. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/resident-evil-capcom-remake-games-leak/
>>8857 jesus fucking christ...
>>8664 Obviously the first thing to go from the RE5 numake. Sheva will now be played by that ugly bug eyed sheboon that's been in everything recent.
>>8857 >more demakes
Open file (774.10 KB 1080x1084 ClipboardImage.png)
Based RE5 filtering normalfags for 15 years.
>>9013 <RE1-3 >set in the US >kill a bunch of white people >all get a numake <RE4 >set in spain >kill a bunch of spaniards >gets a numake <RE5 >set in niggerland >kill a bunch of niggers >REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RASSIST! I thought RE5 was kinda shit, but good on it for filtering twitter troons.
>>9014 RE5 is a goddamn good game. The only problem is that it deluded the already faltering after RE4 status of the series as anything 'horror', into pure action.
>>8857 And all of them are gonna be crap...
Open file (134.85 KB 1024x347 re.jpg)
Open file (187.66 KB 266x576 ClipboardImage.png)
New Sheva.
>>9667 >ugga booha where da huwite womin at? I this ugly nigger is everywhere lately. He's a good indicator that something is going to woke and shitty at least.
>>9667 SHEEEIT
>>9675 >he
>>9703 Is it not?
>>9706 pronouns are bee/bae
Open file (394.67 KB 640x618 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9740 >ign >100k views >300 likes or whatever they're called on twatter oof
>>9740 i can imagine that rewrite, holy shit
>>9740 Woke slop incoming.

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