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Open file (620.82 KB 3508x2480 i.jpg)
Anonymous 05/13/2023 (Sat) 10:17:07 No.2936
More games should have this concept.
nowadays that would be a tranny tho
Open file (791.47 KB 1988x1235 lc.png)
More games like this
Open file (123.57 KB 519x672 ruu (3).jpg)
>>2952 men can't have fun anymore, no balistics for you
>>2956 Remember when jiggle physics were a selling point?
>>2958 >looks at his ps2 copy of rumble roses. N-n-nooo....
Open file (3.75 MB 407x439 jiru.gif)
>>2972 bounce
Open file (1.76 MB 192x209 83379.gif)
>>2984 i miss Lara
Open file (374.18 KB 587x684 1y.png)
They're taking attractive women out of video games for good
>>3016 Oh no. Guess I'll just have to go back to playing vidya from before they were made by troons for troons.
>>3016 >>3023 I guess they don't want to sell video games anymore.
>>3016 lmao, that pic looks comedic but it's 100% serious
>>3028 It really does look like a parody that some anon would have made. The landwhale and UI looks like they were shopped in.
>>3048 >education team Literally a Gestapo to make sure all women are fat and ugly. How the fuck did we end up with this timeline...
Open file (433.51 KB 1056x1012 9.jpg)
>>3016 enjoy your video games
>>3084 >placating fatasses that losing fat isn't something to strive to
>>3093 it's always fat chicks not fat guys who actually might play video games because the end game isn't the self esteem of fatsos but to make women ugly because that's what trannies want
>>3084 lol
>>3084 The company that owns Dove also owns Ben & Jerry's. Not hard to guess why they encourage obesity.
>>3212 and you need a lot of soap to wash fatasses - very profitable.
>>3220 heh
I like cute elf knights anons.
Open file (1.13 MB 1280x1863 1280.png)
>>3248 Any more chocolate flavored ones anon? yes I know that I am a filthy race-mixer
>>3249 Nothing wrong with Okinawan elf knights!
>>3243 Sure, we all do but wtf is this thread even about? >More games should have knights that look like your normal male knight (fact check: 100% of knights were male) but when they take off their helmet they're actually a hot grill that I can coom to. Cuckchan-tier template thread if I ever saw one. >>3084 >Let's change beauty You can't change beauty, you filthy yids
>>3258 >Cuckchan-tier template thread if I ever saw one. I think anon just wants an excuse to post cute girls, good excuse if you ask me. Do any anons have good examples of good non-h games featuring cute Elf Knights/Elf tomboys?
Open file (148.37 KB 577x666 lineage.png)
>>3266 niceu
I need an elf onee-san knight in my life anons.
Open file (419.43 KB 850x1069 bed5.jpg)
>>3289 We all do.
>>2936 i agree
>>2936 Female armor should look like this.
Open file (121.14 KB 736x1046 R.jpg)
>>4017 booba should be big
>>3999 sauce?
Open file (536.94 KB 852x480 preview-3.png)
>>4055 Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo WA Hakudaku ni Somaru
Open file (133.26 KB 894x894 dagoth ur.jpg)
>>4056 >check out sauce >"Dark elves" >They're just chocolate colored N'wah filth Thanks anon. Sadly the Dunmer of morrowind are a very unappreciated people and something foreign to the average nippon hentai drawer.
>>4069 What, you want negro elves?
Skyrim bikini armor mods are where its at buy my game
>>4113 Is this what ES6 will look like? Todd saved gaming yet again!
Open file (599.37 KB 1545x869 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.25 MB 1024x1536 aryan elf.png)
I love elfus anons.
Open file (468.21 KB 773x1092 ch.png)
>>4170 Who doesn't.
Open file (123.83 KB 869x474 erf.jpg)
>>3084 Repulsive creatures

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