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Open file (56.53 KB 480x197 qaBO0zy.png)
Why can't zoomers into game mechanics? Anonymous 05/27/2023 (Sat) 17:44:12 No.3305
No matter what, every zoomer I've seen on the internet seems to complain about older games being too difficult to get into, or too tedious and repetitive, but they don't make use of any of the games mechanics. Is it something about how zoomers are raised? Is it the instant gratification culture? What's going on with their damn brains? Have you noticed this in zoomers as well, anon?
imagine the hardest game you ever played having an auto save function
>>3305 Zoomers are helpless idiots born in the world placating the lack of skill and basic motor functions.
>>3305 I suck ass at games ngl, I have to always put a ton of work to get good, imagine me but a zoom-zoom tard who can't write on pen and paper and has never used an old tv or has even used a sesktop. His whole life on that device has made him weak and that is why zoomers are almost all womanly faggots as well as bad at any video game not from the past 10 years.
>>3321 modern games have no difficulty too, imagine being a zoomer and discovering you have to retry from a savepoint from an hour ago
>>3305 To be fair to zoomers, they were born into the world already made for complete mouthbreathers, so expecting them to have a mentality of wanting to rise above it is to an extent unfair.
>>3332 poor, poor zoomers
>>3324 Or not having an auto-grind button (it actually exists).
>>3321 this
Also happens to oldfags who got into time consuming stuff and while trying to get back at games they realize the days about playing 6h straight to even 12h on weekends do matter and they can't get as good as fast so they bring up the "tedious" or "grindy" buzzwords to imply they want to get over a game quickly.
>>3917 no, us oldfags enjoy the dzen and methodicalness of what zoomzooms consider "tedious" and "grindy"
>>3918 Sure, just how some young hobbyists enjoy it too but most of the fags who played games in the mid-90's to the mid-00's are now full-grown man with 2 hours of free time a day if they are lucky, they cannot physically get good like back in the day
>>3921 >are now full-grown man with 2 hours of free time a day Lmao. Most anons are NEETs.
Open file (111.44 KB 736x981 comfy kot.jpg)
>>3924 can confirm
Open file (32.63 KB 554x554 56.jpg)
Open file (216.63 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>zoomers will never know
Old jrpgs specifically were extremely tedious and repetitive though even with exploits. You ever played shit like Breath of Fire? Even if you use an emulator and speed it up as fast as you can while still being able to reliably navigate the menus it's still a painful slog with retarded random encounter rates.
Open file (1.28 MB 640x360 lol.gif)
>>5512 >You ever played Breath of Fire? Many a time, absolute kino. >Even if you use an emulator and speed it up as fast as you can while still being able to reliably navigate the menus it's still a painful slog with retarded random encounter rates <speeding up <filtered by random encounters Lmao fucking zoomers. Slopthesda is more up your speed, kiddo.
>>5516 Ok so you never played it, thanks for confirming.
>>5536 You sound like a butthurt faggot.
>>5539 you sound like you never played whatever that was
>>5539 You're trying way too hard.
Open file (15.13 KB 268x221 zoomer.jpg)
>>5543 zoom zoom, loser zomming your mom tonight
>>3305 So, games today do not come with a manual. The manual did a few things, one of them was to explain to the consumer what kind of game it was,how to play, if you didn't watch trailers, gameplay of the game. Now, then they started to make a tutorial level of the game, so to make it easier to come into the game, the problem. It took too much time from the instant gratification fags and normalfags. Now, imagine the first game zoomers played was minecraft, cod mp, gta online and fortnight. ANd they just play these games non-stop because crash bandicoot trilogy numake is too hard.
>>6063 They stopped including manuals because there's nothing to write in them. If you look at the last manuals that were included with games, they had like 4 pages and two of them were about how to turn on the console. Modern games don't have intricate mechanics, complex systems or challenging gameplay to necessitate having any supplementary material to read through - your health regenerates and the game plays itself, that's modern vidya.
Manuals were cool. A good manual wasn't just elaborating on game mechanics, it was part of the essential worldbuilding setting up an atmosphere. GTA manuals were styled and written like an in-universe travel guide, masking the introduction to basic gameplay elements as exploration of landmarks, locales and characters. Then something like Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb had its manual styled entirely like a journal. Good times. Yet another lost artform.
>>6083 Halo 2's manual was also written from the point of a UNSC military training document, while the special edition was written from the Covenant's point of view.
>>6085 Here's Indiana Jones. One of the best manuals I've ever seen.
>>6088 That's freakin' cool. Thanks, Anon! :)
They are braindead subhumans, most of them latinx, niggers, arabs and pajeets anyway.
Open file (1.38 MB 1920x1080 y5.png)
Open file (916.04 KB 1290x1290 54.jpg)
I keep seeing this yellow paint meme in the last couple of weeks. If this a thing in modern games?
>>9061 A lot of (((modern))) gaymes rightly assume their customers are sub room temp IQ niggers that can't do anything no matter how simple without quest markers and glowing gold lines showing them where to go. Even without the yellow paint stand out enough to know they're hand/foot holds if you know you can climb in the game, but like I said 'sub room temp IQ.'
>>9064 I don't remember it being a thing to the point of normalfags twitting about it. Is it present in many games now?
Open file (474.53 KB 528x766 re.png)
Open file (679.51 KB 1442x1442 yellow.jpg)
>screen goes black and white except for the color yellow >camera pans over to a flight of stairs with yellow markings >time slows down >Inner monologue: "Hmm.. Looks like I can use those stairs to get up" >game pauses >pop up appears on screen >"Yellow marks may indicate areas of interest" >"Press any key to continue"
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
It’s funny how Xwittards are defending this shit. How can one defend something so insulting and immersion breaking?
>>9122 These mouthbreathers literally can't hold the controller. To them immersion breaking is when they're not told what to do and where to go every second.
>>9122 Because it's not insulting to them. It's not hyperbole to say they're so retarded they need the excessive handholding. Here for example: >>9116 "Fans" of vidya don't know how to hold a controller and ladders need to be marked as something climbable.
>>9125 This is only the natural progression of things from when every object started to glow in 7th gen. I don't know what people were expecting.
Open file (466.21 KB 1170x1304 y4.jpg)
>>9125 I love how not a single person brought up how people actually fall for the halo reach hologram now. Back in the day it was the most dogshit armor ability that no one fell for.
>>9523 The what?
>>9523 >gaylo >even worse (((modern))) gaylo Can't say I'm surprised no one's mentioned it.
Open file (26.98 KB 324x430 niggervogue.jpg)
>>9521 >i'm retarded so everything should be ugly Modern era summed up.
>>9523 >no one fell for You simply didn't use it right then, you were supposed to wait for someone to pop up on your radar then charge towards a corner they were about to appear from and activate the hologram then stop so it's the first thing they see and shoot at then you btfo them with a rocket or some shit.
>>9536 yea
>>9521 i hate normalfags so fucking much...

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