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Anonymous 06/04/2023 (Sun) 18:59:55 No.3458
I find it strange that this absolute clunker of a game, and there is literally not a single thing in it that works right, still somehow manages to be this comfy unforgettable experience I keep coming back to. What is it about it? Also, dinosaur vidya thread.
I saw the AVGN review of this game it was very interesting to say the least.
A reminder that feathers are a jewish lie.
>>3458 Jurassic Park just has the best atmosphere. >abandoned island >comfy 90s technology >dinos roaming around >no other humans to ruin your dzen
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I love Dino Crisis so much. Even more than RE. I love that all 3 games are widely different and nothing alike.
>>3473 too bad, they're gonna numake it
>>3806 Maybe we'll dodge the bullet...
>>3855 lol no way
Open file (42.09 KB 474x355 th-1481413286.jpg)
>>4026 >ecelebs
>>3458 it's comfy
>>3927 it's not super famous tho, zoomers probably don't know the name
Dino Crisis Remake - Unreal Engine 5 Impressive Showcase l Concept Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKIMMxAiYfY not a remake, just some fan concept, but people do want it
>>4641 Dino crisis bros...
>>4641 'member Dino Crisis?
>>4641 If they do numake it, it's gonna be an open world third person shooter like every other videogay on the market.
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Still the GOAT.
>>5577 megacomf the game, is the remake any good?

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