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Open world games fucking suck Anonymous 02/03/2023 (Fri) 21:25:28 No.388
Back in the day I could tolerate it, it was s small niche and occasionally it was alright to play some and have fun. But now everything is an open world game, and most of them have nothing to do in that open world because they tacked it for the sake of it, to justify you buying a PSwhatever. vid unrelated
is gta the only good sandbox game?
>>392 Fallout New Vegas
Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>393 >NuFallout
>>388 that is because you probably bought either a Ubisoft game or something trying to replicate a ubisoft game with taking every design thing, and that could also mean that it has procedural generation with quest or missions, along with being quite a shallow game with no depth. >>394 to be fair fallout NV was obsidian's take on nu-fallout. Varg hated it because there is a female or something that looks female that says what to do.
>>405 >Ubisoft game or something trying to replicate a ubisoft game That's 90% of the market. Even Japs are bending the knee.
>>406 I would say it is allot lower when it comes to the whole market as a whole but in the triple A then it is obviously allot more. >Even Japs are bending the knee which kinda Japanese games are you palying? I don't know of one that is like a ubisoft game, there are these open world games from the Yakuza studio but that isn't the ubisoft formula, nor are random JRPGs that have an open world. But you do have Forspoken which was a ubisoft open world-like game or kinda but didn't even try and finish it because, it was just too painful.
Open file (230.96 KB 1024x672 150747.jpg)
Apart from being pointlessly tacked-on, all these modern sandbox games are no fucking fun at all. They're all so stuck up their ass with pretenses of "realism" that they don't actually utilize the open world-ness of genre. Remember fun?
Open file (20.04 KB 500x500 moes-tavern-comfy.jpg)
Open world is awesome when you're a kid and everything is new and it feels like a real world and your curiosity makes you explore every little crevice. As you get older you realize tight gameplay is king and open world generally detracts from that. I will always remember games like Simpsons Hit and Run fondly, but if a game comes out that I'm interested in, and I hear it's open world, that interest immediately drops to zero.
Open file (51.48 KB 640x480 4543576.jpg)
>>430 Same here my nigger and very true. Open world is all about the experience of it all running seamlessly. Back in the day that was actually an impressive feat and could indeed be a selling point just to experience something so drastically different, especially on consoles. Nowadays in the age of SSDs it's a beaten horse and meaningless but they still treat it like something impressive, wew our new AAA game is... wait for it... open world! Are you impressed? I'd actually be more impressed if they utilized all that power to make a AAA game with screens and levels that are so detailed they'd look like the pre-rendered backgrounds of the 90s. Instead they keep stretching the scope of open world games and stretching thin the amount of details with it. I'm so tired of that particular "open world look" to every game now, how things are modeled, rendered, load and so on. Open world cannot facilitate any complex gameplay, design and mechanics so everything gets watered down to the most basic, simplistic and repetitive shit that normalfags of course adore because it makes them feel competent at video games. I remember when they announced that the new MGS game gonna be... wait for it... open world, I went "yeah, the series is dead."
>>422 just cause was quite impressive when it came and the best game in the series imo is Just cause 2 but like you said allot of these new modern sandbox games are quite boring and sometimes the sandbox is there, not because it is for the games benefit or gameplay but because it will bring more time to the game because of random collectables and side-quest, or just doing copying ubisoft. >>430 I would say it really depends on who is making the sandbox game and if it's a gta clone or a ubisoft sandbox clone. Now most try to copy the ubisoft sandbox because it has a clear game design compared to GTA or a open world rpg like a Bethesda softworks game like oblivion, skyrim and fallout 3. I know allot of people hate those games because it brought on the stagnation of roleplaying games from the west and made it really casual but I still love playing Oblivion or a random Bethesda game because the focus is on you and random exploration. Like the latest ubisoft game I played was Assassins Creed Valhalla and to me it felt like what Americans think vikings was like, and the everything felt shallow, and it is so hard to describe how someone can make something feel so shallow while having a bunch of fans. >>433 I think that sandbox games can be good but it all depends onto whom they clone, is it gta or ubisoft? When it is ubisoft then it is usually shit. Also, I am in the same mind, now I think the level based games are more impressive than a sandbox game but that is rather because it can have under the hood things and there can be some depth to the gameplay you did not realize was there before you tried it out.
>>527 Pre Skyrim/NuFallout Bethesda games are pretty good for what they are and the type of open world they were going for.
>>529 Vegas was pretty fun.
>>587 it's still a nufallout mod
>>590 But a very fun nufallout mod.
>>623 I just can't stand nufallout's gameplay no matter what.
Open file (457.30 KB 2048x1534 2.jpg)
>literally every video game now
>>2696 empty lands
>>2696 I'm so tired of pop-ins and draw distance, the lack of details and reused assets. I don't remember the last time I saw a game that looked good and not "looked good for an open world game". I want a AAA game with fucking levels. Even Mario games are open world now.
>>2714 Don't forget thr size. Games weight 300 gigs for this reason.
Open file (38.28 KB 640x657 end.jpg)
>hey, do you want a new game? >a spiritual successor to an old classic? <too bad, it's gonna be a pointless open world lmao, talk about a death sentence
>>3037 I don't know a more stupid concept than an open world stealth game.
>>3037 Oh god, it's the MGS5 disaster all over again. What the fuck made them think this was a good formula to emulate?
>>3039 It can work, i remember thinking about a game i would make if i knew how to code and had infinite time, one of those silly ideas we burn for a while. A game made around the idea of the burglary missions in San Andreas but with more content and divergent tactics, also hit missions. A city full of businesses and houses, playing as a thief/burglar and checking on depots to fence shit, problem is the quantity of interiors and objects to model. Then again Syphon Filter has nothing to do with that, the good thing about it was the design of the levels, MGSV was a grind early in the game and nuHitman is a mess most often than not along with a pozzed reboot.
>>3058 You're basically describing a GTA mission, yeah. Any city-based sanbox had some lite stealth missions like that. But even then it's not really "open world", you're just getting to the mission through an open world where it basically becomes a hub. An open world stealth game would be more like the thief build in Elder Scrolls, where you can fuck around with anyone anywhere anytime. You can probably make an entire game like that but ultimately it's more of a gimmick and it's gonna be pretty shallow because, as always, all the resources will go into sustaining the open world concept rather than the in-depth gameplay or detailed environments. But of course when these chucklefucks talks about an "open world stealth game" what they mean is having as much pointless empty terrain between missions objectives as possible to fool people into thinking their game is larger and epicer than it actually is.
>>2696 Technology enables developers to create open worlds easily, which is why many of them appear similar and lack uniqueness. Also, can make it seem like they are putting in effort.
>>3068 I think at this point you can just click "create new open world project" in Unreal or whatever and it'll make you one of those by default.
>>388 hot

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